Ann of Nantucket, and Daniel Vincent Jr., int. July 9, 1838.


Burnham of Harford, and Rebecca [int. Rebekah] Fisher, Nov. 13, 1806. [Burham and Rebeckah Fisher. CR1]


James of Baltimore, and Elizabeth Simpson, negroes, int. Mar. 23, 1822.


Mehitable and Peter Luis, int. Feb. 6, 1803.*

PEAS (Pease, Peass, Peasse)

Deborah and Enoch Coffin Jr., May 8, 1775.*

Ephram and Hannah Harpen [? Harper], Jan. 15, 1761.*

Hephzibah and Cornelius Marchant, Oct. 14, 1762.*

Huldah and John Kenwrick, Dec. 28, 1767.*

Huldah and Ssilvans Crosby of Tisbury, Oct. 25, 1770.*

Jerusha and Joseph Frederick, Aug. 1, 1774.*

John, "uncle to Obed," and Sarah Norton, Feb. 19, 1767.*

Jonathan and Beulah Coffin, Jan. 5, 1769.*

Jonathan and Hannah Coffin, Jan. 24, 1775.*

Joseph Jr. and Sarah Smith, Dec. 5, 1768.*

Lydia, d. Nathan, and Benajah Donham Jr., Jan. ––, 1733.*

Mary and Marshal Jenkins, Apr. 22, 1767.*

Mary and William Case of Tisbury, Dec. 17, 1774.*

Mehetable and Obed Norton, Dec. 4, 1770.*

Obed and Rachal Coffin, Dec. 4, 1766.*

Prince and Hepsibah Norton, Sept. 24, 1772.*

Samuell of Glosenbury, and Thankfull Butler, Dec. 15, 1774.*

Seth ["I D Peases G Father," written in margin] and Sarah Chase, Oct. 1, 1753.*

Susannah and Joseph Swazey, Nov. 6, 1766.*

Thomas Jr. and Lydia Pease, May 15, 1753.*

Thomas and Abiah Shaw, Oct. 24, 1763.*

PEASE (Peas, Peass, Peasse)

Aaron and Sally Norton, Sept. 24, 1786.*

Abiah ["N. Pease aunt," written in margin] and Benjamin Sandford of Newport, Oct. 27, 1748.*

Abigail F. and Charles S. Darrow of New London, CT, int. Aug. 5, 1826.

Abner [int. adds D.] and Jedidah [int. Jedida] Pease, Oct. 5, 1820. CR1

Abraham and Mrs. Sarah Donham, Jan. 17, 1784.* [Dunham. CR1]

Almira and Alfred Chase of Tisbury, int. June 9, 1838.

Amilia, Mrs. [dup. Amelia, omits Mrs.], and Daniel Read, Jan. 23, 1783.* [Amelia and Daniel Reed. CR1]

Anna and Elizah Arey, Feb. 22, 1774.*

Anna and John Peass Jr., July 13, 1791.* [Mrs. Anna and John Pease Jr. CR1]

Argalis and Sally Davis, Feb. 2, 1798.* [Mrs. Sally, Feb. 1. CR1]

Barshaba, d. Sergt. Thomas, and James Hamelton, Aug. 18, 1719.*

Benjamin and Sarah Pease, Dec. 5, 1775.*

Benjamin H. and Mary P. Vincent, int. Jan. 4, 1840.

Beriah and Hannah Jenkins, Mar. 28, 1764.*

Beriah of Hudson [int. of NY], and Julian Swasey, Sept. 14, 1800. [Juliana. CR1]

Beulah and Freeman Allen, Apr. 22, 1810. [Bulah. CR1]

Charles W. and Lydia R. King, Aug. 15, 1838.

Charles W., widr. [int. Peasse, omits widr.], 36, s. Josiah and Anna, and Mary Marchant, 18, [int. of Templeton, ME], b. Templeton, ME, d. Peter and Hannah of Templeton, ME, Mar. 1, 1849.

Chace [int. Chase] and Hannah Coffin, Dec. 4, 1803.

Chase Jr., 26, farmer, s. Chase and Hannah, and Almira S. Huxford, 20, d. Joseph and Priscilla, Oct. 25, 1846.

Clarissa [int. Clarisia] and John Allen Jr., Apr. 1, 1804.

Damaris and Stephen Norton of Farmington, Nov. 16, 1807.

Daniel C. and Charlotte [int. Charlott] Fisher, June 14, 1829.

Daniel and Almira King, Dec. 2, 1830.

David and Sarrah Donham, July 5, 1739.*

David and Priscillia [int. Prescillia] Fish, July 2, 1801. [Priscilla. CR1]

Elijah and Hannah Smith, June 13, 1799.*

Eliza [int. Elisa] and William Beetle 3d [int. omits 3d], Sept. 19, 1822.

Eliza and James Pent, Aug. 14, 1827.

Elisabeth and Henry Osborn, Dec. 14, 1775.*

Betsy and Samuell Vinson, Nov. 10, 1793.* [Betsey and Samuel Vinson. CR1]

Francis and Susan N. Ripley, int. Nov. 2, 1839.

Frederick and Henrietta Harlow of Duxbury, int. July 1, 1849.

Freeman and Mary Ripley, Mar. 3, 1841.

George, w. and Eliza Vincent, July 23, 1843.

Hannah and John Long, Oct. 24, 1765.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Francis Butler, Nov. 5, 1786.*

Hannah and Ruben Picher of NY, int. Apr. 4, 1803.

Hannah [int. adds Mrs.] and Daniel Fellows, Apr. 12, 1821. [Hannah, wid., and Daniel Fellows Sr. CR1]

Henry and Mary Fisher, Jan. 20, 1820.

Henry 2d and Beulah [int. Bulah] A. Huxford, June 2, 1825. [Henry Jr. CR1]

Henry 2d and Susan S. Huxford, Sept. 11, 1833.

Hepsibah [int. Mrs. Hephzibah] and Elijah Stewart, Jan. 17, 1806.

Isabella W. and Littleton C. Wimpenney, Nov. 6, 1839.

Isaiah D. and Polly Luce, Aug. 1, 1811.

Isaiah D. Esq. [dup. and int. omits Esq.] and Mrs. [dup. omits Mrs.] Jerusha P. Fisher, Sept. 16, 1838.

Isaiah D. Jr. and Sarah E. Allen of Falmouth, int. Mar. 25, 1849.

James and Mrs. Abigale Covel, Apr. 26, 1706.*

James and Mary Marchant, Apr. 29, 1762.*

Jane, Mrs., and John Waldron, July 14, 1784.*

Jane, Mrs., and Dea. William Mayhew, Apr. 8, 1798.*

Jane and Seth Roson, int. Nov. 5, 1803.

Jean and Paletiah Huxferd, Oct. 26, 1749.*

Jedidah [int. Jedida] and Abner [int. adds D.] Pease, Oct. 5, 1820. CR1

Jesse and Margaret Athearn of Tisbury, int. Nov. 25, 1814.

Joann and John O. Morse, Dec. 7, 1823. [Joan and John P. Morse. CR1]

John and Hephzibah Riply, June 20, 1728.*

John Jr. and Jerusha Norton, Jan. 13, 1756.*

John and Abigail Norton, Mar. 21, 1765.*

John Harper and Mary Pease, June 4, 1777.*

John 3d and Mrs. Rebekah Smith, int. Nov. 28, 1802.

John [int. adds H.] and Betsey [int. Betsy] Whelden, Mar. 7, 1826. CR1

John A., 24, s. Jeremiah and Eliza, and Mary L. Darrow, 18, d. Ira and Martha W., Nov. 5, 1848.

Jonathon [dup. Jonathan] and Mary Newcomb, "Reputed", d. Andrew and Ann, June 13, 1728.*

Jonathan and Sarah Wass, Jan. 19, 1777.*

Jonathan and Hannah Ward, Nov. 21, 1811.

Joseph and Mary Steward, Dec. 14, 1738.*

Joseph T. and Sophronia Norton, Nov. 1, 1835.*

Kathurah and Ebenezer Shaw, Mar. ––, 1779.* [Keturah. CR1]

Lavina and Thomas Stewart Jr., June 3, 1822.

Lemuel and Elizabeth Norton, Nov. 28, 1765.*

Loas [dup. Peas] and Peter Coffin, Aug. 27, 1789.* [Lois. CR1]

Lois N. [int. omits N.], 22, d. Henry and Mary, and Charles E. Starbuck, 29, mariner, of Nantucket, b. Nantucket, s. Charles and Eliza of Nantucket, Feb. 18, 1846.

Love, Mrs, and Samuell Smith 3d, Aug. 28, 1783.*

Love and Samuel Crowel of Tisbury, int. Aug. 19, 1809.

Love and Henry Butler of Nantucket, int. Sept. 23, 1809.

Love and Charles D. Butler of Tisbury, Oct. 3, 1843.

Lydia and Thomas Peas Jr., May 15, 1753.*

Lydia and Benjamin Weeks, Aug. 6, 1789.* [Ludia. CR1]

Lydia and Ruben Vinson, Dec. 19, 1793.*

Mahala and Seth Donham, Jan. 10, 1802. [Dunham. CR1]

Malatiah and Hannah Jenkins, d. Joseph, Dec. 1, 1732.*

Margaret and Martin Arey, Dec. 1, 1814.

Margaret A., 20, d. Abner D. (Peas) and Jedidah, and William R. Storms, 28, merchant, of Boston, b. Sandwich, s. Peter and Susan of Sandwich, Nov. 24, 1846.

Marshel and Betsey Vinson, Apr. 16, 1795.* [Marshall. CR1]

Martha and Clement Norton, Nov. 4, 1815. [Nov. 9. CR1]

Mary and Isaac Chace, Apr. 3, 1702.*

Mary, d. Sergt. Thomas, and Samuell Daggett, s. Capt. Thomas, July 11, 1705.*

Mary, d. Benjamin, and Cornelius Marchant, Aug. 10, 1737.*

Mary and John Harper Pease, June 4, 1777.*

Mary and Rufus Fisher, Oct. 22, 1809.

Mary and Jethro Norton, Jan. 17, 1811.

Mary West and Richard L. Pease, Jan. 18, 1836.

Mary Ann and Lorenzo Butler, int. Sept. 17, 1842.

Matthew, s. James, and Mary Green, d. Charles of Marblehead, Apr. ––, 1699.*

Mehitabele and Ruben Vinson, Jan. 21, 1717-18.*

Nathaniel and Abigall Vinson, Oct. 11, 1700.*

Noah and Hannah Donham, Mar. 7, 1776.*

Peter Jr. and kaziah Fitch, May 10, 1789.* [Keziah. CR1]

Peter and [int. adds Mrs.] Sarah Cottle, Feb. 14, 1802. [Peter Sr. CR1]

Peter and Bethiah Smith, Apr. 11, 1803. [Mrs. Bethiah. CR1]

Peter 3d and Sally [int. adds A.] Dunham, Dec. 25, 1817.

Peter M. and Rebecca S. Dunham of Chilmark, int. Sept. 30, 1843.

Prince and Martha Marchant, Feb. 28, 1750.*

Prudance and Silvanus Hussey of Nantucket, Dec. 25, 1794.* [Prudence and Silvanus Hussay of Sherborn. CR1]

Rebeca and Joseph Butler, Mar. 2, 1800.* [Rebecca. CR1]

Rebecca [int. Rebekah] and John Crosby Jr. of Tisbury, Mar. 8, 1807. [Mar. 3. CR1]

Rhodah and Benjamin Reynolds of Tisbury, Dec. 10, 1797.* [Rhoda and Benjamin Reynalds, Dec. 30. CR1]

Richard L. and Mary West Pease, Jan. 18, 1836.

Rufus F. and Hepsibah Ripley, Apr. 23, 1835.

Samuel of Glosunbury, and Lydia Smith, Jan. 1, 1761.*

Sarah and Samuel Cottle of Tisbury, Sept. 27, 1858 [sic, 1758].*

Sarah and Benjamin Pease, Dec. 5, 1775.*

Sally and Jared Fisher, Nov. 20, 1814.

Sally A., Mrs., and James Bunting, Nov. 9, 1823.

Serena [int. Serene] and Lt. William C. Pease, Aug. 22, 1842.

Silvanus L. and Nancy Sayer of Bristol, RI, June 19, 1842, in Bristol, RI.*

Sophia and Ephraim Marchant, Oct. 3, 1802. CR1

Sophrona [int. Sophronia] and Thomas M. ["M.," written in pencil] [int. Martin] Coffin, Nov. 22, 1807.

Susan and Silvanus Crocker, Dec. 21, 1820. CR1

Susanna and Moses Luce, Aug. 21, 1785.* [Moses Luce of Tisbury. CR1]

Thankfull and Samuel Trapp, Mar. 16, 1714.*

Thomas M. and Lydia Ann Vincent, Jan. 14, 1838.

Timothy Jr. and Hannah Norton, June 25, 1795.* [Mrs. Hannah. CR1]

Tristram D. [int. omits D.] and Mary W. Coffin, Aug. 23, 1827.

Valentine and Mrs. Love Daggett, Aug. 18, 1785.* [Volentine. CR1]

Valentine [int. Valintine] Jr. and Prudence Ripley, June 12, 1823.

Valentine Jr., widr. [int. adds Capt., omits widr.], 49, mariner, s. Valentine and Love, and Angeline Bunting, wid. [int. Mrs. Angelina, omits wid.], 39, d. Benjamin Worth and Betsey, July 26, 1846.

Watestill M. and Harrison Vincent, Feb. 14, 1839.

William and Mrs. Lois Norton, Apr. 28, 1757.*

William and Sally Donham of Tisbury, int. ––– ––, 1802.

William C., Lt., and Serena [int. Serene] Pease, Aug. 22, 1842.

William A. and Mary A. Tolman of Dorchester, int. Apr. 11, 1847.

PEASS (Peas, Pease, Peasse)

John Jr. and Anna Pease, July 13, 1791.* [Pease, and Mrs. Anna Pease. CR1]

PEASSE (Peas, Pease, Peass)

Elisabeth and Nathaniel Wilcot of Brookfield, Apr. 24, 1788.* [Elizabeth Pease of Spencer and Nathaniel Wilcott. CR1]

Salathial and Loas Neal, Apr. 3, 1788.* [Salathiel Pease and Lois Neal. CR1]

Valina and Jethro Worth, Apr. 1, 1788.* [Velina Pease. CR1]


Leah and Amos Gudly [? Indians], int. Nov. 27, 1803.

PEIRCE (Pierce)

John, Dr., and Chloe McLellan of Gorham, ME, int. Oct. 17, 1840.


Franklin of Marshbee, and Hepzibah Johnson, negroes, int. May 5, 1832.


Martha and Joseph Williams int. Oct. 14, 1809.


Francis and Ann Crosby, Jan. 1, 1834.

Hepsey B., wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 25, seamstress, d. John W. Norton, and Hepsey B., and John Dellingham, 29, mariner, of Tisbury, b. Tisbury, s. Zenas and Betsey of Tisbury, July 1, 1847.

James and Eliza Pease, Aug. 14, 1827.

Samuel (Paint) [int. Peint] and Deborah Ripely [int. Ripley], Nov. 24, 1805.

Samuel Jr. and Hepsibah B. Norton, int. Dec. 12, 1840.

Susanna (Paint) and Jarvis Marchant, Sept. 11, 1808.


Eliza of Ashville [int. Ashvile], and Charles Cleaveland [int. Cleveland], Sept. 21, 1837.

Lauson W. [int. Lawson W. Parkins], 28, cooper [int. of Nassaw], b. Waisaw, NY, s. Anson A. and Betsey of Waisaw, NY, and Prudence S. [int. omits S.] Jernegan, 19, d. Richard W. and Lydia M., Oct. 8, 1844.


Alexander B. of Sandwich, and Emeline Frisbee, Dec. 2, 1841.

Alexander B. and Desire Dexter, May 3, 1843.

Ethel B. and Caleb Thaxter, Feb. 18, 1838.


Asa of Tisbury, and Orila Johnson, negroes, int. ––– ––, 1838.

Charlotte M. of Christiantown, Tisbury, and Asa J. Belain Indians, int. Aug. 12, 1843.

Betsey and Thomas Cater of Boston, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after Aug. 6, 1789].*. CR1

Louisa of Tisbury, and Johnson Simpson, negroes, int. July 21, 1827.

Luce and Thomas Carter, Indians, Aug. 6, 1789.*


Ruben of New York City, and Hannah Pease, int. Apr. 4, 1803.

PIERCE (Peirce)

Levi, mariner, of Tisbury, and Almira E. Butler, 18, d. Daniel and Dinah, Aug. 23, 1847.


Joseph [int. Pilsbary "a Trancient Person"] and Pheby Donham, Mar. 31, 1803. [Phebe Dunham. CR1]


Cato and Mary Joel, Indians, Nov. 30, 1785.* [Ponn. CR1]


Benjamin of Readfield, ME, and Catherine N. Fisher, Aug. 28, 1834.* [Catharine. CR1]

Catharine N., Mrs., and John A. Baylies, Oct. 13, 1839.

Mary [int. adds M.] and Capt. Thomas [int. adds F., omits Capt.] Lumbert, July 4, 1837.


Ebenezer Aikins of New Bedford, and Hannah Killey, Mar. 28, 1799.* [Kelly. CR1]

Isaac of Datmouth, and Sarrah Worth, Jan. 11, 1744.*


Ferebey and George Bose of Nantucket, int. June 6, 1802.


John S. of Newport, RI, and Olive O. Fisher, int. Apr. 12, 1828.

Martha S., 18, d. John and Olive, and [int. adds Capt.] Rowland Gardner, 25, mariner, of Nantucket, b. Nantucket, s. Henry and Hannah of Nantucket, June 1, 1847.

Olive O., Mrs., and Albert Godfray [int. Godfrey], Sept. 18, 1832. CR1


Isaac and Hepsey Cleveland, Nov. 13, 1827.

Thomas and Eliza Dunham, Apr. 12, 1835.*


John and Mary Mayhew, Oct. 21, 1773.*

PRAT (Pratt)

Jane Hemmet[int. Jane Hammeth, omits Prat] and Thomas Milton of Salem, Mar. 17, 1808. [Jane Hammet Prat. CR1]

PRATT (Prat)

Anna, Mrs., and Richard Waistcoat of Piscataqua, int. Jan. 11, 1801.

PREBBLE (Pribble)

Abram and Lucinda Harper, June 10, 1764.*

Lucinda and David Norton, Dec. 3, 1770.*

PRESBERY (Presbury)

Abigale, d. Edword Cottle, and Benjamin Luce, Mar. 20, 1730-1.*

Sarah and Timothy Luce, Feb. 18, 1730-1.*

PRESBURY (Presbery)

Hannah [sic, Mary] and Thomas West of Tisbary, Jan. 29, 1712-13.*


James and Mrs. Prissa Butler, Feb. 24, 1783.* [Priscilla. CR1]

PRIBBLE (Prebble)

Eunice and David Coffin, Apr. 15, 1823.


John of Salem, and Betsey Ross of Nantucket, negroes, int. Nov. 21, 1807.


Charlotte and William H. Muncy of New York, NY, int. July 6, 1845.

Francis [sic] P., d. Lawrence and Love, and James Curtis, mariner [int. of New Bedford], negroes [int. omits negroes], Apr. 15, 1846.

Margaret, 19, laborer, d. Lawrence and Love, and William H. Matthews, 24, mariner [int. of Baltimore, MD], b. Baltimore, s. William (Mathews) and Minta, June 13, 1844.


Jeremiah and Susanna Waley, Oct. 14, 1788.* [Jeremiah Prior of Nantuckett, and Susanna Whaley. CR1]

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