Samuel and Polly Jonson of Chilmark, int. Aug. 1, 1802.


Samuell of Tisbury, and Deborah Gardner, Feb. 15, 1749.*


Elizabeth Niles of Boston, and Rev. Edward Hide, int. Oct. 10, 1812.


Philip of New Bedford, and Betsy Smith, negroes, int. Mar. 18, 1826.


Thomas and Luce Peters, Indians, Aug. 6, 1789.*

Harriet N. of Tisbury, and Theodore Norton, int. June 27, 1847.


William of Tisbury, and Mary Peas, Dec. 17, 1774.*

Barnard of Tisbury, and Thankfull Daggett, Jan. 1, 1793.* [Mrs. Thankful. CR1]

Thankfull and Cornelius Marchant, Nov. 14, 1796.* [Thankful. CR1]


Thomas of Boston, and Betsey Peters, negroes, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after Aug. 6, 1789].*. CR1

CHACE (Chase)

Isaac and Mary Pease, Apr. 3, 1702.*

Nickerson [int. Noherson] of Tisbury, and Fanny Norton, Jan. 1, 1801. [Chase. CR1]

CHADWICK (Chadwik)

Susanna and Ambros Whiten of Nantucket, Dec. 10, 1801. [Ambrose Whitens of Nantuckett. CR1]

Priscilla and Joseph William Gorman of Salem, int. Jan. 10, 1808.

Anne and Francis Elkin of Nantucket, Dec. 16, 1810.* [Anna and Francis Elkins of Nantuckett. CR1]

William P. and Sally P. Mayhew, May 31, 1832.

Edward D. [int. of Nantucket] and Clarinda Jernegan, June 9, 1836.

Love P. of Nantucket, and William Jernegan 2d, Jan. 20, 1841.

William P., 34, blacksmith, b. Nantucket, s. Anthony of Nantucket, and Nancy Bassett, 32, dressmaker, b. New Bedford, d. Nathaniel and Sophia of New Bedford, Feb. 16, 1845.

Mary C., b. Nantucket, d. Anthony and w. Nantucket, and William A. Hannah [int. Hanna], mariner, of Nantucket, July 14, 1846.

CHADWIK (Chadwick)

Benjamin [int. Chadwick] of Nantucket, and Cintha [int. Cynthia] Howland, Feb. 27, 1804. [Chadwick of Nantuckett, and Cinthia Huxford. CR1]


William E. of Newport, RI, and Ann Maria Ripley, int. Sept. 12, 1840.


Joseph and Anna Roberts, Oct. 22, 1772.*

Anna and Cheny Look, Dec. 1, 1774.*

Abner of Colchester, CT, and Dinah Butler, Mar. 10, 1848-9.*


William B. of NY, and Serena E. Frisbee, int. June 23, 1838.

CHASE (Chace)

Thomas, eldest, s. Lt. (Chace), and Jean Smith, d. Benjamin, Feb. 21, 1704.*

Prissilla ["N. Pease aunt," written in margin], d. Joseph, and Henery Smith of Sherbourn, Mar. 17, 1740-1.*

Mary ["N Pease aunt," written in margin] of Sherbourn, and David Donham, Oct. 4, 1748.*

Thomas of Tisbury, and Sarah Claghorn, Apr. 23, 1751.*

Sarah and Seth Peas ["I.D. Peases G. Father," written in margin], Oct. 1, 1753.*

Alfred of Tisbury, and Almira Pease, int. June 9, 1838.

Sarah of Tisbury, and Jeremiah Weeks, int. Sept. 28, 1845.


Orlando [int. of Groton, CT.], and Mrs. Susan Black, May 3, 1832. CR1


Charles, Capt., of Recester, and Mrs. Katurah Shaw, Mar. 2, 1783.* [of Rochester. CR1]

George W. of New Bedford, and Margarett [int. Margaret] Fisher, May 27, 1832.


James and Marcey Norton, d. Isaac, Nov. 30, 1715.*

Jean, d. James, and Richard Wellen "Late of Edgertown," Dec. 8, 1735.*

Abigail of Tisbury, and Seth Cottle of Tisbury, Feb. 22, 1749.*

Sarah and Thomas Chase of Tisbury, Apr. 23, 1751.*

William and Thankfull Dexter, Nov. 11, 1756.*

Jean and Garrison [dup. Garison] Mears [dup. of Glocester], Aug. 26 [dup. Aug. 21], 1760.*

Lydia and Cornelius Norton, Dec. 12, 1765.*

Abiah and John Gerish of Dartmouth, Sept. 4, 1767.*

Mary and Abner Norton, Apr. 12, 1770.*

Hannah and Benjamin Bartlet, July 21, 1774.*

Susannah and William Wailey, Jan. 1, 1776.*

Sally and Ichabod Cleveland, Jan. 4, 1800.*

Jane and William Cleveland, May 13, 1804. [Cleavland. CR1]

Mary and William Vincent, Oct. 2, 1808. [William Vincent, 75. CR1]

Hepsiba [int. Hepsibah], 62, and Joseph Norton, 76, Nov. 18, 1819.

Joseph and Augusta N. Daggett of Tisbury, int. Jan. 12, 1828.

Bartlett Jr. and Lucinda W. Nye f Rochester, int. May 30, 1829.

CLARK (Clarke)

John of Middelborugh, and Lydia Marchant, Nov. 27, 1764.*

John Jr. and Jedidah Fish, Nov. 18, 1790.* [Clarke. CR1]

Love and James Bachus of Greenfield, Oct. 25, 1798.* [Clarke, and James Baker of Greenfield, CT. CR1]

Lemuel and Jerusha Norton, Nov. 6, 1803.

Marshal and Naomi Swasey, Jan. 22, 1804. [Clarke. CR1]

Mary of Chilmark, and Samuel B. Mayhew, int. June 9, 1821.

Eliza and Andrew P. Bunker of Nantucket, Apr. 5, 1825.

Cinthia [int. Sympathy Ann] and Ralph R. Dunham, Dec. 25, 1827.

Sympathy Ann, see Cinthia.

Eliza S. and Thomas Dexter, June 13, 1831. CR1

Joanna P. and Micah Eldred of New Bedford, Apr. 20, 1834.

Mary of Richmond, RI, and George Lawrence Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Aug. 16, 1835.

Joann N. and Shubal [int. Shubeal] M. Folger of Nantucket, Mar. 19, 1837.

CLARKE (Clark)

Zorada [int. Clark] and Nathaniel Moore [int. Nathan Moores] of New London, Oct. 26, 1806. [Nathan Moore. CR1

Benjamin [int. Clark] of Bridgwater [int. Bridgewater], and Jane Ann Smith, Sept. 21, 1820. CR1


Anne M. of Nantucket, and Thomas Jernegan, int. Nov. 10, 1838.


Elizabeth, d. Mrs. Anne Worth, and Samuel Stoubridge, Dec. 23, 1709.*

CLEAVELAND (Cleveland)

Eliza and Moses Worthley of Ware, NH, int. Jan. 31, 1835.

Charles [int. Cleveland] and Eliza Perkins, Sept. 21, 1837.

Deborah [int. Cleveland] and John Modley of Nantucket, Apr. 8, 1838.

Joseph and Urana C. Luce, int. Dec. 14, 1839.

Bethania [int. Bathaner] and Matthew Furlong of Ireland [int. of Newross, Ireland], Feb. 5, 1840.

Charles G. and Caroline Sowle of New Bedford, int. Apr. 5, 1840.

Mary S. and William Simpson, int. Dec. 26, 1840.

Herriet [int. Harriet] and Roswell M. Coon of Nantucket, Aug. 8, 1841.

Sophia and John Silva of the Western Islands, int. Aug. 5, 1843.

Seth [int. Cleveland], 38, s. Joseph and Martha, and Lurana Stewart, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 27, d. Daniel Fisher and Lurana, Oct. 28, 1849.

CLEAVLAND (Cleveland)

Ebenezer and Mary Vinson, d. Thomas, Jan. 19, 1704.*

Joseph and Mary Covell, Jan. 1, 1740.*

Jedidah and John Ogdon of NY, Nov. 10, 1768.*

Ichabod and Martha Donham, Dec. 20, 1770.*

Samuel [int. Cleveland] and Sally Daggett, Mar. 29, 1805.

Ezra Jr. and [int. adds Mrs.] Prudence Vincent, Apr. 19, 1807.

Jane [int. Cleveland, adds Mrs.] and Joseph Beecher of Walcot [int. Walcott, CT.], Feb. 13, 1812. [Joseph Beecher of Walcut, CT. CR1]

Benjamin and Hannah Smith of Tisbury, int. Dec. 19, 1812.

William [int. Cleveland] and Sophia F. Norton, ––– ––, –––– [int. June 16, 1832]. CR1

Abraham L., Capt., and Sarah L. Winslow of N. Dartmouth, int. Jan. 31, 1847.

CLEVELAND (Cleaveland, Cleavland, Clevland)

Ezra and Abiah Neal, Dec. 13, 1770.*

Elisabeth and John Rosson, Aug. 15, 1776.*

Joseph, 67, and Mary Ripley, 18, Mar. 29, 1781.* CR1

Susanna and Martin Norton, Feb. 20, 1794.* [Cleavland. CR1]

Tristram and Susanna Daggett, Dec. 24, 1795.* [Cleavland, and Mrs. Susanna Daggett. CR1]

Joseph and Matta Cleveland, Jan. 12, 1797.* [Cleavland, and Matta Cleavland. CR1]

Matta and Joseph Cleveland, Jan. 12, 1797.* [Cleavland, and Joseph Cleavland. CR1]

Ichabod and Sally Claghorn, Jan. 4, 1800.*

Jerusha and William [int. adds R.] Bird, ––– –– [rec. bet. Oct. 9 and Nov. 6] [int. May 23], 1803. [Cleavland. CR1]

William and Jane Claghorn, May 13, 1804. [Cleavland. CR1]

James and Deborah Reynolds of Tisbury, int. Oct. 10, 1807.

Sally and John Kelley of Nantucket, int. Apr. 14, 1810.

John and Puella Sprague, int. Dec. 29, 1810.

Jedidah [dup. Cleavland] and Thomas Mayhew [int. Jr.], Oct. 25 [dup. Oct. 26], 1817.

Hepsey and Isaac Powers, Nov. 13, 1827.

Henry and Susan Manter of Tisbury, int. Jan. 19, 1828.

Lois N. and Robert Coffin of Nantucket, int. Mar. 22, 1828.

Betsy C. and James Stewart, Sept. 6, 1829.

Lucy and Edward Norton, Sept. 20, 1829.

Sophronia and David Y. Taylor of Peperrill, int. June 2, 1832.

Martha [int. Cleavland] and James Stoddart of Clinton, ME, [int. of Kennebeck, Clinton Co.], Mar. 16, 1834.

George and Catharine T. Davis of New Bedford, int. May 16, 1835.

Eliza and Edmund W. Jennings of Mansfield, CT. [int. omits CT.], June 7, 1835.

Mary and Freeman Ripley, int. Sept. 21, 1845. "This publishment withdrawn. "

Tristram and Melvina S. Burgess of Sandwich, Pocassett, int. Dec. 7, 1845.

CLEVLAND (Cleaveland, Cleavland, Cleveland)

Mary Tucker [int. Cleavland] and Samuell [int. Samuel] Osborn, Dec. 13, 1815.

COATNEY (Cortney, Courtney)

Eliza and Hiram Vincent, int. Oct. 20, 1827.

Leonard and Jane Fisher, Jan. 29, 1828.

COCKRANE (Cockrin, Cockring)

Mary (Chockrane) [int. Cokrin] and James Alley of Nantuckett [int. Nantucket], Aug. 23, 1820. CR1

COCKRIN (Cockrane, Cockring)

Rosanna [int. Cokring] and Joseph Fisher jr. [int. omits Jr.], Oct. 30, 1803. [Cockran. CR1]

COCKRING (Cockrane, Cockrin)

James [int. Cokring] of Nantucket, and Rosanna [int. Rosina] King, Feb. 5, 1801. [Cokring of Nantuckett. CR1]


Hephziba, d. Robert dec'd, and Nathan Skiffe of Tysburie, ––– ––, ––––. DR2


Dillia and David York, Nov. 2, [1792?].*

Ebenezer and Patience Joel Indians, int. Aug. 29, 1801.

Betsy and Joshua Nucom of Chilmark, int. Sept. 6, 1801.


Deborah, d. John, and Thomas Macy of Sherbourn, Nantuckett, June 18, 1708.*

Abigail and Grafting Gardner, Sept. 22, 1730.*

Abner and Phebe Butler, Sept. 9, 1731.*

Deborah and Tristram Gardner of Nantuckett, Jan. 24, 1734-5.*

Hepzibah, d. Enoch Esq., and John Norton, Nov. 23, 1734.*

Enoch Jr. and Jean Whellens, Dec. 27, 1739.*

Benjamin and Elizabath [dup. Elisabeth] Norton, Sept. 1, 1743.*

Eddy, Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] and Sarah Martin, Feb. 6, 1762.*

Eddy [dup. Edy] and Mrs. Sarah [dup. Sara] Martin, Feb. 17, 1763.*

Abigail, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Thomas Cooke [dup. Cook], May 19, 1763.*

Love and Benjamin Smith, Apr. 18 [dup. Apr. 19], 1764 "New Stile."*

Rachal and Obed Peas, Dec. 4, 1766.*

Beulah and Jonathan Peas, Jan. 5, 1769.*

Lydia and Samuell Frink, Mar. 2, 1769.*

Nathaniell and Mary Norton, Mar. 26, 1769.*

Daniel and Sarah Ripley, Apr. 24, 1769.*

Mary and John Forguson of Tisbury, Apr. 15, 1770.*

Huldah and Thomas Jernegan, Jan. 17, 1771.*

Hephsibah and Abraham Riply, Feb. 12, 1771.*

Eddy and Sarah Vincent [dup. Vinson], Oct. 26 [dup. Oct. 28], 1772.*

John and Mary Wass, Oct. 29, 1772.*

James and Huldah Allen, Sept. 9, 1773.*

Daniel Jr. and Abigail Forguson, Apr. 22, 1774.*

Eunice and Simeon Coffin, June 16, 1774.*

Simeon and Eunice Coffin, June 16, 1774.*

Mercy and James Banning, July 21, 1774.*

Hannah and Jonathan Peas, Jan. 24, 1775.*

Enoch Jr. and Deborah Peas, May 8, 1775.*

Enoch Jr. and Huldah Norton, Mar. 2, 1780.

Sarah and Thomas Coffin, Nov. 22, 1781.*. CR1

Thomas and Sarah Coffin, Nov. 22, 1781.*. CR1

Abigail, Mrs. and Tristram Coffin, Sept. 12, 1782.*

Tristram and Mrs. Abigail Coffin, Sept. 12, 1782.*

Deborah and Thomas Neal, Dec. 3, 1786.*

Timothy and Zoradah Norton, Aug. 21, 1788.* [Zorada. CR1]

Aaron and Lovey Beetle, Mar. 15, 1789.*

Peter and Loas Pease [dup. Peas], Aug. 27, 1789.* [Lois Pease. CR1]

Debroh and Sanford Davis, Nov. 26, 1790.* [Mrs. Deborah, Nov. 25. CR1]

Uriah and Sally –––––, Dec. 29, 1790.*

Uriah and Sarah Bettle, ––– ––, 1791.* [Mrs. Sarah Beetle, ––– ––, ––––][rec. after Dec. 14, 1790]. CR1

Jedidah and Ruben Beetle, June 26, 1791.*. CR1

Hephsabah and Abisha Haden Lumbert, Oct. 16, 1792.*

Eunice and William Jernigan Esq., Sept. 28, 1794.* [Eunice, wid., and Hon. William Jernigan Esq. CR1]

Abigail and Daniel Smith, Apr. 23, 1795.* [Mrs. Abigail. CR1]

John of Pleasant River, and Pheby Coffin, June 22, 1795.* [Mrs. Phebe. CR1]

Pheby and John Coffin of Pleasant River, June 22, 1795.* [Mrs. Phebe. CR1]

Polly and Ephraim Marchant, Dec. 15, 1796.* [Ephraim. CR1]

Beulah and Ezra Allen of Chilmark, Apr. 6, 1797.* [Bulah. CR1]

Tabathy of Barnstable, and Robert West, negroes, int. Feb. 15, 1801.

Hannah and Chace [int. Chase] Pease, Dec. 4, 1803.

Mary Jr. [int. 3d] and William Nash of Addison, Sept. 2, 1805.

Uriah Jr. and Susanna Nye of Chilmark, int. Oct. 20, 1805.

Eliza and Salvanus [int. Silvanus] Crocker of Falmouth, Mar. 16, 1806.

Simeon and Deborah Butler, Dec. 1, 1806.

Belinda and William Nicolas Nash of Steuben, int. Oct. 10, 1807.

Jethro and Lydia Cottle of Tisbury, int. Nov. 21, 1807.

Thomas M. [M., written in pencil] [int. Martin] and Sophrona [int. Sophronia] Pease, Nov. 22, 1807.

Allen and Deborah [int. adds G.] Coffin, Jan. 5, 1809. [Deborah G. CR1]

Deborah [int. adds G.] and Allen Coffin, Jan. 5, 1809. [Deborah G. CR1]

Uriah and [int. adds Mrs.] Hannah Vincent, Sept. 5, 1810.

Jenny of Nantucket, and Peter Hutchinson of Hartford, negroes, int. Nov. 16, 1811.

Samuel and Lucy Sprague, int. July 31, 1813.

Desire Allen and John Osborn, Sept. 19, 1813.

Jerusha P. [dup. omits P.; int. Pease] and Levi Fisher, Oct. 1 [dup. Oct. 16], 1813. [Oct. 10. CR1]

Deborah [int. adds Mrs.] and Samuel [int. omits Samuel] Osborn Fisher, Oct. 30, 1813.

Sally and Phillip Smith, Nov. 16, 1813. [Philip, Nov. 18. CR1]

Mary and Gardner T. Cornell, Feb. 26, 1815.*

Sally M. [int. Martin] and George Luce [int. Jr.] of Nantucket, Dec. 7, 1815. [George Luce Jr. of Nantuckett. CR1]

Thomas Jr. and Ruhamah [int. Ruann] Pease Dunham [int. Donham], Aug. 4, 1817.

Jerard and Sally Baylies, Jan. 14, 1819. [Jared. CR1]

John and Harriet Baylies, Dec. 20 [dup. Dec. 18], 1821. [Harriot, Dec. 20. CR1]

Timothy Jr. and Velina Pease Worth, Nov. 5, 1822.

David and Eunice Pribble, Apr. 15, 1823.

Sophia and Holmes W. [int. Wass] Smith, Aug. 19, 1823. [Homes W. CR1]

William and Sally Mayhew, June 22, 1824.

Eddy and Nancy C. Drew of Nantucket, int. Mar. 26, 1825.

George S. of Nantuckett [int. Nantucket], and Mary Fisher, Feb. 2, 1826. CR1

Peter Martin and Margret [int. Margaret] Mayhew, Sept. 6, 1826. CR1

Eunice G. and Abraham Osborn, Feb. 13, 1827. CR1

Mary W. and Tristram D. [int. omits D.] Pease, Aug. 23, 1827.

Robert of Nantucket, and Lois N. Cleveland, int. Mar. 22, 1828.

Freeman [int. adds P.] and Cloe [int. Chloe] Dexter, May 7, 1829. [Freman. CR1]

Grace C. and Dr. [int. omits Dr.] Daniel Fisher [int. of Tisbury], Sept. 16, 1829.

Rebecca 2d and William Jernegan Esq., Jan. 31, 1830.

Uriah and Abigail Cooke, Feb. 14, 1830.

Maria B. and Thomas L. Baylies, May 16, 1830.

Eunice J. and Jonathan Worth, int. June 25, 1831.

Cordelia A. and Bartlett Allen of W. Tisbury, Feb. 19, 1832.*

Susan P. [int. omits P.] and Joseph Athearn, Aug. 8, 1832.

Lydia and Hebron Vincent, Oct. 14, 1832.*

Louisa P. and Benjamin Worth, Mar. 13, 1833.

Albert and Sarah O. Earl of Nantucket, int. Sept. 14, 1833.

Rodulphus [int. Rodolphus] W. and Margaret Butler, Jan. 1, 1835.

Eliza and George R. Marchant, July 4, 1835.

Sirson P. and Mary Jernegan of S. Hingham, int. Sept. 2, 1836.

John 2d [int. s. Uriah] and Sophia L. Crosby, May –– [int. May 6], 1837.

Henry A. [int. Allen] and Susan L. [int. Lyman] Osborn, Aug. 8, 1837.

Sabra N. and Lorenzo Fisher, Oct. 8, 1837.

Nancy C., Mrs., and Joseph Athearn, Nov. 11, 1838.

Sophronia P. and Alexander P. Fisher, July 14, 1839.

Edwin and Hannah P. Norton, July 15, 1839.

Peter M. and Mrs. Susan Fisher, Sept. –– [int. Sept. 7], 1839.

Velina P., Mrs., and Soloman C. Swift of Falmouth, Oct. 3, 1839.

George and Deborah Crosby, June 13, 1841.

Zoraida, 21 d. Timothy dec'd and Velina P. dec'd, and Samuel Osborn Jr., 23, merchant, s. Samuel and Mary T., Feb. 12, 1846.

Jared W., 23, merchant, s. Jared and Sarah and Charlotte S. McLellan [int. McLellon], 19, of Gorham, ME, b. Gorham, ME, d. Alexander Esq. of Gorham, ME, Sept. 15, 1846.

Thomas M., widr. [int. omits widr.], 66, housewright, s. Eddy and Sarah, and Fanny S. Daggett, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 39, d. Jonathan Worth and Mercy, Dec. 16, 1846.

Richard W., 26, bricklayer, s. Thomas and Ruann, and Mary P. Butler, 28 [int. of Holmes Hole], d. Samuel and Mary P., Apr. 14, 1846. [int. Mar. 21, 1847, sic].

Martha G., 19, d. John and Harriet, and George Jernegan, 24, s. William and Rebecca, May 3, 1848.

Elizabeth G., 24, d. Thomas and Ruan, and Shipley W. Crosby, 27, s. Oliver and Belinda, May 7, 1849.


Almira and Dennis Rockway, June 9, 1837 [int. May 18, 1839].

Robert S., tin plate worker, b. Nantucket, s. ––––– of Nantucket, and Aiaminta [int. Araminta] D. Mayhew, d. Thomas and Jedidah, Oct. 31, 1844.


William of Little Milton, Oxferdshair, Eng., and Mary Trapp, d. Thomas, June 4, 1716.*


Polfry and Dorcas Worth, Oct. 4, 1818. [Palfrey "a Native of Boston." CR1]

Sarah Y. and John Fisher, Apr. 4, 1841.


Daniel of Tisbury, and Susanna Norton, int. Apr. 3, 1803.

Henry and Nancy Baylies, June 30, 1825. [Baylis. CR1]

Henry, widr. [int. adds Capt., omits widr.], 43, mariner, s. Daniel and Susan, and Harriet T. Cummings, 33, of Boston [int. of Bath, ME.], b. Brunswick, ME., d. Samuel and Mary of Brunswick, ME. Sept. 10, 1846.


Stephen of Norwich, and Mary Trapp, Aug. 25, 1746.*


James of Baltimore, and Louisa A. Norton, int. Aug. 14, 1830.


Tunis of Albany [int. Albina], NY, and Mrs. Patience [int. Patince] Holley, Sept. 5, 1837.


Thomas [dup. Cook] and Mrs. [dup. omits Mrs.] Abigail Coffin, May 19, 1763.*

Luice and Mary Gardner, Indians, Oct. 7, 1785.* [Lewis Cook. CR1]

Thomas Jr. and Betsey Mayhew, Aug. 15, 1790.*

Littleton and Mary Swasey, Oct. 23, 1792.* [Mrs. Mary. CR1]

William and Hepsibah Swasey [int. Hepzibah Swazey], Dec. 29, 1810.

Clarinda and Jonathan Luce [int. 3d] of Tisbury, May 12, 1811. [Jonathan Luce Jr. CR1]

Eliza and Jonathan Mayhew of Saghiticoke [int. Schaghticoke], Oct. 20, 1816. [Jonathan Mayhew of Schaghicoke, NY. CR1]

Hephzibah, Mrs. and Joseph Robertson of Boston, int. Sept. 15, 1821.

William and Mary Daggett, Oct. 22, 1822.

Olive and Jacob Burke of Baltimore, negroes, int. July 17, 1824.

Julyann [int. Julia] and Hervy [int. Hervey] Bailey, Dec. 27, 1827. [Julia and Harvey Bailey. CR1]

Abigail and Uriah Coffin, Feb. 14, 1830.

Maria and William Swift of Falmouth, Oct. 9, 1831. CR1

Mary of Gayhead, Chilmark, and John Shepherd of NY, int. Oct. 30, 1831.

Mary and Thomas Laton Jr. negroes, May 20, 1840.

Jane E. [int. Elizabeth], 35, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, and Dr. J.T.E. [int. Dr. J. Thompson E.] Gage, widr. [int. omits widr.], 35, s. Thomas and Mary E., May 31, 1846.


Louisa F. of New Bedford, and Francis Fisher, int. May 14, 1836.


Roswell M. of Nantucket and Herriet [int. Harriet] Cleaveland, Aug. 8, 1841.


Samuel and Mary Johnson, int. Sept. 17, 1803.


Gardner T. and Mary Coffin, Feb. 26, 1815.*

CORTNEY (Coatney, Courtney)

Barius of Providence, and "Ms" Love Vinson, June 14, 1798.* [Barkus Coartney. CR1]


Seth of Tisburey, and Abigail Claghorn of Tisbury, Feb. 22, 1749.*

Samuel of Tisbury, and Sarah Pease, Sept. 27, 1858 [sic, 1758].*

Elener and Prince Daggett, Aug. 20, 1775.*

Sarah [int. adds Mrs.] and Peter Pease, Feb. 14, 1802. [Peter Pease Sr. CR1]

Lydia of Tisbury, and Jethro Coffin, int. Nov. 21, 1807.

Jane Ann of Tisbury, and Richard E. Norton, int. May 2, 1847.

COURTNEY (Coatney, Cortney)

Dennis and Amanda Fisher, Apr. 21, 1833.

COVEL (Covell)

Lydia, d. James, and Richard Holman, Jan. 24, 1706.*

Abigale, Mrs., and James Pease, Apr. 26, 1706.*

James Jr. and Mary Donham, d. Gersham, July 22, 1713.*

Jethro and Lydia Vinson, Aug. 3, 1770.*

William and Anna Butler, June 25, 1774.*

Thankfull and Abishai Donham of Tisbury, Feb. 20, 1776.*

David and Abigail Butler, June ––, 1785.* [Covil, June 26. CR1]

William and Hannah Fissh, Dec. 14, 1786.* [Fish. CR1]

Nabby and Benjamin Ripeley, Dec. 20, 1794.* [Ripley. CR1]

Sally and Timothy Norton, June 26, 1816.

COVELL (Covel)

Sarah and Benajah Donham, May 7, 1708.*

Mary and Joseph Cleavland, Jan. 1, 1740.*

Elizabath and Ebenezor Joye of Dartmouth, Sept. 25, 1740.*


Robert [int. adds R.] of NY [int. of New York City], and [int. adds Mrs.] Mercy Whelden [int. Wheldon], Mar. 22, 1807. [Robert R. of New York City. CR1]


Chauncy of Williams Town, VT, and Clarrissa P. Smith, int. Aug. 22, 1840.


Salvanus [int. Silvanus] of Falmouth, and Eliza Coffin, Mar. 16, 1806.

Silvanus and Susan Pease, Dec. 21, 1820. CR1

Silvanus and Mrs. Sally Kelly [int. Kelley], Nov. 8, 1838.

CROSBE (Crosby)

Thomas of Brantry, and Mary Worth, d. John, Nov. 13, 1718.*

CROSBEY (Crosby)

Harler and Dolly Norton, Oct. 3, 1790.* [Harlow Crosby of Tisbury, and Mrs. Dolly Norton. CR1]

CROSBY (Crosbe, Crosbey, Crossby)

Moses [int. of Tisbury] and Lucy Pease, Dec. 25, 1806.

John Jr. of Tisbury, and Rebecca [int. Rebekah] Pease, Mar. 8, 1807. [Mar. 3. CR1]

John and Sarah Baker of Bass River, int. Mar. 28, 1812.

Harlow and Abigail Norton, Nov. 1, 1816. [Nov. 17. CR1]

Oliver [int. Thomas Dunham of Tisbury] and Belinda Norton, Mar. 4, 1819 [see Thomas Dunham]. [Oliver of Tisbury. CR1]

Sally and Mirick Berret [int. Barret] of Vinal Haven, ME, Oct. 21, 1829.

Mary of Tisbury, and Daniel Manter of Tisbury, Sept. 19, 1832.*

Ann and Francis Pent, Jan. 1, 1834.

Mary B. and Samuel A. Briggs of New Bedford, Oct. 2, 1836.

Sophia L. and John Coffin 2d [int. s. Uriah], May –– [int. May 6], 1837.

Deborah and George Coffin, June 13, 1841.

Shipley W., 27, s. Oliver and Belinda, and Elizabeth G. Coffin, 24, d. Thomas and Ruan, May 7, 1849.

CROSMAN (Crossman)

Clarissa [int. Clarrissa] and Josiah Rodgers [int. Rogers] of New London, CT, May 3, 1826. CR1

CROSSBY (Crosby)

Silvans of Tisury, and Huldah Peas, Oct. 25, 1770.*

CROSSMAN (Crosman)

Peleg and Peggey Fergerson, Nov. 25, 1784.* [Crosman, and Peggy Furgerson. CR1]

Abigail and William Marshall of New Bedford, int. Nov. 28, 1807.

William [int. of Nantucket] and Jane Norton Vincent, Oct. 16, 1810.

CROWEL (Crowell)

Samuel of Tisbury, and Love Pease, int. Aug. 19, 1809.

Jeremiah of Tisbury, and Olive Norton, int. July ––, 1817.

CROWELL (Crowel)

Betty of Tisbury, and John Daggett, int. Aug. 4, 1803.

Rebeca and George Luce Jr., int. May 2, 1819.

Hebron and Sally Luce, May 6, 1821.*

Mary and Elisha Luce, int. June 4, 1825.


Sarah [int. Cummins] and George W. Robertson of Salem, July 4, 1841.

Harriet T., 33, of Boston [int. of Bath, ME], b. Brunswick, ME, d. Samuel and Mary of Brunswick, ME, and [int. adds Capt.] Henry Colt, widr. [int. omits widr.], 43, mariner, s. Daniel and Susan, Sept. 10, 1846.

Azubah C. [int. Cumings], 20, d. William and Lucy, and Levi Vanslyke, 25, of New Bedford, s. Jesse and Polly, Apr. 1, 1849.


John and Eunice Norton, Jan. 6, 1748-9.*

Thomas and Love Daggett, Oct. 17, 1775.*


James, mariner [int. of New Bedford], and Francis P. Prince, d. Lawrence and Love, negroes, Apr. 15, 1846.


Anna Frances, Mrs., and Beriah Norton, Dec. 15, 1757.*

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