Zebolon of Situate, and Mrs. Marcey Norton, Oct. 24, 1744.*


John Eames of Winchester, Hants, Co., Eng., and Maria R. Luce, int. Jan. 9, 1841.

WAILEY (Waley)

William and Susannah Claghorn, Jan. 1, 1776.*


Richard of Piscataqua, and Mrs. Anna Pratt, int. Jan. 11, 1801.

WALDRON (Wallrond, Walrond)

John and Mrs. Jane Pease, July 14, 1784.*

Peter and Mrs. Puella Mayhew, Aug. 1, 1784.* [Peter G. CR1]

Sally of Tisbury, and James Stewart, int. Feb. 1, 1807.

Puella [int. adds M. of Albany] and Francis Demmick [int. Dimmick] of Falmouth, Aug. 14, 1811. [of Albany, NY, and Francis Dimick, Aug. 15. CR1]

Lavina of Tisbury, and Bartlet Stewart, int. Nov. 4, 1815.

Minerva C. [int. Menerve C. Warlden] of Tisbury, and William Vincent, Nov. 10, 1831.

Cordilia of Tisbury, and Hugh Vincent, int. Oct. 23, 1836.

WALEY (Wailey)

Susanna and Jeremiah Prior, Oct. 14, 1788.* [Whaley, and Jeremiah Prior of Nantuckett. CR1]

WALLROND (Waldron, Walrond)

Jabez of Tisbury, and Jean Hammet, Dec. 4, 1774.*

WALROND (Waldron, Wallrond)

Susan J. and William A. Norton, int. Mar. 11, 1837.

Minerva, 17, of W. Tisbury, b. W. Tisbury, d. Thomas and Rebecca of W. Tisbury, and Frederick U. Ripley, 24, s. Henry and Mary, Oct. 25, 1848.


Hannah and Jonathan Pease, Nov. 21, 1811.


William A., widr. [int. omits widr.], 30, of Providence, RI, b. Providence, RI, s. Allen and Mary A. of Providence, RI, and Lydia B. Norton, 32, d. Henry C. and Rebecca, Dec. 24, 1848.


Paul of Nantucket, and Betsey Jonson, int. Dec. 2, 1804.


William of Baltimore, and Mary Johnson, negroes, int. Apr. 27, 1833.


Holms and Sarah Mayhew, Oct. 20, 1768.*

Mary and John Coffin, Oct. 29, 1772.*

Sarah and Jonathan Pease, Jan. 19, 1777.*


William W. of Hudson, and Mary Huxford, int. Apr. 5, 1840.


Elijah of Lebanon, and Elisabeth Trap, Mar. 28, 1757, "the Sd Elisabeth appearing naked Exepting hir Shift at ye time of Marrage. "*


Clarisa [int. Clarrisa] and Eliakam Jonas [int. of Bridgwater], coloured, Dec. 20, 1823.

Laura and Isaiah Belain, coloured, int. Jan. 27, 1837.

Frederick and Hannah Harris [int. coloured], Jan. 4, 1838.

Daniel T., 25, s. ––––– and Sally, and Anstress [int. Anstruss] Belain, 16, d. Peter and Sally Indians [int. coloured], May 1, 1849.

WECKS (Weeks)

Mary [int. Weeks] and Samuel Worthman, Aug. 25, 1818. [Weeks, and Samuel Worthman "A Scotchman by Birth. ". CR1]

WEEKS (Wecks)

Frank and Mrs. Elisabeth Swasey, Aug. 28, 1785.* [Francis and Elizabeth Swasey. CR1]

Benjamin and Lydia Pease, Aug. 6, 1789.* [Ludia. CR1]

Jane and Abisha Marchant, Apr. 4, 1790.* [Mrs. Jane. CR1]

Beriah of Tisbury, and Sally Smith, Dec. 26, 1802. CR1

Love of Tisbury, and Solomon Jeffery of New Bedford, int. July 24, 1803.

James and Sophronia Fisher, Feb. 25, 1810. [Sophrona. CR1]

Judith and Thomas James, int. May 25, 1810.

Alexander P. and Hipestill Norton, Nov. 5, 1827.

Agnis [int. Agnes B.] of Tisbury, and Edmun [int. Edmund] Lewis, Dec. 16, 1832.

Jeremiah and Sarah Chase of Tisbury, int. Sept. 28, 1845.

WELLEN (Wheelden, Whelden, Wheldon, Whelen, Whellens)

Richard "Late of Edgertown," and Jean Claghorn, d. James, Dec. 8, 1735.*


Thomas of Tisbary, and Hannah [sic, Mary] Presbury, Jan. 29, 1712-13.*

Jernel of Tisbury, and Deborah Shaw, May 25, 1775.*

Robert and Tabathy Coffin of Barnstable, negroes, int. Feb. 15, 1801.

Drusilla of Tisbury, and Charles G. Smith, int. Dec. 20, 1828.

Peter of Tisbury, and Mrs. Almira Mayhew, int. Mar. 9, 1845.

WHEATON (Wheaten)

Samuell "a trancient Person," and Mrs. Molly Fish, Apr. 8, 1784.*

Molly and Joseph Holly, Oct. 3, 1790.* [Oct. 31. CR1]

WHEELDEN (Wellen, Whelden, Wheldon, Whelen, Whellens)

Jabez and Sara Butler, Jan. 12, 1764.*

WHELDEN (Wellen, Wheelden, Wheldon, Whelen, Whellens)

Samuell and Elizabeth Daggett, Nov. 3, 1757.*

Samuell and Eunice Russell, Sept. 10, 1789.* [Samuel Whelden of Coventry, CT, and Unis Russel. CR1]

Silvester [int. Sylvester Welden] of Barnstable, and Jane Luce, May 26, 1823.

Julia and Elihu Swasy, int. Nov. 13, 1824.

Jane P. and Henry Osborn, July 26, 1825.

Betsey [int. Betsy] and John [int. adds H.] Pease, Mar. 7, 1826. CR1

WHELDON (Wellen, Wheelden, Whelden, Whelen, Whellens)

Thomas and Rethiah Bethiah Jones, July 2, 1743.*

WHELEN (Wellen, Wheelden, Whelden, Wheldon, Whellens)

Julia [int. Whelden] and Peter Vandyke of Albany, NY, Feb. 13, 1831.

WHELLENS (Wellen, Wheelden, Whelden, Wheldon, Whelen)

Jean and Enoch Coffin Jr., Dec. 27, 1739.*


Hepsibah, Mrs., and James Fish Jr., Jan. 2, 1783.*


George W. [int. Whituker] of NY, and Susan [int. Hannah] Daggett, Sept. 9, 1830. [Capt. George and Hannah Daggett. CR1]


Silvia, Mrs., and Elijah Donham Jr., May 22, 1783.* [Silva and Elijah Dunham Jr. CR1]


Thomas I. of Easton, NY, and Mary Marchant, June 21, 1795.* [Thomas T. Whitbeck and Mrs. Mary Marchant. CR1]


Ambros of Nantucket, and Susanna Chadwick, Dec. 10, 1801. [Ambrose Whitens of Nantuckett. CR1]


Louisa and John Almy of New Bedford, Mar. 21, 1809.

WILBER (Wilbour, Willber)

Elizabeth of Bethel, ME, and Elisha T. Smith, int. Mar. 9, 1839.

Joseph of Bethel, ME, and Carline Butler, int. May 14, 1848.

Lydia, 24, d. James and Sally, and John B. Smith, 48, s. John and Caroline, May 17, 1849.

WILBOUR (Wilber, Willber)

Joseph and Priscilla Fisher, Apr. 15, 1834.


Nathaniel of Brookfield, and Elisabeth Peasse, Apr. 24, 1788.* [Wilcott, and Elizabeth Pease of Spencer. CR1]


Olivia P. [int. Williard] and John O. Butler, Sept. 19, 1841.

WILLBER (Wilber, Wilbour)

Martha N. of "Township No 2," Oxford Co., ME, and James N. Luce, Dec. 22, 1829.


Charles of NY, and Abigail Diamon, negroes, int. Mar. 20, 1803.

Joseph and Martha Pena, int. Oct. 14, 1809.

George "formerly of New York," and Nancy Sanford "formerly of Nantucket," int. Oct. 10, 1819.

James of Baltimore [int. Williamson of Baltimore] and Annis Johnson, negroes [int. omits negroes], Aug. 2, 1821.

Martha, Mrs., and Henry Tucker "a trancient man said to belong to East India," int. May 10, 1828.


Thomas "a Foreigner," and Abigail Fisher, Apr. 28, 1811.

Shepley [int. adds W.] of Springfield, VT, and Rebekah Mayhew, Mar. 13, 1817.

Hannah N. of Strong, ME, and John A. Wood of New Bedford, int. Feb. 29, 1840.

WIMPANNY (Wimpenney)

Robert and Faustina Swasey, May 3, 1798.* [Robart Wimpany. CR1]

WIMPENNEY (Wimpenny)

Julia Ann [int. Wimpenna] and Nicholas Starts [int. Stark] of New London [int. adds CT], Oct. 23, 1828.

Theodore and Harriet Ripley, May 7, 1835.

Elihu and Almira D. Norton, int. Aug. 22, 1835.

Littleton C. and Isabella W. Pease, Nov. 6, 1839.

Elihu S., widr. [int. adds Capt., omits widr.], 32, s. Robert and Fostina, and Lucy J. Mellen, 27, d. James and Lucy of Newbury, VT, Apr. 15, 1849.


John of New Bedford, and Patty Goodridge, int. Dec. 8, 1818.


Sarah L. of N. Dartmouth, and Capt. Abraham L. Cleavland, int. Jan. 31, 1847.


Ichabod of Dorchester, and Jerusha Norton, Dec. 9, 1735.*

Samuell and Anne Jenkins, Mar. 9, 1761.*


John A. of New Bedford, and Hannah N. Wilson of Strong, ME, int. Feb. 29, 1840.


Jeremiah and Sarrah Myers, Mar. 6, 1745.*


James M., Rev., 25, of Falmouth, b. Falmouth, s. Alpheus and Hannah S., and Fanny W. Stuart, 21, d. Zalmon and Nancy, Mar. 26, 1848.


Cyrus B. and Matilda Martyn [int. Martin of Grenvill, NY], June 6, 1830. [Capt. Cyrus B., May ––, ––––. CR1]

Mary, d. John, and Thomas Crosbe of Brantry, Nov. 13, 1718.*

John Esq. and Mrs. Darcas Hawes, Dec. 22, 1724.*

Sarrah and Isaac Pope, Jan. 11, 1744.*

Jethro and Valina Peasse, Apr. 1, 1788.* [Velina Pease. CR1]

Benjamin and Betsey Norton, Jan. 1, 1793.* [Mrs. Betsey. CR1]

John of Sherbourn, Nantuckett, and Mrs. Anne Sarson, Sept. 1, 1794.*

Jonathan and Marcy Smith, Nov. 15, 1798.* [Mercy. CR1]

Thomas of Hudson, NY, and Susana Swasey, Aug. 8, 1802. CR1

Sally and Joseph Thaxter Jr., Dec. 3, 1809.

Nancy and Joseph Mayhew, Dec. 26, 1816.

Betsey and James [int. adds H.] Beetle, Dec. 4, 1817.

Dorcas and Polfry Collins, Oct. 4, 1818. [Palfrey Collins "a Native of Boston. ". CR1]

Velina [int. 2d] and Frederick Baylies [int. Jr.], May 18, 1820. [Fredrick. CR1]

Thomas and Hannah K. Mayhew, July 4, 1822.

Velina Pease and Timothy Coffin Jr., Nov. 5, 1822.

Cyrus B. and Eliza Ann Mayhew, June 15, 1824.

Abigail [int. Worths] and Hiram Jernegan, Nov. 18, 1824.

Jared and Ann H. Russell of New Bedford, int. Mar. 18, 1826.

Fanny S. and Charles Daggett, June 10, 1828.

Hannah K. [int. adds Mrs.] and John P. Worth, Jan. ––, 1829.

John P. and [int. adds Mrs.] Hannah K. Worth, Jan. ––, 1829.

Angeline [int. Angline] and John Bunting, Mar. 2, 1831.

Jonathan and Eunice J. Coffin, int. June 25, 1831.

Benjamin and Louisa P. Coffin, Mar. 13, 1833.

Edward and Harriet Mayhew, Nov. 27, 1834.*

Sophia and Arial Norton, int. Dec. 22, 1838.

Thomas of Tisbury, and Julia Ann Norton, int. May 28, 1842.

Charles and Almira Jernegan, June 19, 1842.


Moses of Ware, NH, and Eliza Cleaveland, int. Jan. 31, 1835.


Samuel and Mary Wecks [int. Weeks], Aug. 25, 1818. [Samue "A Scotchman by Birth," and Mary Weeks. CR1]

Margarett [int. Margaret] and Argalus W. Stark [int. Starks] of Albany, NY, Jan. 27, 1839.

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