Hannah [dup. Allen], Mrs. [dup. of Sherbourn], and Zacheus Lumbert of Chilmark, Feb. 8, 1754.*


Eleanor S. [int. Felton], wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 30, seamstress, b. Cincinati, O., d. Dan Davis dec'd and w. dec'd, and Stephen D. Skiff, widr. [int. omits widr.], 30, farmer, of Chilmark, s. Stephen and Barsheba, Jan. 26, 1845.

FERGERSON (Fergurson, Ferguson, Furgerson, Furgeson)

William [int. Ferguson] and [int. adds Mrs.] Desire Reynolds [int. Raynels], Dec. 15, 1840. [Ferguson, and Mrs. Desire Raynels. CR]

FERGURSON (Fergerson, Ferguson, Furgerson, Furgeson)

William C. [int. Ferguson] and Eliza A. Gray, June 30, 1825.

FERGUSON (Fergerson, Fergurson, Furgerson, Furgeson)

Harriet and Joseph Sprauge of Chilmark, int. June 8, 1821.

John (Terguson) of Chilmark, and Mary Sprague of Edgartown, ––– ––, –––– [? 1810].*

John [int. Farguson] and Sarah [int. Sarrah] D. Luce, May 16, 1824.

Martha and Theodore W. Norton, int. June 26, 1824.


Manuel [int. Emanuel Fernandes] and Polly Reynolds, Oct. 5, 1806.


Charles, widr. [int. omits widr., adds Capt.], 44, master mariner, of Southborrough [int. Southborough], b. Edgartown, s. Thomas dec'd and Margarett dec'd and Mary A. Waldron, 24, d. Thomas dec'd and Rebecca dec'd, Nov. 18, 1849.

Daniel, Dr., and Grace C. Coffin of Edgartown, int. Aug. 22, 1829.


Sarah (Tisk), Mrs., and John Crosby, Dec. 21, 1752.*


Patrick and Precila Benson, June 16, 1822.


Betsey of Chilmark, and Zadock A. Athearn, int. May 21, 1842.

William, Capt. of Chilmark, and Agnes Tilton of Chilmark, Mar. 19, 1840.* [Agnes L. CR]


Sybil L. of Cornish, NH, and Peleg Barrows, int. May 1, 1847.


Mary [int. Fleury] and Edward [int. adds S.] West, Jan. 27, 1840.


Benjamin and Anna [dup. Ann] Dunham, June 25, 1775.*

Dorothy and Abijah Gray, Sept. 16, 1792.*

Elizabeth and Benjamin Merry, Dec. 24, 1761.* [Betty. DR]

Hannah and Joseph Jenkens of Barnstable, Oct. 2, 1787.* [Jenkins. CR]

James and Mary Hammett, Jan. 18, 1797.*

James [int. Jr.] and Rebecca [int. Rebeca] Merry, Aug. 11, 1822.

Jane and Garsham Dunham, June 22, 1762.* [Gershom. DR]

Jonathan and Rebecca Case, Feb. 9, 1772.*

Keturah and Samuel [dup. Samuell] Hovey, June 14, 1778.*

Meriah and William Tobey, Oct. 16, 1764.* [Moriah. DR]

Milton, and Jane Luce, May 28, 1752.*

Rachel and Stephen Cushing, July 12, 1773.*

Rebecca [int. Rebeccah] and Abijah Gray of Buffalo [int. adds NY], Apr. 15, 1835.

Remember and Beriah Luce, Jan. 25, 1753.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Peter Tilton, Jan. 11, 1759.*

Thomas and Charlotte E. West, July 15, 1833.

FRAIZER (Frazier)

George W. of Rainham, and Lydia Davis, May 19, 1822.

FRANCES (Francis)

Mary, 26, and Charles W. James, 28, s. Thomas and Judith, Jan. 12, 1849.*

FRANCIS (Frances)

Mary and Forten [?] Sharper, Oct. 27, 1792.*


Benjamin and Caroline D'Grasse, int. June 24, 1834.

FRAZIER (Fraizer)

[Mary A.] Frazier and Timothy B. Lovell [int. Lovel], Mar. 7, 1841.


Lydia of Sandwich, and Alvah Holway, int. Sept. 3, 1833.


Berzalel of Williamsburge, and Nancy Luce, Nov. 21, 1802.* [Bazaleel of Williamsburgh. CR]

FURGERSON (Fergerson, Fergurson, Ferguson, Furgeson)

William [dup. Fogerson, int. Fegerson] of Chilmark, and Deborah Luce, 21, d. Timothy and Martha (Lewis), Dec. 12, 1793. [Fogerson. CR]

FURGESON (Fergerson, Fergurson, Ferguson, Furgerson)

Mary [int. Ferguson] and Freeman Daggett, Feb. 26, 1828.

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