Joseph and Honnor Hatch, Feb. 25, 1763.*. DR


Elisha and Elizabeth Smith, Feb. 19, 1765.*

Robert of Falmoth, and Abigail Lumburt [dup. Lumbert], Dec. 26, 1717.*

Ward M., Capt. [int. omits Capt.], of Falmouth, and Hepzabeth [int. Hepzibeth] Davis, July 27, 1815.


Calep G. and Jane W. Luce, June 22, 1823.


Parmenas and Harriet [int. Harriot] W. Chase, Nov. 15, 1835.


Charles H., 24, mariner, s. James D. and Sophonia, and Abigail L. Cleveland, 22, d. Warren (Cleveland) and Lucretia, Sept. 18, 1849.

James D. of Fairfield [int. Fairfeild], ME, and Sophrona [int. Sophronia] Manchester, Sept. 23, 1821.

PEAS (Pease)

Cornelus and Phebe Dunham, Feb. 14, 1771.*

Danel and Hannah Luce, Jan. 23, 1766.* [Daniel Pease. DR]

Elezebeth and David Luce, Dec. 9, 1707.*

Sarah and Obed Luce, Sept. 1, 1790.*

Zachariah and Lydia Crowell, Nov. 29, 1770.*

PEASE (Peas)

Abigal and Seth Luce, Feb. 7, 1828.

Abisha of Chillmark, and Jedidah Allen, Feb. 28, 1799.* [Abisha of Chilmark. CR]

Almira of Edgartown, and Alfred Chase, int. June 9, 1838.

Bartelett of Chillmark, and Lydia Luce, Jan. 22, 1795. [Bartlett Peas of Chilmark. CR]

Bartlett and Deborah [int. Deberah] Luce of Chilmark, May 30, 1827.

Bartlett Jr. and Olive L. [int. omits L.] Weeks, Dec. 25, 1827. [Olive L. PR7]

Bartleet [int. Bartlett] Jr. and Sophrona [int. Sophronia] S. Athearn, Oct. 17, 1837. [Barlett Jr. and Sophronia S. Athearn. CR] [Bartlett and Sophronia S. Athearn. PR7]

Isiah [int. Isaiah] D. of Edgartown, and Polly Luce, Apr. 7, 1812.

Jemima and Elihu Coffin, Dec. 11, 1765.*. DR

Jesse of Edgartown, and Peggy Athearn, Mar. 27, 1815 [int. Nov. 27, 1844 sic, ? 1814].

Joanna, d. Bartlett and Lydia (Luce), and Bartimus [dup. Bartamus, int. Bartemus] Luce, fisherman, s. Thomas and Thankful (Manter), Jan. 6, 1820. [Bartimus. PR8]

Lovey of Edgartown, and Samuell Crowell, int. Aug. 20, 1809.

Love of Edgartown, and Charles D. Butler, int. Sept. 2, 1843.

Lucy of Edgartown, and Moses Crosby, int. Oct. 5, 1806.

Lydia W. and Josiah H. Vincent, Nov. 14, 1848.*. CR

Peter M. of Edgartown, and Rebecca S. Dunham, Nov. 12, 1843.

Rebecca, Mrs., of Edgartown, and John Crosby Jr., int. ––– 14, 1807.

William of Edgartown, and Mrs. Lois Norton, Apr. 28, 1757.*


Hepsey, Mrs., of Edgartown, and John Dillingham, int. June 12, 1847.


Daniel, Capt., of Boston, and Mrs. Julia Ann Prowty [int. Prouty], Feb. 19, 1829.


Ezikel of Thomastown, ME, and Eliza Beacher, Oct. 17, 1827.


Elnora, colored, of Gayhead, and Francis Salvey, coolored, of Edgartown [––– ––, 1841].* [Jan. 2, 1842. CR]

Hepsabah [int. Hephzibah] colored and Philip Goodrich colored [int. of Edgartown], June 6, 1833.

Louisa and Johnson Simpson of Edgartown, int. July 17, 1827.

Mary of Gay head, and Henry James, int. Apr. 10, 1831.

Rachel and Samuel Mingo of Troy, int. Aug. 25, 1821.


Levi and Almira E. Butler of Edgartown, int. July 7, 1847.

Mason [int. of Rehoboth] and Susan Lewis, Nov. 26, 1832.


Ephraim of Chilmark, and Martha A. Mayhew, June 24, 1835.

Lucinda of Chilmark, and Ephraim Mayhew Jr. of Chilmark, int. Oct. 15, 1836.

Polly of Chilmark, and William West, int. Nov. 21, 1808.

Sophia W. and James Lyon of New Port, RI, Oct. 11, 1822.

William and Rebeca [int. Mrs. Rebecca] Harding, Sept. 17, 1820.


Content, d. Stephen and Deborah (Skiff), and Stephen Luce, 20, s. Zephaniah and Hope (Norton), Sept. 5, 1735.*

PROUTY (Prowty)

Thomas L., Capt., of Cituate [int. Scituate], and Julia Ann Hillman, June 12, 1825.

PROWTY (Prouty)

Julia Ann [int. Prouty], Mrs., and Capt. Daniel Pepper of Boston, Feb. 19, 1829.

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