ABBOTT (Abbot)

Ebenezer, 1st s. Ebenezer and Elisabeth (Tucker), Sept. 6, 1721.

Elisabeth, d. Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Tucker), May 6, 1719.

John, s. Ebenezer and Elisabeth (Tucker), Feb. 28, 1722-3.

Philip, s. Ebenezer and Elisabeth (Tucker), Sept. 11, 1725.

Sarah, 1st d. Ebenezer and Elisabeth (Tucker), June 7, 1717.

Sarah, d. Ebenezer and Elisabeth (Tucker), July 15, 1730.

Thomas, s. Ebenezer and Elisabeth (Tucker), Mar. 28, 1728.

Thomas, s. Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Tucker), Feb. 22, 1733.

ABRAMS (Abrahams, Abraims)

Betty, d. John and Mary (Crocker), June 15, 1770.

John, s. John and Mary (Crocker), May 3, 1766.

William, s. John and Mary (Crocker), Apr. 7, 1768.


Ezekiel G., s. Ezekiel G. and Allice (Merrill), Sept. 1, 1809.

Gideon, s. Aaron and Betsey, Aug. 28, 1764.

Jacob, s. Samuel and Eliseabath (Bagley), Mar. 28, 1735.

Mary, d. Ezekiel G. and Allice (Merrill), Oct. 13, 1807.

Moses, s. Aaron and Bette, Dec. 2, 1766.


Abigail, d. Jonathan and Mary (Webster), Mar. 21, 1824. PR10

Clarissa, d. Jonathan and Debby (Leonard), Aug. 14, 1815.

Daniel Osborn, 4: 2m: 1793. CR3

Edward, s. Jonathan and Dolly [Deborah (Leonard). PR10], May 14, 1811. [May 11. PR10]

Hariet, d. Jonathan and Dolly [Deborah (Leonard). PR10], Nov. 19, 1812.

Jacob, s. Jonathan and Mary (Webster), Mar. 28, 1822. PR10

James, s. Jonathan and Dolly Deborah (Leonard), at Salisbury, Dec. 9, 1806.

James Madison, s. Jonathan and Mary (Webster), July 4, 1836. PR10

John Barnard, s. Jonathan and Mary (Webster), May 29, 1830. PR10

Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Dolly Deborah (Leonard), at Salisbury, Jan. 9, 1809.

Mary, d. Daniel and Mary (Moulton), May 6, 1755. [May 16. dup.]

Mary, d. Jonathan and Debby (Leonard), Nov. 10, 1818.

Mary Ann, d. Webster, blacksmith, and Mary, at Creek, Apr. 21, 1849. [There is no verification for this.]

Mary Ann, d. Webster, tinplate worker, and Levina (Downs), at Mills, Apr. 21, 1849.

Warren, s. Jonathan and Mary (Webster), Sept. 26, 1827. PR10

Webster, s. Jonathan and Mary (Webster), July 14, 1826.


Clifton Orion, s. George, carriage builder, and Esther Jane (Noyes), at River Village, Jan. 31, 1848.


Mary, d. Henry and Mary (Hayes), bp. Feb. 29, 1735-6. CR1

Samuell, s. Henry and Mary (Hayes), bp. Jan. 18, 1735-6. CR1


Mary Allen, d. Jesse and Mary (Johnson), Oct. 28, 1842.

Sarah, d. John and Abigaill (Rolfe), May 22, 1730-31.

ASH (Assh)

Bethia, d. John and Mary (Bartlett), Dec. 21, 1676. NCTR

Eliseabath, d. Nathanell and Elisabath (Brock), Aug. 3, 1731.

Elizabeth, d. Nathaniel and Elezabeth (Brock), Oct. 6, 1742. [Dec. 6. dup.]

John, s. John and Mary (Bartlett), Feb. 3, 1669. CTR

John, s. Nathaneill and Eliseabath (Brock), May 25, 1736.

John, s. Nathanil and Elisabeth (Brock), June 11, 1739.

Juda, d. John and Mary (Bartlett), Nov. 20, 1703.

Judith, d. Nathanell and Elisabath (Brock), Aug. 26, 1733.

Martha, d. John and Mary (Bartlett), Mar. 1, 1673-4. NCTR

Mary, d. John and Mary (Bartlett), May 20, 1668. CTR

Nathanell, s. John and Mary (Bartlett), Mar. 17, 1671-2. NCTR

Nathenel, s. John and Mary (Bartlett), Sept. 21, 1705.

Nathaniel, s. Nathaniell and Elisabeth (Brock), bp. Aug. 5, 1739 PR1

Nathanill, s. Nathaniel and Elisabeth (Brock), June 11, 1740.

Phenias, s. Nathanill and Eliseabeth (Brock), Jan. 11, 1740-41.

Sarah, d. John and Mary (Bartlett), Feb. 3, 1701-2.

Sarah, d. Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Brock), Mar. 8, 1727-8.


Benjamin Chandler, s. [Dr. CR2] Benjamin and Rhoda W. (Chandler), Apr. 19, 1834.

Elizabeth Boynton, d. Benjamin, physician, and Rhoda (Chandler), at Upper Corner, Nov. 16, 1847.

Laura Wadsworth, d. [Dr. CR2] Benjamin and Rhoda W. (Chandler), Apr. 29, 1836.

Seth Chandler, s. Benjamin and Rhoda W. (Chandler), Dec. 9, 1832.

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