Rachel, Mrs., of Portsmouth, and Edmond Bartlett, int. July 23, 1781.*


Ezra, and Frances Collby, July 22, 1736.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Currier, Jan. 19, 1737-8.*

Elisabeth, and Bradbury Morrison, May 27, 1740.*

Judith, wid., and Isaac Colby, "ye sd Judith did declare that she was then free from being in ye actual possession, of Any, of ye Estate, of her formor Husbands Stephen Badger," Aug. 16, 1753.*

Obediah, and Mary Martin, Jan. 19, 1758. CR2*

Sarah, and Joshua Bartlett [of Kingston. int.], Feb. 18, 1760. PR1*

Elisabeth, and Richard Sinclare ["then living at Haverhill. " int.], June 26, 1760 PR1*

Hannah, and Phillip Gould, Dec. 23, 1762.*

Miriam, and Enoc Davis, July 25, 1765. CR2*

Molly, and William Goodwin, July 31, 1785.*

[Sarah. int.], Mrs., and [David. int.] Colby, Nov. 25, 1789.*

Jonathan, and Judith Flanders, of Salisbury, int. July 9, 1801.*

Sally, of Salisbury, and Hiram Wing, int. Jan. 21, 1832.*

Jonathan F., and Jane Moore, of Salisbury, int. Feb. 24, 1837.*

BAGLEY (Bagly)

Orlando, and Sarah Sargant, Dec. 22, 1681. CTR*

Sarah, and Henery Lankester, July 15, 1703.*

Orlando, sr., and Sarah Annes, of Newbury, int. Mar. 25, 1704.*

Orlando, jr., and Dorithy Harvey, Feb. 13, 1705-6.*

John, and Hannah Fowler, d. William, Apr. 7, 1708.*

Judeth, and John Carter, jr., of Salisbury, Apr. 25, 1711.*

Jacob, and Hannah Stanwood, Jan. 21, 1712-13.*

George W., and Clarissa H. Morill, of Salisbury, NH, int. Jan. 11, 1723.*

Sarah [jr. int.], and Moses Sargent, Nov. 9, 1727.*

Joseph, and Lydia Kindrick, Nov. 23, 1727.*

Orlando, 3d, and Mary Kindrick, July 23, 1728.*

Anne, and Abel Merrill, Feb. 5, 1729-30.*

Anna, and Jeremiah Currier, May 1, 1729.*

David, and Mary Huntington, Mar. 20, 1734-5.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Addams, of Salisbury, June 27, 1734.*

John, and Judith Sargent, Oct. 9, 1734.*

Jonathan, and Dorothea Wells, Dec. 9, 1736.*

Stephen, of Bradford, and Judith Warren, May 22, 1740.*

William, and Susanna Webster, of Salisbury, Aug. 18, 1740.*

Rhoda, and Thomas Challis, Nov. 22, 1744. CR1*

Timothy, and Mary Thompson, Jan. 2, 1745.*

Sarah, and Jacob Tuxbury, ––– ––, 1746. CR1*

Henry, and Lydia Weed, May 11, 1747.*

Jacob, and wid. Kezia Currier, June 2, 1748.*

Susanna, and David Currier, Mar. 13, 1749.*

Hannah, and Richard Currier, Feb. 19, 1750.*

Hannah, and John Colby, Nov. 1, 1750.*

Jacob, and Hannah –––––, Mar. 13, 1755.*

Meriam, and Oliver Blasdel, Apr. 20, 1757. CR2*

Benjamin, and Judith Wells, Nov. 15, 1757.*

Vallintine, and Sarah Currier, Dec. 21, 1763.*

Dorothy, and Barnard Worthen, June 11, 1767. CR2*

Orlando, and Hannah Preson, Apr. 26, 1770.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Runnels, jr. [of Haverhill, at Haverhill. dup.], May 8, 1771.*

Jonathan [jr. PR14], and Sarah Currier, Jan. 17, 1773.*

Moses, of Falmouth, and Mrs. Kezia Person, int. Mar. 18, 1775.*

Sargent, and [Mrs. int.] Rebecca Wells Challis, May 5, 1776. CR2*

Elizabeth, [Bayly. int.], and Gideon Lowell, Nov. 20, 1777. CR2*

Betty [Mrs. int.; Bayly. PR1 and int.], and Benjamin Worthen, Aug. 15, 1779. CR2*

Sarah, and William Barnard, int. July 28, 1780.*

Isaac, and Mrs. Mehitible Bartlet, of Newbury, int. Feb. 20, 1781.*

William, and [Mrs. int.] Hannah Woodman [of Kingston. int.], Sept. 1, 1782. PR3*

Kezia, Mrs., and joseph Tilton, of Loudon, int. Sept. 5, 1783.*

Peter, and Sarah Martin, int. Nov. 16, 1784.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Hoyt, int. Nov. 16, 1784.*

Jacob, and Anne Randall, Apr. 21, 1785.*

Aaron, and Hannah Weed, July 12, 1785.*

Sarah, and Ephraim Morrill [Merill. int.], "the sd Sarah Declared before me and Several other Witnesses that she had no Estate, of her owne nor any that was hir late Husbands and the Cloathes that she Was married in Was Borrowed Clothes," Nov. 6, 1786.*

David, and Dorothy Blasdell, Feb. 21, 1789. [1790. CR2; Feb. 6, 1789. int.].*

Sarah, and David Blasdell, int. Nov. 13, 1790.*

John, and Selley Hacket, of Salisbury, int. June 18, 1791.*

Hannah, and Thomas Lane, of Salisbury, int. Jan. 28, 1792.*

Polley, and Levi Morrell, of Salisbury, int. Feb. 25, 1792.*

Mehitable, and John Huse, June 30, 1793. CR2*

Dorothea, and Elijah Weed, Feb. 26, 1794.*

Jeremiah, and Betty Bailey, July 5, 1795.*

Judith, and Samuel Swett, of Salisbury, int. Oct. 3, 1795.*

Valantine, and Hannah Currier, July 24, 1796.*

Salley, of Salisbury, and John Gale, Jan. 1, 1797.*

David W., and Sally Weed, Jan. 29, 1799.*

William, of Newtown, and Elisebeth Nichols, int. Feb. 19, 1803.*

William [of South Hampton. int.], and Selley Worthen, Feb. 27, 1803.*

Dolley, and Thomas Currier [jr. int.], Oct. 5, 1803.*

Lyddia, of Newtown, and Isaac Merrill, int. May 5, 1804.*

Hannah, and Moses Hoyt, 4th, Feb. 23, 1805.*

Sargent, and Mary Patten, Apr. 1, 1806. [May 15. CR2].*

Ruth, and Nathan Nutter, Sept. 18, 1806.*

Dorothy, and Stephen Gorden, Oct. 11, 1806.*

Betsey, and Joseph Davice [jr. int.], Jan. 10, 1807.*

Jonathan, and Selley Smith, of Sanbornton, int. June 27, 1807.*

Sargent, jr., and Bestsey Kelley, July 10, 1807.*

Lucy, and John P. [attin. CR2] Sargent, Dec. 4, 1809.*

Lowell, and Sarah Osgood, of Salisbury, int. Nov. 3, 1811.*

Dolley, of Newtown, and Isaac Merrill, int. Feb. 10, 1815.*

Dolly, and Moses Nichols [jr. int.], Mar. 9, 1815.*

Mary, and James Kindrick, Nov. 3, 1816.*

Ignatious, and Susan Fowler, of Salisbury, int. May 2, 1818.*

Elisebeth, and Nicholas Sargent, Feb. 16, 1819.*

William, of Hawke, and Sally Merrill, int. Aug. 20, 1819.*

Richard and Sarah Bailey, of Parsons, int. May 13, 1820.*

Hannah, and Zebulon Morrill, of Salisbury, Jan. 9, 1823.*

Paulina, and Abel Jones, of Salisbury, Mar. 8, 1824.*

Hannah, and Moses Nichols [jr. int.], Mar. 3, 1825.*

Frederic, and Betsey Fowler, of Salisbury, int. Sept. 3, 1825.*

William, and Mary T. Day, int. Oct. ––, 1825.*

Ann, and Joseph Mann, July 9, 1826.*

C.L. [Charles L., of Salisbury. int.], and Rhoda Siloway, Oct. 11, 1829.*

Mary, and Nathan Huse, of South Hampton, NH, Dec. 2, 1830. CR2*

David, and Sarah A[nn. int.] Brown [of Seabrook. int.], Jan. 2, 1831. PR11*

Harriot, and Henry Morrill, of Lowell, int. Apr. 16, 1831.*

Daniel C., and Abigail Bayley, Aug. 8, 1831. PR2*

Eunice, and Daniel Gould, Feb. 2, 1832.*

William, and Ann Tenney, Nov. 12, 1833.*

Jane, and James Foot, int. Aug. 9, 1834.*

William E., and Bestey B. Wells, int. Jan. 31, 1835.*

Susan, of Newton, NH, and James B. Hoyt, Mar. 10, 1836.*

Emeline, and James Whittier, jr., int. May 9, 1840.*

Thomas, of Salisbury, and Hannah N. Remmick, int. Aug. 23, 1845.*

Mary E., a. 20 y., d. William and Mary, and Rodney H. Currier, a. 21 y., cordwainer, s. Moses and Mary, Sept. 6, 1846.*

Valentine, and Mary J.G. Whittin, of Newburyport, int. Sept. 25, 1847.*

Stephen H., and Elvira M. Merrill, of Salisbury, int. Nov. 18, 1847.*

Sarah, of Salisbury, a. 21 y., d. William H. and Hannah, and William L. Johnson, of Salisbury, a. 22 y., dentist, s. Jacob and Mary, Mar. 5, 1848.*

Hiram, of Haverhill, a 25., shoe cutter, s. William H. and Hannah, and Mary E. Boardman, of Haverhill, a. 17 y., d. Daniel and Mehitable, May 20, 1848.*

Timothy H., of Salisbury a. 23 y., carpenter, s. William H. and Hannah, and Ellen Cherry, a. 23 y., d. Mathias and Ellen, June 2, 1848.*

Betsy B., wid., a. 35 y., d. Enoch and Catharine Wells, and Alonzo S. Martin, widr., a. 39 y., cordwainer, s. Jacob and Hannah, Aug. 15, 1849.*


Mary, of Andover, and John Lambart, int. Aug. 1, 1846.*

BAILEY (Baily, Bayley, Brayley)

William [Bayley. CR1], of Newbury, and Anne Lowell, Nov. 25, 1742.*

Enoch, and Esther Sawyer, Oct. 15, 1765. CR2*

Daniel, and Anna Blasdel, Apr. 8, 1767. CR2*

Hannah Lowell, Mrs., and Daneil Currier, jr., int. May 6, 1775.*

Anne, Mrs., and Amos Atkinson, of Newbury, int. Oct. 15, 1778.*

Sarah [Mrs. int.], of Newbury, and Isaac Rogers, at Newbury, Apr. 13, 1779.*

Molly, and Lt. John Blasdel, int. Jan. 16, 1786.*

Betty, and Stephen Morse, of Mewtown, int. Jan. 1, 1789.*

Moses, of Newbury, and Garteret Sawyer, Oct. 28, 1792.*

Salley, and Stephen Webster, of Salisbury, Sept. 24, 1793. CR2*

Jonathan Sargent, and Hannah Steves, of Salisbury, int. Dec. 21, 1793.*

Betty, and Jeremiah Bagley, July 5, 1795.*

Betsy [Nancy. int.], and Joseph Hacket, July 18, 1798.*

Betsy S., and Richard York, of Kennebec, int. Aug. 3, 1800.*

William, and Anna Morrill, July 19, 1801. [Aug. 8. PR2].*

Hannah, of Salisbury, and Daniel Long, Sept. 8, 1801.*

James, and Dorcas Bartlet, Sept. 14, 1801.*

Eunice, and John Pressey, Mar. 21, 1805.*

Orlando Sargent, and Elisabeth Lowell, Sept. ––, 1807.*

Moses, and Susanna Leach, int. Nov. 25, 1815.*

Thomas, and Besty Currier, Nov. 10, 1816. [Nov. 12. PR53].*

Abigail, and Nathan S. Swett, Oct. 22, 1818.*

Sarah, of Parsons, and Richard Bagley, int. May 13, 1820.*

Daniel C., of West Newbury, and Lois [T. int.] Barnard, Nov. 29, 1821.*

Ann, of West Newbury, and Moses Sargent, jr., int. Nov. 11, 1826.*

Ann M., and WilliamJ. Boardman, Oct. 9, 1828.*

Ann, and Thomas Brown, both, of Salisbury, Nov. 20, 1828.*

Abigail, and Daniel C. Bagley, Aug. 8, 1831. PR2*

Betsey, and William J. Boardman, int. June 16, 1832.*

Jane, and Orlando H. Sargent, Nov. 27, 1834.*

Betsey L., of Townsend, and William A. Warren, int. Apr. 27, 1835.*

Zora, and Levi Russell, July 23, 1835.*

Zora, and Levi Buswell, July 27, 1835. PR22*

Joseph S., and Mary Ann Chase, of Newburyport, Dec. 3, 1835.*

Abner L. [S. int.], and Hannah Swett, Dec. 9, 1837.*

Orlando S., and Mary Gove, of Salisbury, May 5, 1839.*

David C[urrier PR53], and Ann N[oyes. PR53] Clark, of Salisbury, Sept. 14, 1842.*

Stephen J., and Frances Stafford, Mar. 23, 1843. PR22*

Sarah, of Newburyport, and Shadrach Pall, int. Aug. 3, 1843.*

Bridget W., and Henry Morrill, of Salisbury, Dec. 14, 1843.*

Alfred, and Sarah Bagley Colby [of Salisbury. int.], Nov. 13, 1844. PR53*

William, of Newbury, and Eliza Ann Wilson, int. Apr. 5, 1845.*

Hannah O., a. 32 y., d. William and Elizabeth, and Harrison O. Howland, of Conklin, NY, a. 32 y., clergyman, s. Southworth and Esther, Nov. 23, 1845.*

Catharine, a. 20 y., d. Stephen and Mary, Alfred Nichols, a. 26 y., chaise maker, s. Oliver P. and Dorothy, Jan. 6, 1847.*


Samuel G., and Besty J. Nichols, int. June 30, 1842.*


Robert, and Mehetable Follensbec, Oct. 3, 1804.*

Stephen, and Serenia Worthen, int. Oct. 27, 1838.*

Serena F., wid., a. 32 y., and Moses G. Wilson, widr., a. 34 y., yeoman, Apr. 13, 1845.*


Mary, Mrs., of Beverly, and Rev. Pain Winget, at Beverly, Dec. 12, 1727.*

Israel [of Salisbury. int.] and Nancy Goodwin, July 24, 1814.*


Aaron, and Sarah Brown, both, of Salisbury, June 12, 1821.*

Ebenezer W., and Abigail Morrill, of Salisbury, July 23, 1822.*


Hannah, wid., of Salisbury, and Timothy Currier," ye sd. Hannah Sollommonly declared as in ye presence, of allmighty God and before many witnesses that she was in no ways possession, of her former husbands Estate, of what kind so ever nither possession or in evertion," Sept. 28, 1748.*


Charles, and Anna Sawyer, Nov. 3, 1808.*

Hannah and Wells, Goodwin, int. Mar. 19, 1818.*

James, of Kingston, and Mary Nichols, Oct. 19, 1819.*

Samuel, and Eunice Kelley, Feb. 15, 1820.*

John, and Eunice Colby, Oct. 11, 1826.*

Sarah Ann, and Charles H. Nichols, Nov. 3, 1840.*

Lois K., a. 21 y., Samuel, and William P. Colby, a. 23 y., chaise trimmer, s. Joshua, Jan. 1, 1845.*

BANFIELD (Banefield, Benefield)

Thomas, and Rhoda Goodwin, Nov. 27, 1749.*

Rhoda, and William Davis, Dec. 18, 1764. CR2*

BARETUE (Bartoe)

Elisabeth [Baxter. CR2], and Daniel Hoyt, July 24, 1729.*

Hannah, and Reuben Hoit, Feb. 27, 1734-5.*

Elizabeth, of Newbury, and Amos Osliway, Jan. 5, 1737-38.*


Charles Augustus, of Charlestown, a. 25 y., trader, s. Noah and E., and Mary Jane Cromack, a 28 y., d. Joseph and Judith, Apr. 15, 1846.*

BARNARD (Barnod, Barnord)

Ruth, and Joseph Peasly, Jan. 21, 1671. NCTR Sally, and Benjamin Morrill, of Salisbury, Apr. 15, 1818.*

John, and wid. Frances Colby, Dec. 27, 1676. NCTR*

Hannah, and Jacob Rowell, Dec. 1, 1693. CTR*

Joseph, and Mary Jewell, Dec. 1, 1693. CTR*

Samuel, and Ann currier, at Salisbury, Oct. 22, 1696.*

Sarah, d. Nathenell, of Nantucket, and Thomas Currier, jr., Sept. 19, 1700.*

Dorothy, and Joseph Harvey, Dec. 8, 1715.*

Mary, wid., and Lt. Thoams Hoyt, Nov. 18, 1722.*

Mary and Jacob Currier, of Salisbury, Mar. 18, 1723-4.*

Sarah, and John Hoyt, Aug. 22, 1723.*

Mary, and Jonathan Stevens [of Salisbury. int.], at Salisbury Jan. 13, 1724-5.*

John, and Mary Stanwood, Apr. 16, 1724.*

Nathaniel, and Elisabeth Martain, Nov. 11, 1724.*

Ruth, and Thomas Hoyt, jr., Jan. 20, 1725-6.*

Jonathan, and Tabothy Colby, Oct. 6, 1725.*

Elinor, and Jedidiah Flanders, Jan. 3, 1727-8.*

Mehetable, and Daniel Gould, May 27, 1729.*

Meriam, and George Worthen, jr., int. Dec. 8, 1730.*

Dinah, and Abner Kimball, of Haverhill, Mar. 28, 1734.*

Dorothy, and Samuel Blasdel, int. Dec. 22, 1735.*

Joseph, and Elisabeth Tuxbury, Nov. 20, 1740.*

Hannah, and Ephraim Weed, Jan. 21, 1741-2.*

Elisabeth, and William Collins [of South Hampton. int.], Oct. 12, 1742.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Jewell [of South Hampton. int.], Nov. 11, 1742.*

Stephen, and Mary Collens, of Salisbury, Oct. 6, 1743.*

Tristram, and Dorothy Currier, Dec. 14, 1743.*

Rachel, and Samuell Plummer, Sept. 13, 1744. CR1*

Sarah, and Batchelder Ring, of Salisbury, May 15, 1745.*

Mary, and Thomas Sargent [3d. PR1], Jan. 3, 1750-51. CR2*

Sarah, and Jeremiah Flanders, of South Hampton, Oct. 29, 1752.*

Rachel, and John Colby, Jan. 24, 1754.*

Betsy, and Orlando Sargent, Jan. 9, 1755.

Samuel, and Mary Kingsbury, at Newbury, Mar. 1, 1759.*

Trustram, jr., and Dorethy Challis, of Newtown, int. Feb. 2, 1760.*

Elisebeth, and Nathaniell Ash, of Newtown, int. Feb. 9, 1760.*

Susanny, and Ephrim Blasdel, Dec. 14, 1762.*

Elizabeth, [Mrs. int.], and Stephen Barlett [of Newbury. int.], Sept. 8, 1776. CR2*

Dorothy, Mrs., and Levi Ring, of Salisbury, int. Feb. 28, 1778.*

Currier, and Mrs. Tamson Jones, of South Hampton, int. Aug. 21, 1779.*

William, and Sarah Bagly, int. July 28, 1780.*

Thomas, and Thankful Eateing, of Salisbury, int. Aug. 12, 1780.*

Edmond, and Mrs. Sarah Brown, of Salisbury, int. Nov. 1, 1781.*

Jonathan, and Sa––– Morrill, of Salisbury, int. Nov. 5, 1781.*

Hannah, and John Page, of " Wier", int. June 10, 1782.*

Thomas, and Matthew Roberson Mary Robinson, of Newbury, int. Sept. 24, 1782.

Jacob, and Abigail Blasdel, July 1, 1784.*

Samuel, and wid. Elisebeth Conner, of Salisbury, int. May 10, 1788.*

Dorathy, and Thomas Colby, Mar. 31, 1789.*

[Mary. int.], and Enoch Bartlet, Nov. 26, 1789.*

Tristram, and Mrs. [Salley. int.] Titcomb, Nov. 26, 1789.*

Thomas and Salley Currier, of South Hampton, int. Feb. 27, 1790.*

Ichabod, and Salley Blasdel, Sept. 16, 1790.*

Jonathan, and Selley Stephens, of Salisbury, int. Feb. 5, 1791.*

Joseph, and Lois Titcomb, Mar. 4, 1792.*

Polly, and Ephraim Morrill, of Salisbury, Aug. 29, 1793. CR2 [Aug. 14. PR13].*

Betsy, and Timothy Osgood, of Salisbury, Sept. 20, 1793. CR2*

Jonathan, and Hannah Blasdell, July 10, 1794.*

Ezekiel, and Polley Bradly, of Haverhill, int. Feb. 7, 1795.*

Susanna, and Thomas F. [H. int.] Eastman, Aug. 11, 1795.*

Mary, and Jacob Jewel, of South Hampton, Oct. 25, 1795.*

Nancy, and Enoch Webster, of Salisbury, Aug. 31, 1796.*

Samuel, of South Hampton, and Betsy Tewksbury, int. Apr. 29, 1797.*

Rhoda, and Mathew Shores, of Salisbury, Jan. 18, 1798. [Jan. 9. PR13].*

Selley, and Thoephilus Currier, Mar. 6, 1801.*

Daniel, and Dolley Osgood, of Salisbury, int. Mar. 28, 1801.*

Eliphelet, and Polley Currier, June 9, 1801.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Barnard, int. Nov. 20, 1802.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Barnard, int. Nov. 20, 1802.*

Martha, and John Peaslec, of Plaistow, Nov. 25, 1802.*

Dolley, and Eliphalet Perkin, of South Hampton, Mar. 18, 1804.*

Isaac, and Betsey Hacket, of Salisbury, int. Sept. 6, 1805.*

Elisebeth, of Salisbury, and Lowel Foot, Oct. ––, 1807. [Oct. 10. int.].*

Benjamin, and Selley Follansbee, July 7, 1808. [Oct. 1, 1808. int.].*

Daniel, and Betsy Hoyt, Nov. 24, 1808.*

Mary, and Noah Currier, May 27, 1810.*

Ezekiel, and Betsy Bartlet, of Kensington, June ––– ––, 1811.*

Sarah, and Eliphalet Brown, Apr. 24, 1815.*

Jacob, and Miriam Currier, Apr. 8, 1817.*

Jacob, jr., and Dolly Tuxbury, May 20, 1817.*

Sally, and Jeremiah Waterhouse, of Newbury, int. Mar. 17, 1820.*

Lois [T. int.], and Daniel C. Bailey, of West Newbury, Nov. 29, 1821.*

Ann, of Salem, and Christopher Flanders, int. Dec. 15, 1821.*

Mary, of South Hampton, and Moses M. Tuxbury, int. Sept. 6, 1823.*

Hannah, and James Herbert, Nov. 7, 1825. [Nov. 9. dup.].*

Polly, and Adney Sanbourn, of Hampton Falls, May 16, 1827.*

David, and Mary Jackman, Oct. 15, 1829.*

Patience, and Timothy Currier, int. Mar. 11, 1831.*

Thomas K., of Haverhill, and Hannah Frost, int. Mar. 31, 1832.*

Melintha C., and Ebenezer W. Page, of Salisbury, int. Aug. 16, 1834.*

Almira, and Harrison Gale, int. Oct. 24, 1835.*

Susan, and Charles S. Preble, of York, ME, Nov. 24, 1842.*

BARNES (Barns)

Rachell, and Thomas Sargent, Mar. 2, 1668. CTR*

Sara, and Thomas Rowell, Sept. 8, 1670. NCTR*

Josiah, and Dorothy Gale, Mar. 1, 1809.*


Susan [Barnod. int.], and IsaacChandler, of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Jan. 7, 1719-20.*

BARTLETT (Bartlet, Bartlitt)

Deberah, and Ephraim Blasdell, int. July 9, 1703.*

Samuell, jr., of Newbury, and Abigail Wells, Feb. 6, 1704-5.*

Anne, and Joseph Colbey, Nov. 22, 1704.*

Martha, of Haverhill, and Henry Blazdell, int. May 7, 1709.*

Joseph, and Elisabeth Tuxbury, Dec. 5, 1717.*

Richard, widr., of Newbury, and Abihail [Abial. int.] Diamond, wid., Nov. 11, 1718.*

John, and Frances Kindrek, of Newbury, int. June 18, 1720.*

Joseph, and Sarah Hoyt, Apr. 27, 1721.*

Daniel [jr., of Newbury. int.], and Allice Sargent, Jan. 7, 1730-31.*

Deborah, wid., of Haverhill, and Serg. John Kimball, widr., ––– 7, 1735.*

Hannah, and Aquila Warren, Feb. 19, 1740-1.*

Susanna, and Jonathan Carelton, Nov. 10, 1740.*

Stephen and Ruth Currier, Mar. 26, 1741.*

Joseph, and Jane Collby, Dec. 1, 1743.*

Abigail, and Dea. Nathaniel Merril [or Morril], of South Hampton, ––– ––, 1745. CR1*

Simeon, and Elizabeth George, ––– ––, 1748. CR1*

Daniel, of Newbury, and Sarah Tuxbury, Nov. 8, 1750. [Nov. 15. int.].*

Dorothy, and Ephraim Blasdel, Aug. 30, 1753. CR2*

Jen, and William Worth, Sept. 25, 1755.*

Joshua [of Kingston. int.], and Sarah Badger, Feb. 18, 1760. PR1*

Thomas, of Newbury, and Dolle [Dorithy. int.] Blasdel, June 19, 1760.*

Prisilla, and Ruben Lowell, Dec. 15, 1761.*

Gorge, and Prisilla Tuxbury, Jan. 7, 1762.*

Gershom, and Mathias Merril, Oct. 17, 1771. CR2*

Stephen [of Newbury. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Elizabeth Barnard, Sept. 8, 1776. CR2*

Stephen, and Mrs. Mary Stephens, of Salisbury, int. Jan. 4, 1777.*

John, and [Mrs. int.] Anna Rogers, Dec. 29, 1778. CR2*

Nathan, and [Mrs. int.] Hannah Blasdel, Nov. 15, 1779. CR2*

Prudence, and Thomas Ordway, July 13, 1780. CR2*

Mehitible, Mrs., of Newbury, and Isaac Bagly, int. Feb. 20, 1781.*

Edmond, and Mrs. Rachel Babb, of Portsmouth, int. July 23, 1781.*

Sarah, of Newtown, and Willis Currier, int. Nov. 16, 1784.*

Jacob, and Rhoda Huntington, int. Nov. 5, 1785.*

Sarah, Mrs. [wid. int.], and Moses Hackett [of New Gloucester. Int], June 1, 1786.*

Mycal, of Bath, and Dorcas Moulton, Feb. 11, 1789.*

Joseph [Lt. int.], and Electa Currier, Nov. 15, 1789.*

Enoch, and [Mary. int.] Barnard, Nov. 26, 1789.*

Semion [of Warner. int.], and Betsy Currier, Dec. 31, 1789.*

Rhoda, and Benjamen Little, of Boscawen, Nov. 25, 1790.*

William, and Mary Currier, int. Apr. 6, 1791.*

Dolley [Dorothy. int], and Ephraim Hoit, of Newtown, Nov. 5, 1794.*

Polley, and Bayley Clough, July 4, 1796.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Perley, Apr. 9, 1797.*

Lemuel [Samuel. int.], and Rhoda Goodwin, Dec. 25, 1798.*

John [jr. int.], and Mary Morrill, of Salisbury, June 10, 1801.*

Dorcas, and James Baley, Sept. 14, 1801.*

Hannah, and Nathan Welles, of Salisbury, Mar. 22, 1803.*

Susanna, and Adams Morrill, Feb. 23, 1806.*

Joseph, jr., and Polley Osgood, of Salisbury, Apr. 20, 1806.*

Rhoda, and Richard Sanders, of Boston, int. June 25, 1807.*

Joseph, jr., and Lydia Swett, of Salisbury, Dec. 1, 1808.*

Enoch, and Mary Durbourn, Dec. 18, 1808.*

Jane, and Capt. Abner Lowell, Oct. 25, 1810.*

Betsy, of Kensington, and Ezekiel Barnard, June ––, 1811.*

Joseph, of Haverhill, and Betsy B. Moody, int. Oct. 10, 1812.*

Joathan, and Betsy Martain, Nov. 27, 1813.*

Hannah [of Newtown. int.], and Stephen Kelly [jr. int.] Nov. 13, 1814. PR72*

Jonathan, jr., and Sally Bartlet, of Marblehead, int. May 13, 1815.*

Sally, of Marblehead, and Jonathan Bartlet, jr., int. May 13, 1815.*

Jacob [James. int.], and Sally Goodridge, May 28, 1815.*

Samuel, and Rebecca Blanchard, of Newbury, int. Aug. 26, 1815.*

Mary, and John Goodwin, int. Sept. 16, 1815.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Webster, of Salisbury, June 3, 1817.*

Sarah, of Newtown, and Edmond Sargent, 3d. int. Nov. 22, 1817.*

Ebenezer, of Kingston, and Dorothy Currier, Apr. 7, 1819.*

Mary, and Winthrop Collins, int. Oct. 16, 1819.*

Enoch, jr., and Polly Osgood, of Portsmouth, int. Nov. 27, 1819.*

George J., and Sally P. Downer, Apr. 5, 1820.*

Mary E., of Newton, NH, a. 20 y., and Moses Currier, a. 23 y., Dec. 28, 1820. PR35*

John, and Dolly Johnson, Dec. 29, 1824.*

Nancy, and Anthony Kelly, Mar. 14, 1825.*

Sally, and Enoch Davis, Mar. 1, 1826.*

John C., and Almira Chase, of Newtown, May 6, 1827.*

Joseph, and Betsey Sargent, Jan. 7, 1830. CR2*

Irene, and John Little, int. Nov. 6, 1830.*

Oliver, and Lydia Abigail Huntington, int. May 18, 1831.*

Albert, and Hannah Morrill int. May 28, 1831.*

Caroline, and Henry, T. Mowatt, ine. Mar. 10, 1832.*

William, jr., and Mary Jane Gould, of Newtown, int. Oct. 5, 1833.*

William D., and Hannah E. Jackman, of Salisbury, int. Oct. 19, 1833.*

William, jr., and Mary Jane Towsend, of Lowell, Dec. 27, 1840. [Dec. 28. CR2].*

William, of Salisbury, and Mary Trussell, int. Apr. 9, 1841.*

May Ann, and Ezra Merrill, 3d, of Salisbury, int. Nov. 26, 1841.*

Abigail B., and Wade H. Jewett, of Salisbury, int. Dec. 24, 1842.*

Almira, of Brentwood, NH, and Joseph E. Prescott, int. Nov. 4, 1843.*

Mary Ann, of Newton, NH, and Enoch H. Nichols, May 14, 1844.*

Sarah Ann W., of Salisbury, and Isaac Randall, int. June 12, 1846.*

Mary C., a. 22 y., d. Jonathan and Mary, and Joseph H. Gale, a. 35 y., shoe manufacturer, s. Bezaleel and Mary, Nov. 1, 1846.*

Comfot P., of Salisbury, a. 20 y., d. Perly and Hannah andAlbert W. Brown, of Seabrook, NH, a. 25 y., cordwainer, s. Benjamin and Jane, Nov. 18, 1846.*

Lavinia, a. 39 y., d. William and Molly, and Gilman B. Currier, unm., of South Hampton, NH, a. 45 y., yeoman, b. South Hampton, s. Thomas, of South Hampton, Mar. 8, 1847.*

Sarah Ann, of Salisbury, a. 24 y., d. Stephen and Rebecca, of Salsibury, and Jacob F. Dow, a. 24 y., carpenter, s. Benaih and Maria B., May 14, 1848.*

Morrill C., a. 27 y., cordwainer, s. Jonathan and Betsy, and Ann O. Morrill, of Salisbury, a. 19 y., b. Salisbury, d. Amos and Ruth, Jan. 17, 1849.*


–––––, and Myriam Jones, of Chichester, NH, "married out" bef. 19: 11m: 1778. CR3*

–––––, and Mehitable Jones, of Chichester, d. John, "m. out, of meeting," bef. 15: 5m: 1782. CR3*

William C., of Salem, and Mary S. Winkley, int. Nov. 28, 1840.*


Samuel, of Epping, NH, and Hannah Peasly, d. Joseph, of Epping, 6: 3m: 1834. CR3*

Mary C., a. 20 y., d. Nathaniel and Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and Nymphus Stacy, a. 29 y., merchant, s. Nymphas and Martha, of Wiscasset, ME, Nov. 10, 1847.*

BATCHELDER (Bachelor, Batchalder, Batcheldor)

Esther, of Hampton, and Jonathan Ring, int. Oct. 1, 1720.*

Abigail, and Dr. Samuel Nye, of Salisbury, int. [Mar. TC] 10, [1783. TC]*

William, and Betty Grely, of Kingston, int. Mar. 4, 1785.*

Jemima, of Salisbury, and Charles Bladel, int. Apr. 27, 1832.*

Claissa N., of Salisbury, and William E. Blasdell, int. Mar. 7, 1835.*

David [of Ipswich. int.], and Mary Ann H. Lane, Oct. 3, 1837.*

Elisha, widr., of Salibury, a. 65 y., yeoman, s. John and Abigail, and Nancy Merrill, wid., a. 44 y., d. Joseph and Nancy Hackett, Oct. 16, 1845.*

Elbridge J., and Mary Jane Larkin, int. Jan. 1, 1848.*


Eliza, of West Cambridge, and Thomas Scoffield, iint. Oct. 10, 1833.*

BEAN (Beane, Been)

Joseph, of Kingston, and Hannah Davis, Jr., Mar. 16, 1724-5.*

Ebeneazer, of Stratham, and Meheatebell Bartlet, [bet. 1733 and 1735.]

James, and Lydia Hoige, int. 20: 1m: 1746 CR3*

Mary (Gove?), w. Richard, "married out," bef. 16: 5m: 1776. CR3*

Richard, and Mary (Gove?), "married out," bef. 16: 5m: 1776. CR3*

Eliza S., and Jacob F. Davis, Apr. 1, 1824.*

Mary, of Exeter, and John Brown, jr., int. Sept. 1, 1825.*

BECOM (Bacom, Beacom)

William B., and Polley Waite, Apr. 23, 1794.*

Rebecca, of Salisbury [of Amesbury. int.], and John Martin, Aug. 20, 1797.*

Priscilla, and Elijah Davis, May 10, 1798.*

Jerusha, and Moses Goodwin [jr. int.], Oct. 26, 1802.*

Josiah, and Abigal Ayer, of Haverhill, int. Jan. 3, 1812.*

Sarah ann, and Charles Michols, int. Apr. 23, 1836.*

BEDLE (Bettell)

Martha [Bettel. int.], and Isreal Young [of Haverhill. nt.], Jan. 21, 1724-5.*


Jonathan, of Poplin, NH, Aug. 23, 1786. CR3*

Moses, and Meriam Peaslee, int. 17: 8m: 1797. CR3*

Hannah, d. Jonathan and Susanna, of Poplin, NH, and Zebulon Huntington, of Strafford, VT, s. James, of Lebanon, CT, 21: 9m: 1797. CR3*

Eli, s Jonathan, of Poplin, NH, and Anna, deceased, and Ruth Peaslee, d. John and Mary, of Newton, NH, 2: 10m: 1800. CR3*

Eli, of South Hampton, s. Eli, deceased, and ruth, of Poplin NH, and Mariam Huntington, d. Amos and Content, 2: 10m: 1834. CR3*

Daniel, s Eli, deceased, and Ruth, of Poplin, NH, and Ann Elizabeth Folsom, d. John, of Epping, NH, and Mehitable, 9: 10m: 1841. CR3*

Eli, widr., of South Hampton, NH, a. 40 y., yeoman, b. Poplin, NH, and Elizabeth Huntington, a. 24 y., d. Amos and Content, Aug. 24, 1846.*

BEETLE (Bedle, Beedle, Bettel, Bettell)

Mary, and William Sargent, jr., Apr. 6, 1689.*

Robert, and Ann Carr, Nov. 11, 1702.*

Esbell, and George Marttin, Apr. 25, 1706.*

Elisabeth, of Newbury, and John Davis, jr., at Newbury, June 28, 1708.*

Thomas, and Sarah Davis, Oct. 6, 1736.*

[Jacob. TC], and [Mary Dorington. CR2; Mar. 8, 1738-9. TC].*

Anne, and Caleb Hobs, jr., Oct. 31, 1739.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Sargent, Sept. 29, 1743.*


Hiram, and Marama Brown, Oct. 16, 1828.*


Benjamin, Rev., and Mrs. Rebecca White, of South Hampton, int. Dec. 16, 1784.*


David, and Rhoda Kimbal, Jan. 8, 1766.*


Amos R., of Boston, and Sarah L. Winkley, int. Nov. 8, 1845.*

William C., of Roxbury [of Boston. CR4], a. 24 y., counselor-at -law, b. Boston, s. John and Judith, of Boston, and Dolly Currier, a. 26 y., d. Richard and Dolly, Jan. 25, 1848.*


Joel P., of Boston, and Mary A. Perkins, int. Apr. 18, 1845.*


Buckley, and Olive G. Janvrin, int. Sept. 25, 1830.*

Harriot, and Amaziah Richmond, int. Sept. 28, 1835.*

BLAISDELL (Blasdel, Blasdell, Blasdil, Blasdle, Blazdell)

John, and Elizabeth Hoyt, Jan. 6, 1692-3. CTR*

Ephraim, and Daberah Bartlett, int. July 9, 1703.*

Sarah, and Stephen Flanders, of Salisbury, June 20, 1706.*

Mary, and Samuell Clough, Dec. 12, 1706.*

Henry, sr., and Dorothy Martin, Oct. 27, 1707.*

Ebenazer, and Sarah Chase, of Newbury, int. Feb. 5, 1708-9.*

Dorothy, wid., and Thomas Ayers, widr., of Haverhill, Mar. 7, 1709-10.*

Henry, and Martha Bartlet, of Haverhill, int. May 7, 1709.*

John, jr., and Ebenezer Stevens, Jan. 11, 1710-11.*

Mary, d. Cornet John and Elisabeth, and Abner Hoyt, Nov. 14, 1717.*

Ralph, jr., and Mary Nickols, Apr. 10, 1718.*

Elisabeth, jr., and David Clough, Nov. 25, 1718.*

Daniel, and Naomi Tukesbury, int. Sept. 2, 1721.*

Mary, and Gideon Lowel, Jan. 3, 1722-3.*

Sarah, and john Stevens, jr., of Haverhill, Dec. 1, 1726.*

Philip, and Elisabeth Goodwin, July 13, 1727.*

Jacob, and Jemima Hook, int. Aug. 12, 1727.*

Ellenor, and David Merrill, Jan. 15, 1729-30.*

Elijah, and Mary Holmes, of Rowley, at Rowley, Mar. 13, 1729.*

Samuel, and Hannah Tuexbry, June 3, 1729.*

Anne, and Philip Quenby, Dec. 19, 1729.*

Jonathan, jr., and Hannah Jones, Aug. 5, 1731.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Kelly, jr., May 22, 1733.*

David, and Abagail Colby, int. Nov. 16, 1733.*

Samuel, and Dorothy Barnard, int. Dec. 22, 1735.*

Ezra, and Sarah Harvy, Jan. 4, 1737-8.*

Abigail, and John Persons, of York, Mar. 16, 1737-8.*

Hannah, and Gideon Challis, Nov. 23, 1738.*

Henry, and Merriam Wells, Feb. 7, 1739-40.*

Elisabeth, and Abraham Collby, Mar. 23, 1741-2.*

John, jr., and Dorothy Rowell, Apr. 8, 1741.*

Mary, and Daniel Webster, Nov. 26, 1741.*

Martha, and Nathan Webster, Feb. 10, 1742-3.*

Christopher, and Sarah Nichols, Nov. 23, 1742.*

Mary, wid., and Joseph Gould, jr., May 17, 1744.*

Stephen, and Rebecca Rogers, Nov. 8, 1744.*

Ruth, and Isaac Whittier, Mar. 28, 1751. CR2*

Stephen, and Sarah Lowel, May 17, 1753.*

Ephraim, and Dorothy Barlett, Aug. 30, 1753. CR2*

Samuel and Ezekiel Eastman, Feb. 27, 1755. CR2*

Rebecka, wid., and Thomas Sargent, "ye sd Thomas Sargent Declared that he took ye sd Rebeka free & Clear, of her former husbands Estate, of What Kind So Ever and at ye same time ye sd Rebacka Declared that she was holy free and Clear, of and from, of her former husbands Estate Booth in Perssion or Revartision. " Apr. 15, 1756.*

Molly, and Luies Lowell, Jan. 4, 1757.*

Oliver, and Meriam Bagley, Apr. 20, 1757. CR2*

Elijah, and Mary Sargent, Mar. 14, 1759. CR2*

Dolle [Dorithy. int.], and Thomas Bartlet, of Newbury, June 19, 1760.*

Abigail, and Titus Wells, Oct. 15, 1760.*

Nicalus, and Susanna Merrinor, Jan. 22, 1761.*

Jacob, and Lydia Merrill [Morrell. int.], June 4, 1761.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Thomson, of Salisbury, int. Jan. 23, 1762.*

Judith and Pasky Pressy, Dec. 2, 1762. CR2*

Ephraim, and Susanny Barnard, Dec. 14, 1762.*

Henry, and Elizabeth Foot, May 10, 1764. CR2*

Harvy, and Elizabeth Sargent, Jan. 22, 1767. CR2*

Anna, and Daniel Bailey, Apr. 8, 1767. CR2*

Oliver, and Katherine Sargent, Dec. 26, 1770. CR2*

Oliver, and Mrs. Judith Ellet, of Newtown, int. Oct. 4, 1776.*

Hannah [Mrs. int.], and Nathan Bartlett, Nov. 15, 1779. CR2*

Hezekiah, and [Mrs. int.] Anna Sargent, May 17, 1781. CR2*

Abagiel, and John Colby, of South Hampton, int. July 18, 1782.*

Ame, and John March, of Salisbury, int. May 10, 1783.*

Molle, Mrs., and Samuel Fowler, of Salisbury, int. Jan. 10, 1784.*

Abigail and Jacob Barnard, July 1, 1784.*

Molly, of Salisbury, and Timothy Colby, jr., int. Aug. 27, 1785.*

John, Lt., and Molly Bayley, int. Jan. 16, 1786.*

Molly, and William Wadleigh, int. Mar. 10, 1786.*

Mary, Mrs., and James Perce, Dec. 23, 1786.*

Dolly, of Salisbury, and Ebenezer Colby, int. Nov. 10, 1787.*

Stephen, and Hannah Currier, Nov. 13, 1787.*

Polly [Molly. int.], and Nathan Long, Jan. 1, 1788. [Jan. 7. dup.].*

Dorothy, and David Bagly, Feb. 21, 1789. [1790. CR2; Feb. 6, 1789. int.].*

Richard, and Nabby Cram, of Salisbury, int. Feb. 13, 1790.*

Salley, and Ichabod Barnard, Sept. 16, 1790.*

Anna, of Loudon, and Moses Moltoun, int. Nov. 6, 1790.*

David, and Sarah Bagley, int. Nov. 13, 1790.*

Joseph, and Nancy Stevens, of Salisbury, int. May 21, 1791.*

Lewis, and Selly Flanders, Feb. 16, 1792.*

Judith, and Moses Webster, of Salisbury, int. Mar. 17, 1792.*

Ephraim, and Dorothy Lowell, Apr. 24, 1794.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Barnard, July 10, 1794.*

Samuel, and Abigail Downs, June 27, 1796.*

Judith, and Sylvenas Wait, Sept. 4, 1799.*

Ephraim [jr. int.], and Dolley Edwards, of Salisbury, Aug. 14, 1801.*

Abigail, and Richard Jacman, of Newbury, Aug. 14, 1803.*

Hannah, and Richard Thomas, a foreigner [of New York int.], Sept. 4, 1804. CR2*

John, jr., and Dorothy Bagley, Mar. ––, 1812. [Mar. 7. int.].*

David, and Nancy Hacket, of Salisbury, int. Dec. 9, 1815.*

Ruthy, of Salisbury, and Mathias Merrill, int. Mar. 30, 1816.*

James, and Anna Patten, Apr. 28, 1818.*

Lewis, and Sarah Pressey, Nov. 11, 1819.*

Elisabeth, and Jeremiah Flanders, of South Hampton, Dec. 4, 1820.*

Loiza, and Enoch Currier [jr. int.], Dec. 29, 1822.*

Hannah, and Timothy Curtis, July 25, 1824.*

Daniel, and Susan Lurvey, of Salisbury, int. Oct. 6, 1827.*

Charles, and Jemima Bachelor, of Salisbury, int. Apr. 27, 1832.*

Eliza A., and Enoch H. Wadleigh, of Haverhill, int. Mar. 16, 1833.*

Mary, of Salisbury, and Enoch A. Poor, int. Oct. 26, 1833.*

Charlotte, and Edwin Rand, int. Dec. 20, 1834.*

Sarah ann [C. int.], and Benjamin [C. int.] Gunnison, Jan. 1, 1835.*

William E., and Clarissa N. Bachelor, of Salisbury, int. Mar. 7, 1835.*

Charlotta, and John Hargraves, of Salisbury, int. Jan. 2, 1836.*

Margaret, of York, and Joseph H. Joseph H. Kimball, int. Nov. 5, 1836.*

Ephraim, 2d m., and wid. Mary Morrill, Mar. 21, 1837. PR54*

Silas, and Abigail Perkins, of Salem, int. July 10, 1841.*

Thomas I., and Elizabeth L. Taylor, int. Sept. 25, 1841.*

John H., of South Hampton, NH, and Lydia Merrill Tuxbury, int. June 27, 1846.*

John, of Salisbury, and Lucy D. Eaton, int. Dec. 5, 1846.*

James, jr., a. 26 y., cordwainer, s. James and Anna, and Martha S. Camet, Nov. 23, 1848.*

Thomas O., 2d m., a. 30 y., mason, s. James and Ann, and Sarah Ann Worthen, a. 36 y., d. David and Anna, Dec. 25, 1849.*


Nathaniel, of Salisbury, and fanny Webster, Jan. 29, 1834.*

Charles S., of Salisbury, and Harriet Taylor, int. Aug. 28, 1841.*

Fanny S., and Jonathan Elliott, of Clapville, Feb. 2, 1844.*

Sophia H., of Salisbury, a. 29 y., d. Samuel and Sarah, and James C. Swaset, of Exeter, NH, a. 23 y., chaise trimmer, Nov. 7, 1844.*

James K., of Salisbury, a. 23 y., tanner, s. Samuel andSarah, and Mary J. Goodrich, a. 20 y., d. Theophilus and Nancy, Nov. 5, 1846.*

Simeon F., of Haverhill, a. 22 y., currier, s. Samuel and Sarah, and Sarah Abby Littlefield, of Salisbury, a. 21 y., d. John and Mary, Apr. 6, 1847.*

Samuel D., of Salisbury, a. 22 y., currier, b. Dover, NH, s. Samuel and Sarah, and Elisabeth Littlefield, of Salisbury, a. 19 y., b. Strafford, NH, d. John and Mary, Dec. 30, 1849.*


Rebecca, of Newbury, and Samuel Bartlet, int. Aug. 26, 1815.*

BLODGETT (Blodget, Blodghead)

Jonathan, and Mary Rowlandson, of Salisbury, Feb. 7, 1687-8.*

S. Stillman, and Hannah P. Rogers, of Billerica, int. May 15, 1847.*


Alice, of Haverhill, a. 19 y., d. Charles and Betsy, and John I. Cook, of Salisbury, NH, a 24 y., iron founder, s. Dame and Mary, Nov. 6, 1844.*

Elizabeth, of Salisbury, a 20 y., d. Charles andBetsy, and Alonzo Nutter, widr., a. 39 y., s. Nathan and Ruth, May 24, 1849.*


James, of Newbury, and Joanna Hadly, Apr. 2, 1731.*

BOARDMAN (Bodman, Bordman)

Jane, of Salisbury, and Richard Pain, int. Nov. 16, 1787.*

Elisebeth, of Salisbury, and Willis Patten, int. Jan. 11, 1794.*

Ebenezer, and Polly Currier, Sept. 14, 1803.*

William J., and Ann M. Bayly, Oct. 9, 1828.*

William J., and Betsey Bayley, int. June 16, 1832.*

Ann, of Salisbury, and Jonas G. Willey, int. Aug. 30, 1839.*

Leonard C., and Nancy m. Wittaker, of Salisbury, int. Dec. 7, 1844.*

Mary E., of Haverhill, a. 17 y., d. Daniel and Mehitable, and Hiram Bagley, of Haverhill, a. 25 y., shoe cutter, s. William H. and Hannah, May 20, 1848.*


Benjamin, and Sarah Sargent, Oct. 10, 1776. CR2*

Benjamin, and Mehitable Shephard, of Haverhill, at Haverhill, July 5, 1781.*


David M., and Eliza Ann Webster, int. Oct. 19, 1831.*


Ann, and John Normington, int. Mar. 28, 1829.*


Sarah, and Benjamin Tole, of Hampton, Nov. 7, 1693. CTR*


Moses, of Kittery [blacksmith, s. Moses, mason, late, of Kittery, deceased, and Ruth. CR3], and Phebe Wood [Phebe Weed, d. George, yeoman, and Margery. CR3], at Haverhill, June 2, 1730.*

BOWELS (Bowles)

Oliver [Bowly. CR2], and [Ann Weed. CR2], Feb. 28, 1744-5.*

Mary E., and Thomas English, both, of Newburyport, int. Mar. 6, 1847.*


Belinda, and Edmund Pilling, of Salisbury, int. Apr. 3, 1830.*


William, of Durham, and Sally Osgood, int. Nov. 7, 1833.*

BOYINGTON (Boyonton)

Margeret [of Rowley. int.], and [Dr. CR2] Philip Fowler, Oct. 12, 1731.*


Mary Ann, of Newtown, and Byron Kelley, int. Oct. 5, 1838.*

BRACKENBURY (Brakenbury)

Mary, d. Samuel and Anna, of Hillsboro Co., NH, and Joshua Folsom, of Deering, NH, s. Joshua and Abigail, of Epping, Dec. 22, 1779. CR3*

Daniel, of Hopkinton, NH, s. Samuel, and Sarah Brown, d. Elijah, of Weare, NH, Oct. 30, 1782. CR3*


Jemina, and Nathan Sargent, Jan. 2, 1760. CR2*

Mary, and Thomas Tyler, June 20, 1768. CR2*

Nancy Coffin, of Newburyport, and Moses Farrington, int. June 18, 1825.*

BRADLEY (Bradly)

Nathanill, of Haverhill, and Elisabeth Ordway, at Haverhill [May 1, 1760. CR2].*

Samuel, of Haverhill, and Mrs. Sarah Wingate, at Haverhill [Dec. 18, 1760. CR2].*

Sarah [Mrs. int.], and Lt. Daniel Quinby, Mar. 22, 1780. CR2*

Susannah, and Humphry Hoyt, Jan. 27, 1791.*

Joshua, and Salley Osgood, of Salisbury, int. Apr. 19, 1794.*

Thankfull, of Newton, and Nehemiah Sargent, int. Nov. 2, 1794.*

Polley, of Haverhill, and Ezekiel Barnard, int. Feb. 7, 1795.*

Sarah, and John Johnson, of Haverhill, Aug. 30, 1795.*

Hannah, and Moses Kimball, of Haverhill [at Haverhill. dup.], Jan. 31, 1796. [1797. dup.].*

Joseph, jr., of Haverhill, and Meriam Currier [at Haverhill. dup.], Sept. 22, 1796. [Sept. 20. dup.].*

Mehatibel, and Barnabus Tyler, of Haverhill, int. Jan. 11, 1799.*

Louis, and Sargent Moody, Apr. 23, 1800.*

Selley, and Thomas Hoyt, Dec. 24, 1801.*

Micah, and Frances Lyde Wentworth, of Portsmouth, NH, int. May 1, 1812.*

Annette, of New Sharon, ME, and John I. Stickney. int. Feb. 5, 1825.*

Ruth A.M., and Moses Atwood, of Bradford, Nov. 28, 1833.*

Asa, of Plaistow, and Alma Heath int. May 30, 1837.*

Daniel H., and Sophia F. Sawyer, int. Dec. 14, 1849.*


Barak, of West Newbury, and LydiaPage, at Haverhill, July 16, 1840.*

Barak, widr., of Bradford, a. 29 y., blacksmith, s. James and Ruth, and Harriet N. Sanborn, a. 27 y., d. Levi and Polly, Jan. 1, 1846.*


Richard, of Lynn housewright, s. Ebenezer, deceased, and Anna Smith, d. Samuel, of Newport, RI, Apr. 19, 1765. CR3*

Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Rebecca, of Lynn, and Mary Green, d. Isaiah and Mary, of Weare, NH, Feb. 21, 1775. CR3*

Content, and Daniel Gove, jr., ––: 11m: 1788. CR3*

Mary, and Edmond Grove, int. 19: 8m: 1789. CR3*

Abigail Philips, and Edmond Johnson, jr., int. 20: 7m: 1791. CR3*

Zephaniah, and Abigail Collins, int. ––: 9m: 1791. CR3*

Nathan, jr., of Lynn, s. Ezra and Huldah, and Mary Purinton, d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, of Kensington, NH, 26: 10m: 1791. CR3*

Theophilus, of Lynn, s. Amos and Ruth, both deceased, and Theodate Parinton, d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, 27: 3m: 1793. CR3*

Cornelia, d. Zefinah and Ruth, of Weare, deceased, and Enoch Page, of Weare, s. Samuel and Mary, of Kensington, NH, 10: 9m: 1794. CR3*

Daniel, of Weare, NH, s. Zephiniah and Ruth, both deceased, and Molly Chase, d. Nathan and Phebe, of Weare, NH, 26: 8m: 1795. CR3*

William, 3d, of Lynn, s. Ezra and Huldah, and Elizabeth Purinton, d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, of Kensington, NH, 25: 8m: 1802. CR3*

Richard, of Lynn, s. Richard, deceased, and Anna, and Judith Gove, d. Stephen and Huldah, deceased. 22: 9m: 1802. CR3*

Moses, of Lynn, s. Jabez, deceased, and Lydia, and Patience Gove, d. Stephen, of Seabrook, NH, and Huldah, deceased, 26: 12m: 1804. CR3*

John, of Weare, NH, s. Ebenezer and Martha, and Hyrena Thompson, d. Olney, of Pittsfield, NH, and Hyrena, deceased, 11: 5m: 1825. CR3*

Daniel H., of Hemiker, NH, s. Richard and Bethiah, and uth J. Peaslee, d. John and Hannah, of Pittsfield, NH, 1: 3m: 1849. CR3*

BRICKETT (Bricket)

Mary, and Nathaniel Davis, ––– ––, 1818.*

James P., and Nancy George, of Haverhill, Feb. 21, 1832.*


Maria, of Boston, and Edward G. Frothingham, int. Oct. 16, 1836.*


John, and Mehitabel Goodwin, int. May 30, 1835.*

BRIMMER (Bremmer)

Iseballa, and James Watt, of Salisbury, int. Dec. 29, 1847.*


Sally, and Binaiah Brown [of Salisbury. int.], Sept. 30, 1817.*


Daniell, jr., and Hannah Dow, of Haverhill, Jan. 5, 1686-7.*

Martha, of Haverhill, and Ephraim Guile, Jan. 5, 1686-7.*


Elisabeth [Knox. CR2]. and Nathaniel Ash, Mar. 8, 1726-7.*


Eunice M., of Newburyport, and Woodman C. Currier, int. Aug. 11, 1827.*

Dorothy A., and Joseph G. Ford, int. Mar. 29, 1834.*

Moses P., and Adaline Elliott, both, of Haverhill, July 30, 1835.*


Samuel, of Exeter, and Elisabeth Pike, June 27, 1751.*

BROWN (Browne)

Elisabeth, of Salisbury, and William Shapherd, at Salisbury, Oct. 5, 1704.*

Sarah, of Salisbury, and Joseph Currier, at Salsibury, Dec. 9, 1708.*

Abraham, jr., of Salisbury, and Hannah Morrill, Dec. 21, 1714.*

Sarah, and Daniel Currier, Dec. 12, 1717.*

Ephraim, of Salisbury, and Anne Morrill [of Salisbury. int.], Nov. 8, 1723.*

Joshua, jr., and Joanna Morrill, of Salisbury, int. Nov. 12, 1726.*

Sarah, of Salisbury, and Peter George, at Salisbury, Apr. 7, 1729.*

Huldah, d. John and Abigaill, of Hampton, and Jacob Peasly, s. John and Mary, 25: 10m: 1735. CR3*

Rebecca, of Newbury, and Ezekiel Hoyt, at Newbury, Dec. 25, 1735.*

Thomas, of Kingston, and Judith Kimball. Apr. 26, 1744.*

Mary, and NathanPage, int. ––– ––, 1756. CR3*

Elijah, s. John, late, of Hampton, NH, and Abigail, andJudith Gould, d. Samuel and Lydia, of Berwick, ME, deceased, Nov. 9, 1757. CR3*

Stephen, and Meriam Challis, int. 19: 3m: 1763. CR3*

Judith, and Paul Peasly, int. 20: 10m: 1774. CR3*

Anna, and Edward Gove, int. 21: 9m: 1775. CR3*

Sarah, and James Sawyer, int. 21: 9m: 1775. CR3*

Hannah, and Simeon Peasly, int. 12: 6m: 1776. CR3*

Abigail, d. John, of Chichester, NH, and Dilly, and Moses Grove, of Weare, NH, s. Edward, of Seabrook, NH, and Judith, deceased, Nov. 6, 1777. CR3*

Lydia, d. Elijah, of Seabrook, NH, and Judith, and Chase Purinton, s. Jenathan and Elizabeth, of Kensington, NH, Sept. 30, 1778. CR3*

William, of Salisbury, and Mrs. Judith Huntington, int. Nov. 28, 1778.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Chase, int. 17: 8m: 1780. CR3*

Sarah, Mrs., of Salisbury, and Edmond Barnard, int. Nov. 1, 1781.*

Sarah, d. Elijah, of Weare, NH, and Daniel Brackenbury, of Hopkinton, NH, s. Samuel, Oct. 30, 1782. CR3*

Huldah, d. Elijah, of Weare, and Robard Gove, s. John, of Weare, NH, Oct. 22, 1783. CR3*

Hannah, and Mark Gove, ––: 12m: 1787. CR3*

Enoch, and Hipsabah Hoag, int. 23: 9m: 1789. CR3*

Richard, of Salisbury, and Lydia Goodwin, int. Oct. 30, 1790.*

Molly, and Stephen Chase, int. 17: 4m: 1794. CR3*

Joseph, of Newburyport, and Sarah Nowell, int. Aug. 16, 1794.*

Dolly, d. John and Dolly, of Pittsfield, NH, and Elijah, deceased, and Dorothy, 20: 10m: 1800. CR3*

Jacob, of Salisbury, and Ruth Hoyt, Oct. 25, 1801.*

Meriiam, and Elijah Sawyer, int. 21: 4m: 1803. CR3*

Betsy, and Isaac Smith, int. Nov. 30, 1803.*

Elisha, and Rhoda Wait, Aug. 4, 1806.*

Anna, of South Hampton, and Joseph Hoyt, jr., int. June 3, 1809.*

Stephen, and Selley Clark, int. Oct. 3, 1812.*

Mary, of Salisbury, and Peter Colby [jr. int.], Jan. 29, 1815.*

Eliphalet, and Sarah Barnard, Apr. 24, 1815.*

Abel, of South Hampton, and Nancy Hoyt, int. Nov. 11, 1815.*

Isaac, and Betsy Fowler, Apr. 4, 1816.*

Binaiah [of Salisbury. int.], and Sally Brint, Sept. 30, 1817.*

Sarah, and Aaron Ball, both, of Salisbury, June 12, 1821.*

Mehitable [M. int.], of Salisbury, and James Whittier, Mar. 7, 1822.*

Eros, of Salisbury, and Nancy Allen, Sept. 1, 1822.*

William, of Salisbury, and Harriot Davis, Mar. 14, 1824.*

Abigail, and William L. Chapman, Apr. 19, 1825. [Apr. 17. dup.]

John, jr., and Mary Bean, of Exeter, int. Sept. 1, 1825.*

Marama, and Hiram Belcher, Oct. 16, 1828.*

Thomas, and Ann Bailey, both, of Salisbury, Nov. 20, 1828.*

Elisabeth, and James Johnston, int. Jan. 3, 1829.*

Eliza, and Henry Burkley, both, of Salisbury, Apr. 16, 1829.*

Daniel, and Mary Wingate, of Salisbury, Nov. 1, 1829.*

William, and Ann Bootman, both, of Salisbury, Dec. 27, 1829. CR2*

Sarah A[nn, of Seabrook. int.], and David Bagley, Jan. 2, 1831. PR11*

Margaret, and William Dow, of Salisbury, int. June 28, 1834.*

Elizabeth, of Salisbury, and Nathan Martin, int. Sept. 10, 1836.*

Lydia L., of Salisbury, and Ebenezer Rand, int. Feb. 2, 1839.*

James, of Wellfleet [South Wellfleet. int.], and Nancy J. [T. int.] Perkins, May 2, 1840.*

Jacob, of Salisbury, and Mary Pressey, Feb. 24, 1841.*

Sarah Elisabeth, of Seabrook, NH, and George Connell Moody, at Seabrook, NH, June 1, 1843.*

Samuel, and Mary A. Janvrin, of Seabrook, NH, int. Nov. 11, 1843.*

Eliza Ann, of Salisbury, a. 21 y., operative in factory, b. Salisbury, d. Nancy and Robert W. Patten, a. 27 y., tanner, s. Robert and Rhoda, June 13, 1844.*

Sarah, of Salisbury, and Daniel Worthen, int. Sept. 20, 1845.*

Sarah, and James M. Currier, of Manchester, NH, int. Nov. 14, 1846.*

Albert W., of Seabrook, NH, a. 25 y., cordwainer, s. Benjamin and Jane, and Comfot P. Bartlett, of Salisbury, a. 20 y., d. Perly and Hannah, Nov. 18, 1846.*

Ruth A[nn. int.], of Salisbury, a. 20 y., d. Nathaniel and Ann, and Amos M. Currier, a. 22 y., cabinet maker, s. Enoch, jr. and Louise, July 4, 1848.*

Elijah, and Slyvinia L. Mooers, int. Dec. 16, 1848.*


Peter, and Hannah Jewell, Sept. 2, 1735.*


Joshua, jr., of Burwick, s. Joshua and Elizabeth, and Patience Rogers, d. Jonathan and Sarah, deceased, Jan. 25, 1775. CR3*

BUNKER (Buncker)

Jedida, d. Simeon and Lydia, of beford, and John Huntington, s. John and Hannah, 20: 6m: 1793. CR3*

Martha S. [A. int.], a. 26 y., d. William and Sarah, and Enoch Morrill, a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. James and Mary, Nov. 29, 1849.*


Nathan, jr., of Newburyport, a. 22 y., painter, s. Nathan and Nancy, of Newburyport, and Mary Ann Davis, a. 21 y., d. Jacob F. and Eliza S., Feb. 26, 1846.*


Harriot, of Boston, and Dennis Gallegher, int. Apr. 18, 1829.*


Henry, and Eliza Brown, both, of Salisbury, Apr. 16, 1829.*


Mary Ann, and Francis Waterhouse, int. Sept. 23, 1837.*


Mary, of New Salsibury, and Samuel Kelley, int. Nov. 3, 1820.*

Betsey, of Ipswich, and George Matson, int. Oct. 27, 1821.*

Cyrus, and Mary Jane Morss, int. July 22, 1848.*

BURRILL (Burrell)

Jacob, of Newbury, and Meribah Weed, int. Feb. 16, 1760.*

Elizabeth, of Chester, NH, and Samuel Osgood, int. Dec. 14, 1843.*

BURROUGHS (Burrougs)

Naby, and Frederick Parker, of Haverhill, Apr. 16, 1796.*

George, jr., and Suky Patten, of Kingston, int. Mar. 6, 1802.*

Charles, and Tammy Follensbee, of Pittston, int. June 11, 1803.*

Apphia, and [Samuel. int.] Farington [jr. int.], Nov. 25, 1814. CR2*

Susan, and Asa Fitz, of Candia, NH, int. Nov. 5, 1831.*

Sarah Ann, and Charles Hovey, of Haverhill, int. Feb. 23, 1835.*


Lydia and –––––, "married out" bef. 17: 4m: 1777. CR3*

BUSWELL (Burswell, Bussel, Bussell, Buswel)

Joseph, and Mary Harvey, May 15, 1707.*

Elias, and Sarah Jewell, Jan. 31, 1743-4.*

John, of Salisbury, and wid. Hannah Kindreck, "ye sd John Buswell declared before marriage that he took ye sd. Hannah naked & had Cloathed her & that he took her then in his own Cloath seprate from any intrest, of her former Husbands," Feb. 25, 1756.*

Martha [Mrs. int.], and Chase Sargent, May 9, 1776. CR2*

Able Borman, and Mrs. Molle Nickels, of Ware, int. July 10, 1777.*

Sarah [Mrs. int.], and Nathan [Nathaniell. PR1] Currier [jr. int.], Nov. 24, 1778. CR2*

Miriam, and Joshua Sargent, June 20, 1782. CR2*

William, and Mrs. Molly [Colby, Jan. 10, 1787. int.].*

Samuel, and Polley Abbot, of Salisbury, int. Mar. 18, 1814.*

James, and Salley Davis, int. Oct. 16, 1824.*

Levi, and Zora Bailey, July 27, 1835. PR22*

Abigail, of Haverhill, and Rufus Sargent, int. Nov. 28, 1835.*


Charles H., and Rebecah W. Graves, of Exeter, int. Oct. 23, 1824.*

BUTMAN (Bootman)

Judith, and Joseph Dow, Jan. 12, 1730-31.*

John, and Sarah Collby, Mar. 13, 1737-8.*

Dorothy, and Moris Whittier, int. May 9, 1778.*

Elias, and Sarah Colby, of Haverhill, int. Sept. 28, 1783.*

Tabathy, and Henry Coffen, Feb. 10, 1810.*

Ann, and William brown, both, of Salisbury, Dec. 27, 1829. CR2*


Matthias, and Mary Neffe, of Haverhill, Nov. 24, 1686.*


James, of Ware, and Sarah Huntington, int. Aug. 6, 1795.*

Ira, of Weare, and Patience Huntington, int. Oct. 24, 1826.*


Sarah, wid., a. 43 y., and Enoch Nichols, widr., a 58 y., yeoman, s. Enoch, Apr. 16, 1846.*

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