Benjamin [Stevens. Int], and Sally Nichols, Jan. 16, 1804. CR2*

Amos, of Haverhill, and Mary Kellry, Aug. 9, 1806. [Oct. 9. CR2]*

GALCHELL (Gatchell)

Samuel, jr., and Elizabeth Jones, 27: 9m: 1679. PR74


Daniel, and Mary Conner of Exeter, int. Dec. 2, 1727.

Ephraim Blasdell, and Molley Pain, Nov. 25, 1791. [1790. CR2]*

Hannah, and Ichabod Tictcomb, Feb. 18, 1794.*

Stephen, and Betsey Adams of Salisbury, int. May 2, 1794.

John, and Sally Bagley of Salisbury, Jan. 1, 1797.*

Samuel, of Newtown, and Anna Nicholas, int. Feb. 2, 1799.

Bazaleel, and Mary Worthen [d. Lt. Ezra. PR15], Jan. 8, 1800.*

William, and Lucy Thora of Salisbury, int. Nov. 3, 1804.

Daniel, and Selley Quinby, June 2, 1805.*

Dorothy, and Josiah Barns, Mar. 1, 1809.*

Jacob, jr., of East Kingston, and Hannah Sawyer, int. Apr. 7, 1821.

Sally, and Nahum Osgood of Salisbury, Aug. 25, 1825.*

Betsey Q., and Benjamin Tucker of Salisbury, int. Nov. 4, 1826.

Anna, and Edmund Sargent, 3d, int. July 30, 1828.

Lydia O., and William Currier, int. Apr. 24, 1830.

Jane M.C., of Bridgewater, NH, and John R. Loverin, int. Dec. 23, 1831.

William R., and Ruth L. Eaton [of Salisbury. int.], Feb. 3, 1835. PR17*

Harrison, and Almira Barnard, int. Oct. 24, 1835.

Mary, and Wadley Goodhue, Mar. 4, 1841.*

Jacob, and Lidia Grant, int. Sept. 27, 1842.

Susan L., and John Gregg, Sept. 21, 1843.*

William B[ailey. CR4], and Louisa Parsons of York, ME, Oct. 7, 1843.*

Mary G., of Newton, NH, and Isaac W. Hoyt, int. Jan. 3, 1845.

Joseph H., a. 35 y., shoe manufacturer, s. Bazaleel and Mary, and Mary C. Bartlett, a. 22 y., d. Jonathan and Mary, Nov. 1, 1846.*


Dennis, and Harriot Burgers of Boston, int. Apr. 18, 1829.


Miriam, of Newbury, and Samuel Davis, at Newbury, Jan. 23, 1749-50.


Joseph, of Hampton [NH. int.], a. 27 y., physician, s. David and Mary, and Caroline Augusta Goodhue, a. 25 y., d. Jonathan and Mary, Oct. 17, 1849.*

GATCHAL (Gatchell)

Robert, of Salisbury, and Ruth Jones, int. Dec. 25, 1725.

GATCHELL (Galchell, Gatchal)

Hannah, of Sallisbury, and Isaac Colbey, Dec. 5, 1701.*


Margaret, of Durham, and Joseph Worthen, int. Aug. 20, 1814.

GEMSON (Gimpson, Gimson)

Esther and Samuell Goodwin, Dec. 24, 1701.*


Richard, and wid. Hannah Gurdy, Feb. 15, 1727-8.*


Samuel, and Elizabeth Fream, Jan. 15, 1693-4. CTR

Hannah, and Jeremiah Quinby, June 14, 1716.

Samuel, and Hannah Easman of Salisbury, Jan. 3, 1722-3.*

Jems, and Susannah French of Salisbury, int. Jan. 18, 1723-4.

Peter, and Sarah Brown of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Apr. 7, 1729.*

John, and Sarah [Mary. int.] Dickinson [of Rowley. int.], at Rowley, Oct. 8, 1730.*

Susanna, and Jonathan Harvey, Oct. 2, 1744. CR1

Elizabeth, and Simeon Bartlitt, ––– ––, 1748. CR1

Samuell, jr., and Christiane Wells, Sept. 15, 1748.

John, and Susannah Dowe, Jan. 28, 1751.

Abigail, of Haverhill, and Edward S. Moody, int. Apr. 8, 1815.

Betsy, of Haverhill, and Moses Clement, int. Apr. 25, 1818.

Sally, and Moses Sargent, July 2, 1818.*

Sally Ayer, of Haverhill, and Andrew Kinniston jr., int. Oct. 30, 1829.

GERISH (Gerrish)

Joseph [3 d. int.], of Newbury, and Mehetabel Currier, Jan. 1, 1761.*

GERRISH (Gerish)

Catherine, of Kittery [Catharine Jerrells, of Portsmouth. int.], and John Morrill, Mar. 24, 1799.*

Elizabeth P., and Isaac Martin, int. Aug. 5, 1848.


Sarah, and Alston G. Colby, int. May 19, 1842.


Joseph, of Salisbury, and Judith Wadley, int. Apr. 15, 1809.

GILD (Guile)

Joanna, of Salisbury, and William T. Colby, int. Nov. 28, 1829.

GILE (Guile)

Moses, and Mary Clark, Apr. 16, 1754. CR2

Tamer, of Plaistow, and Robert Sargent, int. Sept. 9, 1811.

Thomas W., and Judith Sargent, [Nov. 6. CR2], 1823.*

Lodicey J., and Timothy Osgood, Nov. 13, 1832. CR2*


Sarah, of Salisbury, and Jonathan Eliot, at Salisbury, Jan. 10, 1748.

Moses, and Ann M. Titcomb of South Hampton, int. Feb. 23, 1832.


Judith, and Joseph Page, June 21, 1671. NCTR


Mary, and Daniel Dow, int. 17: 12m: 1772. CR3

GIMPSON (Gemson)

Mary, and John Stevens, May 10, 1688.

GIMSON (Gemson)

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Sawyer of Newbury, Feb. 3, 1714.*


Mahaleth, d. Levi and Mahaleth, of Alton, NH, both deceased, and Benjamin H. Jones of Gilmanton, NH, s. Nicholas, and Lucy, deceased, 8: 9m: 1837. CR3

GOARDEN (Gordon)

Stephen, and Hannah Hoyt, Sept. 25, 1800.*

GODFREY (Godfry)

Betsey, and David Campbell, int. July 11, 1835.

GODFRY (Godfrey)

Peter [of Newbury. int.], and [Mrs. CR2] Mar[y. TC] Sargent, Apr. 13, 1732.*

Mary, and Nathan Webster, Aug. 31, 1738.

GODING (Gordon)

Miriam C., of Lowell, and Nathaniel J. Pinkham, int. Apr. 7, 1849.


Mary, of Hampton, and Moses Peaslee, Dec. 15, 1742.

GOLD (Gould)

Samuel, and Sarah Rowell, Apr. 6, 1693. CTR

Joseph, jr., and Abigail Hoyt, June 2, 1726.*

Mehetabell, and Charles Worthing, Nov. 14, 1728.*


Ester, and Elijah Peaslee, int. 20: 2m: 1766. CR3


Mary G., and Ebenezer Carter, int. June 5, 1830.

Wadley, and Mary Gale, Mar. 4, 1841.*

Sarah S., and Joseph Jewell [of South Hampton, NH. int.], May 10, 1842.*

Abby Jane, and Samuel Stevens, Nov. 21, 1842.*

Caroline Augusta, a. 25 y., d. Jonathan and Mary, and Joseph Garland of Hampton [NH. int.], a. 27 y., physician, s. David and Mary, Oct. 17, 1849.*

GOODIN (Goodwin)

Elizabeth, and Jacob Huntington, June 13, 1765. CR2

GOODRICH (Goodridge)

Charles H., and Elizabeth Ann Jewell of South Hampton, NH, int. Oct. 23, 1841.

Sarah Ann, and Benjamin D. Wadleigh, jr. of Salisbury, int. May 5, 1842.

Mary J., a. 20 y., d. Theophilus and Nancy, and James K. Blake of Salisbury, a. 23 y., tanner, s. Samuel and Sarah, Nov. 5, 1846.*

Theophilus M., jr. [Goodridge. int.], a. 29 y., house carpenter, s. Theophilus M. and Nancy, and Elisabeth Caswell, wid., a. 35 y., d. Elijah and Priscilla Davis, July 1, 1849.*

GOODRIDGE (Goodrich)

Moley, wid., and Hanery Trussell, int. May 18, 1780.

William, and Sarah Morrill of Salisbury, int. Sept. 28, 1783.

Theophilus M., and Nancy [Mary. CR2] Hacket, Apr. 30, 1813.*

Sally, and Jacob [James. int.] Bartlet, May 28, 1815.*

Susan, of Haverhill, and Robert Foot, int. Aug. 15, 1818.

GOODWAIN (Goodwin)

Sarah, Mrs., and William Huntington, 3 d. int. Jan. 16, 1782.

GOODWIN (Goodin, Goodwain)

Richard, and mary Fowler of Salisbury, 14: 9m: 1677. PR74

Richard, jr., and Esther Hadly, Jan. 6, 1701-2.*

Samuell, and Esther Gemson, Dec. 24, 1701.*

Sarah, and Joseph Hoege of Salisbury, int. Apr. 5, 1707.

Mary, and William Huntington, Jan. 27, 1708-9.*

Edward, and Sarah Wathen, May 9, 1717.*

Mary, and David Sargent, Jan. 4, 1721-2.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Worthen, jr., July 8, 1725.*

Sarah, and Thomas Dowe, Aug. 19, 1725.*

Joseph, and Tabothy Tuexbry, Jan. 3, 1726-7.*

Elisabeth, and Philip Blasdell, July 13, 1727.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Filbrook of Haverhill, int. Nov. 25, 1727.

Hannah, and Nathaniell Merill [of Haverhill. int.], Apr. 7, 1731.*

John, and Judith Merrill [of Haverhill. int.], Apr. 7, 1731.*

Daniel, and Hannah Colby, Jan. 5, 1735-6.

Nathan, and Rhoda Collby, Jan. 13, 1736-7.

David, and Eliner Challis, Mar. 10, 1736-7.

Moses, and Judith Eliot, ––– ––, 1746. CR1

Elizabeth, and Philip Hunt, Sept. 4, 1746.

Rhoda, and Thomas Benefield, Nov. 27, 1749.

Henry [of Salisbury. int.], and Sarah Martin, Dec. 25, 1759. CR2*

Jonathan, and Anne Satchel of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov. 7, 1765.

Tabatha, and James Davis, Dec. 26, 1765. CR2

Nathan, and Mary Smith, Apr. 29, 1766. CR2

Dorothy, and Charles Weed, Apr. 6, 1775. CR2

Molly [Mrs. int.], and George Worthen [jr. int.], Dec. 11, 1776. CR2*

Thomas, and [Mrs. int.] Abigail Morse, Jan. 19, 1778. CR2*

William, and Molly Badger, July 31, 1785.*

Lydia, and Timothy Wood of Andover, int. Apr. 6, 1786.

David, and Mrs. Sally Easman [of Salisbury. int.], Oct. 12, 1786.*

Thomas, and Jerusa Colby [of Haverhill. int.], Nov. 2, 1786.*

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Rutland of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec. 25, 1786.

Mirian, and Joshua Sargent, Nov. 29, 1787. [Nov. 28. dup.]

Polley, and Joseph Stockman, jr. of Salisbury, int. Mar. 21, 1789.

Lydia, and Richard Brown of Salisbury, int. Oct. 30, 1790.

Nancy, and Thomas Goodwin, Jan. 24, 1792.*

Isaac [jr. int.], and Polley Hoyt, July 10, 1792.*

Ephraim, and Elizabeth Currier, June 8, 1794.*

Mary, and Joseph Stockman, Jan. 31, 1796.*

Ezra, and Selley Moulton of Newbury, Nov. 30, 1797.*

Judia, and Timothy Currier, int. Dec. 8, 1798.

Rhoda, and Lemuel [Samuel. int.] Bartlet, Dec. 25, 1798.*

Lois, and Daniel Savory, int. Oct. 26, 1799.

Tabitha, and Seth Currier, Feb. 26, 1800.*

Moses [jr. int.], and Jerusha Beacon, Oct. 26, 1802.*

Dolley, and Surrel Flint, int. Dec. 10, 1803.

Abner, and Betsey Davice of Ware, int. Oct. 10, 1806.

Polley, and Josiah Worthen, Nov. 24, 1806.*

Nancy, and Isreal Balch [of Salisbury. int.], July 24, 1814.*

John, and Mary Bartlet, int Sept. 16, 1815.

John, and Hulda Purinton of Salisbury, Nov. 28, 1816.*

Wells, and Hannah Bancroft, int. Mar. 19, 1818.

Thomas, jr., and Mehitable Folansbee of Salisbury, int. Jan. 2, 1819.

Mary, and Elijah C. Colby, Mar. 29, 1819.*

Hannah, of Salisbury, and John Trussell, int. Oct. 12, 1823.

Wilibee, and Margaret Stuward of Newbury, Jan. 24, 1826.*

David, and Eliza Huntington, Nov. 27, 1827.*

Clarissa, and Ezra Willia of Epping, int. Aug. 8, 1828.

Jonathan, and Sally Goodwin of Weare, NH, int. Dec. 18, 1830.

Sally, of Weare, NH, and Jonathan Goodwin, int. Dec. 18, 1830.

Elisebeth, and Joseph W. Sargent, int. Jan. 29, 1831.

Clarissa, and Ira Miles of Deerfield, int. Oct. 22, 1831.

Jane E., of Newburyport, and Stephen N. Sargent, int. Nov. 4, 1831.

Alfred E., and Maria Sargent, Nov. 30, 1831.*

Ezekiel, and Irena Miles of Deerfield, int. Apr. 19, 1833.

Ephraim, jr., and Abigail Hoyt, Nov. 14, 1833.*

Mehitabel, and John Brierly, int. May 30, 1835.

Belinda, and John A. Little of newbury, Sept. 22, 1835.*

Eliza, and Duncan Dunarcan, int. Nov. 15, 1835.

Frederic W.P., of Newtown, and Salome Colby, int. Oct. 29, 1836.

Frederic W.P., and Betsy [W. int.] Hoyt of Newton, NH, Dec. 30, 1840. [Dec. 1, 1841. int.]*

John H., and Maria H. Kendrick of Salisbury, int. Oct. 13, 1842.

Jacob, and Mary Jane Vennard of Portsmouth, NH, int. May 5, 1844.

Mary Ann, of Salisbury, and Newell S. Sargent, int. June 21, 1844.

Dorothy Ann, of South Hampton, NH, and Erastus Sargent, int. Sept. 27, 1844.

Jacob, a. 25 y., cordwainer, s. Moses and Jerusha, and Jane Smith of West Newbury, a. 22 y., b. West Newbury, d. John, of West Newbury, Nov. 27, 1845.*

Moses, and Matilda Philbrick, int. Nov. 30, 1845.

Eliza, a. 39 y., d. Moses and Jursha, and Thomas Page, widr., a. 40 y., shoemaker, b. Salsibury, s. Joshua and Ruth, of Salisbury, Dec. 29, 1845.*

George O., of Brewer, ME, a. 25 y., merchant, s. Benjamin and Mercy, and Emily Sargent, a. 20 y., d. Patten and Dolly, Nov. 10, 1847.*

Sarah, a. 31 y., d. Levi and Martha, and Timothy O. Goodwin, unm., of Salisbury, a. 40 y., shipwright, s. James and Lydia, Feb. 18, 1849.*

Timothy O., unm., of Salisbury a. 40 y., shipwright, s. James and Lydia, and Sarah Goodwin, a. 31 y., d. Levi and Martha, Feb. 18, 1849.*

GOOLD (Gould)

Samuel, s. Samuel and Sarah, and Lydia Dow of Salisbury, d. Henry and Mary, 10: 10m: 1719. CR3*

GORDEN (Gordon)

Stephen, and Dorothy Bagley, Oct. 11, 1806.*

GORDING (Gordon)

Sarah, Mrs., and Ezra Lowell of Salisbury, int. Sept. 15, 1781.

GORDON (Goarden, Goding, Gorden, Gording)

Moses, and Mary T. Osgood, int. Apr. 3, 1830.

Susan B., of Candia, NH, and John Kendrick, int. Apr. 2, 1836.

GOULD (Gold, Goold)

Mary, and Joseph Jons, Oct. 23, 1684. CTR

Damaris, and Daniel Lancaster, Jan. 19, 1713-14.*

Joseph, widr., and wid. Elesabeth Davis, Jan. 26, 1713-14.*

Nathan, and Anna Stevens of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Apr. 27, 1720.*

Hannah, and Joseph French of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Jan. 10, 1722-3.*

Judeth, and Benjamin Quenby, Dec. 25, 1722.*

Ezrea, and Priscilla Wothen, Jan. 12, 1724-5.*

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer French of Salisbury, int. Jan. 30, 1724-5.

Joseph [3 d. int.], and Mary Colby [3 d. int.], Dec. 5, 1728.*

Daniel, and Mehetable Barnord, May 27, 1729.*

Elihu, and Martha Ring, Oct. 28, 1729.*

Joseph, jr., and wid. Mary Blasdell, May 17, 1744.

Philip, and wid. Tabothy Colby, Jan. 24, 1750.

Theoplous, and Lydia Hoyt, Sept. 23, 1756.

Mehitbel, and William Lowell, Feb. 17, 1757.

Judith, d. Samuel and Lydia, of Berwick, ME, deceased, and Elijah Brown, s. John, late of Hampton, NH, Nov. 9, 1757. CR3

Philip, and Hannah Badger, Dec. 23, 1762.

Nathan, of Newtown, and Mrs. Mary Tuxbury, int. Nov. 14, 1778.

Elihu, Mrs. Judith Gould, int. Nov. 16, 1781.

Judith, Mrs., and Elibu Gould, int. Nov. 16, 1781.

William, and Dorothy Young, Mar. 31, 1784,*

[Hannah. int.], and Jonathan Sedwill, Nov. 26, 1789.*

Dolley, and Thomas Wells of Salisbury, May 28, 1795.*

Judith, and Abner Morse of East Kingston, July 27, 1806.*

Daniel, and Eunice Bagley, Feb. 2, 1832.*

Mary Jane, of Newtown, and William Bartlet, jr., int. Oct. 5, 1833.

Sally, wid., and John Carpenter, Oct. 11, 1837.*

Lendul S., of Newtown, and Ann H. Weed, int. Nov. 4, 1837.

Lydia, of Northfiel, VT, and William Addison Carey, int. Aug. 14, 1839.

Polly T., and John H. Carpenter, Jan. 29, 1843.*

John, and Mary K. Nye of Salisbury, int. Apr. 4, 1846.

Hannah H., a. 26 y., b. Newton, NH, d. Thomas and Abiah, and Darius Sargent, a. 29 y., shoemaker, s. Ezekiel and Susannah, Oct. 31, 1849.*


Lydia, d. Jonathan and Mary, his former w., of Hampton, and Nathan Peasley, s. John and Mary, 8: 2m: 1741. CR3

Edward, s. John of Hampton, and Judith Hoag, d. Jonathan, of Hampton, July 3, 1745. CR3

John, s. Jonathan, of Hampton, and Lydia Purinton, d. Elisha, of New Hampshire, deceased, Jan. 28, 1746-7. CR3

Daniel, s. John, of Hampton, and Rebeckah Hunt, d. Thomas, of Hampton, 25: 4m: 1746. CR3

Ruth, and Daniel Treen, int. 19: 2m: 1754. CR3

Hannah, d. Jonathan and Hannah, of Hampton, NH, and Moses Dow, s. John and Patience, of Kensington, NH, Dec. 8, 1756. CR3

Patience, d. John and Ruth, of Hampton, NH, and Samuel Paige, s. Theophlius and Hannah, of Kensington, NH, June 22, 1757. CR3

Jonathan, and Meriam Dow, int. 17: 11m: 1757. CR3

David, s. John, of Hampton, yeoman, and ruth, and Martha Hoag, d. Nathan, of Newton, NH, yeoman, and Hannah, Dec. 21, 1757. CR3

Rebeckah, wid., d. Thoams and Elisabeth Hunt, and David Green, s. Jermiah and Dorothy, of Kensington, NH, Jan. 2, 1765. CR3

John, s. Edward and Judith, of Seabrook, NH, deceased, and Martha Dow, d. Bildad and Lelanor, of Seabrook, NH, Jan. 31, 1770. CR3

Hannah, wid. Jonathan, of Hampton Falls, NH, and Abner Philbrick of Seabrook, NH, Dec. 4, 1771. CR3

Lydia, d. Edward and Judith, his former w., of Seabrook, NH, and Josiah Dow, s. Winthrop, and Elizabeth, of Seabrook, NH, Apr. 26, 1775. CR3

Edward, and Anna Brown, int. 21: 9m: 1775. CR3

Anna, d. Jonathan of Hampton, deceased and ––––– "married out" bef. 16: 1m: 1777. CR3

Moses, of Weare, NH, s. Edward, of Seabrook, NH, and Judith, deceased, and Abigail Brown, d. John, of Chichester, NH, and Dilly, Nov. 6, 1777. CR3

Elisha, of Weare, NH, and Betty Gove, "for marrying her own cousin," denied 20: 8m: 1778. CR3

Betty "for marrying her own cousin," Elisha Gove of Weare, NH, denied 20: 8m: 1778. CR3

Johnson, and Dolley Purinton, int. 21: 9m: 1780. CR3

Ruth, d. John and Miriam, of Seabrook, NH, and Joseph Jones, s. Abner and Abigail, Oct. 3, 1781. CR3

Ruth, d. Edward and Judith, of Seabrook, NH, deceased, and Otis Hanson, s. Solomon and Anne, of Dover, NH, Feb. 26, 1783. CR3

Robard, s. John, of Weare, NH, and Huldah Brown, d. Elijah, of Weare, Oct. 22, 1783. CR3

Lydia, d. John and Lydia, of Weare, NH, deceased, and Stephen Gove, s. Daniel and Rebeccah, of Seabrook, NH, Oct. 29, 1783. CR3

Stephen, s. Daniel and Rebeccah, of Seabrook, NH, and Lydia Gove, d. John and Lydia, of Weare, NH, deceased, Oct. 29, 1783. CR3

Mark, and Hannah Brown, ––: 12m: 1787 CR3

Hannah, d. David and Marthy, and David Green of Weare, NH, s. Isaiah and Mary, 22: 10m: 1788. CR3

Daniel, jr., and Content Breed, ––: 11m: 1788. CR3

Edmond, and mary Breed, int. 19: 8m: 1789. CR3

Mehitable, and Isaiah Green int. 19: 8m: 1789. CR3

Abigail, and Elisha Green, int. 20: 7m: 1791. CR3

Stephen, of Seabrook, s. Edward and Judith, deceased, and Meriam Peaslee, d. Ezekiel Jones and Lydia, 24: 10m: 1799. CR3

Hannah, of Seabrook, d. Winthrop and betty, deceased, and Benjamin Dow of Seabrook, NH, s. Benjamin and Hannah, 26: 2m: 1800. CR3

Abigail Brown, d. Edward Brown and Anna, of Seabrook, NH, deceased, and Chivey Chase of Weare, NH, s. John and Sarah, 25: 3m: 1801. CR3

David, of Weare, NH, s. Daniel, deceased, and Rebecca, of Seabrook, and Jane Peaslee, d. Samuel Morrison, of Lodonderry, NH, and Isabella, both deceased, 16: 11m: 1801. CR3

Lydia, d. Stephen and Huldah, deceased, and Silvanus Newhall, s. Pharaoh and Theodate, of Lynn, 28: 11m: 1801. CR3

Judith, d. Stephen and Huldah, deceased, and Richard Breed of Lynn, s. Richard, deceased, and Anna, 22: 9m: 1802. CR3

Ruth, d. Moses and Abigail, of Rockingham, Co., NH, and Isaiah Green, s. Abraham and Phebe, of Pittsfield, NH, deceased, 24: 11m: 1802. CR3

Patience, d. Stephen, of Seabrook, NH, and Huldah, deceased, and Moses Breed of Lynn, s. Jabez, deceased, and Lydia, 26: 12m: 1804. CR3

Dele, of Epsom, NH, d. Moses and Abigail, and and Josiah Gove of Seabrook, NH, s. Richard and Dolly, 24: 1m: 1809. CR3

Josiah, of Seabrook, NH, s. Richard and Dolly, and Dele Gove of Epsom, NH, d. Moses and Abigail, 24: 1m: 1809. CR3

Richard, jr., s. Richard and Dolly, of Seabrook, and Sarah Morrison, d. Jonathan and Sarah, deceased, 27: 12m: 1809. CR3

Abigail, d. Moses, deceased, and Abigail, of Epsom, NH, and Jonathan Dow of Pittsfield, NH, s. Jonathan, deceased, and Lydia, 2: 6m: 1814. CR3

Lucinda [of Kensington. int.], and Thomas J. Currier, at Boston, June 19, 1836.*

Lydia, and moses G. Wilson of Salisbury, int. Oct. 1, 1836.

Jonathan, of Seabrook, s. Richard and Sarah, and Elizabeth C. Dow, d. Abraham, deceased, and Dolly, 10: 10m: 1838. CR3

Mary, of Salisbury, and Orlando S. Bayley, May 5, 1839.*

Hannah, and William R.F. Sargent, Aug. 25, 1839. PR41

Abram, of Nanchester, NH, and Amanda Wheeler, Sept. 27, 1840.*

Sarah S., d. Elijah and Anstriss, of Epsom, NH, and Cyrus B. Dow of Pittsfield, NH, s. Moses and Mary, deceased, 4: 6m: 1846. CR3


Thomas, of West Newbury, and Lydia Callis, int. Aug. 13, 1829.

Thomas, of Salisbury, and Catherine Carr, int. Jan. 22, 1836.

Elizabeth L., and Alfred W. Colby, int. Sept. 17, 1842.

Lydia, and Jacob Gale, int. Sept. 27, 1842.

Josiah, and Sally H. Grant, int. Mar. 8, 1845. Josiah, and Sarah H. Fuller, int. May 13, 1846.

Sally H., and Josiah Grant, int. Mar. 8, 1845.

Matilda D., of Newburyport, a. 21 y., d. Ephraim and Lucinda, and Charles H. Danielson, widr., of Newburyport, a. 40 y., cordwainer, s. Charles and Polly, May 23, 1847.

GRAVES (Greeves)

Eliphalet, of South Hampton, and Betsey Lurvey, June 30, 1814.*

Rebecah W., of Exeter, and Charles H. Butler, int. Oct. 23, 1824.


Hannah, of Andover, and Daniel Colbe, at Andover, Sept. 2, 1730.*

William, and Lydia Hoyt, Jan. 13, 1825.*

Stephen C., and Rebecca Rowell of Exeter, NH, int. Dec. 7, 1844.

Lovey Jane, a. 26 y., d. William and Polly, and George B. Hoyt, a. 28 y., carpenter, s. Nicholas and Elizabeth, Sept. 7, 1847.*

GREALY (Greely)

Elisabeth, of Salisbury, and Benjamin Kimball, Dec. 5, 1728.*

Ruth, and James Hall of Hampton [of Kingston. int.], Aug. 19, 1736.*

Martha, and John Kimball, jr., Sept. 23, 1736.

GREELY (Grealy, Grele, Grely)

Anna, and John Eastman, Nov. 7, 1734.*

Joseph, and Mrs. Dorothy Sargent, Dec. 15, 1785.*

Clement, of Haverhill, and Hannah Moody, June 13, 1799.*


Jeremiah, and Dorothy Conner, int. 16: 9m: 1721. CR3

Phebe, d. John, of Hampton, and Abiel, and Abraham Dow of Hampton, s. Josiah, deceased, and Mary, 3: 5m: 1735. CR3

Elisabeth, d. Jeriemiah and Dorothy, of Hampton, NH, and Winthrop Dow, s. Josiah, deceased, of Hampton, and Mary, 30: 4m: 1741. CR3

Isaiah, s. Jeremiah and Dorothy, of Kensington, NH, and Mary Purinton, d. Elisha, late of Kensington, NH, and Phebe, Jan. 1, 1745-6. CR3

Jonathan, s. Jeremiah, of Kensington, NH, and Dorothy, and Hildah Dow, d. John, of Kensington, NH, and Patience, Nov. 29, 1749. CR3

Lydia, d. John, jr., of Kensington, and Mary, and John Chase, s. Elihud, of Kensington, NH, and Mary, Jan. 2, 1752. CR3

Abiall, d. John jr. and Mary, of Kensington, NH, and Thomas Chase, s. Elihue and Mary, of Kensington, NH, Jan. 21, 1761. CR3

David, s. Jeremaih and Dorothy, of Kensington, NH, and wid. Rebeckah Gove, d. Thomas and Elisabeth Hunt, Jan. 2, 1765. CR3

Stephen, and Hannah Purinton, int. 18: 1m: 1771. CR3

Abraham, s. Jonathan and Margaret, of Hampton Falls, NH, and Phebe Green, d. Isaiah and Mary, of Weare, NH, Mar. 4, 1773. CR3

Phebe, d. Isaiah and Mary, of Weare, NH, and Abraham Green, s. Jonathan and Margaret, of Hampton Falls, NH, Mar. 4, 1773. CR3

William, and Dorothy Sargent, Nov. 24, 1773. CR2

Mary, d. Isaiah and Mary, of Weare, NH, and Ebenezer breed, s. Ebenezer and Rebecca, of Lynn, Feb. 21, 1775. CR3

Levi, and Judith Chase, int. 19: 10m: 1775. CR3

Dolley, and Abrahma Dow, int. 10: 8m: 1779. CR3

Dorothy, Mrs., and George Nalson, int. Nov. 18, 1779.

Simon, S. Jonathan, of Kensington, NH, and Huldah, and Abiel Chase, d. John and Lydia, of Kensington, Aug. 19, 1780. CR3

Moses, s. Jonathan, of Kensinton, NH, and Hulda, deceased, and Hannah Page, d. Daniel, of Weare, NH, and Mary, deceased, int. 20: 10m: 1785. CR3

Betty, d. Jeremiah and Sarah, of Seabrook, NH, and Joseph Pinkham of Dover, NH, s. Paul and Rosea, 19: 1m: 1788. CR3

David, of Weare, NH, s. Isaiah and Mary, and Hannah Gove, d. David and Marthy, 22: 10m: 1788. CR3

Isaiah, ad Mehitable Gove, int. 19: 8m: 1789. CR3

Ruth, d. David, of Kensington, NH, deceased, and Rebecca, and Stephen Neal, s. Jeames and Elizabeth, of Kittery, 19: 3m: 1790. CR3

Elisha, and Abigail Gove, int. 20: 7m: 1791. CR3

Huldah, d. Jonathan, of Kensington, NH, deceased, and Micajah Page, s. Nathan and Marcy, of Kensington, NH, 31: 10m: 1792. CR3

David, s. David. deceased, and Rebecca, of Kensington, NH, and Mary Dow, d. Jonathan and Keziah, of Weare, NH, 21: 8m: 1793. CR3

Nathan, s. Stephen and Hannah, of Kensington, NH, and Mary Dow, d. John, deceased, and Abial, of Kensingotn, NH, 24: 10m: 1798. CR3

David, of Weare, NH, s. Isiah and Mary, deceased, and Ruth Hanson, d. Edward Gove and Judith, deceased, 17: 10m: 1799. CR3

Margaret, d. Nathan, of Pittsfield, NH, and Mehitable, and Elijah Osborne, s. Jacob and Abigail, of Loudon, NH, 23: 7m: 1800. CR3

Isaiah, s. Abraham and Phebe, of Pittsfield, NH, deceased, and Ruth Gove, d. Moses and Abigail, of Rockingham Co., NH, 24: 11m: 1802. CR3

Mehitable, d. Nathan, of Pittsfield, and Mehitable, and Nathaniel Johnson, s. Obdaiah, of Pittsfield, NH, and Content, deceased, 27: 6m: 1810. CR3

Jemima, d. Nathan and Mehitable, of Pittsfield, NH, and Stephen Jenkins, s. Reynolds and Content, of Elloit, ME, 23: 6m: 1815. CR3

Mary, d. Stephen and Hannah, of Kensington, NH, deceased, and John Pratt of Lynn, s. Richard and Rebeckah, deceased, 13: 4m: 1825. CR3

Hannah Jane, and Jeremiah Lewis of Andover, int. Jan. 20, 1837.

Joseph, and Elizabeth B. Currier of Salisbury, Feb. 22, 1844.*


Samuell, and Lois Rowel, Nov. 22, 1750. CR2

Edmund, and Hannah Colby, Nov. 30, 1769. CR2

Enoch, of Newburyport, and dolly Ingersol of Haverhill, Sept. 30, 1789.

Nancy, and Joseph W. Potter, int. Aug. 26, 1831.


John, and Ann McGurney [McWhinney. int.], Feb. 19, 1828.*

GREEVES (Graves)

Christian, a. 30 y., d. James and Ellen, and Joseph Whitehead, unm., of Salisbury, a. 33 y., wool sorter, s. James and Ann, Aug. 14, 1845.*


John, and Susan L. Gale, Sept. 21, 1843.*

GRELE (Greely)

Ann, wid., of Salisbury, and Joseph Quinby, at Salisbury, Dec. 10, 1724.*

Joseph, jr., of Haverhill, and Prudence Clement, at Haverhill, Aug. 6, 1752.

GRELY (Greely)

Betty, of Kingston, and William Batcheldor, int. Mar. 4, 1785.

GRIFFEN (Griffin)

Ruth, of Salisbury, and John Watson, Mar. 22, 1687-8.

Theophilus, of Kingston, and Mary Kimball, Feb. 13, 1745.

GRIFFIN (Griffen)

Theophilus, and Hannah Fowler, Dec. 18, 1710.*

William, of Pittston, and Nancy Hoyt, Mar. 17, 1798.*

B[enjamin] F.S., and Mary C. Pillsbury of West Newbury, int. Aug. 3, 1839.

Joanna, and Francis H. Johnson, Sept. 14, 1840.*

Sarah E., of Newburyport, and Eben P. Page, int. Aug. 1, 1846.


Hannah, of Atkinson, and Levi Merrill, int. Feb. 21, 1793.

Edmund, of Methuen, and Dorca Merrill, Dec. 29, 1795.*

GUILE (Gild)

Ephraim, and Martha Broadley of Haverhill, Jan. 5, 1686-7.

Betsey, of Plaistow, and Edmund Sargent, jr., int. Oct. 5, 1816.

Ezekiel, of Plaistow, and Hannah Pecker, int. Apr. 30, 1825.


William, and Belinda Hayford of Hampstead, NH, Dec. 12, 1833.*

Benjamin [C. int.], and Sarah Ann [C. int.]Blasdell, Jan. 1, 1835.*


Gorge, and Hannah Martin, Apr. 4, 1709.*

Hannah, wid., and Richard Gent, Feb. 15, 1727-8.*

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