Thomas [of Salisbury. int.], and Hannah Patten, June 30, 1817.*

Hannah, and Rev. Thomas Rich of Salisbury, May 29, 1832.*


Frederic, and Mary M. –––––, of West Newbury, int. Oct. 29, 1836.

ORDOWAY (Ordway)

James, and Elizabeth Heath of Haverhill, int. Oct. 26, 1714.

ORDWAY (Ordoway, Ordwey)

Johannah, of Haverhill, and Francis Davis, at Haverhill, Sept. 6, 1716.

Judith, of Newbury, and Stephen Sergeant, at Newbury, Oct. 22, 1730.*

Jane, of Newbury, and Aron Patten, at Newbury, Dec. 6, 1739.

James, and Meribah Morse of Methuen, at Methuen, Sept. 25, 1740.

Tirzah, and Israel Ely [of Haverhill, at Haverhill. dup.], Dec. 23, 1740.

Jonathan, and Hannah Merrill of Methuen, at Methuen, Mar. 15, 1757. [Evidence supports a marriage date of July 2, 1746.]

Moses, and Anne Huntinton, Dec. 25, 1746.

John, and Hannah Morse of Haverhill, at Haverhill, July 22, 1762.*

Nehemiah, and Ruth Kelly, Feb. 26, 1772. CR2 [Feb. 6. PR1]

Nehemiah, and Judith Whittier of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Apr. 19, 1774.

Hannah, Mrs., and Ezekiel French of South Hampton, int. Jan. 31, 1778.

Thomas, and Prudence Bartlett, July 13, 1780. CR2*

Hannah, and Jacob Kent [of Salisbury. int.], Aug. 23, 1804.*

William, and Lucy Fitts of Salisbury, int. Mar. 22, 1806.

Samuel, and Selley Morse, Aug. ––, 1807.*

Thomas, of Newburyport, and Jerusha Currier, Jan. 1, 1811.*

Charles, and Julia Ann Sargent, int. Apr. 27, 1831.

Sally, and Nathan Long, int. Oct. 20, 1832.

Ruhannah F., and Horace Fish, int. Apr. 30, 1835.

French, and Abby B. Dow of Raymond, NH, int. July 17, 1847.

ORDWEY (Ordway)

John, and Sarah Tuxbury, Feb. ––, 1759.

John, of Lyndeborough, and Frances Chase, int. Aug. 16, 1760.

Benjman, and Ruth Pilsbury, int. Dec. 13, 1760.

OSBORN (Osborne, Osbourn, Osburn)

Deliverance, and Micajah Green, int. 19: 2m: 1778. CR3

Ruth, and Nathaniel Peaslee, jr., int. 15: 7m: 1789. CR3

Anne, d. Elijah, of Loudon, NH, and Margaret, and Allen Sawyer of Weare, NH, s. Humphrey, deceased, and Mary, 19: 3m: 1828. CR3

OSBORNE (Osborn)

Elijah, s. Jacob and Abigail, of Loudon, NH, and Marget Green, d. Nathan, of Pittsfield, NH, and Mehitable, 23: 7m: 1800. CR3

OSBOURN (Osborn)

Content, jr., of Danvers, and Amos Huntington, int. Apr. 10, 1802.

OSBURN (Osborn)

Samuel, of Danvers, and Elizabeth Huntington, int. Feb. 15, 1805.

OSGOOD (Ousgood)

Mary, and Thomas Currier, Dec. 9, 1668. CTR

William, 3d, and Hanah Coleby, June 8, 1693. CTR

Jonathan, of Salisbury, and Hanah Jewell, int. May 12, 1705.

Judith, of Salisbury, and Ebenezer Currier, at Salisbury, Dec. 8, 1713.*

William, and Sarah Jones, Jan. 26, 1737-8.

Anna, and Adam Morrill, Jan. 14, 1773. CR1

Joseph, 5th, of Salisbury, and Mrs. Lydia Quimby, int. Jan. 6, 1776.

Nehemiah, and Mrs. Sarah Easman, int. Feb. 1, 1777.

Nancy, and Samuel Fowler, Jan. 6, 1793.*

Timothy, of Salisbury, and Betsey Barnard, Sept. 20, 1793. CR2*

Salley, of Salisbury, and Joshua Bradley, int. Apr. 19, 1794.

Stephen, of Salisbury, and Tabitha Currier, June 19, 1794.*

Lyddia, and Berziller Lumbard, Apr. 28, 1796.*

Benjamin [jr. int.], of Salisbury, and Salley Currier, June 22, 1796.*

Mehitable, of Salisbury, and Samuel Folinsbee, int. Apr. 15, 1797. [Apr. 29. dup.]

Molley [Polley. int.], of Salisbury, and Thomas Currier, jr., June 4, 1797.*

Richard, of Salisbury, and Polley Trussel, Mar. 8, 1801.*

Dolley, of Salisbury, and Daniel Barnard, int. Mar. 28, 1801.

Timothy, of Salisbury, and Lydia Tuexbury, int. Jan. 3, 1806.

Polley, of Salisbury, and Joseph Bartlet, jr. Apr. 20, 1806.*

Betsy, and Thomas Currier [6th. int.], Mar. 20, 1809.*

Aaron, of Salisbury, and Betsy Colby, Oct. 1, 1809.*

Elanor, and Daniel Weed, Sept. 30, 1810.*

Joseph Otis, and Elizabeth Fogg of Kensington, NH, int. Mar. 22, 1811.

Sarah, of Salisbury, and Lowell Bagley, int. Nov. 3, 1811.

Betsy, and Jonathan [Adams. int.] Sargent, Nov. 6, 1815. [Oct. 21, 1814. PR41]*

Elisebeth, of Salisbury, and Robert Q. Morse, int. Nov. 11, 1815.

Harriet, of Salisbury, and Jonathan Patten, jr., int. Nov. 8, 1818.

Mary, of Salisbury, and Thomas Martin, Feb. 4, 1819.*

Polly, of Portsmouth, and Enoch Bartlett, jr., int. Nov. 27, 1819.

Mary, of Salisbury, and James Davis, int. Nov. 27, 1824.

Nahum, of Salisbury, and Sally Gale, Aug. 25, 1825.*

Joseph, and Mary A[nn. int.] Shores, June 19, 1828.*

Charles, and Nancy Dow [of Salisbury. int.], Sept. 3, 1828.*

Lydia, of Salisbury, and Moses Webster, int. July 18, 1829.

Polly, of Salisbury, and Currier Collins, int. Sept. 5, 1829.

William, of Troy, NY, and Rebecca Martin, Oct. 15, 1829.*

Ann, and Joseph Wilson of Salisbury, int. Nov. 21, 1829.

Mary T., and Moses Gordon, int. Apr. 3, 1830.

Jonathan, of Haverhill, and Elizabeth Cooper, int. July 20, 1832.

Timothy, and Lodicey J. Gile, Nov. 13, 1832. CR2*

Sally, and William Boyd of Durham, int. Nov. 7, 1833.

Richard, and Sarah Cromack, int. Mar. 29, 1834.

Enoch, and Hannah Currier, June 11, 1834.*

William T., and Mrs. Persis Tuttle of Salisbury, Nov. 28, 1834.*

Isaac, and Abigail [C. int.] Sawyer, Jan. 8, 1835.*

Charles, and Judith Ann Plumer of Newburyport, int. Apr. 29, 1835.

Clarissa, and David Huntington, jr., int. Oct. 31, 1835.

Nancy, of Salem, and Nathan Wells, int. Sept. 8, 1836.

Philip [of Salisbury. int.], and Elvira Nutter, at Boston, Sept. 18, 1836.*

Jonathan S., of Hopkinton, NH, and Mary V. Moor, May 17, 1842.*

Mary, and William Adams of Newbury, May 2, 1843.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Burrell of Chester, NH, int. Dec. 14, 1843.

Ann B., of Salisbury, and Philip Jones, int. June 1, 1844.

Lois M., of Salisbury, and John C. Elliot, int. Nov. 22, 1845.

Emily, of Salisbury, a. 27 y., d. Richard and Mary, and James M. Cromack, widr., a. 30 y., operative, s. Joseph and Judith, Mar. 29, 1846.*

Hannah E., of Salisbury, and George Perkins, int. Dec. 4, 1847.

OSLIWAY (Silloway)

Daniel, of Newbury, and Sarah Stevens, Dec. 30, 1714.*

John, of Newbury, and Mary Pressey, Mar. 30, 1715.*

Amos, and Elizabeth Baretue of Newbury, Jan. 5, 1737-8.


Sarah, and John Davis of Haverhill District, Aug. 7, 1744. CR1


Steven, of Dover, NH, and Anne Stanyan, d. James and Ann, of Hampton, 22: 9m: 1738. CR3

OUSGOOD (Osgood)

Henry, of Salisbury, and Betty Colby, int. Aug. 27, 1785.

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