Philando, and Sarah G. Marston, int. Dec. 31, 1838.

PAGE (Paige)

Joseph, and Judith Gille, June 21, 1671. NCTR

Abraham, of Haverhill, and Judith Wathen, Feb. 19, 1707-8.*

Mary, of Haverhill, and Ephraim Davis, at Haverhill, May 22, 1734.

Amos, of Salisbury, and Mereim Stevens of Haverhill, June 24, 1741.

Reuben [of Haverhill. dup.], and Mary Sargent [at Haverhill. dup.], Jan. 23, 1745-6.

Hannah, d. Theophilus and Hannah, of Kensington, NH, and Elijah Hoag, s. John, of Stratham, NH, May 21, 1755. CR3

Abrahaim, and Mirriam Currier, Dec. 9, 1762.

Nathan, and Mary Brown, int. ––– ––, 1765. CR3

Ruth, of Salisbury, and Ens. Samuell Blasdel, int. Oct. 18, 1780.

John, of "Wier", and Hannah Barnard, int. June 10, 1782.

Eliphalet, s. Samuel, dec., and Mary, of Kensington, NH, and Rachel Chase, d. Thomas and Mary, of Seabrook, NH, dec., Nov. 22, 1783. CR3

Ruth, d. Daniel, dec., and Mary, of Weare, and Moses Osborn of Weare, NH, s. Daniel, of Danvers, dec., and Patience, 27: 10m: 1784. CR3

Hannah, d. Daniel, of Weare, NH, and Mary, dec., and Moses Green, s. Jonanthan, of Kensington, NH, and Hulda, dec., int. 20: 10m: 1785. CR3

Benjamen, of Salisbury, and Molley Colby, int. Feb. 7, 1789.

Ruth, and Philip Jones, Nov. 24, 1789. PR16

Sarah, d. Daniel, of Weare, NH, and Mary, dec., and Joseph Hussy, s. Daniel, dec., and Bethia, of Somersworth, NH, 24: 2m: 1790. CR3

Judith, d. Samuel, dec., and Mary, of Kensington, and Elijah Dow, s. Winthrop and Elizabeth, of Seabrook, NH, 12: 10m: 1791. CR3

Micajah, s. Nathan and Marey, of Kensington, NH, and Huldah Green, d. Jonathan, of Kensington, NH, dec., 31: 10m: 1792. CR3

Enoch, of Weare, s. Samuel and Mary, of Kensington, NH, and Cornelia Breed, d. Zefinah and Ruth, of Weare, dec., 10: 9m: 1794. CR3

Daniel, s. Enoch, of South Berwick, dec., and Ruth, and Sarah Huntington, d. John and Hannah, 23: 10m: 1800. CR3

Daniel, of East Kingston, and Rebecca Ring, of Salisbury, July 2, 1806.

Hannah, of Atkinson, and Ezekiel Kelly, int. Sept. 8, 1810.

Isaiah, and Rebecka Huntington, Jan. 22, 1826.*

Ebenezer W., of Salisbury, and Melintha C. Barnard, int. Aug. 16, 1834.

Lydia, and Barak Bragdon of West Newbury, at Haverhill, July 16, 1840.*

Sarah Jane, of Dover, NH, and David Currier, jr., int. Apr. 11, 1845.

Thomas, widr., a. 40 y., shoemaker, b. Salisbury, s. Joshua and Ruth, of Salisbury, and Eliza Goodwin, a. 30 y., d. Moses and Jerusha, Dec. 29, 1845.*

Eben P., and Sarah E. Griffin of Newburyport, int. Aug. 1, 1846.

Melintha, wid., a. 35 y., d. Ezekiel and Betsy Barnard, and David Sargent, widr., a. 55 y., farmer, s. Joshua and Miriam, Dec. 29, 1847.*

Ann E., of Salisbury, a. 22 y., d. David H. and Eunice, and Charles F. Rand, widr., of Salisbury, a. 33 y., manufacturer, s. Christopher and Dorcas, Oct. 7, 1849.

PAIGE (Page)

Samuel, s. Theophilus and Hannah, of Kensington, NH, and Patience Gove, d. John and Ruth, of Hampton, NH, June 22, 1757. CR3

Samuel, s. Theophilus and Hannah, of Kensington, NH, and Mary Johnson, d. Obadiah and Judith, of Kensington, NH, dec., Jan. 31, 1759. CR3

Daniel, s. Theophilus and Hannah, of Kensington, NH, and Mary Peaslee, d. Joseph and Martha, of Newton, NH, Feb. 26, 1761. CR3

Enoch, s. Theophilus and Hannah, of Kensington, NH, and Ruth Peaslee, d. Joseph and Martha, of Newton, NH, Feb. 26, 1761. CR3

PAIN (Paine)

Richard, and Jane Bodman of Salisbury, int. Nov. 16, 1787.

Molley, and Ephraim Blasdell Gale, Nov. 25, 1791. [1790. CR2]*

PAINE (Pain, Payne)

Richard, and ––––– Currier, Apr. 6, 1765. CR2

Caleb M., of Attleboro, s. Caleb and Dorcas, and Elizabeth H. Meader, d. Nathaniel, dec., and Peace, of Dover, NH, 11: 11m: 1840. CR3

Albert, a. 30 y., clergyman, s. John and Betsy, and Sarah Sargent, a. 25 y., d. Patten and Dolly, Nov. 20, 1849.*


Shadrach, and Sarah Bailey of Newburyport, int. Aug. 3, 1843.


Timothy, of Newburyport, and Ruth Hoyt, Sept. 29, 1818.*

Ruth, and Charles Denitt, May 18, 1826.

Judith A., of Salisbury, and Samuel Eaton, int. Mar. 19, 1842.

Charles H., of West Newbury, and Lucy M. Poyen, Dec. 20, 1843.*


John, and Nancy Webster, May 23, 1790.*


John, and Lois [Louisa. int.] Adam of Acton, at Acton, June 25, 1799.*


Daniel, and Easter Pilsbury, Oct. 14, 1745. CR2 [1743. PR1]

Frederick, of Haverhill, and Naby Burroughs, Apr. 16, 1796.*

Ann, and Joseph Easterbrook, both of Haverhill, Mar. 13, 1827.

James, of Newbury, and Hannah Taylor, Apr. 8, 1827.*


Charles [jr. int.], and Hannah J[ane. int.] Worthen, Dec. 1, 1829.*


Felix D., and Sarah Sawyer [of Salisbury. int.], Nov. 30, 1848. PR49*


Caroline S., of Kensington, NH, and Elbridge A. Healey, int. Dec. 20, 1845.

PARSON (Pearson)

Ebenezar, and Mrs. Elinor Stephens of Salisbury, int. Nov. 16, 1781.


Louisa, of York, ME, and William B[ailey. CR4] Gale, Oct. 7, 1843.*

PATTEE (Pettee)

Sophia, and Josiah Cooper of Newbury, int. July 12, 1815.

PATTEN (Pattin)

Stephen, and Mary Sargent, Dec. 10, 1735.*

Aron, and Jane Ordway of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec. 6, 1739.

Abigail, and Ephraim Currier, Feb. 24, 1762. CR2*

John, and Ruth Pilsberry, Aug. 26, 1762. CR2*

Willis, and Hannah Sargent, Mar. 29, 1764. CR2

Stephen, and Hannah Rogers, Dec. 8, 1768. CR2

Sarah, and Amos Sargent, Sept. 11, 1783. CR2 [1781. PR41]*

Ruth, and Ichabod Barnard Sargent, June 24, 1790.*

John, and Polley Swett of Haverhill, int. Apr. 23, 1791.

Jonathan, and Martha Sawyer, May 1, 1791.*

John, and Sally Clement, Feb. 28, 1794.*

Naby, and Joshua Sawyer, Sept. 23, 1794.*

Jenny, and Christopher Sargent, jr. June 2, 1795.*

Moses, and Selley Whittier, int. Feb. 6, 1801.

Suky, of Kingston, and George Burroughs, jr., int. Mar. 6, 1802.

Robert, and Rhoda Sargent, May 17, 1803.*

Mary, and Sargent Bagley, Apr. 1, 1806. [May 15. CR2]*

Sally, and Thomas Patten, Nov. 26, 1813.*

Thomas, and Sally Patten, Nov. 26, 1813.*

Hannah, and Paine Sargent, Nov. 15, 1815.*

Anna, and Edmund Whittier, Feb. 16, 1816.*

Hannah, and Thomas Odlin [of Salisbury. int.], June 30, 1817.*

Charles B., and Mary Clement, Aug. 1, 1817. PR38

Anna, and James Blasdell, Apr. 28, 1818.*

Jonathan, jr., and Harriet Osgood of Salisbury, int. Nov. 8, 1818.

Sally, and Stephen Clement, int. Apr. 17, 1819.

Hannah, and Joseph Sargent, Dec. 24, 1820.*

Mary, and John Sargent [jr. int.], May 2, 1821. [May 24. CR2]*

Mary, and William Nichols, June 23, 1824.*

Abigail, and Isaac Whitier, July 11, 1826.*

Stephen, and Elizabeth Poyen of Haverhill, Nov. 30, 1826.*

Eliza, and Isaac W. Hoyt, int. May 1, 1830.

Abigail, and Orlando Sargent [jr. int.], Dec. 1, 1831. PR40*

Betsey S., and Patten Sargent, Mar. 4, 1832. PR37*

Orlando S., and Ann Maria Sawyer, Jan. 31, 1833. PR49*

Harriot, and William Wigglesworth of Newbury, int. Mar. 15, 1834.

Susan [H. int.], and Daniel Sargent, Feb. 19, 1835. PR46*

Richard S., and Mary Jane Morse of West Newbury, at Haverhill, Apr. 30, 1835.*

George P., and Sarah E. Little of Salisbury, NH, int. Apr. 7, 1838.

Thomas B., and Laura H. Loring, July 4, 1841. PR44

Willis, and Clarrissa C. Pressy of West Newbury, int. June 1, 1844.

Robert W., a. 27 y., tanner, s. Robert and Rhoda, and Eliza Ann Brown of Salisbury, a. 21 y., operative in factory, b. Salisbury, d. Nancy, June 13, 1844.*

Ann C., and James H. Hamlin of Portland [ME. int.], Apr. 4, 1849.*

Warren, and Rebecca C. Pressy, int. Dec. 14, 1849.

PATTIN (Patten)

F.B. [Jacob B. int.], and Mary Clement, Aug. 26, 1817. CR2*

PAYNE (Paine)

Mary, of Salisbury, and Stephen Tongue, May 31, 1688.

Sally, of Salisbury, and William Colby, int. July 30, 1818.

Edward, and Mary Eustin of Salisbury, int. Feb. 19, 1830. (1831?)


Edward C., of Newburyport, and Sarah Williams Jaques, int. Oct. 25, 1834.

PEARINTON (Purinton)

Ruth, of Salisbury, d. James, dec., and Lydia, of Salisbury, and Aaron Rowell, s. Jacob and Hannah, 19: 11m: 1726-7. CR3*

PEARLEY (Perley)

Sally, of Salisbury, and Orlando S. Morse, int. May 23, 1818.

PEARSON (Parson, Person, Persons)

Anne, and Benjamin Hoyt, Jan. 4, 1784.*

Molley [Mary Parson. int.], and Abram Sandburn of Exeter, Aug. 17, 1790.*

William, and Betsy Flanders, int. May 26, 1797.

Charles, and Mary A. Young, int. Mar. 31, 1832.

PEASLEE (Peasley, Peasly, Pesely)

James, and Abigail Johnson of Haverhill, Jan. 13, 1742.

David, and Rachel Straw, Feb. 9, 1742.*

Moses, and Mary Goe of Hampton, Dec. 15, 1742.

Ebenezer, s. John and Mary, and Lydia Weed, d. George, dec., and Margery, 23: 6m: 1744. CR3

Mary, and Eliphelet Hoyt, Aug. 1, 1745.

Sarah, d. John and Mary, of Newton, NH, and Jedediah Allen, s. Francis, dec., and Mary, of Kittery, ME, Oct. 21, 1754. CR3

John, of Newton, NH, s. Joseph, yeoman, and Martha, and Mary Huntington, d. John and Abigail, Dec. 22, 1757. CR3

Mary, d. Joseph and Martha, of Newton, NH, and Daniel Paige, s. Theophilus and Hannah, of Kensington, NH, Feb. 26, 1761. CR3

Ruth, d. Joseph and Martha, of Newton, NH, and Enoch Paige, s. Theophilus and Hannah, of Kensington, NH, Feb. 26, 1761. CR3

Hannah, and Moses Rowel, int. 15: 10m: 1761. CR3

Mary, d. John, and Amos Sawyer, int. 18: 10m: 1762. CR3

John, 3d, s. John and Lydia, of Newton, NH, and Susanna Huntington, d. John and Abigail, late of Amesbury, Nov. 3, 1763. CR3

Elijah, and Ester Goodel, int. 20: 2m: 1766. CR3

Mary, and ––––– Hunt, "m. out of meeting," bef. 17: 5m: 1781. (denial soon after.)CR3

Lydia, and ––––– Pudeng, "m. out of meeting," bef. 15: 5m: 1782. (denied later.)CR3

Abigail, d. John, of Newton, NH, and Mary, and Benjamin Folsom, s. Joshua, of Epping, NH, and Abigail, Sept. 14, 1782. CR3

Humphrey, of Weare, NH, s. Moses, of Newton, and Phebe Dow, d. Jonathan, of Weare, NH, 23: 10m: 1782. CR3

Hannah, d. John, of Newton, and Mary, and Samuel Folsom, s. Joshua and Abigail, of Epping, NH, Sept. 17, 1785. CR3

Micajah, of Newton, NH, s. Joseph and Martha, dec., and Janne Morrison of Weare, NH, 16: 10m: 1788. CR3

Sarah, of Newton, d. John and Mary, and Thomas Folsom of Epping, NH, s. Joshua and Abigail, 25: 2m: 1789. CR3

Joseph, jr., of Epping, NH, s. Joseph, of Newton, and Martha, dec., and Hannah Lister, d. John and Deborah, both dec., 26: 2m: 1789. CR3

Nathaniel, jr., and Ruth Osborn, int. 15: 7m: 1789. CR3

Martha, d. John and Mary, of Newton, NH, and Ebenezer Breed, jr., s. Ebenezer and Lydia, of Weare, NH, dec., 24: 2m: 1790. CR3

Meriam, and Moses Beede, int. 17: 8m: 1797. CR3

Samuel, s. Elijah and Esther, of Pittsfield, NH, and Mary Jones, d. Jacob, of Pittsfield, NH, 22: 11m: 1797. CR3

Amos, and Sarah Lister, int. 19: 9m: 1799. CR3

Meriam, d. Ezekiel Jones and Lydia, and Stephen Gove of Seabrook, s. Edward and Judith, dec., 24: 10m: 1799. CR3

Rhoda, and Joseph Chandler, Sept. 4, 1800.*

Ruth, d. John and Mary, of Newton, NH, and Eli Beede, s. Jonathan, of Poplin, NH, and Anna, dec., 2: 10m: 1800. CR3

Jane, d. Samuel Morrison, of Londonderry, NH, and Isabella, both dec., and David Gove of Weare, NH, s. Daniel, dec., and Rebecca, of Seabrook, 16: 1m: 1801. CR3

Enos, of Epping, s. Joseph and Lydia, dec., and Mary Fellows, d. Samuel and Judith, of Rockingham Co., NH, 24: 9m: 1801. CR3

John, of Plaistow, NH, and Martha Barnard, Nov. 25, 1802.*

Jedidiah, of Henniker, NH, s. Timothy and Abigail, dec., and Meriam Huntington, d. William, dec., and Lydia, 28: 4m: 1803. CR3

Elisabeth, of Newtown, and Ebenezer Huse, int. Oct. 12, 1805.

Abigail, of Newton, NH, and Johnson Tucker, Apr. 1, 1830. CR2*

Hiram, and Esther Smith Harris, int. May 10, 1837.

Hannah C., and James M. Nye of Lynn, int. May 28, 1842.

Hannah, d. John and Hannah, of Pittsfield, NH, and Jacob Huntington, s. Moses and Hannah, 2: 6m: 1842. CR3

Mary, 3d, d. Samuel, dec., and Mary, of Pittsfield, NH, and Richard D. Varney of Farmington, NH, s. Festus, dec., and Hannah, 8: 5m: 1844. CR3

Elisabeth F., of Newton, NH, and Frederick W. Tuxbury, int. Mar. 18, 1846.

Ruth J., d. John and Hannah, of Pittsfield, NH, and Daniel H. Breed of Henniker, NH, s. Richard and Bethiah, 1: 3m: 1849. CR3

PEASLEY (Peaslee)

Sarah, d. John and Mary, and Peter Morril of Kittery, s. John, 27: 8m: 1731. CR3

Jacob, s. John and Mary, and Huldah Brown, d. John and Abigaill, of Hampton, 25: 10m: 1735. CR3

Nathan, s. John and Mary, and Lydia Gove, d. Jonathan and Mary, his former w., of Hampton, 8: 2m: 1741. CR3

Nancy and Benjamin Putnam of Danvers, May 12, 1804.*

Sarah, of Kingston, and Humphrey Nichols, int. Nov. 4, 1826.

Hannah, of Newtown, and John B. Hoyt, int. Nov. 16, 1826.

William, and Lucinda Martin of Kingston, int. Oct. 6, 1827.

PEASLY (Peaslee)

Joseph, and Ruth Barnard, Jan. 21, 1671. NCTR

John, of Haverhill, s. Joseph and Ruth, and Mary Martin, d. John, dec., and Mary, 1: 3m: 1705. CR3*

John, of Amesbury Dist., and Mary Newbegin of Hampton, 18: 8m: 1745. CR3

Paul, and Judeth Brown, int. 20: 10m: 1774. CR3

Simeon, and Hannah Brown, int. 12: 6m: 1776. CR3

Joseph, jr., of Epping, NH, s. Joseph and Lydia, dec., and Hannah Leicester, d. John and Dorotha, of Grafton Co., NH, 24: 10m: 1805. CR3

Hannah, d. Joseph, of Epping, and Samuel Bassett of Epping, NH, 6: 3m: 1834. CR3


William, and Hannah Sawyer, Oct. 10, 1782. CR2*

Hannah, and Joseph Wingate [jr. int.] of Hallowell, Sept. 18, 1803.*

James [jr. int.], of Salisbury, and Ruth Clough, July 5, 1804.*

Abigal, and Peter Currier, Mar. 18, 1806. [1807. CR2]*

Rachel, and John Currier [jr. int.], Aug. 14, 1806.*

Miriam, and Benjamin Morrill [jr. int.] of Salisbury, Nov. 13, 1808.*

Sophia, and Edmund Sargent, May 14, 1816.*

Betsey, and Joshua Colby [jr. int.], Dec. 10, 1820.*

Hannah, and Ezekiel Guile of Plaistow, int. Apr. 30, 1825.

Charlotte, and William C. Little, Feb. 23, 1832.*

Ann Jane, and Samuel C. Noyes, int. Nov. 10, 1832.

William, carriage maker, and Susan L. Eaton of Boston, July 18, 1844.*


Ephraim, of Haverhill, and Hanah Hadley, int. June 24, 1707.


James, and Mrs. Mary Blasdel, Dec. 23, 1786.*

PERKENS (Perkins)

John, of South Hampton, and Betsey Flanders, int. Jan. 2, 1813.

PERKIN (Perkins)

Eliphalet, of South Hampton, and Dolley Barnard, Mar. 18, 1804.*

PERKINS (Perkens, Perkin, Purkins)

George, and Ruth Presey, Dec. 6, 1750. CR2

Nancy J. [T. int.], and James Brown of Wellfleet [South Wellfleet. int.], May 2, 1840.*

Mary Jane S., of Newbury [Newburyport. int.], and Moody Merrill, at Newbury, Dec. 25, 1840.*

Sarah A., of Exeter, NH, and John F. Merrill, int. May 5, 1841.

Abigail, of Salem, and Silas Blasdel, int. July 10, 1841.

Lucy S., of Seabrook, NH, and Robert Wilson, at Seabrook, NH, May 2, 1844.*

Mary A. and Joel P. Bishop of Boston, int. Apr. 18, 1845.

George, and Hannah E. Osgood of Salisbury, int. Dec. 4, 1847.

PERLEY (Pearley)

Ebenezer, and Hannah Bartlet, Apr. 9, 1797.*

PERSON (Pearson)

Thomas, and Mary Currier, Jan. 4, 1753. CR2

Hannah, and Orlando Bagly, Apr. 26, 1770.

Kezia, Mrs., and Moses Bagly of Falmouth, int. Mar. 18, 1775.

Joseph, of Gilmanton, and Mrs. Ruth Person, int. Sept. 15, 1781.

Moses, and Sally Morrison of Newbury, int. July 9, 1785.

PERSONS (Pearson)

John, of York, and Abigail Blasdell, Mar. 16, 1737-8.


Martha Ann E., of Kensington, and Jacob Hoyt, int. June 4, 1831.

PESELY (Peaslee)

Pachianc, Mrs., of Newtown, and John Merrill, int. Nov. 10, 1780.


John, of Boston, and Bethiah Weed, int. Apr. 22, 1708.


Jeremy, and Joanna Carleton of Salisbury, int. Aug. 1, 1835.

PETTEE (Pattee)

Mary Ann, and Moses C. Pressey, Sept. 12, 1828.*

PEURINTON (Purinton)

Jonathan, s. Elisha, of Kensington, NH, dec., and Phebe, and Elisabeth Chase, d. Elihud and Mary, of Kensington, NH, Mar. 31, 1756. CR3

PHILBRICK (Filbrook, Philbrook)

Abner, of Seabrook, NH, and Hannah Gove, wid. Jonathan, of Hampton Falls, NH, Dec. 4, 1771. CR3

Joseph, s. Abner and Mehitable, dec., of Seabrook, NH, and Lois Hoag, d. Nathan and Miriam, of Stratham, NH, Nov. 28, 1781. CR3

John, and Abial Green, int. 20: 7m: 1791. CR3

Phebe A., of Epsom, NH, d. John and Abigail, and Arnol Thomson of Pittsfield, NH, s. Onley and Hirene, dec., 28: 5m: 1817. CR3

Matilda, and Moses Goodwin, int. Nov. 30, 1845.

PHILBROOK (Philbrick)

Benjamin, and Hannah Currier, Oct. 6, 1743.


Benjamin, s. Walter, of Lynn, and Content, and Mary Dow, d. Abraham, of Seabrook, NH, and Phebe, Oct. 2, 1782. CR3

John, of Salem, and Judith Dow, int. 15: 10m: 1788. CR3


John, of Chester, NH, and Elizabeth Morrill, Dec. 14, 1842.*


Hugh, of Newbury, and Hannah Emmison, Nov. 24, 1715.

Timothy, resident in Newbury, and Hopee Hoyt, Aug. 4, 1726.*

Sarah, and Francis Chase, Sept. 29, 1737.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Brooks of Exeter, June 27, 1751.


Edmund, of Salisbury, and Belinda Bowie, int. Apr. 3, 1830.

PILLSBURY (Pilsbury)

Nancy, and Thomas Morse, Nov. 24, 1819.*

Hannah, and [Capt. CR2] Job Hoyt, June 26, 1828.*

Benjamin L[ewis. int.], of Sandown, NH, and Mary Sargent, Dec. 29, 1831.*

Mary, of Sandown, and John P. Sargent, int. Sept. 18, 1834.

Mary C., of West Newbury, and B[enjamin] F.S. Griffin, int. Aug. 3, 1839.

Gorham, widr., of Newbury, a. 32 y., cordwainer, s. Amos and Alice, and Fanny K. Cutter of Newburyport, a. 26 y., d. Timothy and Mary, Apr. 26, 1849.

PILSBERRY (Pilsbury)

Ruth, and John Patten, Aug. 26, 1762. CR2*

PILSBERY (Pilsbury)

Susanna, and Miles Flynt, Feb. 18, 1768. CR2

PILSBURY (Pillsbury, Pilsberry, Pilsbery)

Lydia, of Salisbury [of Newbury. int.], and William Barnes Morrill, at Salisbury, June 6, 1717.*

Sarah, and John Stevens, 3d, Jan. 21, 1730-31.

Susanna, and David Walker, Sept. 27, 1733.

Benjamin, and Sarah Kelley of Haverhill, Jan. 15, 1735-6.

Caleb, jr., and Sarah Kimbal, July 8, 1742.

Judith, and William Harvey, Jan. 16, 1745-6.

Daniel, and Elizabeth Colby, Jan. 11, 1753. CR2

Ruth, and Benjamin Ordwey, int. Dec. 13, 1760.

Caleb, and Mehitabel Smith of Kingston, int. Nov. 7, 1761.

Moses, and [Mrs. int.] Anna Hoyt, Oct. 19, 1775. CR2*

Mary [Mrs. int.], and Joshua Plummer, Aug. 25, 1776. CR2 [Aug. 27. PR1]*

David, and [Mrs. int.] Elizabeth Colby, Oct. 22, 1778. CR2*

Sarah [Mrs. int.], and Isaac Lowell, May 22, 1779. CR2*

Micaiah, and Mrs. Sarah Sargent, int. Mar. 15, 1781.

Samuel [3 d. int.], of Newburyport, and Elizabeth Chase, Apr. 13, 1797.*

Mary Jane, of West Newbury, and Daniel Nichols, int. Nov. 10, 1827.

Ruth, of Newbury, and Jeremiah R. Sanborn, int. Aug. 4, 1836.


Easter [wid. int.], and Jeremiah Davis, July 1, 1729.*


Joseph, of Dover, NH, s. Paul and Rosea, and Betty Green, d. Jeremiah and Sarah, of Seabrook, NH, 19: 1m: 1788. CR3

Nathaniel J., and Miriam C. Goding of Lowell, int. Apr. 7, 1849.


William, and Judith Morrill, int. Jan. 26, 1824.


Hanah, of Rowley, and Samuell Lanckester, int. Aug. 9, 1701.

PLUMER (Plummer)

David, Dr., and Lydia Hoyt, June 25, 1818.*

Judith Ann, of Newburyport, and Charles Osgood, int. Apr. 29, 1835.

PLUMMER (Plumer)

Elisabeth, and George Hadly, jr., Jan. 4, 1732-3.

Samuell, and Rachel Barnard, Sept. 13, 1744. CR1

Elisabeth, and Barzilla Colby, Jan. 1, 1756. CR2

Moses, and Mehitable Merril, Mar. 24, 1774. CR2

Joshua, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Pilsbury, Aug. 25, 1776. CR2 [Aug. 27. PR1]*

Samuel, of Hawke, and Hannah Huntington, Mar. 18, 1824.*

Caroline C., and Ebenezer Porter, int. Sept. 3, 1830.


James, and Elizabeth B. Thompson of Salisbury, int. June 15, 1836.

Robert [J. int.], and Nancy Cherry, Feb. 5, 1837. CR4*


Polley, of Plaistow, and Joshua Sargent, sr., int. June 9, 1789.

Peggia, of Hailstown, and Joshua Flanders, int. Dec. 31, 1791.


Enoch A., and Mary Blasdel of Salisbury, int. Oct. 26, 1833.

Octavia T., of Lowell, and Samuel Emerson, int. Apr. 24, 1845.


Ebenezer, and Caroline C. Plummer, int. Sept. 3, 1830.

Mary P., of Salisbury, and Charles P. Carleton, int. Oct. 25, 1834.

Abigail J., and John Morrill of Salisbury, int. Jan. 20, 1837.

Temperance R., of Salisbury, a. 24 y., d. Jonathan and Mary H., and Astor G. Woodman of Salisbury, a. 23 y., manufacturer, s. Ezekiel and Dorothy H., Nov. 24, 1844.


Pluma W., and Charles Coffin, int. May 27, 1837.


Joseph W., and Nancy Greenleaf, int. Aug. 26, 1831.


Elizabeth, of Haverhill, and Stephen Patten, Nov. 30, 1826.*

Thomas E., and Elizabeth B. Loring of Pembroke, int. Sept. 23, 1843.

John S., and Elizabeth B. Kenison of Haverhill, int. Nov. 18, 1843.

Lucy M., and Charles H. Palmer of West Newbury, Dec. 20, 1843.*


John, of Lynn, s. Richard and Rebeckah, dec., and Mary Green, d. Stephen and Hannah, of Kensington, NH, dec., 13: 4m: 1825. CR3

Thomas J., and Hannah E. Lurvey, int. Oct. 28, 1831.

PREASEY (Pressey)

Challis, and Sarah Flanders of South Hampton, int. Mar. 31, 1787.


Charles S., of York, ME, and Susan Barnard, Nov. 24, 1842.*

PRESCOT (Prescott)

Betsy, and Samuel H. Eldridge, int. Aug. 24, 1816.

PRESCOTT (Prescot)

Joseph E., and Almira Bartlett of Brentwood, NH, int. Nov. 4, 1843.

PRESE (Pressey)

Mara, and John Cimbal, at Newbury, Feb. 9, 1712-13.*

PRESEY (Pressey)

Ruth, and George Perkins, Dec. 6, 1750. CR2

Benjamin, and Rhody Colony, Nov. 24, 1773. CR2

PRESSEE (Pressey)

Hannah, and Samuell Stanwood of Gloucester, Nov. 16, 1686.

PRESSEY (Preasey, Prese, Presey, Pressee, Pressy, Presy)

John, and Elizabeth Weed, Feb. 12, 1712-13.*

Hannah, and Elias Colby, Nov. 4, 1714.*

Mary, and John Osliway of Newbury, Mar. 30, 1715.*

John, and Sarah Dowe, wid., Apr. 28, 1736.

Sarah, and John Jewel, May 4, 1745.

Joseph, and Judith Challis, May 28, 1747. CR3

Elizabeth, and Thomas Welch of Kingston, June 25, 1752.

Hezekiah, and Tamzel Flanders of South Hampton, int. Aug. 14, 1782.

John, and Mathew Heslenton of Newtown, int. Nov. 16, 1784.

Hezekiah, and Hannah Colby, Jan. 3, 1799. [Jan. 15PR21]*

Challis, and Hannah Tuexbury, int. May 2, 1799.

Meriam [Anna. int.], and Charles Ramsey, Aug. 19, 1799.*

Hannah, of Hopkinton, and Enoch Sargent, int. Sept. 18, 1801.

John, and Eunice Bailey, Mar. 21, 1805.*

Thomas, and Louis Edmonds, int. Oct. 26, 1811.

Sarah, and Lewis Blasdell, Nov. 1, 1819.*

Moses C., and Mary Ann Pettee, Sept. 12, 1828.*

James, and Olive Huntington, int. Sept. 10, 1831.

Betsey, and John Hubbard, Nov. 29, 1832.*

Mary, and Jacob Brown of Salisbury, Feb. 24, 1841.*

Julia A., and Augustus Moulton of Beverly, int. Dec. 4, 1841.

PRESSY (Pressy)

Sarah, and Thomas Colby, 3d, Jan. 21, 1728-9.*

Moses, and Bathsheba Foot, Sept. 16, 1740.

Jacob, and Mary Hodgskins, at Newbury, Feb. 22, 1758.

John, and Martha Ring, Sept. 16, 1762. CR2*

Clarrissa C., of West Newbury, and Willis Patten, int. June 1, 1844.

Rebecca C., and Warren Patten, int. Dec. 14, 1849.

PRESY (Pressey)

Sarah, and Makepeace Colby [of Newbury. int.], Oct. 23, 1760. CR2*

Pasky, and Judith Blasdel, Dec. 2, 1762. CR2*

Susanna, and Nicholas Colby, Dec. 4, 1764. CR2

Hezekiah, and [Mrs. int.] Marcey Challis, Nov. ––, 1775. CR2*

Francis, and Mary Savery, May 27, 1829.*


Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Tucker, Jan. 21, 1706-7.*

PROCTER (Proctor)

Nathaniel, and Hannah Williams, June 10, 1790.*

PROCTOR (Procter)

John, and Mehitable Lambert of Rowley, int. July 17, 1814.

PROWS (Prowse)

Abiell [Abigail. CTR], and Israel Dymond, Jan. 5, 1690.

PROWSE (Prows)

Hannah, and John Jewel, Jan. 9, 1701-2.*

Barnes, and Deborah Kimball, Jan. 29, 1701-2.*

Mary, and Joseph Jones, Mar. 18, 1724-5.*

Hannah, and Joseph Short, Nov. 23, 1727.*


–––––, and Lydia Peaslee, "m. out of meeting," bef. 15: 5m: 1782. (denied later.)CR3

PURENTON (Purinton)

Joshua, of Hampton, and Damoras Jones, int. Oct. 28, 1710.

PURINGTON (Purinton)

Peace, d. Benaiah, of Berwick, ME, dec., and Huldah, and James Squires, s. Charles, dec., and Dorothy, 24: 10m: 1816. CR3

Daniel S., and Sarah P. Varney, 1: 3m: 1837. CR3

PURINTON (Pearinton, Peurinton, Purenton, Purington)

Lydia [Pudington. int.], of Salisbury, and William Straw, July 30, 1713.*

Elizabeth [Pudington. int.], of Salisbury, d. James, dec., and Philip Rowel [jr. int.], s. Jacob, 10: 10m: 1719. CR3*

Joshua, of Hampton, and Judith Nichols, 28: 12m: 1744-5. CR3

Mary, d. Elisha, late of Kensington, NH, and Phebe, and Isaiah Green, s. Jeremiah and Dorothy, of Kensington, NH, Jan. 1, 1745-6. CR3

Lydia, d. Elisha, of New Hampshire, dec., and John Gove, s. Jonathan, of Hampton, Jan. 28, 1746-7. CR3

Elijah, s. Elisha, of Kensington, NH, dec., and Phebe, and Dorithy Green, d. Jeremiah, of Kensington, NH, and Dorithy, Nov. 26, 1751. CR3

Amos, and Mary Chase, int. 17: 11m: 1768. CR3

Hannah, and Stephen Green, int. 18: 1m: 1771. CR3

Joseph, s. George and Meraby, of Epping, NH, and Lydia Jones, d. Abner and Abigail, Dec. 22, 1774. CR3

Hezekiah, s. Elijah and Dorothy, of Weare, NH, and Sarah Collins, d. Tristram and Judith, of Seabrook, NH, Mar. 14, 1775. CR3

Chase, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, of Kensington, NH, and Lydia Brown, d. Elijah, of Seabrook, NH, and Judith, Sept. 30, 1778. CR3

Dolley, and Johnson Gove, int. 21: 9m: 1780. CR3

Elizabeth, d. George and Mirabah, of Epping, NH, and Elijah Jones, s. Abner and Abigail, Nov. 2, 1780. CR3

Mary, d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, of Kensington, NH, and Nathan Breed, jr. of Lynn, s. Ezra and Huldah, 26: 10m: 1791. CR3

Theodate, d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, and Theophilus Breed of Lynn, s. Amos and Ruth, both dec., 27: 3m: 1793. CR3

Elijah, jr., of Weare, s. Elijah, dec., and Dorothy, and Dolly Brown, d. John and Dolly, of Pittsfied, NH, 20: 10m: 1800. CR3

James, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, of Kensington, NH, and Mary Chellis, d. Peleg and Mary, dec., 28: 5m: 1801. CR3

Elizabeth, d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, of Kensington, NH, and William Breed, 3d of Lynn, s. Ezra and Huldah, 25: 8m: 1802. CR3

James, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, of Kensington, NH, and Phebe Felch, d. Parker and Hannah, of Strafford Co., NH, 24: 5m: 1804. CR3

Hulda, of Salisbury, and John Goodwin, Nov. 28, 1816.*

PURKINS (Perkins)

Rhoda, and Ezra Tompson of Kingston, int. Nov. 2, 1805.

Enos M., and Judith Colby, int. Mar. 2, 1811.


Benjamin, of Danvers, and Nancy Peasley, May 12, 1804.*

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