Hannah, of Salem, and Oliver Grimes, Oct. 17, 1829.*


Joseph, resident of Beverly, and Caroline Grimes, int. Oct. 7, 1832.

KEHEW (Cahoo)

Paul, of Salem, and Bethiah Lovett Thistle, Sept. 27, 1804.*


Giles, and Abagail Woodberry, [bet. Jan. 24 and May 21, 1805.]

KELLY (Killey, Killy)

Andrew, and Anna Hogans, Jan. 2, 1805.*

Shubael [resident of Beverly. int.], and Rebecca Murrey, Oct. 20, 1811.*

James, and Clarissa Burnham, both residents of Beverly, int. Oct. 15, 1820.

Margaret, and William Patterson, Dec. 16, 1838.*

Clarissa, Mrs. [of Essex. int.], and Robert G. Elliott, Nov. 28, 1839.*

Sarah Jane, and Charles Hull of West Suffield, CT, int. Mar. 12, 1843.

KEMBAL (Kemball)

Richard, of Wenham, and Susana Balch, Apr. 6, 1737.*

KEMBALL (Kembal)

Thomas, and Hannah Porter, both of Wenham, Apr. 28, 1709.

Ebenezer, of Bradford, and Jane Stone, Dec. 18, 1735.*

Eunice, Mrs., of Bradford, and John Balch, int. Nov. 24, 1743.


Mishael, and Nancy Lovett, Apr. 27, 1806.

KENNISON (Kenniston)

Joshua, and Sally Andrews, Apr. 2, 1829.*

KENNISTON (Kennison, Kinason, Kinneson, Kinnison)

Henry, and Mrs. Susan Elwell of Gloucester, Jan. 7, 1840.*

Benjamin, a. 20 y., farmer, b. Ossipee, NH, s. Benjamin and Sally, and Sarah Tucker, b. Peru, ME, at Wenham, Oct. ––, 1846. [int. Oct. 3.]*

Sarah E., a. 19 y., d. Joshua and Sally, and Cornelius L. Preston, jr., a. 21 y., cordwainer, s. Cornelius L. and Lydia, Dec. 30, 1849.*


Israel, of Middleton, and Judith Fuller, Nov. 25, 1798.*

Thomas, and Hannah Clark [Clerk. int.], Aug. 31, 1806.*


Jonathan, of Chebacco, and Sarah Wales, at Hamilton, Nov. 4, 1773.*

Josiah, and Betsy Masury, int. Jan. 14, 1798.

Benjamin, jr., of Danvers, and Harriett Conant, Sept. 10, 1820.*

Sarah, and John Peirce, Mar. 9, 1827.*

Josiah, 2d, and Susanna Patterson, int. Oct. 3, 1830.

George W., of Danvers, and Elsey F. Herrick, Mar. 23, 1831.*

Abigail, and Mark Morse of Manchester, Jan. 29, 1832.*

Mary, and William Higgins of Wenham, Dec. 4, 1834.*

Harriet M., and John Elliott, jr., Nov. 2, 1841.*

Josiah, jr., and Martha Phillips of Marblehead, Nov. 2, 1841.*

Martha E., wid., and Joseph Elliot, a. 22 y. [mariner. int.], s. Joseph and Abigail, Jan. 1, 1848.*


George, and Hannah Woodberry, Aug. 12, 1838.*


Elisabeth, and Daniel Cloutman of Salem, at Salem, July 2, 1767.*


Thomas, resident of Beverly, and Sarah Matthews, June 24, 1783. CR2*

KETTELL (Kettle)

Abigail, of Charlestown, and John Raymond, at Charlestown, Nov. 11, 1741.

KETTLE (Kettell, Kitle, Kittel, Kittell, Kittle)

Eliza, and Samuel Corning, Nov. 13, 1688. CTR

John, of Danvers, and Anna Smith, Nov. 6, 1794.*

Anna, and [Capt. int.] Samuel Goodridge, May 11, 1806.*


Susan E., of Salisbury, CT, and Rev. John Jennings, int. Sept. 21, 1834.


Pamelia F., of Amherst, NH, and William Moses, a. 35 y. 4 m. 24 d., cordwainer, b. at Meredith, NH [at Nashua, NH. dup.], Dec. 30, 1843.*


Henry, resident of Beverly, and Mrs. Thryphosa Goosberry, int. Apr. 30, 1780.

KILHAM (Killam)

Hannah, of Wenham, and Benjamin Lovett [jr. int.], at Wenham, Mar. 13, 1753. [int. Feb. 24, 1754.]*

Abraham, of Wenham, and Betsy Lovett, Oct. 3, 1798.*

Abraham, and Louisa Bridge, Mar. 29, 1807.*

Sylvester, of Salem, and Betsy Burke, int. Sept. 4, 1825.

Sylvester [Killam. int.], of Salem, and Mrs. Hannah [W. int.] Anderson, Apr. 4, 1834.*

Charles A., a. 35 y., merchant, s. Abraham and Louisa, and Hannah F. Conant, Mar. 11, 1847.*

KILLAM (Kilham)

William, of Ipswich, and Abigel Stevens of Wenham, Jan. 15, 1705-6.

Daniel, of Wenham, and Hannah Dodge, Jan. 30, 1752.*


Anna, and Elias Pickworth, Mar. 1, 1682-3.

KILLEY (Kelly)

Esther, Mrs., of Salem, NH, and Samuel Conant, jr., int. Sept. 7, 1783.

KILLY (Kelly)

John, and Hannah Thissel, Dec. 30, 1799.*

KIMBAL (Kimball)

Mary, of Wenham, and Elisha Dodg, int. Oct. 8, 1709.

Kezia, of Wenham, and Amos Perkins of Topsfield, Oct. 7, 1756.

Phebe [Mrs. CR2], and Nathan Creesy, Sept. 1, 1768.*

KIMBALL (Kimbal, Kimble, Kimboll)

Sarrah, of Wenham, and John Herrick, int. Dec. 24, 1696.

Daniel [of Wenham. int.], and Sarah Davison, Dec. 16, 1708.*

John, of Wenham, and Charity Dodge, Dec. 22, 1711.*

Mary, of Wenham, and John Loverin of Ipswich, Feb. 25, 1713-14.

Joanna, of Wenham, and Capt. Henry Herrick, at Wenham, Sept. 17, 1747.*

Benjamin, of Wenham, and Mrs. Ruth Batchelder of Salem, Nov. 18, 1747.

Isaac, of Wenham, and [Mrs. CR2] Abigail Raymond, Nov. 9, 1762.*

Lydia, Mrs., of Wenham, and Elisha Ellinwood, int. Nov. 21, 1779.

William, and Lydia Porter, of Danvers, int. Apr. 2, 1797.

Lucy, of Wenham, and Dr. Barnard Tucker, at Wenham, Oct. 9, 1797.*

Caleb [jr. CR1; 2d int.], of Wenham, and Mercy Dodge, Dec. 28, 1797.*

Cue, and Abigail Ayers, Jan. 4, 1818.*

Huldah B. [P. int.], and Benjamin Standley, Feb. 5, 1822.*

Phillip H., of Danvers, and Susan Standley, Oct. 2, 1823.*

Caleb [jr. int.], and Mary Pousland of Wenham, May 9, 1824.*

Ebenezer D., of Rindge, NH, and Hannah W. Dodge, Jan. 15, 1827.*

Benjamin P., of Salem, and Abigail D. Brown, Apr. 3, 1827*.

Fanny W., of Wenham, and Oliver Edwards, int. May 24, 1835.

Elizabeth, Mrs. [Miss. int.], and James May, Oct. 27, 1836.*

Mary E., and William Choate, Apr. 8, 1840.*

Elizebeth, Mrs., and Gideon Cook, Nov. 21, 1841.*

Sarah E., and William Putnam, int. Oct. 2, 1842.

James J., cabinet maker, of Charlestown, and Alice Foster, a. 27 y. 9 m. 12 d., d. James and Mary, Sept. 19, 1844.*

Lucy, a. 27 y., of Lyme, NH, d. Eliphalet and Betsey, of Lyme, NH, and Andrew F. Wales, a. 25 y., trader, s. John and Mary [at Lyme, NH. dup.], Apr. 23, 1846.*

KIMBLE (Kimball)

Edmond, and Mrs. Emme Webb, June 9, 1771.*

KIMBOLL (Kimball)

Hannah, and Israel Balch, Feb. 2, 1773.*

KINASON (Kenniston)

Ruben, resident of Beverly, and Apphia Batchelder, May 3, 1774.*


James, and Hannah Trask, int. Nov. 22, 1730.

Samuel, of Salem, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Ann Hooper, Dec. 13, 1838.*


Seth, of Roxbury, NH, and Rachel Woodberry, Mar. 21, 1831.*

KINNESON (Kenniston)

Apphia, and Uriah Wright, resident of Beverly, Mar. 26, 1801.*

KINNISON (Kenniston)

Henry, and Patience Andrews, int. Mar. 19, 1826.


Oliver, and Ruth Thompson of Manchester, Sept. 17, 1826.*

Joseph, a. 24 y. 8 d., cordwainer, b. Salem, s. Thomas and Sally, and Sarah Ann Pike, a. 20 y. 23 d., b. Shapleigh, ME, Dec. 7, 1843.*

KIRBY (Curby)

Rhoda, and Noah Creesy, Nov. 25, 1794.*

Hannah, and George Arbuckle, Dec. 8, 1806.*


Henry, of Boston, and Lucy Ann Danforth, May 31, 1840.*

KITLE (Kettle)

Jonathan [Kettle. CR2], of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Moor, Dec. 2, 1725.*

KITTEL (Kettle)

Abbigal, of Charlestown, and George Raymond, int. Nov. 9, 1740.

KITTELL (Kettle)

Ann, of Charlestown, and Roger Balch, int. Jan. 30, 1742-3.

KITTERIDGE (Kittredge)

James F., and Nancy Harris, Dec. 7, 1817.*

KITTLE (Kettle)

Mary, wid., and William Porter, both of Salem, Dec. 8, 1725.

KITTREDGE (Kitteridge)

Francis [b. Sept. 2, 1818, mariner, s. James and Nancy. int.], and Charlotte Wilburn [b. Aug. 13, 1825 d. Henry and Lucy. int.], Aug. 19, 1844.*

Ingalls, Dr., jr., and Augusta Smith, Nov. 30, 1826.*

Sarah, and Francis Woodberry, Aug. 12, 1828.*

Ingalls, Dr., and Lydia Smith, int. Mar. 27, 1836.

Mary B., of Tewksbury, d. Henry and Naomi P., of Tewksbury, and Alpheus Trask, a. 26 y., block tin worker, s. Israel and Polly, at Tewksbury, May 25, 1847.*

Sarah Augusta, a. 21 y., d. Ingalls and Augusta, and Charles W[illiam. PR4] Galloupe, a. 22 y., tailor, s. Isaac and Annis, Apr. 13, 1848.*

Eliza Ann, b. May 4, 1822 d. James F. and Nancy, and Thomas Abbot, widr., mariner, s. Nathaniel, int. Feb. 19, 1849.


Charles [Nall. int.], of Wenham, and Mrs. Abigail Poland, Feb. 15, 1781. CR1*

KNIGHT (Knights)

Martha, and John Williams, 9: 10m: 1674.

Sarah, and John Coy, both of Manchester, Nov. 22, 1705.

Albert, of Salem, and Betsy Pousland, int. May 14, 1826.

Aaron, of Salem, and Sally Tarbox, int. Feb. 4, 1827.

Albert [of Salem. int.], and Rebecca Stickney, June 22, 1830.*

Ann E., a. 19 y., d. James and Mary Ann, and Edward F. Allen, a. 24 y., clerk, of Manchester, s. John P. and Ruth, Sept. 11, 1849.

KNIGHTS (Knight)

Ruth, of Manchester, and Samuell Stone, int. Mar. 31, 1717.

KNOLTAN (Knowlton)

Ezekiel, of Manchester, and Susanna Morgan, int. Sept. 29, 1728.

KNOLTEN (Knowlton)

Andrew, of Manchester, and Abbigal Stone, int. Nov. 1, 1741.

Abraham, of Wenham, and Anna Tyler [Taylor. PR263], int. July 6, 1777.

KNOLTON (Knowlton)

Susana, of Ipswich, and Samuell Corning, May 27, 1690.

Thomas, and Martha Conant, both of Ipswich, May 11, 1711.

Sarah, and Joseph Allin, both of Manchester, Jan. 20, 1712-13.

Abraham, of Wenham, and Miriam [Mariam. int.] Cole, Dec. 31, 1745.*

KNOULTON (Knowlton)

Jonathan, and Miriam Cole, ––– ––, 1749. PR263

KNOWLTEN (Knowlton)

Benjamin, and Susanah Dutch, both of Ipswich, Dec. 26, 1705.

Ammi, of Ipswich, and [Mrs. CR2] Elizabeth Prissen [Pressen. int.], June 16, 1761.*

John, of Newburyport, and [Mrs. int.] Anna Towns, June 23, 1772.*

John, of Ipswich, and Mary Dodge, int. June 30, 1776.

KNOWLTON (Knoltan, Knolten, Knolton, Knoulton, Knowlten)

Thomas, of Ipswich, and Mary Coye [Mary Caly. int.], June 6, 1706.*

Sarah, and John Woodberry, at Ipswich, Apr. 2, 1723.

Anna, of Ipswich, and John Grover, Nov. 26, 1742.*

Reuben, of Wenham, and Mercy Morse, Dec. 5, 1765.*

Jonathan, of Wenham, and Hannah Morgan, July 24, 1775. CR1*

Joseph [Capt. int.], of Wenham, and Lydia Woodbury, Sept. 16, 1779. CR1*

Anna, Mrs., of Wenham, and William Patch, int. Mar. 27, 1785.

Joanna [Mrs. Anna, af Wenham. int.], and William Patch, June 2, 1785. PR267*

Benjamin, of Wenham, and [Mrs. int.] Susanna Woodberry, Dec. 21, 1786.*

Benjamin, and Abigail Larcom, Dec. 1, 1789.*

Polly, and Zachariah Batchelder, int. Oct. 16, 1791.

Abigail, of Wenham [of Hamilton. int.], and Benjamin Preston, at Wenham, Feb. 9, 1795.*

Polly, and Ebenezer Moulton [resident of Beverly. int.], Mar. 10, 1795.*

Mark, and Lucy Stone, Dec. 4, 1796.*

Anna, and Thomas Burke, Feb. 26, 1797.*

Rebecca, of Wenham, and Philip Moring, resident of Beverly, Dec. 9, 1799. CR1

Jonathan, jr., and Molly Knowlton, both of Wenham, Dec. 9, 1800. CR1

Molly, and Jonathan Knowlton, jr., both of Wenham, Dec. 9, 1800. CR1

Caleb, and Anna Sergeant [Sargent. int.], Dec. 23, 1800.*

Catharine, and James Richardson [int. Sept. 18, 1803.]*

Anna, of Wenham, and Mark Saxby, May 27, 1804.*

Nabby [of Wenham. int.], and William Young [jr. int.], Sept. 9, 1804.*

Benjamin, 3d, and Lydia Ober, int. Dec. 15, 1811.

Abigail, and George Marshall, int. Jan. 10, 1813.

Mark, and Mrs. Nancy Thorndike, Nov. 16, 1817.*

Joanna S., and William Brimmer, Dec. 4, 1817.*

Sarah A., and Thomas Standley, 3d [b. Sept. 13, 1818. int.], cordwainer, s. Timothy and Patty, Dec. 31, 1844.*

Ira, and Molly Trowt, Jan. 6, 1820.*

Joanna, and Thomas Preston, May 16, 1822.*

Hezekiah, and Mary Ober, Dec. 29, 1825.*

Benjamin, and, wid. Abigail Hooper of Manchester, Apr. 4, 1826.*

Ira, and Mrs. Elizabeth Peirce, Oct. 8, 1829.*

Hezekiah, and Eleanor Ober, May 1, 1836.*

Hezekiah, and Harriet Eaton of Manchester, int. July 29, 1838.

Hannah, and Joseph Prince, Jan. 20, 1842.*

Mark [Capt. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Sophia Rea, Apr. 17, 1842.*

Mary Ann, and Calvin Foster [Nov. 24, 1842. PR228].*

Margaret, a. 30 y., b. Hamilton, d. Levi, of Hamilton, and Josiah Woodberry, a. 32 y., cordwainer, of Hamilton, s. William and Martha, June 25, 1846.

John, and Adaline Marshall, a. 20 y., d. Azor and Asenath, Dec. 20, 1846.*

Mary E., a. 21 y., b. Hamilton, d. Joseph and Lucretia, and John Gentlee, a. 24 y., cordwainer, of Wenham, s. Downing and Elisabeth [P. int.], Dec. 5, 1849.*

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