George, of Salem, and Fanny [Frances. CR2] Wood, July 27, 1799.*


Jonathan, of Reading, and Elizabeth Willkins, int. Sept. 8, 1724.

Mehitable, of Reading, and Hezekiah Wilkins, at Reading, Aug. 4, 1726.*

Merriam, of Reading, and Thomas Wilkins, at Reading, June 13, 1728.*

Eunice, of Reading, and Samuel Kimball, jr., int. May 16, 1782.

Sarah, and Joseph Peabody, Dec. 30, 1784.*

Jerusha, and Jacob Fuller, of Middleton, May 26, 1795.*

Benjamin, jr., of Reading, and Abigail Killum, July 10, 1798.*

Charles A., of Reading, and Cynthia Curtis, int. May 1, 1833.

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