ORDWAY (Ordeway)

Abigail, of Newbury, and Samuel Savory, at Newbury, July 24, 1724.

Frances B., of West Newbury, and George W. Tyler, Aug. 23, 1836.

James, of Haverhill, and Polly Chadwick, Mar. ––, 1791.

Joseph Hill, of Haverhill, and Bettee Hardy, May 22, 1766.

Joseph Hill, of Haverhill, and Abigail Parker, Aug. 10, 1801.

Lucy B., of Newburyport, a. 21 y., d. Stephen & Mary R., and David S. Cutter of Newburyport, a. 21 y., clerk, s. David & Caroline, May 3, 1846.

OSBORN (Osbone)

Oliver W., of Exeter, NH, and Mary Ann Allen, Apr. 27, 1837.

OSGOOD (Ozgood)

Ebenezer, and Rebeca Sims [Mrs. dup.], at Andover, Dec. 20, 1710.

Isaac, Capt., of Andover, and Mrs. Ruth Mulliken, Nov. 2, 1774.

Isaac, jr., of Andover, and Priscilla K. Woodman, Oct. 20, 1836.

Josiah, and Abigal Day, July 2, 1729.

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