Hannah, "an Indian Servant to John Griffin," bp. May 16, 1731. CR1


Caesar, Negro Servant of Thomas and Deborah Kimbal, bp. May 12, 1717. CR1

Mary, "Negro Child of Mrs. Atwood," bp. Sept. 2, 1722. CR1

Thomas, "a Negro Boy bro't by his Master and Mistress Jonathan and Lydia Kimball," bp. Sept. 4, 1726. CR1

London, "a Negro Boy of Richard Kimbal, jr.," bp. Nov. 9, 1729. CR1

Luce, "a Negro Girl of Joseph Hall," bp. Nov. 9, 1729. CR1

Peg, servant of Nathaniell and Elizabeth Fales," bp. Oct. 4, 1730. CR1

Kate, "Servant of Ephraim and Mary Kimbal," bp. Nov. 1, 1730. CR1

Henry, "a Negro Servant to John Griffin," bp. May 16, 1731. CR1

HARDY, Pompey, s. Cesar Porter and Chloe, May 22, 1758.

Lucy, d. Scis and Dinah, servants Dea. Carlton, bp. July 23, 1758. CR1

Pelatiah, s. Scisco, bp. July 19, 1761. CR1

Lun, servant of Richard Kimbal, jr., bp. Jan. 31, 1762. CR1

Pompey, servant of Joseph Parsons, bp. May 20, 1762. CR1

Seer, servant of Lt. Thomas Kimball, bp. May 20, 1762. CR1

Joel, s. Scisco, bp. Sept. 11, 1763. CR1

George, servant of Ebenezer Webster, bp. Sept. 27, 1767. CR1

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