Nelson S., and Lettice Bickford, Apr. 10, 1833.


William, or Rowley, and Maria B. Merill, Sept. 13, 1830.


Israel [Alfred. CR2], of Andover, and Sally Ross, June 7, 1810.

VARREL (Varrill, Verrill)

Susanna, and Jonothan Eastman, Aug. 30, 1802.

Julia Ann, and Stephen Pike, jr., shoemaker, May 7, 1843.


Robert, widr., of West Newbury, a. 21 y., comb maker, s. Thompson and Mary, and Ann Maria Coffin of West Newbury, a. 18, y., d. John and Margaret M., of West Newbury, July 6, 1848.

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