KALLEY (Calley)

Peter, and Rebeckah Symonds, Oct. 24, 1771.*


Mary, and Thomas Larkin, in Ireland, Jan. ––, 1845.

KEAN (Keen, McKean)

Mary Bass, and William Richardson, at Lynn, Jan. 14, 1837.


Hannah Staples, and David Staples, at Newfield, Feb. 18, 1847.

KEEFEE (Keffee)

Jeremiah, and Honora Ragan, in Co. of Cork, Ireland, Dec. 1, 1838.

KEEN (Kean)

George, of Salem, and Hannah Whittemore, Feb. 8, 1800.*

KEFFEE (Keefee)

David, and Hannah Barrett, in Ireland, Jan. 20, 1838.


Michael, and Sarah Hope, b. Ireland, at NY, Dec. 14, 1834.

Thomas, and Mary P. Rumor, at Lowell, June 9, 1839.

KELLEY (Kelly)

George, and Margritt Scott, Oct. 12, 1758. [Nov. 12. dup.]*

James, of Salem, and Bathsheba Needham, Dec. 8, 1829.*

John Bodge, and Hannah U. Goodale, Mar. 24, 1835.*

Samuel W., and Elizabeth W. Goodale, Nov. 10, 1842.*

Andrew, and Elizabeth Holden, at Lowell, Aug. 12, 1843.

Charles Richardson, and Mary Curtis, May 8, 1849. [May 29. dup.]*

Harriet M., and Daniel Harmon, int. Dec. 18, 1849.

KELLY (Kelley)

Elizabeth, of Plaistow, NH, and Ira O. Durgin, int. July 22, 1826.

Moses, of Salem, and Hannah Needham, Mar. 22, 1831.*


David B., of Malden, and Rosilla Bradbury, int. June 19, 1848.


Bridget, and Owen Dwyer, in Ireland, Feb. 4, 1840.


Abigal [Sibbel. int.], and George Stone, Dec. 27, 1787.*

Adeline, and Asa George, Apr. 25, 1832.*

KENDALL (Kindall)

Daniel B., and Lucy Gage Bray, at Gloucester, June 16, 1831.

Elizabeth B., of Amherst, NH, and Joseph W. Davis, int. Jan. 11, 1845.


Daniel, and Mary Ann Roney, at Liverpool, Eng., Aug. 1, 1843.

James, and Elizabeth Hatch Coffin, at Sanford, ME, Oct. 27, 1845.

Austin, of Haverhill, and Catherine Newhall, Mar. 31, 1846.*

Martha, of Lynn, a. 21 y., d. Samuel and Harriet, of Washington, ME, and Jonathan C. Coffin, a. 18 y., cordwainer, s. Simeon and Elizabeth, of Sanford, ME, Nov. 11, 1849.*

KENNEY (Kenny, Kinny)

William J.C., and Elizabeth Whittier, Dec. 20, [1829. int.]*

Mary D., and Jeremiah L. Kimball, Nov. 3, 1834. [Nov. 2. dup.]*

John, and Eunice Hutchinson, May 10, 1839. [May 3. dup.]*

Eunice Hutchinson, 2d w., and Joseph Merrill, June 18, 1840.*

Bridget, and John Shea, at Halifax, N.S., Apr. 21, 1845.

KENNY (Kenney)

John, and Rachel Putnam, Feb. 26, 1807.*

Rebecca, of Salem, and George Procter, Oct. 1, 1820.*

Catherine, and Joseph Thomas, Nov. 29, 1827.*


Benjamin, and Mary Felton, July 24, 1766.*

Benjamin, and Mary Putnam, Dec. 18, 1786.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Symonds, Mar. 12, 1789.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Fuller of Middleton, Feb. 21, 1793.*

Mary, and Willebee Wills of Salisbury, Dec. 7, 1797.*

Joseph, and Lucy Thurstin, Jan. 1, 1801.*

Benjamin, jr., and Hannah Conant [of Beverly. int.], at Beverly, Sept. 20, 1820.*

Joseph, and Dorcas Felton, Oct. 4, 1820.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Herrick, 3d w., Dec. 2, 1821.*

John, and Hannah Tappan [of Newbury. int.], at Newburyport, May 14, 1822.*

Hannah Green, and Moses Kent, at Newbury, Dec. 18, 1822.

Moses, and Hannah Green Kent, at Newbury, Dec. 18, 1822.

Nancy [3d, w. dup.], and Benjamin [Capt. dup.] Porter [of Marblehead. dup.], at Marblehead, Dec. 6, 1825. [Dec. 12. dup.]*

Charles, of Rowley, and Huldah Dudley, int. Mar. 14, 1829.

Sarah, 2d w., and Isaac Porter, at Lyme, NH, May 8, 1830.

George W., and Elsy F. Herrick of Beverly, int. Feb. 12, 1831.

John, and Sarah Foy, 2d w., at Palmero, ME, July 4, 1833.

Henrietta Madaline [of Wenham. int.], and John Augustus Sears, at Wenham, Oct. 30, 1838.*

Joseph Gerrish, and Nancy Kimball, at Wenham, Nov. 20, 1838.

Sarah Ann, a. 21 y., d. Benjamin jr. and Sarah, and Henry M[orrill. dup.] Norton, a. 23 y., tanner, s. Jonathan and Rebecca, Oct. 13, 1844. [Oct. 10. dup.]*

Louisa R[estieaux, of Wenham. int.], and Albert Putnam, at Wenham, Nov. 11, 1845.*

Irena C., and Nathaniel F. Gould, housewright, Sept. 21, 1847.*


Peter, of Thompsonville, CT, and Jenet Greig, Sept. 21, 1847.*


Mary, and Patrick Brady, at Worcester, Nov. 29, 1844.

KESAR (Kezer)

Albert A., and Lydia N. Munroe, both of Salem, Dec. 31, 1840.

KETTELL (Kettle)

Porter, and Elisa Putnam, Dec. 6, 1821.*

John, of Walpole, NH, and Emma Putnam, int. Aug. 26, 1826.

Porter, and Mehitable Harris, Apr. 28, 1829.

KETTLE (Kettell)

Mary, Mrs., 2d w., and Samuel Holten, Oct. 6, 1763.*

John, and Lydia Holten, Oct. 14, 1777.*

John, and Anna Smith of Beverly, Nov. 6, 1794.*

Elias W., and Fidelia Bridges, at Andover, Feb. ––, 1808.

Fidelia, Mrs. (nee Bridges), and [Capt. dup.] John Endicott, jr., Dec. 10, 1813.*

KEZER (Kesar)

Simon, of Hampstead, NH, and Mehetable Foster, Apr. 13, 1769.*


Nancy, of Reading, and Richard Whitteredge, int. Oct. 26, 1791.

Joseph S., and Rebecca Nurse of Salem, int. Mar. 11, 1836.

KILBOURN (Kilburn)

Lucy, and William Southwick, Feb. 4, 1778.*

KILBURN (Kilbourn)

Abigail, of Rowley, and Jonathan Smith, Mar. 10, 1760.*

KILLAM (Killum)

Bethiah, b. Smithfield, and Joseph Southwick, 31: 9m: 1839.


Emma, and Charles Augustus Shepard, at Topsfield, Oct. 28, 1848.*

KILLUM (Killam)

Jeney, of Boxford, and Titus Perkins, Apr. 21, 1778.*

KIMBALL (Kimbel, Kimble)

Rebecca [Mrs. int.] of Boxford, and Moses Putnam, June 13, 1771.*

Joseph, of Marblehead, and Fanny Stimpson, int. Sept. 17, 1803.

Mehitable [of Andover. int.], and Joseph Griffin, at Andover, Mar. 22, 1804.*

Hannah, wid. (Preston), and Peter Cross, jr., Jan. 21, 1807.*

Phebe, and David Newhall of Saugus, Sept. 19, 1815.*

Hannah [of Boxford. int.], and Jonas Warren, at Boxford, Feb. ––, 1817.*

Alfred, and Dorcas Foster of Salem, int. Mar. 29, 1817.

Philip H., and Susan Standley of Beverly, int. Aug. 30, 1823.

Benjamin Porter, and Abigail Davis Brown, at Beverly, Apr. 3, 1827.

William E., and Mary Ann Reed, Nov. 27, 1828.*

Joel, and Elizabeth Peirce, Oct. 31, 1830.*

John, and Sally C. Putnam, Apr. 5, 1831.*

Jeremiah L., and Mary D. Kenney, Nov. 3, 1834. [Nov. 2. dup.]*

Dean, and Polly Batchelder, Mar. 19, 1835.*

Jefferson, of Andover, and Mary Griffin, Nov. 25, 1835.*

George Augustus, and Martha Goss Carry, at Salem, Mar. 20, 1836.

Elizabeth, and Samuel T. Plummer, Aug. 15, 1837.*

Obadiah, and Tamison Poor, Nov. 8, 1838.*

Nancy, and Joseph Gerrish Kent, at Wenham, Nov. 20, 1838.

Joel, and Phebe Ann Putnam Goodale, Apr. 3, 1842. [Apr. 7. dup.]*

Eliza B., of Bradford, and David B. Foster, int. Dec. 19, 1842.

William, and Lydia F. Masury of Boston, int. Nov. 18, 1843.

Ira, of Manchester, and Mrs. Mary Tyler, Sept. 5, 1844.*

Caroline [of Boscawen, NH. int.], and Moses K. Sawyer, at Ipswich, Oct. 7, 1844.*

Moses, and Lucy Towne [of Boxford. int.], at Boxford, Apr. 13, 1845.*

Richard, and Martha Ann Ingalls, at Chelsea, Dec. 4, 1845.

Cornelius P. Van Ness, and Harriet Curtis, at Lynn, Apr. 1, 1849.*

Jeremiah L., and Eunice Stiles, 2d w., at Charlestown, Apr. 1, 1849.*

Horace, a. 23 y., mason, s. Caleb and Mary, and Elizabeth Gray, a. 20 y., d. Josiah and Eunice, Sept. 16, 1849.*

KIMBEL (Kimball)

David, of Boxford, and Rebecca Flint, Apr. 26, 1774.*

KIMBLE (Kimball)

Moses, jr., of Andover, and Hannah Preston, July 9, 1793.*

KINDALL (Kendall)

Caroline, and John G. Griffith, Sept. 18, 1834.*


Eliza, and William Rose, Aug. 2, 1848.*


Samuel, jr., and Bethiah King, May 26, 1755.*

Hannah, and John Dukesbury, Aug. 25, 1757.*

John, and Rebecca Phelps of Reading, int. Jan. 26, 1765.

Abigail, and William Goldthwait, Feb. 28, 1765.*

Zachariah, and Desire Jacobs, June 12, 1766.*

Joseph, of Salem, and Sarah Green, Oct. 26, 1780.*

Amos, and Mary Marsh, May 15, 1783. [July 3. dup.]*

Abigail, and Salmon Phinney, Oct. 2, 1791.*

Zachariah, jr., and Hannah Smith, Mar. 25, 1792.*

John, and Anna Goldthwait, Aug. 8, 1794.*

Daniel, and Rebeccah Cleaves, Aug. 24, 1794.*

Daniel, Capt., and Phebe Upton, Nov. 12, 1798.*

Sally, and William Beers of Lynnfield, int. June 7, 1802.

Amos, jr., and Abigail Cleaves, Dec. 1, 1803.*

Ebenezer, and Betsey Upton, Mar. 8, 1804.*

Desire, and James Procter, Feb. 17, 1805.*

Lydia, and Joseph Flint, Oct. 25, 1807.*

Mary, and Benjamin Raddin of Lynn, Nov. 26, 1807.*

Hannah, and Richard Butler, May 16, 1808.*

Mary, and Eben Upton, Jan. 1, 1810.*

Samuel, and Hannah Goodale, Sept. 30, 1811.*

Amos, 3d, and Rebeccah Hutchinson, Mar. 3, 1818.*

Daniel P., and Sarah P. Flint, Feb. 5, 1824.*

Martha A., and Benjamin Hutchinson, b. Middleton, Dec. 2, 1826.*

Louisa, and Elijah W. Upton, Sept. 12, 1832.*

Margaret, and William Rodgers, carpet weaver, at Paisley, Dec. 2, 1833.

Betsy, and Joseph Hussey, Apr. 14, 1835.*

Daniel jr., and Lucy Andrews of Beverly, at Salem, Sept. 27, 1835.

James Putnam, and Wealthy Melvina Ferrin of Eaton, NH, Apr. 2, 1840.*

Henry A., and Asenath P. [R. int.] Ferrin, Dec. 16, 1846.*

Rebecca Hutchinson, and Samuel Hutchinson [of Middleton. int.], Mar. 9, 1847.*

Samuel Putnam Cleaves, and Mary Maria Jewett, Sept. 2, 1847.*

Ellen M., and J. Osgood Loring of Andover, int. Nov. 16, 1847.

KINNY (Kenney)

Josiah, and Mary Case of Middleton, Jan. 1, 1760.*


Anna, and Benjamin Potter, at Ipswich, Mar. 2, 1794.

Samuel, and Rachael Carter of Manchester, int. Jan. 5, 1811.


Jennet, and Joseph Brown [2 d. int.], Nov. 8, 1846.*

William, and Ann Richardson, at Newport, NH, Apr. 15, 1847.

KIRWIN (Kurwinn)

James, and Ellen McDonald, in Ireland, Feb. 5, 1849.

KNAP (Knapp)

Hannah, and Abraham Whitteker, Apr. 28, 1762.*

Isaac, of Salem, and Mary Twiss, Nov. 2, 1762.*

KNAPP (Knap)

Mary Ann, and Gilbert Perkins Hardy, at Bradford, Aug. ––, 1830.

Isaac N., and Hannah P. Legroo, May 31, 1841.*

Christopher S., of Raynham, a. 32 y., mechanic, s. Christopher and Salome, and Elizabeth B. Cobb of Taunton, a. 27 y., seamstress, d. Rufus and Desire C.B., Apr. 23, 1844.*

KNIGHT (Knights)

Lydia, of Middleton, and Richard Whiteridge, jr., Nov. 4, 1756.*

Joseph, of Middleton, and Mehitable Putnam, int. Dec. 17, 1768.

Nehemiah, of Middleton, and Lydia White, Aug. 5, 1790.*

William, and Polly Putnam, June 24, 1810.*

Jeremiah, and Nancy Willis of Salem, int. Aug. 29, 1817.

Mehitable P., and Amos P. Town, Nov. 23, 1830.*

Elizabeth C., and John B. Cobb, Oct. 2, 1834.*

Allen, shoe manufacturer, and Maria Theresa Clark, Jan. 29, 1835. [Jan. 20. dup.]*

George Nathaniel, and Ellen Luscomb, at Salem, July 20, 1839.

Louisa M., a. 23 y., housekeeper, d. Zebulon and Mary, and John C. Putnam, a. 25 y., cordwainer, s. Phineas and Mary, Apr. 30, 1844.*

Mary, of Salem, and Charles Harrington, int. May 24, 1845.

KNIGHTS (Knight)

William, and Mehitable Putnam, int. Jan. 16, 1808.

William, and Eliza Seldon Fuller, at Middleton, Oct. 23, 1835.

Lauraett, and Daniel L. Jackson, at Barnet, VT, Sept. 10, 1840.


Samuel W., and Lydia R. Libby of Lynn, int. Dec. 13, 1841.


Eunice, of Salem, and Jonathan Smith, int. May 4, 1816.

William, and Sarah Farnum of Salem, int. Mar. 8, 1834.


Benjamin H., and Sarah L. Wood of Salem, int. Feb. 11, 1843.

KURWINN (Kirwin)

Sarah, and William Phalan, at Salem, Jan. 9, 1837. [1846. dup.]

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