Elizabeth Nelson, d. Caleb S., wheelwright, Feb. 20, 1846.

Lydia Maria, d. Caleb S., Oct. 31, 1842.

Thomas, s. Caleb S. and Betsey B., Mar. 30, 1841.


Mary Abby, d. Thomas and Abigail, of Manchester, Mar. 28, 1843.


Samuel P., s. William G., blacksmith, and Elizabeth A., May 6, 1846.


–––, twin sons, John and Margaret, June 13, 1821.

–––––, d. Francis, tanner, and Elizabeth W., July 4, 1847.


George Washington, s. Nathaniel, jr. and Martha, Sept. 26, 1813.

George, s. George W., yeoman, and Rachel, Dec. 12, 1844.

Lucy, d. Nathaniel, jr. and Martha, Apr. 21, 1817.

Osgood Allen, s. Samuel, jr. [and Susan C. CR], June 17, 1837.

Otis Putnam, s. Samuel, jr. [and Susan C. CR], Apr. 23, 1839.

Rachel, d. George W., yeoman, and Eliza, Jan. 23, 1849.

William, s. Nathaniel, jr. and Martha, Sept. 17, 1819.


Thomas E., s. Thomas H., blockmaker, and Sarah, May 25, 1848.

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