Alphonzo M., s. Daniel, line manufacturer, and Mary, July 20, 1843.

Lucy Mary, d. Thomas and Esther, Oct. 19, 1822.

Silvanus, s. Thomas and Esther, Sept. 17, 1824.


Albert Allan, s. Francis and Mary, Feb. 12, 1843.

David Lufkin, s. Enoch and Nancy, bp. June 5, 1840. CR

Harriet S. [Barnard. CR], d. Enoch, yeoman, and Nancy, Jan. 26, 1845.

James Frederic, s. Enoch and Nancy, June 10, 1842.

Lucy A., d. Lucy, formerly of Gloucester, and John Cogswell (supposed laborer), May 21, 1848.


George O., s. Benjamin O., cordwainer, and Eliza, Apr. 14, 1845.


Isaac Ayers, s. Thomas and Sally, bp. May 29, 1831. CR

John Hiram, s. Thomas and S.A., bp. June 15, 1834. CR

Ruhamah, d. Thomas and Sally A., bp. June 14, 1829. CR

Sarah Elizabeth, d. Thomas and Sally, Aug. 10, 1823.

Susan Ellen Maria, d. Thomas, jr., shoemaker, and Susan B., b. Gloucester, June 19, 1849.

Thomas Augustus, s. Thomas and Sally, Sept. 16, 1821.


Martha Butler, d. Israel, yeoman, b. St. Johns, and –––––, b. St. Johns, May 8, 1849.

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