Asa, jr., of Beverly, and Lucy Story, 2d, int. Apr. 24, 1824.

Elizabeth, of Wenham, and Albert Cogswell, int. Nov. 3, 1849.

Israel O., of Beverly, and Cynthia Burnham, Oct. 31, 1843.*


Deborah, and Abner Poland, at the Hamlet, Dec. 5, 1792.

Dorathy, and Thomas Choate, Jan. 31, 1820.*


Edward, and Lucy Mears, Nov. 28, 1840.*

James, and Maria Shackleford of Gloucester, int. Oct. 22, 1841.

Mary, and Eli F. Burnham, Apr. 5, 1831.*

Mary Ann, and William M. Haskell of Lynn, Aug. 24, 1836. CR*

Philemon [S. int.], and Edith Burnham, May 1, 1834.*

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