Tabitha, of Wenham, and John Giddings, at Wenham, Mar. 26, 1726.

FARNAM (Farnham)

Isaac, of Salem, and Hannah G. Burnham, July 21, 1825.*

FARNHAM (Farnam)

Isaac, and Mary Burnham, Aug. 7, 1828.*


Charles Henry, a. 25 y., shoemaker, s. Charles and Eliza, and Sally Ann Richardson, a. 20 y., d. Charles and Olive, June 28, 1849.*


Peter, of Newburyport, and Hannah J. Haskell of Gloucester, Aug. 9, 1829.


Clara [Clarissa. int.], and Eli Sheldon of Beverly [int. May 17, 1828.].*

Julia Ann, and Humphrey Lakeman, int. Dec. 1, 1827.

Maria, and George Dennen, Feb. 3, 1839.*

Moses, jr., and Mary Story, at the Hamlet, May ––, 1781.

Ruth, and George Woodbury of Hamilton, May 11, 1828.*

Sophronia, d. William S. and Maria, and Ira Story, shipwright, s. Perkins and Rachael, Jan. 10, 1844.*

Susan, and Gilman [M int.] Burnham, Apr. 17, 1834. CR*

Warren, and Judith Burnham, Apr. 18, 1824.*

William [S. CR], and Maria Andrews, May 3, 1819.*

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