Emma Frances, d. Hiram, shoemaker, b. Salisbury, and Mary E., b. Rowley, Sept. 1, 1849.


–––––, ch. Charles, shoemaker, and Eveline, Dec. 18, 1846.

Benjamin Pickett, s. David and Almira, Jan. 16, 1843.

Charles Kendall, s. David, shoemaker, and Elmira, July 23, 1844.

Francis Putnam, ch. C.J. and Everin, Oct. 18, 1841.

William Henrey, s. David, Dec. 4, 1840.


Ardeline [Ardilla. PR16] Matilda, d. C.G. and Clarissa C. [C.C.R. PR16], Oct. 22, 1842.

Cornelius Gould, s. C.G., shoemaker, and Clarrissa [C.C.R. PR16], June 5, 1845.

Melvin, s. C.G. and C.C.R., June 26, 1841. PR16


Benjamin, s. Benjamin, carpenter, and Sarah K., July 16, 1844.

Benjamin, s. Benjamin, carpenter, and Sarah, Aug. 21, 1846.

Rebecca Ella, d. Benjamin, mechanic, and Sarah, Dec. 2, 1848.


Mary, d. Jeremiah, mechanic, and Lucy, at Ipswich, Nov. 28, 1847.


George Allen, s. George and Lois P., July 18, 1841.

Lois Flanders, d. George and Lois P., Dec. 25, 1842.


Frank Eldon, s. J.B., jr., shoecutter, and Sarah, Feb. 6, 1847.

Jeremiah Nelson, s. Lewis H., merchant, and Sarah, L., Oct. 6, 1845.

John Melvin, s. John B., mechanic, and Sarah J., Aug. 5, 1848.

Sarah Lambert, d. L.H., gentleman, and Sarah, Aug. 8, 1847.


William Edward, s. Sarah W., Oct. 18, 1839.


Mary Josephine, d. I.W., mechanic, and Susan, Sept. 20, 1847.


George Brainard, s. Sherburn [Sherman. dup.] C., tailor, and Mary C., Dec. 6, 1845.


Abby Huldah, d. Daniel, Feb. 3, 1842.

Charles Greenleaf, s. Daniel, Mar. 17, 1833.

Mary Elizabeth, d. Daniel, Dec. 25, 1830.

Mehitable, d. Daniel, at Danvers, Dec. 9, 1834.

Moses Nelson, s. Daniel, shoemaker, and Mehitable, Oct. 3, 1846.

Olive Maria, d. Daniel, at Marblehead, Mar. 18, 1837.

Phebe Augusta, d. Daniel, Oct. 9, 1839.

Sarah Charlotte, d. Daniel, shoemaker, and Mehitable, June 10, 1844.

BOURN (Bourne)

George [Bourne. dup.], s. William P., shoemaker, and Mary A., Feb. 26, 1846.


Sarah Elizabeth, d. Robert, wheelwright, and Eliza, Aug. 15, 1845.

Warren, s. Robert and Elizabeth, Jan. 28, 1847.

BOYNTON (Bointon)

Charles A., s. Charles and Sybil, Oct. 7, 1842.

Alvira, d. A.C. and Mary Ann, Sept. 25, 1847.

George N[ewell. dup.], (Bointon), s. G[eorge. dup.] W., shoecutter, and Abby N., Aug. 6, 1846.

Ira Warren, s. Charles, fruit dealer, and Cybil A., Jan. 8, 1849.

Lydia M., d. A.C. and Mary Ann, at Salem, Feb. 13, 1842.

Olive Ann, d. Charles and Sybil, Nov. 31, 1838.

Sarah Ann, d. A.C. and Mary Ann, June 8, 1844.


Sarah Goodrich, d. [Capt. CR1] Asa B., Oct. 13, 1839.


Chandler Balch, s. [Dr. CR1] Isaac Gordon and Caroline W. [and grands. Rev. Isaac. CR1], Aug. 17, 1841.


–––––, d. J.T., shoemaker, and H.M., Apr. 30, 1847.


[Fred Walter. in pencil.], s. Tristram [shoemaker. dup.] and E.H. [Elizabeth H. (Gage), formerly w. John McKenna. PR29], Feb. 15, 1848.

Gayton, s. Tristram and Elizabeth H. [(Gage), formerly w. John McKenna PR29], June 2, 1842.


Ann Louisa, d. Dr. [Timothy. dup.], bp. June 4, 1843. CR1

Mary Emily, d. Dr. [Timothy. dup.], bp. June 4, 1843. CR1


Clara M., d. George, Mar. 18, 1839.


Mary Adeline, d. Thomas, mechanic, and Jane W., Dec. 8, 1848.

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