REYNOLDS (Reynold)

James N., s. Nicholas and Eliza, June 16, 1843.

Sarah L. (Reynold), d. Nicholas, Dec. 19, 1840.


George Willard, s. Willard and Emeline, Apr. 4, 1841.

William Parker, s. Willard, shoemaker, and Emmeline, Aug. 27, 1844.


Daniel Webster, s. Samuel W., blacksmith, and Mary A. Feb. 8, 1849.

Samuel W., s. S.W., blacksmith, and M.A., June 3, 1846.


William, s. William and Lucy, Jan. 29, 1844.


G. Latimer, s. Josiah and Rebecca, Jan. 16, 1844.


Robert B., s. William, Mar. 2, 1839.

William Thomas, s. William and Sarah, Oct. 30, 1843.

ROBBINS (Robins)

Abby A. (Robins), d. Josiah, Dec. 24, 1841.

Mary Ann, d. Josiah B., shoemaker, and Almira, May 25, 1844.

ROGERS (Rodgers)

–––––, s. Edwin, shoemaker, and Mary A., at Newbury, Mar. 27, 1847.

Albert Alonzo (Rodgers), s. William H., May 25, 1839.

Benjamin, s. Edwin, shoemaker, and Mary A., at Newbury, Dec. 21, 1844.

Charles Nelson, s. Tristram, shoemaker, and Nancy, Nov. 11, 1846.

Edward Francis, s. Edward L., mechanic, and Mary A., Mar. 3, 1849.

Margaret Ann (Rodgers), d. William H., Aug. 3, 1836.


Charles Melvin, s. James H., mechanic, and Mary L., Aug. 23, 1848.

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