Benjamin, of G., and Suzan B. Lary of Shelburne, int. Aug. 25, 1839.


Luther [H. in pencil] of Rowley, and Sarah Chaplin of G., int. Nov. 13, 1846.


Mary O., and William Rugg, both of Boxford, July 26, 1839.*


Ebenezer W., and Selenda [Zolinda. int.] Worcester, both of G., Jan. 7, 1841.

Emily S., and Washington Hill, both of G., Aug. 7, 1843.

Mary Ann [Ann Mary. int.], and Charles Hubbard, both of G., Nov. 26, 1840.

Mary G., and William E. Taylor, both of G., int. May 22, 1847.

Mahitable, of G., and Charles Dole of Rowley, Feb. 5, 1844.

Sarah Jane, and William Gammage, both of G., int Aug. 5, 1843.

Sarah, and Marcus M. Currier, both of G., int. Aug. ––, 1847.

Stephen, and Martha P. [A. int.] Carter, both of G., Nov. 12, 1843.

William H., and S[usan. int.] A. Wright, both of G., May 29, 1843.


Charles H., and Julia Ann Hardy, both of G., int. May 20, 1843.

Betsey Maria, and Ira Johnson, both of G., Apr. 6, 1841.

Betsey F., wid., of Lawrence, and Charles P. [B. dup.] Bixby of Methuen, a. 23 y., shoemaker, Aug. 27, 1847.*

Ira, and Betsey Maria Johnson, both of G., Apr. 6, 1841.

Nathaniel, jr., and Margaret B. Rogers, Dec. 5, 1844. PR41*


Sally S., wid., of G., b. Rowley, and Benjamin R. Follansbee [Follensbee. dup.] of Methuen, Nov. 27, 1844.

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