Hannah Louisa, d. H.W., mechanic, and Louisa, Aug. 5, 1847.


Charles Henrey, s. David and Abigail, Jan. 2, 1844.

Eliza, d. David, shoemaker, and Abigale [Abigail. dup.], Jan. 12, 1845.


Alona Maria [H. PR8], d. Willard H. and H.M., Mar. 7, 1843.

Clarance, s. John, shoemaker, Mar. 23, 1847.

Mary L., d. John O., shoemaker, b. Rowley, and Charlotte, b. Newbury, May 11, 1849.


Hannah Maria, d. William, blacksmith, and Elizabeth, at Newbury, Dec. 24, 1842.

Jane, d. William, blacksmith, and Elizabeth, at Newbury, June 22, 1844.


George Melvin, s. Thomas and Emily, July 17, 1837.

Aaron Nelson, s. Luke L., Oct. 24, 1838.

Amos Greenleaf, s. Richmond and Lucy, Dec. 19, 1841.

Mary Zerviah, d. Thomas and Emily, Feb. 22, 1843.

Greenleaf Nelson, s. George and Caroline M., Apr. 3, 1843.

Charles L., s. L.L. and Eliza, Sept. 17, 1843.

–––––, d. Luke S., farmer, b. New Boston, NH, and Eliza, b. Hardwick, VT, Sept. 7, 1849.


Harriet Wilson, d. Jonathan D., Jan. 28, 1836.

Henry Melvin, s. Jonathan, July 2, 1839.

Mary Elizabeth, d. Jonathan and Mary, Feb. 8, 1843.


Ellen, d. Edward and Mary, Jan. 23, 1848.


Samuel Brockelbank, s. Stephen S., Sept. 10, 1841.

Clara Ellen, d. M.F., stage driver, and Ann L., Sept. 23, 1846. [1844. dup.]


Thomas Jefferson, s. Nathaniel and Lydia, at Bradford, Oct. 2, 1838.

Susan Maria, d. Nathaniel and Lydia, May 30, 1841.

Hannah Leavitt, d. Nathaniel, shoemaker, and Lydia Ann, at Danvers, Feb. 22, 1843.

Samuel H., s. Nathaniel, mechanic, and Lydia A., Dec. 26, 1847.


Charles Carlton, s. Elijah, July 25, 1838.

Emely Page, d. Leonard, at Haverhill, Sept. 18, 1840.

George Newman, s. Elijah, Jan. 31, 1841.

Eunice Hale, d. William [and Mary. dup.], bp. Jan. 23, 1843. CR1

Elijah Warren, s. Elijah and Elizabeth, June 2, 1843.

Eugene F., s. Leonard and Ann, June 9, 1843.

Enoch Otis, s. William, shoemaker, and Mary W., June 14, 1844.

Daniel Woodbridge, s. Daniel, shoemaker, and Alice, July 24, 1844.

Ann Maria, d. Daniel, shoemaker, and Allice D., Aug. 14, 1845.

Enoch Otis, s. William [and Mary. dup.], bp. Jan. 23, 1848. CR1

William Milton, s. William [and Mary. dup.], bp. Jan. 23, 1848. CR1

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