Orin Currier, s. Jeremiah, July 31, 1840.

Susan [Susa. dup.] Allen, s. William, shoemaker, and Elizabeth, at Newbury, Apr. 4, 1845.


Charles Francis, s. Charles, shoemaker, b. Rowley, and Eunice C., b. Gilmanton, NH, June 9, 1849.


Charles Lincoln, s. Robert and Catherine, July 31, 1839.

Lucy Palmer, d. Robert, carriage and harness maker, and Catharine, May 11, 1844.


William, s. William and Joanna, May 22, 1843.


Walter Melvin, s. Joseph [R. and Abigail N. (Lowell). PR24], Apr. 25, 1840.

Elizabeth A[bbie. PR24], d. Joseph R. and Abigail [N. (Lowell). PR24], Oct. 31, 1843.

Ann Matilda, d. Joseph R., shoemaker, and Abigail [N. (Lowell). PR24], July 27, 1845.

Ann Matilda, d. Joseph R., mechanic, and A.N. [Abigail N. (Lowell). PR24], June 3, 1847.

Joseph H., s. Joseph R., shoemaker, b. Salem, and Abagail M. [(Lowell). PR24], b. Rowley, Sept. 18, 1849.

SEARLE (Searls)

Stephen Spofford, s. Stephen and Sarah, July 23, 1830.

Abby D., d. Jacob, Nov. 15, 1837.

Sarah Louise, d. Jacob, Jan. 17, 1838.

Mary Louisa Sophia, d. Stephen [of Byfield. CR1] and Sarah, June 23, 1838.

Stephen Thurston (Searls), s. Benjamin G., mechanic, and Almira, Jan. 16, 1849.


George Eugene, s. John B., and Mary H., Feb. 22, 1844.

John Lewis, s. John, sadler, and Mary H., Mar. 25, 1846.


Mary Elizabeth, d. David C. and Louisa, Aug. 3, 1842.

–––––, ch. Erastus and Judith, Mar. 21, 1844.

Anthony Colby, s. Andrew, tin trader, and Mary A., Oct. 4, 1845.

George Irvin, s. David E., currier, and Louisa, Feb. 6, 1846.

Charles Robert, s. Robert, carpenter, and Mary A. (Segil), Oct. 15, 1846.

Catherine Augusta, d. Erastus, mechanic, and Judith A., July 10, 1848.

Susan E., d. Erastus, shoemaker, b. Livermore, ME, and Judith A., b. Topsfield, Dec. 14, 1849.


William H. Harrison, s. Daniel E. and Sarah, Apr. 15, 1829.

Susan Julia [Julia G. PR22], d. Jonathan, Nov. 30, 1838.

Olive Annia V., d. Daniel E. and Sarah, Apr. 12, 1844.

SPOFFORD (Spafford)

Ellen Augusta, d. Harrison B., farmer, and Abigale P., at Rowley, Nov. 1, 1837.

Abby Gordon, d. William H., Sept. 11, 1838.

Charles Augustus, s. Sumner P., Oct. 3, 1838.

Preston Lincoln, s. William H., Oct. 30, 1840.

–––––, ch. George and Silena, Apr. 22, 1844.

Sarah Adams, d. George P., shoemaker, and Silena P., Apr. 23, 1844.

Moses Dole, s. Harrison B., farmer, and Abigale P., Sept. 12, 1844.

Leverett Winslow, s. Leverett W., farmer, and Julia Ann, Nov. 9, 1844.

–––––, (Spafford), s. William H., shoemaker, and Sally, Jan. 8, 1845.

Hannah Braman, d. Edwin C., shoemaker, and Almira, Dec. 10, 1845.

Clara Thurston (Spafford), d. Amos, express, and Sophila S., Feb. 10, 1846.

Julia Ann Adams, d. Leverett W., yeoman, and Julia M.A., Mar. 21, 1846.

–––––, s. W.H., shoemaker, and Sarah, Apr. 24, 1847.

Martha Ellen, d. E.C., mechanic, and Almira, Nov. 21, 1847.

Emeline, d. George P. and Salena [Palena. dup.], Dec. 27, 1847.

Irene Mighill, d. Harrison B., yeoman, and Abagail P., May 28, 1848.

Martha Savory, d. Amos, trader, and Sophila, at Epsom, NH, Oct. 24, 1848.


Alonzo Boyd, s. C[harles N. and Mary E. (Pearson). PR21], Mar. 16, 1835.

George Osman, s. C[harles N. and Mary E. (Pearson). PR21], June 17, 1839.

Abigail Alsina, d. William B. and Abigail, Aug. 18, 1843.


Sarah Maria, d. Joseph Pike and Sophia, at Boston, Feb. 9, 1835.

Mary Eunice, d. A.J., June 19, 1841.

Martha Pike, d. Joseph P. and Sophia, Dec. 13, 1842.

Louisa Sophia, d. Ira, farmer, and Ruth, Aug. 25, 1847.


Rebecca P., d. Amos, yeoman, and Emeline, Jan. 11, 1849.


Cynthaia Sophia, d. William, Sept. 15, 1838.

Erastus Herbert, s. William, Feb. 16, 1841.


Losetta Jane, d. James and Hannah, July 2, 1843.

William Henry, s. James, shoemaker, and Hannah, June 23, 1846.


–––––, s. Aurora, clerk, and Thirsa, both b. Kingsbury, NY, Nov. 4, 1849.

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