James, of Manchester, and Rebekah Woodberry, int. Nov. 17, 1805.


Asa and Margaret Perry [of Manchester. int.], Oct. 10, 1796. CR*

Ezekiel and Lucy Whipple, Jan. 27, 1795. CR

Hannah and Samuel Patch, May 10, 1825. CR*

John, and Mary Patch, June 26, 1804. CR*

John [jr. int.], of Dover, NH, and Sarah Adams, Apr. 13, 1815. CR*.

Lydia [L. int.], and Capt. William Brown, Dec. 21, 1819. CR*

Mary, and John Smith, jr., June 28, 1832.*

Samuell, and Lydia Lamson, Feb. 4, 1794. CR

Samuel, 3d, and Priscilla S. Brown, Dec. 30, 1830.*

Samuel, 3d, a. 29 y., shoemaker, and Mrs. Mary C. Cummings, a. 26 y., d. Henry Dodge, Aug. 31, 1845.*

Sarah, and John Adams [jr. int.], of Dover, NH, Apr. 13, 1815. CR*

Sally, and Arza Brown, Sept. 18, 1831.*

Silsbee, s. John and Emeline Patch, Nov. 28, 1844.*

Susan Ann, and George Smith, Mar. 27, 1831.*


Davis, jr., of Beverly, and Lydia Patch, int. Feb. 10, 1800.

Ezekiel, of Hopkinton [NH. int.], and Sally Roberts, Jan. 9, 1816. CR*

Francis R., and Lucinda Knowlton, Mar. 3, 1842.*

Henry P., of Manchester, and Mary E. Potter, Oct. 1, 1844.*

Nancy, of Manchester, and James Knowlton, int. May 22, 1813.

William H., of Manchester, farmer, and Susan Poland, d. Oliver, May 8, 1845.*


Eunice, of Ipswich, and Daniel Annable, at Ipswich, Apr. 2, 1799.*

Francis, of Boston, and Mary L. Riggs of Essex, Nov. ––, 1841.

Rebecca, of Wenham, and John Davis, May 7, 1843.


Almira L., and Jacob S. Berry, Aug. 26, 1841.*

Bethiah, and Andrew Poland, int. Feb. 13, 1802.

Clarisa, and William Chandler, Apr. 19, 1818. CR*

Daniel, and Eunice Andrews of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Apr. 2, 1799.*

Daniel, and Caroline Whittredge, Sept. 4, 1833.*

Betsey, and Peter Barter of Salem, int. Aug. ––, 1810.

Ephraim, and Polly Kinsman, Dec. 27, 1808. CR*

Eunice, and Ebenezer Senter of Salem, Feb. 18, 1810. CR*

Hannah, and Jeremiah Barker of Salem, Jan. 26, 1812. CR*

Isaac, and Sally B. Burnham of Essex, int. Oct. 14, 1826.

Joseph W., and Esther Brown, Feb. 19, 1795. CR

Lydia, and Solomon Annable, July 19, 1804. CR*

Mary, and George Dean, Dec. 19, 1824. CR*

Mary, and James Patch, May 10, 1838.*

Mary P., a. 29 y., d. Solomon and David F. Dow of Ipswich, a. 29 y., weaver, b. Ipswich, s. David, int. Dec. 24, 1849.

Rachel, and Langley [Langdon. int.] Boardman of Portsmouth, NH, Jan. 31, 1801. CR*

Robert, jr., and Molly Appleton [of Ipswich. int.], Feb. 14, 1799. CR*

Robert, jr., and Mrs. Anna Dodge, Oct. 28, 1817. CR*

Sally, and Ira Dunnels of Ipswich, May 23, 1822. CR*

Solomon, and Lydia Annable, July 19, 1804. CR


Charles A., and Clarissa A. Chandler of Beverly, int. Oct. 31, 1840.

Daniel, jr., of Buxton, and Sarah Brown, Sept. 21, 1809. CR*

Elizabeth W., of Beverly, and Samuel Dodge, int. Mar. 26, 1842.

Esther L., a. 23 y., d. George, and Ira P. Knowlton, shoemaker and farmer, s. Edmond, May 8, 1845.*

Eunice, and Samuell Beck of Salem, Jan. 20, 1818. CR*

George, and Mehetabel Lovering, May 29, 1821. CR*

Martha B., a. 24 y., d. Oliver, jr., and James E. Giddings, a. 23 y., mason, s. David, Nov. 27, 1845.*

Molly [of Ipswich. int.], and Robert Annable, jr., Feb. 14, 1799. CR*

Nathaniel, of Ipswich, and Augusta Cutler, Feb. 28, 1827. CR*

Sarah, and Joshua Herrick, 2d, of Wenham, Dec. 20, 1810. CR*

Sarah Jane, d. Oliver and Daniel P. Brewer, shoemaker, s. David, May 11, 1845.

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