DANE (Dean)

Edner, Mrs. and John Proctor of Ipswich, Jan. 19, 1797. CR*

Edner, and Dudley Porter, jr., Nov. 11, 1830.*

Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Andrew Dodge, at Ipswich, May 25, 1797.*

Fanny Q., a. 17 y., school teacher, d. John and Fanny, and Andrew Story, 2d, of Essex, a. 32 y. shoemaker, b. Essex, s. Daniel and Ruhamah, Apr. 26, 1846.*

Frances A., a. 22 y., d. George and Mary, and John Dorr of Ipswich, widr., a 28 y., stabler, May 3, 1849.*

Francis Q., of Danvers, and Zeviah Brown, Oct. 19, 1842.*

Jerusha Q., and Daniel S. Henderson, Aug. 4, 1839.*

John jr., and Lydia E. Sceggel of Ossipee, NH, Mar. 7, 1839.*

Mary Appleton, a. 20 y., d. George and Mary, and Enoch F. Brewer of Ipswich, a. 25 y., soap boiler, s. John and Anna, of Ipswich, Feb. 5, 1846.*

Samuel Q., and Mary A. Barker of Ipswich, int. Aug. 17, 1839.

Samuel, widr., a 27 y., truckman and farmer, s. John and Fanny, and Martha Whipple, a. 27 y., d. William and Sally, June 3, 1845.*

Susan A., a. 17 y., d. George and Mary, and Issac W. Kimball of Ipswich, a. 21 y., s. Isaac and Anna, Dec. 5, 1848.*

William Augustus, a. 23 y., farmer, s. John and Fanny, and Almira Whipple, a. 23 y., d. William and Sally, June 5, 1845.*


Edward, of Salem, and Nancy T. McCann of Wenham, Dec. 31, 1848.

Martha W., and William H. Gleason of Boston, Apr. 16, 1849.*

Sally W., and Samuel S. Skinner of Ipswich, int. Oct. 1, 1836.

Thomas, of Newburyport, and Hannah Patch, Apr. 8, 1810. CR*


John, and Rebecca Andrews of Wenham, May 7, 1843.


Elizabeth, and William Dawson, int. Feb. 1, 1849.

William, and Elizabeth Dawson, int. Feb. 1, 1849.

DEAN (Dane)

George, and Mary Annable, Dec. 19, 1824. CR*


Nathaniel A., a. 26 y., shoemaker, b. Ipswich, s. William, and Susan P. Brown, a. 22 y., b. Rowley, d. Benjamin F., of Rowley, Dec. 25, 1845.*

William P., a. 27 y., shoemaker, b. Ipswich, s. William, and Nancy A. Webber, a. 18 y., d. James, Nov. 20, 1845.*


Aaron, and Marcy Knowlton, Nov. 22, 1827. CR*

Abigail, of Beverly, and Benjamin Porter, Sept. 3, 1835.*

Adoniram J., of Wenham, and Lucinda Bixby of Topsfield, June 27, 1841.

Alethea, and Joshiah M. Kimbal of Wenham, int. Dec. 26, 1812.

Allen, and Mary Burroughs of Rowley, int. Mar. 12, 1796.

Allen W., and Eunice B. Whittredg, Dec. 24, 1840.*

Amos, and Patty White, both of Wenham, Jan. 24, 1815. CR

Andrew, and Elizabeth Dane of Ipswich, at Ipswich, May 25, 1797.*

Andrew, and Elizabeth Riggs, Oct. 14, 1830.*

Anna Baker, and Jacob Simonds, both of Wenham, Apr. 10, 1814. CR

Anna, and Elzaphan Dodge, both of Wenham, Sept. 14, 1815. CR

Anna, Mrs., and Robert Annable, jr., Oct. 28, 1817. CR*.

Anna, and John Brewer, jr., Dec. 4, 1817. CR*

Antipas, and Polly Goodhue of Dunbarton, int. Dec. 30, 1797.

Barnabas, jr., and Peggy Dodge of Beverly, int. Oct. 17, 1801.

Benjamin, Lt., and Susan Warner of Ipswich, int. Sept. 25, 1819.

Bethiah, and Jacob B. Kinsman of Ipswich, int. Apr. 10, 1802.

David, and Huldah Dodge, Dec. 31, 1807. CR*

Deborah, and William Conant of Lynnfield, Dec. 19, 1820. CR*

Ebenezer, Capt., and Sukey Lovering, July 14, 1807. CR*

Ebenezer, Capt., and Mrs. Joanna Safford of Ipswich, int. Sept. 9, 1815.

Elbridge, and Elisabeth K. Woodberry, Apr. 29, 1829.*

Betsy, of Wenham, and Capt. George Rappall of Newburyport, Feb. 25, 1800. CR

Elizabeth, and Josiah Patch, of Salem, int. Jan. ––, 1803.

Elisabeth, and Capt. Asa Lamson of Beverly, Feb. 11, 1808. CR*

Elizabeth, 2d, and Paul Patch, Feb. 23, 1808. CR*

Elisabeth, Mrs., of Wenham and Nathan Knowlton, int. Apr. 18, 1829.

Elzaphan, and Anna Dodge, both of Wenham, Sept. 14, 1815. CR

Emerson P., of Boston and Priscilla A. Rust, int. Jan. 3, 1846.

Enoch F., and Phebe Ann Potter of Ipswich, int. May 19, 1832.

Ephraim, and Lydia White, Oct. 9, 1794. CR

Ephraim, and Anna Lamson of Topsfield, int. Feb. 24, 1810.

Eunice, and Aaron Haskel of Ipswich, Jan. 2, 1796. CR

Ezekiel, of Beverly, and Anna Cleaves, int. Sept. 25, 1803.

Francis, of Topsfield, and Hannah E.C. Dudley, Aug. 12, 1841.*

George, of Beverly, and Mary D. Whipple, Dec. 2, 1830.*

George B., and Priscilla S. Goodhue of Ipwich, int. Dec. 1, 1848.

Hannah, and Jacob Brown [jr. int.], Dec. 13, 1807. CR*

Hannah, and Ira H. Patch of Salem, Oct. 20, 1829.*

Hannah B., and James Lund of Salem, Salem, Sept. 6, 1832.*

Henry, and Hepza Woodberry, Sept. 26, 1796. CR*

Henry, and Jerusha Dodge, July 14, 1825. CR*

Henry, jr., and Ann Knowlton of Wenham, int. Aug. 20, 1831.

Herbert, and Martha Dodge, Jan. 8, 1824. CR*

Herbert, and Mary Jane Etheredge of Beverly, Oct. 12, 1842.*

Huldah, and David Dodge, Dec. 31, 1807. CR*

Huldah, and Eleazer W. Webber of Beverly, Mar. 11, 1832.*

Huldah W., Mrs., and Wood Fornia of Salem, Mar. 31, 1842.*

Isaac jr., and Hannah Whipple, 2d, June 17, 1812. CR*

Isaac Allen, and Maria D. Brown, Dec. 29, 1833. CR*

Jerusha, and Henry Dodge, July 14, 1825. CR*

Jesse, and Martha Forster of Ipswich, int. Nov. 15, 1806.

John, 4th [of New Boston, NH. int.], and Polly Dodge, Nov. 2, 1815. CR*

John W., and Mary Whittredge, Apr. 27, 1820. CR*

Jonathan, and Lydia Brown of Wenham, at Wenham, Sept. 8, 1794.

Joseph T., and Sarah P. Jewett of Ipswich, int. Sept. 7, 1833.

Joseph Felt, of Boston, a. 25 y., merchant, s. James [B. int.] and Hannah, and Charlotte Maria Moore, a. 23 y., b. Gloucester, d. [Capt. int.] Benjamin, Dec. 18, 1849.*

Joshua, and Lucy Woodberry, Apr. 27, 1830.*

Lavinia, and Amos Gould jr., of Topsfield, Dec. 26, 1822.*

Luke, of Groton, and Polly Ellingwood, int. June 22, 1798.

Luke, and Margaret Poor of Danvers. int. Aug. 18, 1827.

Luke jr., and Sarah C. Brown, Sept. 7, 1835. CR*

Manassah, and Jemima Low of Ipswich, int. Sept. 25, 1803.

Martha, and William Whipple [jr. int.], Oct. 1, 1801. CR*

Patty, and John Harraden of Gloucester, Aug. 28, 1803. CR*

Martha Fisk, and Nathaniell Safford of Beverly, Nov. 20, 1810. CR*

Martha, and Herbert Dodge, Jan. 8, 1824. CR*

Martha Ann, and Nirum Neal, May 4, 1837.*

Martha Ann, and Orpheus Holmes, of Cambridge, Nov. 17, 1842.*

Mary C., and Ebenezer Fisk of Beverly, int. Dec. 15, 1804.

Mary, and William Warner jr., of Ipswich, Dec. 31, 1805. CR*

Polly, and John Dodge, 4th [of New Boston, NH. int.], Nov. 2, 1815. CR*

Mary E., of Wenham, and Lt. Denison Wallis, Dec. 17, 1835.*

Mary C., and William P. Cummings of Topsfield, Apr. 22, 1841.*

Mary Ann, a., 17 y., d. Luke, and John Brewer, a. 23 y., cordwainer, s. David, Apr. 6, 1847.*

Mehetabel, and Capt. John Potter, Oct. 27, 1808. CR*

Mehetable, and Peter Woodbury [jr. int.] of Gloucester, Apr. 5, 1825. CR*

Melinda, and William B. Jackson of Essex, Oct. 31, 1838.*

Micah, and Betsey Quarles of Wenham, at Wenham, May 23, 1794.

Nancy, of Wenham, and John Knowlton, jr., int. Dec. 26, 1818.

Nathan, Lt. and Anna Cogswell of Ipswich, int. Oct. 1, 1808.

Obadiah, and Mrs. Lydia Bean, both of Wenham, Aug. 17, 1815. CR

Rachel, and Levi Riggs, May 25, 1828.*

Rachel W., a. 19 y. d. Elbridge and E., and John H. Lovett, a. 27 y., farmer, b. Nova Scotia, s. Daniel and Ann, May 8, 1849.*

Robert F[rancis. int.], and Eleanor M. [McLellan. int.] Lummus, Sept. 25, 1828.*

Robert F[rancis. int.], and Hannah M[aria. int.] Bois, Nov. 3, 1829.*

Robert F., and Lucy M. Jewett of Ipswich, int. Aug. 2, 1834.

Samuel, and Elizabeth W. Appleton, of Beverly, int. Mar. 26, 1842.

Sally, and John Haskins of Gloucester, Feb. 16, 1794. CR

Sally, and Josiah M. Hood, both of Wenham, Dec. 26, 1799. CR

Sally, and William Potter, int. Oct. 14, 1815.

Sally, of Wenham and Abraham Patch, 2d, int. Oct. 29, 1819.

Sarah Augusta, and Thomas Patterson, of Beverly, Feb. 1, 1833.*

Sarah S., and Thomas Appleton Lamson, Apr. 24, 1836.*

Sally P., of Wenham, and Lemual S. Foss, int. Dec. 21, 1844.

Seward, and Lydia Wallis, Oct. 10, 1816. CR*

Seward, Capt., and Huldah Wallis, Feb. 18, 1830.*

Stephen, and Sally Grant, both of Wenham, Nov. 28, 1816. CR

Thomas J., cordwainer, s. Luke, and Mary E. Webber, b. Shapleigh, ME d. James, Dec. 2, 1847.*

William, 3d [of Beverly. int.], and Polly Patch, Nov. 28, 1805. CR*

William, and Mehetabel P. Brown, Nov. 20, 1831.*


John, of Ipswich, widr., a. 28 y., stabler, and Frances A. Dane, a. 22 y., d. George and Mary, May 3, 1849.*


David F., of Ipswich, a. 29 y., weaver, b. Ipswich, s. David, and Mary P. Annable, a. 29 y., d. Solomon, int. Dec. 24, 1849.


Mary Ann, of Danvers, and Stephen F. Town, Mar. 4, 1838.


Hannah E.C., and Francis Dodge of Topsfield, Aug. 12, 1841.*

Ruth A., and William C. Cook of Wenham, int. Dec. 2, 1837.


Ira, of Ipswich, and Sally Annable, May 23, 1822. CR*

Lucy E., a. 23 y., d. Ira, and James O. Whipple, a. 22 y., farmer, s. Oliver, 2d, July 21, 1844.*

Sarah W., and John Tibbets, int. Nov. 23, 1844.

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