Simon, of Bath [of Gorham. int.], and Tamma Lummus, Nov. 11, 1806. CR*


Heman, of Lyme [Lynn. int.], and Cynthia Foster, Apr. 29, 1827. CR*

Theodore, of Wenham, and Sukey Patch, Dec. 3, 1818. CR*

Theodore, and Lucy Brown, June 30, 1824. CR*

GIDDINGE (Giddings)

David, and Bridget Whipple, May 28, 1804. CR*

GIDDINGS (Giddinge)

Bridget, and William Whipple, jr., Nov. 29, 1838.*

James E., a. 23 y., mason, s. David and Martha B. Appleton, a. 24 y., d. Oliver jr., Nov. 27, 1845.*

Joshua jr., and Nabby Cogswell of Ipswich, at Ipswich, May 24, 1797.*

Joshua, and Lucy W. Brown, Nov. 24, 1839.*

Martha C., and Levi Patch of Lowell, Apr. 30, 1838.*

Nancy, and Samuel Story, jr., Feb. 27, 1840.*


Enoch, and Olive Knowlton, Sept. 22, 1805. CR*


William H., of Boston, and Martha W. Davenport, Apr. 16, 1849.*


Benjamin, of Roxbury, and Mary Smith, Apr. 21, 1825. CR*

Eunice, of Andover, and John Smith, at Andover, Nov. 29, 1798.*

Sarah, of Andover, and Joseph Lovering, at Andover, Dec. 11, 1794.


Adoniram, and Bethiah Poland, Oct. 6, 1834. CR*

Anna, wid., and Job Smith, 4th m., Nov. 7, 1827. CR*

Ebenezer, of Ipswich, and Anna Brown, Nov. 27, 1806. CR*

Ephraim, and Eunice Pedrick, Oct. 23, 1817. CR*

Eunice, and Daniel Lefavor of Ipswich, Nov. 30, 1797. CR*

Francis, of Danvers, and Elizabeth W. Poland, d. Oliver, Nov. 28, 1844.*

George, Capt., and Mary Morse of Beverly, int. Nov. 4, 1837.

Jonathan C., of Wilmot, NH, and Mary H. Chick, at Wenham, Feb. 21, 1840.*

Polly, of Dunbarton, and Antipas Dodge, int. Dec. 30, 1797.

Polly, and Nehemiah Kneeland [of Topsfield. int.], Mar. 27, 1810. CR.*

Nancy Ann, and Samuel P. Smith, Apr. 23, 1837. CR*

Priscilla S., of Ipswich, and George B. Dodge, int. Dec. 1, 1848.


Joseph, of Newbury, and Sarah [Lydia. int.] Brown, at Newbury, Aug. 28, 1796.*


Allen, of Danvers, and Martha Brown, Sept. 7, 1820. CR*

Amos jr., of Topsfield [of Ipswich. int.], and Lavina Dodge, Dec. 26, 1822.*

Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Daniel Patch, int. Nov. 9, 1822.


Mary, of Wenham, and Elisha Porter, int. Mar. 28, 1812.

Sally, and Stephen Dodge, both of Wenham, Nov. 28, 1816. CR


William, of Beverly and Sally Woodberry, Apr. 17, 1814. CR*


Lucretia P., of Ipswich, and Nathan S. Morrill, int. Nov. 8, 1841.

Nancy D., of Kensington, NH, and William Kinsman, int. Jan. 6, 1838.


Thomas, and Louisa Bray of Gloucester, int. July 22, 1820.

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