Denison, Lt., and Mary E. Dodge of Wenham, Dec. 17, 1835.*

Hannah, and Paul Patch, Jan. 15, 1800. CR*

Huldah, and Capt. Seward Dodge, Feb. 18, 1830.*

Lydia, and Seward Dodge, Oct. 10, 1816. CR*


Joseph, of Gorham, and Hannah Lummus, July 22, 1800. CR*


Sarah [wid. CR], and John Younger [of Wenham. int.], May 16, 1833.*


George W., of Ipswich, s. William, and Martha B. Francis, Jan. 12, 1845.*

Susan, of Ipswich, and Lt. Benjamin Dodge, int. Sept. 25, 1819.

William, jr., of Ipswich, and Mary Dodge, Dec. 31, 1805. CR*


Benjamin, of Beverly, and Rua Woodberry, May 12, 1816. CR*

Elred A., a. 23 y., cordwainer, s. James, and Eliza L. Potter, a. 24 y., d. Joshua, Nov. 26, 1846.*

Eleazer W., of Beverly, and Hudlah Dodge, Mar. 11, 1832.*

John L., of Beverly, and Mary W. Roberts, int. Sept. 24, 1842.

Mary E., b. Shapleigh, ME, d. James, and Thomas J. Dodge, cordwainer, s. Luke, Dec. 2, 1847.*

Nancy A., a. 18 y., d. James, and William P. Dickinson, a. 27 y., shoemaker, b. Ipswich, s. William, Nov. 20, 1845.*


Salome M., a. 22 y., d. Samuel, and Alfred Cummings of Topsfield, a. 23 y., farmer, b. Topsfield, s. William, of Topsfield, Apr. 18, 1847.*


Benjamin, of Gloucester, and Polly Hodgkins, Dec. 11, 1813. CR*

Daniel, of Gloucester, and Mary Whitredge, Dec. 15, 1796. CR*

Esther, of Gloucester, and Capt. Stephen Brown, int. Oct. 6, 1810.


Almira, a. 23 y., d. William and Sally, and William Augustus Dane, a. 23 y., farmer, s. John and Fanny, June 5, 1845.*

Anna, and Oliver Patch, Oct. 13, 1830.*

Bridget, and David Giddinge, May 28, 1804. CR*

Daniel, and Hannah Norton of Essex, int. Dec. 16, 1826.

Daniel, and Adeline Stone, Sept. 28, 1836.*

Edward, and Clarissa Brimmer of Beverly, int. May 22, 1802.

Edward, Lt., and Hannah Groves Brimmer of Boston, int. Oct. 14, 1837.

Elizabeth, and William Young of Gloucester, Apr. 4, 1837.*

Hannah, 2d, and Isaac Dodge, jr., June 17, 1812. CR*

Hervy, and Martha P. Brown of Ipswich, int. Dec. 13, 1834.

James O., a. 22 y., farmer, s. Oliver, 2d, and Lucy E. Dunnels, a. 21 y., d. Ira, July 21, 1844.*

John, Capt., and Mrs. Susannah Robertson, Jan. 15, 1819. CR*

John, jr., and Hannah M. Story of Essex, int. Oct. 13, 1827.

Lucinda, and William Brown, jr., Dec. 1, 1814. CR*

Lucy, and Ezekiel Adams, Jan. 27, 1795. CR

Lucy [A. int.], and John Tuttle, jr., June 12, 1823. CR*

Lydia, and James Wilkins of Amherst, Feb. 18, 1794. CR

Martha, and Robert Woodberry [jr. int.] of Beverly, Feb. 6, 1806. CR*

Martha, a. 27 y., d. William and Sally, and Samuel Dane, widr., a. 27 y., truckman and farmer, s. John and Fanny, June 3, 1845.*

Polly, Mrs., and Capt. Isaac Harden of Charlestown, Nov. 29, 1795. CR

Mary Ann, and John C. Kimball of Ipswich, Dec. 29, 1823. CR*

Mary D., and George Dodge of Beverly, Dec. 2, 1830.*

Nathaniel, [jr. int.], and Mary Woodberry, May 14, 1805. CR*

Nathaniel, and Sarah E. Patch, Apr. 27, 1836.*

Nathaniel, and Lucretia D. Smith, Nov. 6, 1839.*

Oliver jr., and Polly Woodberry, Jan. 6, 1822. CR*

Oliver, and Sally Lovering, Mar. 13, 1823. CR*

Oliver, and Lydia Clark, June 26, 1833.*

Sally, and Daniel Story of Essex, Jan. 6, 1820. CR*

Susa Clark, and John Botang of Concord, Feb. 28, 1794. CR

William [jr. int.], and Martha Dodge, Oct. 1, 1801. CR*

William [of Gloucester. int.], and Elizabeth Woodberry, Nov. 28, 1813. CR*

William, jr., and Bridget Giddings, Nov. 29, 1838.*


Lydia, and Ephraim Dodge, Oct. 9, 1794. CR

Patty, and Amos Dodge, both of Wenham, Jan. 24, 1815. CR

Walter, and Lydia W. Haskell of Gloucester, int. Dec. 20, 1823.

William, and Patty Thomson, Mar. 19, 1795. CR


Zachary, of Wenham, and Mary Patch, at Wenham, Oct. 25, 1798.*

WHITREDGE (Whittredge)

Hannah, of Danvers, and Joseph Brown, July 16, 1797. CR*

John [jr. int.], and Unice Brown, Apr. 15, 1800. CR*

Mary, and Daniel Wheeler of Gloucester, Dec. 15, 1796. CR*

WHITTREDG (Whittredge)

Eunice B., and Allen W. Dodge, Dec. 24, 1840.*

WHITTREDGE (Whitredge, Whittredg)

Caroline, and Daniel Annable, Sept. 4, 1833.*

John, and Martha A. Edwards of Westford. int. May 5, 1838.

Joseph, and Mary [C. int.] Brown, Nov. 30, 1826.*

Lucy Ann, and Jervis Lamson, Nov. 8, 1843. CR*

Mary and John W. Dodge, Apr. 27, 1820. CR*


Henry, resident in Hamilton, and Lucy Crampsey of Beverly, int. Sept. 15, 1821.


James, of Amherst, and Lydia Whipple, Feb. 18, 1794. CR


Hannah Davis, of Roxbury, and Allen Putnam, int. May 18, 1843.


Harry, and Lucy Elwell, Sept. 10, 1815. CR*


Dorcas, of Wenham, and Alonzo M. Felt, Sept. 24, 1844.

William B., and Abigail D. Foster, Aug. 25, 1833.*

WOODBERRY (Woodbery, Woodbury)

Andrew, of Beverly, and Lefee Poland, int. Feb. 3, 1811.

Andrew jr., and Anna Knowlton, Apr. 18, 1830.*

Benjamin, and Thirza Woodbery, June 1, 1824.*

Bethiah, and David Poland of Ipswich, int. Dec. 8, 1811

Daniel [David. int.], and Elizabeth Stanwood of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Mar. 12, 1797.*

Dorothy, Mrs., and James Patch, jr. Dec. 10, 1795. CR

Ednah, of Beverly, and Charles N. Hawkins, May 1, 1844.*

Betsy, Mrs., and Samuell Bare, Mar. 30, 1794. CR

Elisabeth, and Isaac Killam of Salem, . Dec. 24, 1800. CR*

Elisabeth, and William Whipple [of Gloucester. int.], Nov. 28, 1813. CR*

Elisabeth K., and Elbridge Dodge, Apr. 29, 1829.*

Eliot, and Polly Stone, Oct. 22, 1801. CR*

Esther, and Josiah Knowlton, Apr. 13, 1815. CR*

Eunice, and Moses Harris, Jan. 27, 1818. CR*

George, and Ruth Foster of Essex, int. Apr. 19, 1828.

Hepza, and Henry Dodge, Sept. 26, 1796. CR*

Jeremy, of Beverly, and Nancy Knowlton, Mar. 27, 1798. CR*

Joanna, and Elam Burnham of Essex, int. Oct. 15, 1831.

Josiah, and Margaret Knowlton, int. June 6, 1846.

Lucy, and William Knowlton of Wenham, Apr. 15, 1800. CR*

Lucy, and Joshua Dodge, Apr. 27, 1830.*

Lydia, and William Lakeman [4th. int.] of Ipswich, June 24, 1830.*

Peggy, and Levi Knowlton, Apr. 20, 1809. CR

Patty, and Isaac Knowlton, Feb. 25, 1801. CR*

Martha, of Beverly, and William Foster, jr., int. Dec. 6, 1828.

Mary, and Nathaniel Whipple [jr. int.], May 14, 1805. CR*

Mary, and Benjamin Fasset of Boylston, May 7, 1820. CR*

Polly, and Oliver Whipple, jr., Jan. 6, 1822. CR*

Hitty, and Richard Preston of Beverly, May 13, 1800. CR*

Marcy, Mrs., and John Stone, Apr. 10, 1794. CR

Nicholas, and Betsey Stone, Apr. 24, 1800. CR*

Nicholas, and Mrs. Bethiah Kinsman of Wenham, int. Apr. 30, 1831.

Oliver, and Mary Caldwell of Wenham, Apr. 17, 1814. CR*

Rachel, and Thomas Woodberry, Oct. 1, 1807. CR*

Rebekah, and James Abbot of Manchester, int. Nov. 17, 1805.

Rebecca, and James Haskell, 2d, of Beverly, int. Aug. 13, 1814.

Robert [jr. int.], of Beverly, and Martha Whipple, Feb. 6, 1806. CR*

Rua, and Benjamin Webber of Beverly, May 12, 1816. CR*

Sarah, and Jacob Lee, Feb. 26, 1801. CR*

Sally, and William Knolton, Oct. 3, 1802. CR*

Sally, and William Gray of Beverly, Apr. 17, 1814. CR*

Susanna, and Oliver Poland, int. Nov. 5, 1803.

Thomas, and Rachel Woodberry, Oct. 1, 1807. CR*

Thomas, and Nancy Roberts of Gloucester, int. Jan. 26, 1828.

Timothy, of Beverly, and Ruth Cole, int. Feb. 4, 1804.

WOODBERY (Woodberry)

Thirza, and Benjamine Woodberry, June 1, 1824.*

WOODBURY (Woodberry)

Peter [jr. int.], of Gloucester, and Mehetable Dodge, Apr. 5, 1825. CR*


Sally [Woodard. int.], and William Brown of Boston, Mar. 21, 1819. CR*


Elisabeth H., and William Smith, both residents in Hamilton, int. Sept. 27, 1828.


Isaac, of Beverly, and Sally Tuttle, July 25, 1799. CR*


Molly [Polly. int.], and Joseph Burnham of Ipswich, May 22, 1797. CR*


Charlotte, of Wenham, and Jonathan Burley of Wakefield, Feb. 6, 1817. CR

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