Emily, d. Rev. George and Sarah M., bp. July 25, 1847. CR2

Joseph A. [Antony Joseph. CR3], s. Joseph A., physician, b. France, and M.A.J., [D.P. (Scanlon). CR3], b. Ireland May 22, 1849.

Joseph, s. Rev. George and Sarah M., bp. Dec. 2, 1849. CR2

Mary F[rances. CR2], d. George, clergyman, and Sarah M., [bet. Aug. 10, 1847 and Jan. 31, 1848.]


Ira Alphonzo, s. Granville, teamster, b. Nelson, NH, and E., b. Mt. Vernon, NH, at Lowell, Sept. 2, 1849.

John, s. Robert, laborer, and H., Oct. 3, 1848.


John T., s. Stephen L., carpenter, b. Sebeck, ME, and Sarah, b. Kennebunk, ME, Nov. 21, 1849.


Emma Jane, d. Carleton, trader, b. New Brunswick, and Mary, b. Andover, Nov. 12, 1849.

John C., s. W., trader, and Mary, Jan. 15, 1848.


Estelle Rebecca, d. Lucian V., operative, b. Dorchhester, NH, and R.S.E., b. Wentworth, NH, Nov. 4, 1849.


Ann Adelaid, d. George H., carpenter, b. Lowell, and H., b. Tyngsboro, at Tyngsborough, July 21, 1848.


Milton, s. Edwin, trader, b. Reading, and Emily, b. Stoneham, Jan. 10, 1849.

William, s. William, stone cutter, and Elizabeth, Oct. 27, 1847.


Cyrus, s. Cyrus, lather, and Lydia, Sept. 8, 1847.

J. Albion, s. John S., carpenter, b. Sandown, NH, and Joana, b. Poplin, NH, Aug. 21, 1849.

Willard B., s. Moses, carpenter, b. Wendell, NH, and Mary H., b. Deerfield, NH, Nov. 14, 1849.


Gilbert B., s. William, machinist, b. Sekonk, and Margaret, b. Newton, May 31, 1849.


George, s. Ivory, carpenter, b. Dublin, NH, and Hannah, b. Hudson, NH, July 24, 1849.


Mary Ella, d. Matthew, spinner, and Mary, both b. Ireland at Watertown, Jan. 30, 1849.


Emma F., d. Silas P., mason, b. Pembroke, NH, and C., b. Allentown, NH, Sept. 30, 1849.


Charles Franklin, s. Franklin, carpenter, b. Barnstead, NH, and Julia A., b. Newburyport, Sept. 2, 1849.


George W., s. Hezekiah, carpenter, b. Andover, and M.A., b. Salem, Dec. 27, 1848.


John R., s. George, engine driver, b. Andover, and Eliza J., b. Wakefield, NH, June 30, 1849.


Sarah Ann, d. William and Jane, June 19, 1849. CR3

POWER (Powers)

Mary Louise, d. Michael and Elizabeth, Oct. 7, 1849. CR3

POWERS (Power)

John Edward, s. John, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland July 26, 1849.

Louisa, d. Michael, shoemaker, b. Ireland and Elizabeth, b. Biddeford, ME, at Biddeford, ME, Aug. 24, 1849.


Maria S., d. George H., shoemaker, b. Quincy, and Maria J., b. Roxbury, at Quincy, Apr. 12, 1849.


Mary E., d. Lewis, engine driver, b. Portland ME, and Jemima, b. Rome, ME, at Waterville, ME, May 27, 1849.


Oscar C., s. Chester, overseer, b. Cabot, VT, and Rosella, R., b. Orange NH, Aug. 28, 1849.


Thomas, s. John, laborer, and Hannah, Sept. 19, 1847.


Richard, s. Michael and Mary (O'Sullivan), Oct. 31, 1849. CR3


Mary Emma, d. James B., carpenter, and Clemena, Feb. 16, 1848.

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