–––––, s. H., laborer, and Louise M., Feb. 13, 1848.

Ellen J., d. Moses, laborer, and Mary E., Nov. 11, 1848.

Emma Elizabeth, d. George W., physician, b. East Kingston, NH, and Sarah, b. Kingston, NH, July 24, 1849.


–––––, d. Moses, mason, and Susan, Mar. 22, 1848.

Charles F., s. Seneca, physician, and Mary, June 8, 1847.

William Franklin, s. Dana, trader, and Susan M., Oct. 5, 1847.


Charles Gurley, s. Daniel and Mary Jane, bp. Apr. 9, 1848. CR2

Mary Livermore, d. Daniel, Jr., lawyer, b. Andover, and Mary[I. CR2], b. Tewksbury, June 19, 1849.


–––––, d. John J., inn keeper, b. Newbury, VT, and P.W., b. Barnet, VT, Dec. 18, 1849.

Charles W., s. J.W., carpenter, b. Amesbury, and Julia, b. Haverhill, June 25, 1849.


Bartholomew, s. William, laborer, and Julia, both b. Ireland. Nov. 1, 1848.

Catherine, d. Cormick, blacksmith, and Sarah, both b. IreIand Sept. 25, 1849.

Joseph Cornelius [Scully. CR3], s. Michael, blacksmith, and Susan [(Loghlin.). CR3], both b. Ireland Sept. 18 [11. CR3], 1849.


Charles, s. Michael, laborer, and Mary, June 6, 1848.


Cornelius, s. Patrick, laborer, and Catherine, Nov. ––, 1848.

Cornelius, s. Patrick, laborer, and Catherine, both b. Ireland Nov. 29, 1849.

Battey, s. William, laborer, and Judith, Sept. ––, 1848.


Sarah Elizabeth, d. James, laborer, and Emma, both b. England Dec. 15, 1849.


Ann Maria, d. Thomas, machinist, b. Scotland and Maria, b. NH, July 25, 1848.


John, s. Timothy, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland at Salem, July 6, 1848.

Maria, d. Andrew, painter, and Rebecca, Jan. 16, 1848.

Sophia, d. Andrew, painter, b. Ireland and Mary B., b. New Jersey, July 8, 1849.

SHADY (Sheedy)

Bridget, d. John, laborer, and Joanna, both b. Ireland in Ireland Aug. 8, 1849.


John, s. John, laborer, and Mary, Apr. 22, 1849.


Ellen, d. Simon, mason, and Ellen [(Sullivan). CR3], both b. Ireland Apr. 12, 1849.


Warren E, s. Edwin, machinist, b. Andover, and E.J., b. Groton, Feb. 9, 1849.


George Wallace, s. James, carpenter, b. Maine, and Ann, b. Newburyport, Dec. 11, 1849.

Jane Adelaid, d. Joel T., laborer, b. Glover, VT, and E.A., b. Salem, NH, at Glover, VT, May 31, 1849.

Laura Jane, d. Erasmus, engineer, and M., Jan. 15, 1849.

SHEA (O'Shea)

Michael, s. Cornelius and Johanna (Driscoll), Oct. 8, 1849. CR3

SHEEDY (Shady)

Thomas, s. Patrick and Sarah (Bradshaw), Dec. 19, 1849. CR3


Catherine, d. John, laborer, and Ann, May 4, 1847.


Edward, s. James, laborer, and M., May 16, 1848.


Bridget, d. Patrick, laborer, and Sally, B., Dec. 23, 1847.

SIMONDS (Symonds)

Albert J., s. Justin W., laborer, b. Postdam, NY, and Betsey, b. Harvard, Mar. 4, 1849.

Ellen, d. Samuel and Caroline, Apr. 7, 1848.

Maria, d. Morris, laborer, and Mary, Apr. 9, 1848.


Mary J.C.E., d. Almond, carpenter, and Elizabeth, July 6, 1847.


George Henry, s. William, machinist, b. Nottingham, NH, and Elizabeth, b. Lewiston, ME, at Salem, Dec. 10, 1848.


Charlotte M., d. Thomas, shoe maker, and H.P., both b. Andover, at Andover, Nov. 3, 1849.

Theophilus G., s. Theophilus, overseer, b. Stratham, NH, and Mary, b. Epping, NH, at Stratham, NH, Dec. 29, 1848.

William P., s. William P., painter, b. Strafford, NH, and Mary A., b. Barrington, NH, July 23, 1848.


Florance F., d. Aaron R., trader, and Catherine, Aug. 1, 1848.


Mary C., d. Charles, paper maker, and Celia, both b. CT, Dec. 28, 1849.


Kirk, s. Levi, mason. and Lydia, Sept. 20, 1847.


Catherine, d. William, laborer, and Catherine, Oct. 31, 1847.

Ellen, d. twin, Francis, laborer, and Catherine, Feb. 1, 1848.

James, s. twin, Francis, laborer, and Catherine, Feb. 1, 1848.


Ellen, d. William, mason, and Mary, Sept. 6, 1847.


John, s. Patrick, laborer, and Margaret [(Baugh). CR3], both b. Ireland June 1 [May 29. CR3], 1849.


Terrence E., s. James C., operative, b. Wilmington, and Mercy E., b. Unity, ME, at Manchester, NH, Feb. 14, 1849.


William, s. William, laborer, b. Scotland and Catherine, b. Ireland at Lowell, Aug. 1, 1848.


–––––, d. Jonathan T., carpenter, and Hannah, Apr. 26, 1848.

Benjamin A., s. Benjamin A., b. Deerfield, mechanic, and H.O., b. Methuen, Jan. 28, 1849.

Jason, s. John, laborer, and Hannah, Jan. 13, 1848.

Mary Elizabeth, d. adopted, George N. and Elizabeth, bp. May 23, 1847. CR2


James, s. John, laborer, and C., Dec. 12, 1848.


Imogene, d. Enoch, carpenter, b. Bridgton, ME, and Caroline, b. Cambridge, Dec. 28, 1848.


Ann Augusta, d. John, painter, b. Amesbury, and Lydia A., b. Henniker, NH, June 15, 1849.


Samuel A., s. S.A., shoe maker and M.A., July 19, 1848.


–––––, d. John and Ellen (Daley), June 3, 1849. CR3


Adelaid, d. J.M., draughtsman, b. New Market, NH, and Susan, b. Brentwood, NH, Dec. 7, 1849.

Sargent F.H., s. Thomas, carpenter, b. Billerica, and Mehitable, b. Tyngsboro, May 7, 1849.


Catherine Goddard, d. Charles S., engineer, and Lydia C., Dec. 1, 1847.


Charles A., s. William G., mason, and Sophronia, Aug. 28, 1848.

Emma Jane, d. T.S., mason, and Catherine, Oct. 31, 1848.

SULLIVAN (O'Sullivan)

Catherine, d. Cornelli, laborer, and Mary, Feb. 21, 1848.

Catherine, d. Florence and Mary, July 11, 1849. CR3

Cornelia, d. William, mason, and Mary, Nov. 17, 1847.

Dennis, s. Michael, laborer, and M., May 10, 1848.

Ellen, d. twin, John, laborer, and Julia, Apr. 29, 1848.

Ellen, d. Patrick and Honora (Fitzgerald), Aug. 9, 1849. CR3

Ellen Maria [Ellen Mary. CR3], d. John, laborer, and Ellen [(McCarthy). CR3], both b. Ireland Sept. 1 [Aug. 31. CR3], 1849.

James, s. Cornelius, carpenter, and H., both b. Ireland Nov. 18, 1848.

Johanna, d. Michael and Margart, Nov. 21, 1849. CR3

John, twin s. John, laborer, and Julia, Apr. 29, 1848.

John, s. John, laborer, and Catherine, Sept. 21, 1848.

Julia, d. Michael and Anna (O'Brien), July 24, 1849. CR3

Mary, d. Daniel, laborer, and Sally, Dec. 25, 1847.

Mary, d. Timothy and Margaret, Feb. 12, 1849. CR3

Mary, d. Patrick, laborer, and H., both b. Ireland at Mason Village, NH, Aug. 16, 1849.

Mary, d. John and Catherine (Haggerty), Dec. 2, 1849. CR3

Michael, s. Timothy, laborer, and J., both b. Ireland Oct. ––, 1848.

Roger, s. John, carpenter, and Hannah, Aug. 10, 1847.


Ann Maria, d. William H., carpenter, b. Exeter, NH, and Susan, M., b. New Brunswick, July 20, 1849.

SWEENEY (Sweeny)

Mary, d. Owen, laborer, and Catherine, [bet. Nov. 28, 1847. and Jan. 13, 1848.]

SWEENY (Sweeney)

Mary A., d. Michael, mason, and Julia, Mar. 19, 1848.


Elizabeth Emma, d. Simon, clergyman, b. Gorham, ME, and Caroline B, b. Canaan NH, at Exeter, NH, May 13, 1849.


–––––, ch. George B., physician, b. Andover, and Mary, b. Framingham, Dec. 17, 1849.

SYMONDS (Simonds)

Augustas F., s. Augustas, trader, and Betsey, Feb. 21, 1848.

James F., s. James, trader, and Sarah, June 19, 1847.

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