Joseph M.H., s. William and Mary, July 28, 1848. CR3

Sarah Ann, d. William H. and Mary (Harrison), Aug. 23, 1847. CR3

WALSH (Welch, Welsh)

Abby [Abigail. CR3], d. Thomas, butcher, and Ellen [(Mahoney). CR3], both b. Ireland Aug. 5, 1849.

Augusta Hannah, d. Peter and Charlotte, Aug. 25, 1849. CR3

Richard, s. Patrick, machinist, and Mary, both b. Ireland Mar. 3, 1849.


–––––, s. Thomas, carpenter, and Mary C., Mar. 8, 1848.


Ellen Jane, d. Michael, machinist, and Catherine, both b. Ireland at Lowell, Dec. 28, 1848.


Caroline Eulara, d. Asa B., baker, and Caroline, both b. NH, Dec. 2, 1848.


Alonzo P., s. Alpheus, laborer, and Laura A., Sept. 10, 1848.

Lucinda Anna, d. Levi, shoemaker, and Abba, Aug. 14, 1847.

WELCH (Walsh)

Richard, s. Patrick, laborer, and Margaret, Apr. 1, 1849.


Frances Harriet, d. R.H., carpenter, b. Boston, and Harriet, b. Newburyport, May 11, 1849.

WELSH (Walsh)

Charles, s. Joan, [bet. Dec. 1, 1847 and Mar. 27, 1848].

Dennis, s. Thomas, butcher, and Ellen, June 15, 1847.

Margaret Jane, d. James, mason, and Bridget, Feb. 9, 1848.


Abby Celestia, d. Eli, carpenter, and R., both b. Lebanon, ME, Jan. 26, 1849.

David, s. David, plasterer, b. Wiltoa, NH, and L C., b. Saco, ME, Aug. 18, 1849.

Olive Ann, d. David, mason, and –––––, Feb. 27, 1848.


Eliza, d. Timothy and Ellen, Dec. 25, 1849. CR3


Ellen [Wheldon. CR3], d. Bartholomew, mason, and Ellen [(McCarthy). CR3], both b. Ireland Sept. 23, 1849.


Charles Nelson, s. James N., machinist, b. Boston and Sarah, b. Andover, Sept. 19, 1849.

George H., s. George N., laborer, and Mary, May 2, 1847.

Georgianna, d. Tirrell, carpenter, and Elizabeth, Nov. 7, 1847.


Daniel Arthur, s. Lyman, clergyman, and Sophia [E.S. CR1], Aug. 10, 1847.

Cyrene Greenwood, d. Aaron, machinist, b. Amherst, NH, and Rebecca, b. Biddeford, ME, June 20, 1849.


Edgar E., s. A.N., mechanic, and Mandana, Sept. 16, 1848.


John, s. Timothy, laborer, and Catherine, Apr. 30, 1848.

Mary, d. Timothy, laborer, and Catherine [(White). CR3], both b. Ireland Oct. 10 [14. CR3], 1849.


George Curtis, s. Augustas, coppersmith, b. Lancaster, and Abigail T., b. Sanbornton, NH, Aug. 1, 1849.


Easter Olive, d. Thomas, laborer, and Mary, both b. England. Dec. 12, 1849.

Frederick Horatio, s. James, machinist, b. England and E.A., b. New Sharon, ME, Dec. 7, 1849.


Frances Adelaid, d. Cyrus, carpenter, b. Grafton, NH, and Mary, b. Enfield, NH, May 20, 1849.

George S., s. Stephen w., carpenter, b. Hampstead NH, and N.C., b. Warner, NH, Oct. 21, 1849.


Maria Jane, d. James and Louisa, bp. Oct. 17, 1847. CR2


–––––, ch. Allen, baker, and Susan, Dec. 26, 1847.

Albert De Roy, s. Mark R., carpenter, b. VT and Mary, b. Gloucester, June 10, 1849.

Caleb A., s. William G., laborer, and Esther, Mar. 15, 1848.


Corydon E., s. Elisha, overseer, b. Newton, and Augusta, b. Grafton, NH, June 4, 1849.


Ellen Augusta, d. Moses, machinist, and Lydia A., both b. Dover, NH, Feb. 19, 1849.


Clara, O., d. Lewis E., overseer, b. Langrove. VT, and M.D., b. Windham, VT, at Langrove, VT, June 21, 1849.


S.A., d. H.G., machinist, and C.W., Aug. 25, 1847.


Emma Gertrude, d. Larned M., millwright, b. St. Johnsbury, VT, and Sarah, b. Sutton, VT, Dec. 28, 1849.

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