Elizabeth Benson, d. Orrison, teamster, b. Epsom, NH, and Eliza A., b. Leeds, ME, July 22, 1849.


Charles Francis, s. William, mason, and Margaret, July 30, 1847.

William, s. John and Honora (O'Brien), Aug. 4, 1849. CR3

William, s. John, Laborer, and Hannah, both b. Ireland Oct. 4, 1849.


Melvin Augustas, s. Leonard, trader, b. Ansterlitz, NY, and Mary, b. Readfield, ME, June 6, 1849.

AHEARN (O'Hearn)

Patrick, s. Patrick and Ellen (O'Keeffe), Aug. 15, 1849. CR2


Maria I.B., d. D.D., clerk, b. Newburyport, and S.B., b. Newbury, at Newburyport, July 7, 1848.


Samuel, s. William, carpenter, b. Winchendon, and Sarah, b. Oxford, NH, at Methuen, Oct. 5, 1849.


Charlotte M., d. Moses C., mechanic, and M., July 18, 1848.

–––––, s. M. C, machinist, b. Hebron, ME, and Martha, b. Andover, Aug. 11, 1849.


John, s. Joseph and Esther (Taffe), Aug. 15, 1849. CR3


George Henry, s. Hiram S., overseer, and Delia, both b. Paulet VT, June 2, 1849.


Margaret, d. Patrick, laborer, and C., July 4, 1848.


Sarah Hellen, d. Christopher B., laborer, b. New Brunswick, and Mary A., b. Boston, at Newport, ME, Oct. 23, 1848.


George L., s. Asa, machinist, and Maria, b. NH, Sept. 11, 1849.


Walter, s. Perley, machinist, b. London, NH, and Eliza, b. Calais, VT, at Lowell, Aug. 14, 1848.

Florence W., d. I.W., teacher, and I.A., Oct. 17, 1848.

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