ABBOT (Abbott)

Augustus, and Margaret Ann Shaw, int. May 23, 1847.

ABBOTT (Abbot)

Charlotte E., and Charles W. Haskell of Gloucester, Apr. 10, 1842.*

Daniel, and [Mrs. CR5] Annice Walch, Jan. 1, 1821.*

Electa, and Moses Nesbett, jr., Dec. 24, 1837.*

James E[dward. int.], and Hannah U. [Holt. int.] Raynes, May 24, 1835.*

Job, resident in Lynn, and Charlotta Merrill of Manchester, NH, int. July 13, 1817.

John, and Lydia Carriage, Dec. 25, 1815.*

John, and Anna Larribee, Oct. 20, 1822.*

John [of South Reading. int.], and Sally H. Brown, Oct. 9, 1828.*

John C., and Lydia Maria Breed, Aug. 11, 1836.*

John C., of St. Louis, MO, and Mary Ellen Fuller, int. June 12, 1842.

Joseph W., and Abigail Chase, Oct. 30, 1838.*

Lucinda, and Stephen S. Stone, Oct. 1, 1843.*

Mary J., of Chelsea, and Alexander Peckham, int. Sept. 3, 1843.

Ruth T., and Cyrus Skales, July 16, 1835.*

Sarah F., of Andover, and Aaron Hall, int. Oct. 24, 1819.

Sarah Ann, and Benjamin Blaney, May 21, 1832.*

Sarah [T. int.], and Otis Burrill, May 20, 1841.*

William [resident in Dedham. int.], and Rebecca Breed, Jan. 1, 1818.*

ABORN (Aborne, Abourn, Abron, Aburn, Aburns, Eborn, Eborns)

Aaron, and Phebe Pope of Danvers, at Danvers, Dec. 31, 1779.*

Benjamin, and Mrs. Mary Shelden [of Reading. int.], May 8, 1760. CR2*

Benjamin, and Sally [Susanna. int.] Lewis, Apr. 8, 1821.*

Charles, of Salem, and Ann Barton, int. Apr. 24, 1836.

Ebenezer [Eborn. int.], and Margerit Molton, July 7, 1734.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Mary Goodale [Goodell. int.] of Danvers, Danvers, Nov. 9, 1752.*

Eliza, and William Pickering, Apr. 9, 1826.*

Betty, see Osborn, Betty.

Hannah, and Eliphalit Manning of Tewksbury, int. Dec. 28, 1740.

James, and Betsy Alley, Dec. 2, 1800.*

James, a resident of Lynn, and Sally Richards of Salem, int. Dec. 23, 1804.

James, and Lydia Floyd, Nov. 19, 1820.*

James, jr., and Hannah M. Hood, Nov. 27, 1825.*

John, Dr., and [Mrs. CR2] Rebakah Bancroft, Nov. 22, 1758.*

John, and Ellen M. Delnow, Oct. 5, 1848.*

Joseph P., and Lydia B. Oliver, int. Mar. 13, 1836.

Lydia, and Jonathan Shaw, Mar. 22, 1835.*

Moses, of Danvers, and Mary Tarbox, int. Mar. 15, 1752.

Ruth R., a. 22 y., shoe binder, d. James and Lydia, and Leonard Johnson, a. 21 y., cordwainer, s. Reuben and Mary, Oct. 10, 1844.*

Samuel, and Martha Bancroft, int. Oct. 29, 1720.

Susan H., and Peter Rhodes [of Danvers. int.], Nov. 25, 1834.*

Susan, and Henry Cloutman [of Woburn. int.], Mar. 6, 1836.*

Union, and John Welman, Feb. 23, 1730-31.*

ABORNE (Aborn)

Abigail, and Raham Bancroft, int. Nov. 2, 1717.

Levina, and Ephraim Wiley, Apr. 28, 1807.

ABOURN (Aborn)

Joseph, and Lydia Nurse, July 2, 1747. CTR*

ABRON (Aborn)

Ebenezer, and Katharine Jemmeny of Salem, Dec. 18, 1777.*

ABURN (Aborn)

Ebenezer, and Elizebeth Whittemore, int. June 24, 1721.

ABURNS (Aborn)

Mary, and Daniell Twist of Salem, int. Nov. 6, 1714.


Alfred, and Mary Roundy, Oct. 13, 1822.*

Alfred C., a. 24 y., cordwainer, s. Charles and Merriam, and Elizabeth Neal, a. 26 y., d. George and Abigail, of Berwick, ME, Sept. 20, 1844.*

Alfred C., and Mary L. Ingalls, int. Jan. 3, 1847.

Augusta, of Charlestown, and Henry Cobb, resident in Lynn, int. Sept. 22, 1822.

Benjamin, Rev., and Mrs. Rebakah Nickols of Reading, int. Oct. 3, 1756.

Charles, and Miriam Dow, Sept. 13, 1818.*

Charles P., and Mary Ann Ames, int. Aug. 16, 1846.

Charles, a. 20 y., cordwainer, s. Ezekiel L. and Sophia N., and Elizabeth Swan, a. 20 y., d. Thomas and Mary, June 6, 1848.*

Clymenia R., and William Henry Newhall, int. Apr. 28, 1845.

Daniel D.H., and Aroline M. Follett, May 11, 1845.*

David, and Harriett Thayer, June 9, 1846.*

Emeline, of Newton, and Rev. John Nichols, int. May 5, 1844.

Ezekiel L. [resident of Lynn. int.], and Sophia N. Carter, Sept. 28, 1828.*

Hannah, and Isaak Welman, Mar. 13, 1678-9. CTR

Harriett K., of Gloucester, and Benjamin G. Dodge, int. Dec. 17, 1848.

James R., and Julia Ann Galucia, Nov. 10, 1836.*

John Q., and Sarah H. Curtis of Marblehead, int. Sept. 4, 1847.

Joseph, and Frances H. Straw, Oct. 7, 1824.*

Joseph B., and Judith Ramsdell, Oct. 4, 1843.*

Lucy Ann P., and Enoch M. Hatch, Aug. 1, 1844.*

Lyman, and Emeline Stone, int. Oct. 24, 1841.

Margaret, of Charlestown, and William Ally, at Charlestown, Aug. 25, 1709.

Martha, and Allen Newhall, jr., June 15, 1815.*

Mary W. [of Marblehead. int.], and Henry A. Breed, Sept. 1, 1822. PR10*

Marcy, and Jesse Rhoads, jr., July 24, 1803.*

Micaijah, of Braintree, and [Mrs. CR2] Elizabeth Newhall, Oct. 15, 1761.*

Perry F., of Springfield, a. 25 y., farmer, s. Joshua and Matilda, and Harriet Ann Baily, a. 25 y., Nov. 11, 1847.*

Phebe P., and Daniel L. Mudge, Apr. 29, 1832. CR5*

Tabitha, of Medway, and Ambrose B. Galucia, int. May 26, 1833.

Thomas, "of Coltshire in Conecticut Collony, " and Sarah Collins, int. Aug. 6, 1715.

Zeruia, and Edward Sparhawk, Apr. 20, 1780.*


Betsey, b. Ireland and James Kidney, laborer, b. Ireland s. Patrick, Dec. 22, 1849.*

William, a. 25 y., laborer, b. Ireland s. Dennis, and Ann Kent, a. 27 y., b. Ireland d. Michael, Nov. 3, 1849.*


John, and Belinda Farrington, May 3, 1840.*

ALDEN (Allden)

Charles F., a. 23 y., cordwainer, s. Oliver and Melinda, and Sarah A. Betton, a. 20 y., d. Daniel and Eliza, Oct. 12, 1845.*

Sally [Nancy. CR5], and Nathan Attwill, Oct. 25, 1807.*

Solomon, and Hannah Stone, Sept. 10, 1795.


Horatio N., of Savannah [of Smithfield, RI, s. Arnold and Dollee, of Smithfield. CR1], and Lydia G. Keene [d. Josiah and Avis. CR1], 24: 10m: 1839.

Lydia, d. Moses, of Mendon, blacksmith, and Joseph Allen, housewright, s. Abraham, sea-faring man, at Mendon, Mar. 1, 1742-3. CR1


Sarah, and Nathan Harding, int. Jan. 26, 1845.

ALEY (Alley)

Joseph, and Mary Tarbox, int. Oct. 28, 1750.


James L., a. 23 y., shoe manufacturer, s. Nahum and Catharine, and Thirza J. Hildreth, a. 20 y., d. Samuel and Polly, May 30, 1844.*

ALLDEN (Alden)

Anna [(Braeme). PR17], Mrs., of Boston, and Dr. Henery Burchstead [at Boston. dup.], May 5, 1728. [May 20. dup.]

ALLEN (Allin)

Abigail, d. Abraham, and William Phillips, cordwainer, s. Walter, husbandman, Dec. 13, 1739. CR1

Abigail, and Andrew B. Breed, Oct. 3, 1821.*

Amos, and Mary Ann Davis, Nov. 30, 1830.*

Anna, of Kittery, and Samuel Breed [bef. 1815.] CR1

Ann Augusta, a. 18 y., d. Ezekiel, and William H. Ingraham of Columbia, CT, a. 21 y., cordwainer, b. Columbia, CT, s. John, Sept. 20, 1849.*

Caroline Matilda, a. 20 y., d. Edward, and Nathan Emerson of Salem, a. 27 y., shoemaker, b. Epsom, NH, s. Jesse, int. Sept. 8, 1849.

Clarissa P., a. 22 y., d. James and Susan, and David Rodman, jr., a. 22 y., cordwainer, s. David, Oct. 1, 1848.*

Comfort, of Richmond, NH, and Daniel Johnson [bef. 1826.] CR1

Edward, and Sarah W. Alley, Oct. 27, 1825.*

Edward A., and Olive Carroll, int. Feb. 15, 1846.

Eliza, and John A. Jackson, June 9, 1839.*

Elizabeth, and John Crownsheild, Dec. 5, 1694. CTR

Elizabeth [of Marblehead. int.], and Robert Gray, May 22, 1732.*

Ezekiel, and Hannah Rich, Nov. 3, 1822.*

Ezra [resident of Lynn. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Mary Breed, Mar. 19, 1789.*

Ezra, and Betsey Faulkner, Jan. 24, 1805.*

Ezra, jr., and Mary Moulton, May 13, 1813.*

Ezra B., and Elizabeth Downing, int. Aug. 19, 1838.

Gilbert D., a. 20 y., cordwainer, s. Ezekiel, and Mary Edmester, a. 23 y., b. Malden, Sept. 20, 1849.*

Hannah, and Harriss Nicholls, July 17, 1823.*

Isaac A., and Susan Holder, int. June 28, 1835.

James, Rev., of Brookline, and [Mrs. int.] Mehitable Shepherd, at Brookline, Apr. 20, 1727.*

James, and Clarisse Perkins of Wenham, int. Sept. 6, 1818.

James M., and Almira M. Haskel, July 9, 1835.*

James, and Susan H Stetson, Dec. 31, 1837.*

James M., and Mary A. Libbey, Feb. 21, 1838.*

John, and Susanah Downing, Jan. 16, 1772.*

Joseph, housewright, s. Abraham, sea-faring man, and Lydia Aldrich, d. Moses, of Mendon, blacksmith, at Mendon, Mar. 1, 1742-3. CR1

Joseph, and Sally P. Hall, Apr. 2, 1829.*

Lemuel, and [Mrs. int.] Sarah Viall, Nov. 29, 1771. CR3*

Lemuel, and Mary Roby, Jan. 30, 1778.*

Lucinda M., a. 19 y., d. Edward and Nancy, and Henry Weston, a. 24 y., cordwainer, s. George and Nabby, Dec. 12, 1848.*

Lucy of Manchester, and James Austin, int. Oct. 25, 1829.

Lucy L., and Samuel Johnson of Manchester, Oct. 15, 1839.*

Lydia H., and Edmund Nourse [jr. int.], July 13, 1838.*

Margarette, and John Williams, July 3, 1825.*

Margaret, and Jonathan Perkins, Feb. 3, 1828.*

Mary H., and Aaron Newhall, Dec. 31, 1835.*

Mary Jane, and George Winn, Apr. 14, 1841.*

Matilda B., of Eliot, ME, and Charles H. Breed, int. Apr. 16, 1848.

Moses, a resident in Lynn, and Mary Burrage of Marblehead, int. Apr. 5, 1821.

Moses, and Eliza Faulkner of Andover, int. May 25, 1834.

Moses, and Hannah P. Bell of Lowell, int. Nov. 10, 1839.

Moses B., and Hannah C. Sargent, Apr. 10, 1845.*

Rachel, and Daniel Hawks, Dec. 6, 1804.*

Robert, and Sally Fowler, Mar. 18, 1819.*

Robert, and Elizabeth L. Holder [Kellar. int.], Apr. 6, 1843.*

Ruth, b. 17: 8m: 1724, d. Abraham, of Mendon, tanner, and Benjamin Breed, cordwainer, s. Samuel, yeoman, at Mendon, Nov. 27, 1747. CR1

Samuel, and Eunice Rhodes, June 20, 1829.*

Sally, and Daniel W. Cheever, Dec. 28, 1837.*

Sarah A., and David Thayer, int. Feb. 16, 1845.

Submit S., and Edmund G. Mansfield, June 2, 1835.*

ALLEY (Aley, Ally)

Abigal, and Benjamin Breed, Jan. 17, 1788.*

Abigail, and John D. Pecker, Nov. 3, 1808.*

Abigall, and Timothy Newhall [of Exeter, NH. int.], June 29, 1824.*

Abigail L., and John B. Wentworth, Nov. 18, 1835.*

Abigail G., and George Stacey, jr., Feb. 11, 1836.*

Abner, and Sarah Webber [Weeber, resident. of Lynn. int.], May 25, 1762. [June. PR6]*

Abner, and Susanna Brown, Jan. 22, 1800. [Nov. 10. CR3]*

Abner, jr., and Sally H. Pratt, Sept. 9, 1833.*

Abner, and Sophia Bernard [Barnard. int.], May 29, 1837.*

Adaline, and Daniel Wendall Newhall, Apr. 8, 1835.*

Andrew, and Elizabeth Hawks of Marblehead, int. Jan. 23, 1820.

Anna, and Thomas Williams, Sept. 1, 1757. [Aug. 30. PR6]*

Ann C., and George Bowler, Apr. 28, 1844.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Newhall, int. Sept. 26, 1717.

Benjamin, and Hanah Hart, int. Mar. 20, 1742-3.

Benjamin, jr., and Joanna Procter, Feb. 1, 1784.*

Benjamin, 3d, and Sarah Graves, Feb. 1, 1785.*

Benjamin, cordwainer, s. Solomon, fisherman, deceased, and Rebekah, and Huldah Purinton, d. James, cordwainer, and Anne, 27: 10m: 1785. CR1

Benjamin, 3d, and Patty Richardson, May 4, 1797.*

Benjamin, 3d, and Mary F. Lambird [Mary Fullerton of Boston. int.], Mar. 27, 1812.*

Benjamin, and Ruth Parker [resident of Lynn. int.], July 15, 1827.*

Caroline A., a. 24 y., d. John W. and Sarah, and Wilson Blye, a. 28 y., morocco dresser, s. John and Sarah of Philadelhia, PA, Feb. 1, 1846.*

Caroline M., a. 16 y., d. Warren and Caroline K., and Winslow A. Bryant, a. 23 y., machinist, s. Andrew and Mary, July 8, 1847.*

Catherine C., and Henry M. Bubier, June 12, 1831.*

Catherine M., and Dr. Alexander DeLeon of Richmond, VA, int. Nov. 20, 1842.

Charles E., and Mercy W. Houghton, May 19, 1846.*

Clara N., a. 19 y., d. Nathaniel and Ruth, and Elizas Hulen, a. 23 y., cordwainer, s. Elias and Mary, Oct. 13, 1847.*

Content, d. John, cordwainer, and Sarah, deceased, and Pelatiah Purinton, cordwainer, s. Moses, of Berwick, and Peace, deceased, 21: 10m: 1789. CR1

Daniel, and Mary Stocker, Oct. 25, 1826.*

David K., and Ann E. Harris, int. Apr. 24, 1842.

Edward Augustus, and [Lydia Parrott. int.], Mar. 27, 1842.*

Edward T., and Eunice C. Foster of South Bridgton, ME, int. Sept. 25, 1842.

Eleazer, and Tabitha Ingalls, Dec. 24, 1747. CTR*

Elijah H., and Charlotte N. Putney, Oct. 21, 1835.*

Eliza, and William Brown, 3d, resident in Lynn, int. Nov. 12, 1815.

Eliza, and Joseph Warren Parrott, Dec. 15, 1841.*

Eliza Ellen, and Job C. Waitt, jr., Sept. 28, 1845.*

Elizebath, and John Richards, Nov. 1, 1757. [Nov. 10. PR6]*

Betsey, and James Aborn, Dec. 2, 1800.*

Betsey, and Daniel Watts, jr., Oct. 13, 1811.*

Elizabeth H., and Loadman Arington, Aug. 9, 1818.*

Elizabeth B., and Jeremiah B. Hill, int. Mar. 28, 1841.

Betsy J., and Egbert Burrows, Aug. 27, 1843.*

Ephraim, and Hipzibah Lewis, June 17, 1783.*

Easter, and Samuell Laughton, int. Nov. 10, 1711.

Eunice [Emeline. int.] J., and Henry W. Austin, Dec. 6, 1835.*

Evelina L., a. 19 y., d. John L. and Sally, and Eben T. Hilton, a. 21 y., carpenter, s. Winthrop and Mary M., Sept. 30, 1847.*

Ezra, and Laura Angelina Quiner, int. Sept. 16, 1832.

Ezra, and Harriett Adaline Quiner, int. July 30, 1837.

George, and Mary Symonds [of Salem. int.], Sept. 15, 1822.*

Hanah, and John Ingulls, Mar. 22, 1749-50.*

Hannah, d. John, cordwainer, and Sarah, deceased, and James Breed, cordwainer, s. Nathan, yeoman, and Kezia, deceased, 22: 9m: 1784. CR1

Hannah, and Reuben Durant, resident in Lynn, int. Feb. 26, 1815.

Hannah, a. 34 y., d. John and Mercy, and Dr. George W. Farr of Lewiston, ME, a. 37 y., physician, s. Washington, jr. and Mary, Dec. 7, 1848.*

Harriet, and Daniel Parrott, Mar. 16, 1825.*

Henry H., and Eliza Orr, int. Feb. 26, 1832.

Henry W., and Elizabeth Lewis, Aug. 19, 1832.*

Henry, and Myra W. Sturdavant of Plympton, int. Apr. 7, 1839.

Henry W., and Eliza Young, Mar. 15, 1847.*

Hepzebeth, and Joseph Atkinson, July 31, 1803.

Hepzibah, and Joseph Cheever, Oct. 16, 1814.*

Hugh, s. Samuel, housewright, and Abigail Hood, d. Richard, yeoman, Jan. 26, 1757. CR1

Huldah, and James D. Bacheller, Jan. 22, 1809.*

Jabez B., and Elizabeth Ann Washburn, Sept. 5, 1840.*

Jacob, and Mary Provender, Feb. 21, 1738-9.*

Jacob, and Huldah Newhall, June 26, 1753.*

Jacob, and Abigail Stover, Oct. 1, 1812.*

Jacob R., and Tabitha Dolliver, Jan. 6, 1825.*

Jacob, and Mehitable Witham [Gordon. int.], Dec. 13, 1826.*

James, cordwainer, s. Solomon, fisherman, and Lois Breed, d. Isaiah, husbandman, Apr. 25, 1769. CR1

James, jr., and Hannah Attwell, Aug. 23, 1783. [ Sept. 25. CR3]*

James, 3d, cordwainer, s. James and Lois, and Anne Phillips, d. James and Alice, 13: 9m: 1797. CR1

James, and Abigail Witt, May 23, 1839.*

Joanna, and John Rhoads, May 4, 1704.*

John, cordwainer, s. Benjamin, deceased, and Sarah Basset, d. Daniel, husbandman, Aug. 26, 1761. CR1

John, cordwainer, and Sarah Hood, d. Benjamin, deceased, 25: 8m: 1779.

John [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Lewis, Dec. 17, 1792.*

John, cordwainer, s. John and Sarah, deceased, and Marcy Buffum, d. Jonathan, of Salem, and Anna, at Salem, 23: 10m: 1800. CR1

John, 3d, and Mary Newhall, Nov. 13, 1815.*

John Witt, and Sally Homan, July 8, 1821.*

John, 3d, and ––––– Ramsdel, Sept. 14, 1823. PR53

John L., and Sally Ramsdill, Sept. 14, 1823.*

John C., and Margeret West, June 8, 1826.*

John, 4th, and Susan D. Melzed [both residents of Lynn. int.], Mar. 13, 1828.*

John B., and Hannah Mari Rhodes, Sept. 15, 1841.*

Jonathan, s. John, jr. and Mercy, and Abigail F. Peasley, d. James, deceased, and Elizabeth, at Salem, 8: 10m: 1840. CR1

Joseph, and Hepsaba Newhall, Jan. 14, 1724-5.*

Joseph, and Rebecah Hall, Nov. 12, 1751.*

Joseph, and Ann Johnson, Dec. 10, 1755.*

Joseph, jr., and Content Papoon, Aug. 24, 1801.*

Joseph [jr. PR25], and Anna Tarbox, May 3, 1807.*

Joseph, 3d, and Rebecca Johnson, July 28, 1812.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and [Mrs. PR53] Anna Ingalls, Dec. 28, 1820.*

Joseph, and Sarah C. Riggs, Nov. 11, 1839.*

Joseph A., a. 21 y., cordwainer, of Lunenburg, s. Joseph and Sarah, of Lunenburg, and Belinda Sleeper, a. 22 y., d. Josiah and Sarah, of Sandwich, NH, Nov. 28, 1844.*

Kezia Augusta, and Richard A. Fleming [of Medway. int.], Sept. 20, 1841.*

Lois J., and Smith Downing [jr., Oct. 5, 1829. PR53]*

Louis [Lois. int.], and Nathaniel Jones, Nov. 26, 1801.*

Lewis, and Mary Ramsdell, Nov. 28, 1808.*

Louisa, and Phillip Beasom, Jan. 6, 1833.*

Lucy H., and Eli R. Tibbetts, Apr. 5, 1838.*

Lucy H., and Samuel Jillson, June 28, 1838.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Clifford, resident in Lynn, Sept. 10, 1821.*

Lydia, and Seneca Wing [of Beverly. int.], Feb. 16, 1824.*

Lydia, and Jesse L. Bacheller, Mar. 16, 1825.*

Lydia B., and James N. Pillsbury, Nov. 1, 1830.*

Lydia C., a. 23 y., d. William and Elizabeth, and David B. Bates, a. 26 y., cordwainer, s. Thomas and Eunice, Mar. 27, 1845.*

Lydia Maria, a. 29 y., d. Lewis and Mary, and James B. Dennison, a. 24 y., cordwainer, s. Samuel and Betsey Blackley, Nov. 3, 1848.*

Mark H., and Sally I. Spinney, int. Dec. 16, 1821.

Mark H., and Mary Ingalls, Jan. 23, 1832.*

Martha, and James Mills, 1: 2m: 1671. CTR

Mary, and John Linsy, June 6, 1667. CTR

Mary, and Samuel Tarbox, int. Dec. 26, 1756.

Mary, and Samuel Hollowell, Dec. 19, 1758.*

Polly, and Thomas [John. int.] Lewis, Apr. 30, 1797.*

Polly, and Benjamin Fall, July 29, 1804.*

Polly, and William Brown, jr., Nov. 30, 1815.*

Mary Ann, and Peter Tucker, jr., June 6, 1824.*

Mary Ann, and Benjamin Francis Newhall [Oct. 26, 1828. PR53]*

Mary Ann D., and Edward C. Darling, Mar. 21, 1830.*

Mary L., and Edward Dickinson, int. Sept. 11, 1831.

Mary Ann, and Abraham Wallace, Oct. 15, 1845.*

Mary B., a. 25 y., d. John and Mary, and Ambrose Talbot of Freeport, ME, a. 25 y., mariner, s. Bailey and Joanna, Oct. 19, 1847.*

Mehitable H., a 23 y., d. Joseph and Rebecca, and George A. Reynolds, a. 23 y., shoe manufacturer, s. George and Mary, Jan. 31, 1849.*

Micajah, cordwainer, s. Solomon, decease, and Ruth Breed, d. Ebenezer, deceased, Apr. 29, 1778.

Micajah, jr., and Dorcas Wiley, Nov. 19, 1807.*

Micajah, 3d, and Lydia Johnson, Feb. 20, 1812.*

Micajah B., and Sophronia Bisbee, May 15, 1836.*

Miriam, d. Benjamin and Huldah, and Nehemiah Breed, s. William and Hannah, 15: 4m: 1812. CR1

Moses Breed, cordwainer, s. James and Lois, and Alice Phillips, d. James and Alice, 23: 4m: 1794. CR1

Moses, and Hannah Smeathurst, int. Apr. 6, 1823.

Nathan, jr., and Ruth Breed, Aug. 5, 1804.*

Nathaniel, and Kezia Newhall, Nov. 26, 1812.*

Nathaniel, and Ruthey Mayo, Nov. 23, 1818.*

Nathaniel, and Eliza Driver [of Salem. int.], Jan. 20, 1839.*

Nathaniel Q., and Ruth, a. Newhall, int. Oct. 6, 1839.

Patience, d. Solomon, cordwainer, and Jonathan Boyce of Danvers, husbandman, s. Jonathan, of Danvers, husbandman, Mar. 13, 1772. CR1

Peace B., and David S. Sweetser, int. Sept. 23, 1832.

Peter H., and Eunice Newhall, May 9, 1819.*

Rebeckah, and Crispass Graves, int. July 15, 1704.

Rebekah, d. Samuel, housewright, and Ebenezer Hawkes, blacksmith, s. Samuel, Apr. 17, 1765. CR1

Rebecah, and William Newhall, 4th [3d. int.], Jan. 2, 1791.*

Rebecca, d. James, cordwainer, and Lois, and John Southwick of Salem, schoolmaster, s. Josiah, late of Sandwich, tanner, and Elizabeth, 19: 10m: 1796. CR1

Rebecca [Newhall. int. and CR5; wid. CR5], and Jonathan Mansfield, Nov. 19, 1815.*

Rebecca, and Joseph Shaw, int. Mar. 15, 1835.

Reuben, and Hannah E. Mouton, July 9, 1837.*

Robert, and Betsey Bruce, May 5, 1845.*

Rufus, and Hannah Hamson [of Marblehead. int.], Oct. 15, 1797. CR5*

Ruth, and John Lummus, Dec. 1, 1811.*

Ruth Ann, and Joseph Howard, Aug. 5, 1840.*

Ruth Maria, d. Nathaniel, and Oliver S. Howe of Wilbraham, teacher, int. Oct. 19, 1849.

Samuel, and Abigail Basset, Dec. 12, 1728.*

Samuel, and Deborah Breed, July 16, 1758.*

Samuel, jr., and Ruth Pitcher, July 3, 1786.*

Samuel, jr., and ––––– Herskel, int. Aug. 11, 1799.

Sarah, and John Ingulls, Nov. 5, 1753.*

Sarah, and Nathan Breed, Oct. 27, 1774.*

Sally, and Nathaniel Newhall, jr. Jan. 21, 1808.*

Sally, and Aaron Newhall, Oct. 17, 1813.*

Sally, and John Cheever, Sept. 8, 1815.*

Sally, and John Sparks, Mar. 6, 1825.*

Sarah W., and Edward Allen, Oct. 27, 1825.*

Sarah M., and Alfred Chase, Mar. 5, 1837.*

Sarah Ann, and Capt. Peter Silver of Salem, int. Oct. 31, 1841.

Sarah B., and Benjamin F[ranklin. int.] Ashton, Dec. 1, 1844.*

Solomon, cordwainer, s. Benjamin, husbandman, and Rebecca Hood, d. Richard, husbandman, Oct. 20, 1742. CR1

Solomon, and Bethiah Howard of Danvers, int. Mar. 18, 1792.

Solomon, and Rachel Berry, June 10, 1796.*

Solomon, jr., and Bethiah Hall, Sept. 15, 1822.*

Susan M., and George Todd, resident in Lynn, int. Mar. 25, 1821.

Thomas W., and Almira Parrott, int. Feb. 10, 1839.

Timothy, and Abigal Witt, Apr. 8, 1787.*

Timothy, jr., and Hannah Stover, June 15, 1814.*

Timothy, 3d, and Elizabeth [S. int.] Follett [of Marblehead. int.], June 4, 1820.*

Timothy, jr., and Mehitable Chipman of St. George, ME, Nov. 3, 1840.*

Timothy, 3d, and Mrs. Sarah A. Wiggins, int. Dec. 15, 1844.

Warren A., and Caroline K. Josselyn, June 7, 1829.*

William, and Bethiah Ramsdal, Oct. 16, 1791.*

William B., and Nancy Watts, July 7, 1804.*

William, and Betsey Witt, July 3, 1806.*

William H., and Ruth Ann Burrill, Aug. 26, 1835.*

William L., and Sarah Ann Osborn, Apr. 2, 1837.*

ALLIN (Allen)

Abraham, of Marblehead, fisherman, s, John, of Marblehead, weaver, and Ruth Bassett, d. William Jan. 6, 1713. CR1*

Mary, d. Jacob, mariner, and Benjamin Boyce of Salem, 20: 8m: 1699. CR1*

Mary, and James Chever, ––– ––, 1747. CTR

Sarah, d. Abraham, and William Graves, cordwainer, s. Crispus, housewright, Nov. 22, 1738. CR1


Emma, of Boston, and John D. Fletcher, May 29, 1837.*

ALLY (Alley)

Elizabeth, and Peter Hemmingway of Boston, Feb. 23, 1777.*

Ephraim, and Mehetabel Hollowell, July 23, 1778.*

Hannah, d. Hugh, deceased, and Thomas Peairce, s. Jonathan, of Charlestown, Oct. 16, 1716. CR1*

Hugh, and Rebecka Hood, Dec. 9, 1681.

Jerushe, and William Richards, int. June 5, 1785.

John, and Joana Furnill, "middle" 6m: 1670. CTR

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Batchelor, Dec. 13, 1781.

Mary, and Nathan Ally, Dec. 1, 1777.*

Nathan and Mary Ally, Dec. 1, 1777.*

Sara, and Eleazer Linsy, Aug. ––, 1668. CTR

Sarah, wid., and Jonathan Burt of Wilmington, Nov. 29, 1784.*

William, and Margaret Adams of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Aug. 25, 1709.


Samuel C., and Maria Henford, Mar. 5, 1837.*


Harriett, and Stephen Rhodes, Aug. 11, 1836.*

Mary Ann, and Charles P. Adams, int. Aug. 16, 1846.


Henry A., and Elizabeth C. Sanford, int. June 17, 1838.


Cynthia A., and Oliver M. Stacey, Apr. 29, 1841.*

Joseph M., and Betsey Mackentire of Boston, int. Nov. 30, 1828.

ANDRAS (Andrews)

Mary [Andrews. int.], and Christopher Batten, Apr. 12, 1739.*

ANDREWS (Andras, Andrss, Andrus)

Jane, of Ipswich, and Zacheus Heberd, int. Oct. 15, 1720.

John, and Rebecca Fern, Nov. 17, 1829.*

Lucy J., of Danvers, and Thomas B. Perkins, int. June 28, 1840.

Nicholas, of Marblehead, and Mary Fairfield, June 27, 1695. CTR

Prudence, and Ivory H. Pike, Feb. 15, 1824.*

Ruthey V., of Marblehead, and Legree Johnson, int. Apr. 4, 1824.

William, and Lavina Smith, Dec. 20, 1838.*

ANDRSS (Andrews)

John, and Elisebeth Pappoon, Oct. 5, 1785.*

ANDRUS (Andrews)

John, of Marblehead, and Sarah Hood, int. Nov. 23, 1729.


David A., and Mary Ann D. Blood of Boston, int. Apr. 24, 1836.


Eliza A., and Charles E. Payson, int. Oct. 17, 1847.

Joseph E., a. 18 y., s. Mark and Angelina, and Margarett [H. int.] Wilkins, a. 16 y., d. Eben, Jan. 20, 1848.*

Lydia, and John Spinney, jr., Dec. 17, 1826.*

Mercy D., of Wells, ME, and Edwin A. Rich, int. Aug. 28, 1842.

Moses, and Lydia [Convis of Woburn. int.], Mar. 25, 1802.*

APLETON (Appleton)

Samuell, jr., and Elizabeth Whittingham, d. William, merchant, of Boston, June 19, 1682.

APPLETON (Apleton)

Charles, a. 27 y., cordwainer, b. Ireland s. Samuel, and Alice Ivers, a. 24 y., b. Ireland d. Daniel, Nov. 16, 1849.*

Martha Ellen, and Warren H. Currier, Nov. 20, 1845.*

Samuel F., a. 24 y., cordwainer, s. Benjamin Tarbox, and Hannah Augusta Nason, a. 18 y., d. Thomas, Nov. 10, 1849.*


Lucy C., of Salem, and Ebenezer Tucker, int. Aug. 22, 1847.

Ruth, of Salem, and James Green, Jan. 28, 1785. [1784. CR3]*

Sarah, and Abraham Whittaker, Sept. 7, 1694. CTR

ARINGTON (Arrington)

Loadman, and Elizabeth H Alley, Aug. 9, 1818.*

ARINTON (Arrington)

Elizebeth, and Enoch Purinton, Feb. 16, 1806.*


Eleazer, and Hana Needham, 18: 8m: 1669. CTR

Rebecka, and Samuell Tarbox, Nov. 14, 1665.


Hepzibah Ann, of Charlestown, and Charles Smith, int. June 4, 1848.

Sarah, and Henry B.C.G. Milliken of Charlestown, int. Aug. 20, 1848.


Harriett, and William H. Simpson, Aug. 4, 1833.*

Mary L., a. 35 y., d. George W. and Mary, of Norwich, CT, and Samuel D. Cross, widr., a. 46 y., cordwainer, Apr. 15, 1849.*

ARRINGTON (Arington, Arinton)

George, and Sarah M[aria. int.] Rich, Oct. 8, 1741.*

Hannah, and Ezra Rand Oct. 27, 1799. CR5*

Loadman, jr., a. 24 y., cordwainer, s. Loadman, and Almira A. Lunt, a. 22 y., b. Salem, d. John C., Oct. 30, 1849.


Fanny, and Joseph Lewis, Dec. 23, 1819.*


Agnes, and Jacob A. Johnson, Nov. 26, 1846.*

Edward H., of Malden, and Esther P. Tuck, Nov. 7, 1841*

James, and Charlotte Hyde, July 3, 1836.*


Ann Jane, a. 22 y., shoe binder, d. Samuel and Mary, and William D. Thompson, jr., a. 21 y., clicker, s. William D. and Eunice, Dec. 29, 1844.*

Benjamin F[ranklin. int.], and Sarah B. Alley, Dec. 1, 1844.*

Elizabeth L., and Henry H. Payne, Oct. 13, 1845.*

Hannah P., and Samuel Winship, Apr. 18, 1844.* [Mar. 24. dup.]

John, and Mary Ann Chapman, Oct. 1, 1836.*

Mary, and Ezra Brown, jr., Oct. 8, 1809.*

Mary L., and Robert B. Walsh, int. Apr. 16, 1837.

Phillip, and Hannah T. Thayer, Mar. 25, 1838.*

Ruthey G., and John W. Haskell, Nov. 14, 1816.*

Samuel, see Austin, Samuel.

Samuel, and Sally Newhall, Nov. 1, 1798. CR5

Samuel, jr., and Mary Lewis, May 5, 1811.*

Samuel G., and Rebecca Lewis, Dec. 25, 1817.*

Samuel, and Mary Meservey, May 11, 1826.*

Samuel G., jr., and Martha Mudge, Nov. 27, 1845.*

Sally, and William Ramsdell, Dec. 30, 1819.*

Warren, and Ann Tucker, Apr. 1, 1835.*

William, jr., and Rachel Redden, Oct. 30, 1832.*

William, and Susanna Chapman, Nov. 30, 1834.*


Hester Ann, and Michael W. Homan, Mar. 14, 1844.*

Sarah M., and Nathan Lothrop, int. July 12, 1846.

Sarah M., a. 20 y., d. John and Esther, and Richard Hazeltine, a. 25 y., cordwainer, s. Peter R. and Eliza, Sept. 16, 1847.*


Maria, and John Shaw, jr., both of Saugus, May 15, 1832. CR4

Micajah, and Jane Houghton, int. Nov. 4, 1832.


Benjamin H., and Catharine M. Roundy, int. May 22, 1842.

Caroline, and Rufus P. Questrom, Nov. 22, 1840.*

Henry, and Eliza Law, Sept. 9, 1824.*

Henry, and Mary S. Dow, int. Aug. 28, 1842.

Mary Jane, a. 17 y., d. Samuel, and Joseph Stanley, a. 24 y., fisherman, s. Thomas and Sarah, Apr. 16, 1848.*

Samuel, and Abigail Lewes, Nov. 21, 1819.*


Caroline, and Robert Knott, jr. of Boston, int. Nov. 27, 1842.

George [Joseph. PR53], and Salina S. Breed, Oct. 1, 1829.*

Hannah, and Nicholas G. Bowler, Feb. 22, 1824.*

Harriett C., shoe binder, d. Joseph, and John E. Nichols, cordwainer, s. John, Oct. 31, 1844.*

Joseph, and Hepzebeth Alley, July 31, 1803.

Joseph A., and Ruth [C. int.] Mudge [d. E.M., Esq. PR53], May 6, 1830.*

Samuel D., and Hannah Horton, May 6, 1830.*

Sarah Maria, and Thomas Stacey, Feb. 13, 1840.*

Timothy, and Sally Hallowell, Apr. 4, 1805.*

William H., and Jane M. Sturtevant, Oct. ––, 1839. [Oct. 6. int.]*

ATTWEL (Attwill)

Nathan, and Mary Stone, Nov. 24, 1768.*

ATTWELL (Attwill)

Amos, and Mary Bacheller, Dec. 23, 1806.*

Hannah, and James Alley, jr., Aug. 23, 1783. [ Sept. 25. CR3]*

Joseph, and Sarah Rhodes, July 8, 1718. CTR*

Ruthe, and James Mudge, Oct. 6, 1805.*

Zachariah, jr., and Anna Breeden, Aug. 24, 1804.*

ATTWILL (Attwel, Attwell, Atwell, Atwill)

Ann, and Henry Newhall [d. Capt. Z., Dec. 7, 1829. PR53]*

Elisebeth [Atwell. int.], and Joseph Richardson, June 23, 1797 [1796. CR5]*

Betsey F., and Benjamin Ward, Oct. 1, 1822.*

George, and Druzilla Doane [Dane of Orrington. int.], Feb. 11, 1813.*

James, and Sally Burrill, Dec. 17, 1809.*

Jesse L., and Rebecca Woodbury of Salem, NH, int. Nov. 3, 1816.

Joanna, and Christopher Bubier, June 14, 1807.

John D., and Hannah Palfrey [of Salem. int.], May 10, 1820.*

John D., jr., and Ann Burrows, Oct. 7, 1824.*

Lydia H., and Williams Ingalls, Nov. 24, 1822.*

Martha, and Jonathan Watson, Nov. 30, 1815.*

Polly, and James Clough, int. Dec. 12, 1813.

Micheson, and Sally Dimond, May 15, 1808.*

Nathan, and Sally [Nancy. int.] Alden, Oct. 25, 1807.*

Nelson R. [Capt. int.], and Abba S. Ward, June 20, 1828.*

ATWELL (Attwill)

Anna, and Nehemiah Ramsdel, jr., Feb. 12, 1778.*

Benjamin [a stranger. int.], and Hanah Brown, Oct. 18, 1748.*

Elizabeth, and Samuell Wilson, Dec. 28, 1738.*

Hannah, and Aaron Felt [of Andover. int.], Jan. 22, 1765. [Jan. 19. CR3]*

John Daget, and Martha Inguls, Nov. 18, 1794.*

Joseph, and Parn Cowell [of Stoneham. int.], Feb. 26, 1776.*

Lydia, and William Tarbox, Sept. 23, 1779.*

Polley, and Thomas Farington, Nov. 21, 1792.*

Nancy, and Joseph Hawks, Nov. 10, 1799. CR5*

Nathan, and Anna Ramsdil, Nov. 27, 1729.*

Richard, and Liddia Felt, int. Sept. 11, 1703.

Sarah, and Aaron Breed, Oct. 2, 1781.

Thomas Hicks, and Joanna Mansfield, Jan. 22, 1788.*

William, and Lydia Hicks of Boston, int. Apr. 22, 1753.

Zachariah, and Elizabeth Breed, July 16, 1778.*

Zachariah, 3d, and Mrs. Adaline Richardson, at New York, Sept. 7, 1829. PR53

ATWILL (Attwill)

Almira B., and Richard I. Burrill, Nov. 26, 1833.*

Antoinette, a. 23 y., d. Thomas H. and Lucy, and Joshua Curtis, jr. of Abington, a. 22 y., bootmaker, s. Joshua and Nancy, Nov. 25, 1847.*

Clarissa L., and Edward H. Sanger, int. Apr. 16, 1837.

Betsey, and Jonathan Tuttle, Dec. 14, 1814.*

Elizabeth H., and William Johnson, Nov. 9, 1831.*

Gustavus, and Elmira Mudge, Mar. 27, 1836.*

Hannah, wid., a. 52 y., d. Warwick and Hannah Palfrey, and Jacob Phillips, widr., a. 61 y., fisherman, s. Walter and Hannah, Apr. 2, 1846.*

Joan, and Cristephar Bubier, int. May 10, 1807.

Letitia, and Edward V. Gillman, int. Oct. 27, 1839.

Polly, and James Clough, Jan. 4, 1814.

Mary [d. Maj. J. PR53], and James C. Ward, June 9, 1822.*

Mary, and Jacob Chase, jr., Oct. 4, 1827.*

Sarah W., and Edward A. Johnson, Sept. 19, 1836.*

Thomas H., and Lucy Rhodes, June 9, 1822.*

William, and Lucretia M. Hulen, May 30, 1832. CR4


David of Waltham [of Dedham. int.], a. 27 y., teacher, s. David C. and Abigail, of Eastham, and Lucy Jane Bowler, a. 22 y., d. Thomas and Frances, July 27, 1848.*

Samuel [of West Newbury. int.], and Sarah Wilson Sparks, Feb. 12, 1830.*


Abner, and Elizabeth S. Wicks of Falmouth [bef. 1821.] CR1

Amos, and Sarah S. Noble of Salem, int. Mar. 18, 1832.

Andrew, of Berwick, yeoman, and wid. Elizabeth Collins, 10: 1m: 1800. CR1

Henry W., and Eunice [Emeline. int.] J. Alley, Dec. 6, 1835.*

James, and Lucy Allen of Manchester, int. Oct. 25, 1829.

Manuel, cordwainer, s. Manuel, of Ipswich, deceased, and Rebekah, and Theodate Newhall, d. Pharaoh and Theodate, 18: 5m: 1796. CR1

Rebecca, and Samuel S. Bancroft, int. Feb. 8, 1829.

Samuel, resident of Lynn, and Sally Newhall, int. Sept. 23, 1798.


Thomas and Betsey Gilson, Nov. 11, 1831. CR5*


Stephen, and Elezebeth Dyk, at Boston, 16: 10m: 1728. PR5

AYER (Ayers)

Mary E., of Haverhill, and Lyman Frazer, int. Aug. 17, 1845.

AYERS (Ayer, Eyer, Heires, Heirs)

Thomas J., and Mary Jane Tarbox, int. Nov. 9, 1845.

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