EAMES (Ames)

William I., of Boston, and Mary Elizabeth Childs, int. Sept. 17, 1847.


Lydia, and George W. Frazier, int. Mar. 20, 1836.

William, and Maria Sanborn, int. Aug. 23, 1835.


Hannah, and Isaiah Ramsdil, May 13, 1734.*

EASTES (Estes)

Martha, Mrs., and Samuel Smith of Newport, int. Sept. 3, 1769.


Abigail, and William E. Breed, Oct. 5, 1837.*

EATEN (Eaton)

Anne, Mrs., and Samuel Wilson, int. Dec. 7, 1777.

Joseph, and Mrs. Mary Eaten of Reading, int. Aug. 31, 1777.

Mary, Mrs., of Reading, and Joseph Eaten, int. Aug. 31, 1777.

EATON (Eaten, Eatton)

Abygall, and Ebenezer Bancraft, May 19, 1692.

Anna, and William Chever, Jan. 10, 1763.*

Benjamin, and Anna Rann, May 21, 1730.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Riddon [Reddan. int.] of Marblehead, at Marblehead, July 5, 1759.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Sparrahawk, int. Jan. 31, 1781-2.

Catharine, and Samuel Childs of Marblehead, int. Feb. 24, 1833.

Charity, Mrs., and Thomas Nichols of Reading, int. Feb. 22, 1767.

Daniell, and Mary Collins of Salem, Oct. 7, 1701.*

Daniell, and Abigaile Heburd, Oct. 9, 1704.*

Elizabeth, and John Bancroft, Sept. 24, 1678.

Elizebeth, and Ebenezer Gowing, Apr. 10, 1724.*

Elisabeth [Mrs. int. and CR2], and Samuell Pool of Reading, Oct. 19, 1758.*

Elizabeth, and Jesse Gay of Andover, Aug. 11, 1834.*

Easter, and David Welman, Jan. 7, 1730-31.*

Unice, and Jacob Brown [of Reading. int.], Jan. 18, 1757. CR2*

Hannah, of Reading, and Nathaniel Gowing, Dec. 7, 1719.*

Hannah, and [Dr. int.] Moses Nichols [of Amherst. int.], July 7, 1761. CR2*

Irene, and Micajah Hurrill, int. Aug. 24, 1834.

Jacob, and Mehitabel Breed, int. Oct. 29, 1727.

Jacob, and Mary Collins, int. June 24, 1739.

James, and Sarah Raddin, both of South Reading, June 24, 1841.

Jeremiah, and Margerit Hawks, Apr. 10, 1722.*

Jeremiah, and Hannah Osgood of Andover, Nov. 3, 1730.*

Joseph, of Reading, and Mary Person, at Reading, May 18, 1709.

Joseph, [of Reading. int.], and Elizabeth Mansfield, Nov. 12, 1730.*

Joseph [of Medford. int.], and Anna Hutchinson, May 9, 1751.*

Joseph, and Mary Eaton of Reading, at Reading, Sept. 25, 1777.

Levi B., of South Reading, and Olive Harding, int. Oct. 11, 1846.

Martha, and Peeter Emmons of Ipswich, int. Nov. 19, 1698.

Mary, and Anthony Slafter, Dec. 30, 1712.*

Mary [of Reading. int.], and John Mansfield, Oct. 26, 1731.*

Mary, and John Pope of Salem, at Salem, Apr. 22, 1736.*

Mary, and Joseph Brown, of Reading, at Reading, Dec. ––, 1763.*

Mary, of Reading, and Joseph Eaton, at Reading, Sept. 25, 1777.

Mary E., and Isaac B. Breed, Sept. 4, 1834.*

Mehitabel, and Thomas Eaton, int. Feb. 6, 1742-3.

Phebe [Eton. int.], of Reading, and Thomas Hart of Lynn End, at Reading, Aug. 24, 1749.*

Prissillah, and Joseph Dodge of Beverly, int. July 6, 1705.

Rachel M., of Charlestown, and John Crapo, int. Aug. 28, 1836.

Samuel M., and Charity Jackson, Dec. 20, 1835.

Sarah, and John Poole, jr., May 16, 1709.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Garey, May 29, 1739.*

Thomas, and Easter Burnap, Dec. 9, 1707.*

Thomas [of Reading. int.], and Mary Gowing, Jan. 24, 1721-2.*

Thomas, and Mehitabel Eaton, int. Feb. 6, 1742-3.

William, and Mary Ann Fulton, Jan. 8, 1840.*

William G., and Salina C. Dodge, July 6, 1845.*

EATTON (Eaton)

Grace, and Henery Silsby, Nov. 18, 1680.

William, and Mary Burnit, Jan. 12, 1692.

EBORN (Aborn)

Hannah, and Edward Twiss of Salem, at Salem, Feb. 3, 1708 [-9. int.]*

EBORNS (Aborn)

Benjamin, and Mary Bovil of Marblehead, at Marblehead, June 2, 1786.


Patience, of Swansea, and Henry Chase, at Swansea, Aug. 14, 1796.*

EDMANDS (Edmunds)

Lot, and Ester Burrill, Oct. 18, 1810.


Aaron, and Lois Smith, Jan. 18, 1821.*

Eliza, and Perez Coombs [of Thomaston, ME. int.], Nov. 3, 1841.*

James, and Lydia [Martha. PR53] Knight, Jan. 27, 1822.*

Mary, a. 23 y., b. Malden, and Gilbert D. Allen, a. 20 y., cordwainer, s. Ezekiel, Sept. 20, 1849.*

Moses, and Susanna Lefavour, int. Sept. 27, 1835.

Sally H., and James Pickering, Jan. 12, 1823.*

EDMONDS (Edmunds)

Abigail, and David Potter, Nov. 28, 1752.*

David, and Hannah Hinkson, Aug. 8, 1717.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Brideen, resident of Lynn, int. Jan. 22, 1780.

George, and Esther Boyce of Salem, at Salem, Nov. 3, 1747.

Jonathan, and Sara Hudson, 16: 10m: 1662. CTR

Jonathan, and Sarah Hall of Boston, June 27, 1717.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Burges, Jan. 27, 1685.

Mary, and Asa Boynton, Apr. 10, 1781. [Apr. 20, 1782. CR3]

Robard, and Abigail Doutey, Oct. 28, 1717.*

Samuell, and Elizabeth Merriam, Aug. 11, 1675.

Sarah, and John Burrill, Mar. 6, 1734-5.*

EDMONS (Edmunds)

Mehitabel, and John Burnull, Jan. 15, 1716-17.*

Samuell, jr., and Elizabeth Rhoads, Dec. 4, 1705.*

Samuel, and Sarah Berry of Attleboro, int. Aug. 17, 1716.

EDMUNDS (Edmands, Edmonds, Edmons)

–––––, and Samuel Breden, Feb. 19, 1780. CR3

Charles G., and Harriett B. Standley, int. Sept. 29, 1839.

Joseph, and Mary Pratt of Charlestown, int. Oct. 25, 1707.

Joseph, and Mary Fry, Jan. 2, 1752.*

Lot, of Malden, and Ester Burrill, int. Aug. 12, 1810.

Lot, jr., of Saugus, a. 22 y., b. Saugus, yeoman, s. Lot and Sarah, and wid. Sarah Edmunds, a. 27 y., d. Ebenezer and Sarah Paine, Aug. 7, 1844.*

Mary, and Joseph Hutchings, Sept. 1, 1657. PR4

Samuel, and Elizabeth Bridges, Jan. 27, 1685. PR4

Sarah, wid., a. 27 y., d. Ebenezer and Sarah Paine, and Lot Edmunds, jr. of Saugus, a. 22 y., b. Saugus, yeoman, s. Lot and Sarah, Aug. 7, 1844.*

Susannah, and Walsingham Chilson, Oct. 20, 1709.*


Hannah, and George Ingersoll of Manchester, int. Dec. 20, 1846. (Marriage forbidden)

Lydia [of Gloucester. int.], and Collins I. Parrott, Aug. 28, 1828.*

Roger, and Sarah Hobs of Ipswich, int. Jan. 1, 1714-15.


Samuel, of Yarmouth, and Mary Bates, at Yarmouth, Jan. 26, 1703-4.

Thankful, of Chatham, and Blaney Parrott, int. Sept. 21, 1828.


Elizabeth, and Thomas Owens of Marblehead, int. Nov. 22, 1708.

Sarah, and William Peach of Marblehead, int. Nov. 25, 1710.


Ebenezer, and Anna Whitmarsh of Beverly, int. Aug. 31, 1823.


Sally [of Boston. CR5], and Elijah Chase, May 24, 1819.*


Alexander, of Woburn, and Sarah J. [I. int.] Peck, Nov. 26, 1846.*

David, s. Mordacai and Priscilla, of Hanover, and Maria Loud, d. David and Charity, of Weymouth [bef. 1827]. CR1

Elizabeth, of Hanover, and John Pratt [bef. 1818]. CR1

James [of Seekonk. int.], and Content P[hillips. int.] Silsbee, Oct. 26, 1835.*

James, and [Mrs. int.] Mehitable G. Davis, Feb. 18, 1847.*

Joseph, of Killing, and Lidia Rhoads, Oct. 17, 1727.


Hannah, and Thomas Frothingham, Sept. 24, 1815.*


Amariah K., and Sarah H. Stocker, Mar. 12, 1837.*


Mary, and Jacob Burrill, int. July 1, 1699.


Joseph, of Reading, and Phebe Upton, at Reading, Dec. 7, 1749.*

Joseph, of Chelmsford, and Elizebath Bryant, Sept. 20, 1768.*

Mary, Mrs., of Reading, and Thomas Chever, int. Sept. 30, 1753.

Nathan, of Salem, a. 27 y., shoemaker, b. Epsom, NH, s. Jesse, and Caroline Matilda Allen, a. 20 y., d. Edward, int. Sept. 8, 1849.

William, and Mary Ann Blackey, int. Apr. 28, 1847 (Deferred at the request of Mr. Emerson)

EMERTON (Emmerton)

Abigail E., and James Sweetzer, ––– ––, 1836. [May 8. int.]*

Albert, and Anna Burchstead [Mar. 17, 1836. PR17]*

Almira, and Joseph L. Pratt, int. May 8, 1836.

Ellen D., and William H. Wiggin, int. Jan. 26, 1845.

Increase N., and Alice C. Blake, Mar. 20, 1829.*

Jeremiah, and Mary Ann Mansfield, Nov. 6, 1834.*

John I., of Saugus, and Eliza B. Mudge, Aug. 16, 1831.*

–––––, and George Robinson, at Salem, Aug. 4, 1823. PR53 [Mary. From Salem VRs.]

Rebecca, and Lambert Tuttle, Dec. 2, 1828.*

Remember, and Nehemiah A. Breed [May 6, 1827. int.]*


Ralph [of Jeffery, NH. int.], and Susan Williams, June 7, 1827.*

EMES (Eames)

Lucius, and Adaline B. Pratt, May 4, 1843.*

EMMERTON (Emerton)

Jeremiah, and Mary Newhall, Feb. 6, 1799.*

EMMONS (Emons)

Martha, and Moses Browne of Boxford, int. Apr. 15, 1719.

Peeter, of Ipswich, and Martha Eaton, int. Nov. 19, 1698.

EMONS (Emmons)

Clarrisa, and William H. Holt, May 28, 1837.*


Mehitabel, and John Hart, int. May 21, 1732.


Francis, and Eliza Newhall, int. Apr. 16, 1826.


David Dixon, and Sally Feirn, Jan. 9, 1798. CR5*

James, and Hannah Richardson, June 18, 1843.*

Joseph, cordwainer, s. John, of Andover, yeoman, and Mary, and Hannah Hawkes, d. John, cordwainer, and Jerusha, 29: 6m: 1791. CR1

ESTES (Eastes)

Aron ["a Stranger. " int.], and Ester Richards, June 7, 1723.*

Aaron, jr., and Molly Hooper, both of Topsfield, Oct. 23, 1766.

Abijah, of Salem, and Lydia Hawks, Oct. 25, 1812.*

Anna, d. William, hatter, and Ruth, and Isaac Hacker of Salem, shoreman, s. Jeremiah, of Salem, shoreman, and Lydia, deceased, 26: 4m: 1774. CR1

Clarissa H., of Salem, and James W. Dearborn, resident in Lynn, int. Dec. 19, 1841.

David, and Maria Burrill, July 1, 1838.*

Elizabeth, and John Rhoads, May 8, 1740.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph H. Swain, int. June 18, 1848.

Ezekiel, s. Mark and Elizabeth, deceased, and Mary Breed, d. Ebenezer, of Weare, NH, deceased, and Mary, deceased, 23: 10m: 1805. CR1

Ezekiel F., a. 26 y., coordwainer, s. Ezekiel, and Elizabeth A. Ingalls, a. 23 y., d. Joseph, jr., Feb. 19, 1849.*

Ezra B., and Emeline A. Swan, Sept. 5, 1839.*

Gulielma Maria, and Thomas Ripley, widr., Mar. 11, 1846.*

Hannah, d. John, deceased, and Isaiah Breed, cordwainer, s. Jabez, yeoman, Apr. 12, 1748. CR1

Hannah, d. William, hatter, and Daniel Newhall, cordwainer, s. Samuel, yeoman, Apr. 25, 1769. CR1

John, s. Matthew, mariner, and Hannah Bassett, d. William, yeoman, 15: 12m: 1705-6. CR1*

John, of Marblehead, blacksmith, s. John, of Salem, deceased, and Elisabeth Norwood, d. Francis, at Boston, Aug. 10, 1732. CR1*

John, and Mary J. Bisbee, Nov. 1, 1835.*

Joseph, and Harriett W. Whitney of Grafton, int. Sept. 11, 1836.

Lydia B., and Edward Goldsmith, May 24, 1832.*

Mark, jr., and Sophronia Ann Rich, Apr. 25, 1833.*

Mary Ann [d. Ezekiel and Mary. CR1], and Gilbert Boyce [s. Jonathan and Anna. CR1], Oct. 14, 1836.

Matthew, and Philadelphia –––––, 14: 4m: 1676. CR1

Matthew, cordwainer, s. John, deceased, and Martha Blany, d. David, of Salem, tanner, Sept. 19, 1744. CR1

Matthew, cordwainer, s. John, deceased, and Anna Newhall, d. Samuel, husbandman, Sept. 16, 1746. CR1

Mathew, and Polly Evens, June 21, 1812.*

Rebecca, and Benjamin H. Currier, Apr. 14, 1836.*

Ruth, d. William, feltmaker, and Amos Breed, s. Ebenezer, deceased, Apr. 30, 1766. CR1

Ruth, and Edward B.T. Gove, Nov. 16, 1826.*

William, felt maker, s. John, deceased, and Ruth Graves, d. Mark, deceased, Jan. 1, 1745-6. CR1

William, and Rebekah Chase, July 3, 1805.*

William, jr., and Almira Choat, Oct. 8, 1826.*

William H., and Rebecca L. Dodge, Oct. 27, 1835.*


Richard S., and Amanda Hubbard, int. Mar. 29, 1846.

EVANS (Evens, Evins)

Abigail, of Marblehead, and Erazmus Brickett, int. Nov. 13, 1825.

Eleazer, and Sarah Jane Coffin of Gilead, ME, int. May 15, 1847.

Elizabeth, of Salem, and Jeremiah Farrington, at Salem, Feb. 2, 1738.*

James, and Ann M. Smith, Jan. 2, 1820.*

John, "a stranger," and Sarah Larribe, int. Nov. 11, 1775.

John P., and Margate Lewis [residents in Saugus. CR5], Apr. 19, 1820.

Lois, of Marblehead, and Varenus Parrott, int. May 8, 1831.

Mary Ann, and Horace Thompson, int. Nov. 22, 1846.

Mary Ellen, a. 32 y., d. David, and Thomas Frazar, 2d m., of Dorchester, a. 36 y., mechanic, s. Samuel A., July 4, 1849.*

Rebecca K., a. 20 y., b. Moultonboro, NH, d. Theodore, and William Clark, a. 21 y., cordwainer, b. Gloucester, s. John, int. Dec. 22, 1849.

EVELETH (Evileth)

Mary Ann, of Essex, and William M. Haskell, int. July 10, 1836.

EVENS (Evans)

Amos, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Blaney, Jan. 20, 1778.*

Polly, and Mathew Estes, June 21, 1812.*

EVILETH (Eveleth)

John, and Sarah M. Winn, Oct. 30, 1845.*

EVINS (Evans)

Eunice, of Marblehead, and Benjamin Cornish, resident in Lynn, int. Mar. 1, 1812.


Judeth [Jude Eveley. int.], and Kimbal Ramsdal, May 31, 1795.*

EYER (Ayers)

Sarah, d. John, of Newbury, and Richard Collins, s. Joseph, cooper, at Salem, Oct. 9, 1729. CR1

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