Eli A., and Eunice Gould of Stoneham, int. Nov. 2, 1823.

Joseph B., of Newburyport, a. 25 y., sailmaker, s. David and Jane, and Lydia [H. int.] Lambord, a. 22 y., d. Rev. Benjamin F. and Polly, Nov. 29, 1847.*


John, and Abigail Green, Nov. 12, 1797. CR5*

Abegail, and Joseph Smith, Mar. 29, 1807.*

Moses, and Mary Ramsdill, Apr. 2, 1828.*

Moses, and Mary Guilford, of Danvers, int. Aug. 15, 1841.


Charles E., and Abbe H. McIntire, Dec. 25, 1842.*

Joseph, a. 22 y., cordwainer, and Eliza Maria Williams, d. Seth, Aug. 7, 1849.*


Elizabeth, of Salem, and William Curtis, at Salem, Nov. 3, 1736.*

John [of Salem. int.] and Hanah Curtis, June 30, 1737.*

Thomas [a "stranger" int.] and Martha Snow, Dec. 3, 1744.*

Henry, and [Mrs. PR6] Eunice Howard, Feb. 5, 1767.*

Sarah, and Meshack Ramsdell, May 2, 1768. CTR*

Elisebeth, and Joseph Brown, jr., Feb. 6, 1787.*

Daniel, Rev., resident of Lynn, and Polly Mills Glidden of Northfield, NH, int. Aug. 7, 1808.

Ruthey [resident in Lynn. int.] and Rev. Martin Ruter [of Boston. int.] Apr. 10, 1809.*

Clarisa, and David Vickery, Feb. 11, 1810.*

Bradbury S., and Susan P. Parsons, int. May 14, 1837.

Eliza, and Henry W. Alley, Mar. 15, 1847.*

John M., a. 28 y., laborer, and Elizabeth Black, a. 28 y., Oct. 30, 1848.*


Jonathan, of Roxbury, and Sarah Ramsdell, int. Oct. 8, 1709.

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