ABBOT (Abbott)

Ebenezer T., of Reading, and Ruth Hewes, Feb. 19, 1835.*

ABBOTT (Abbot)

Mary E.P., of Andover, and Rev. Henry S. Greene, int. Nov. 1, 1839.

John B., and Caroline D. Woodbury (Woodbridge), both of Andover, June 28, 1843. CR1

Sophronia, and David Gray, widr., farmer, both of Andover, Sept. 11, 1845.


Ebenezer, and [Mrs. CR1] Mehetable Larrabee, Feb. 5, 1784.

Rebecca, and James Gould, Jan. 26, 1786.

Mary, and Amos Butler, May 20, 1787.

Samuel, and Polly Flint, Apr. 17, 1788.

Lavina, of Danvers, and Ephraim Wiley, int. Apr. 12, 1806.

Eben, and Betsey Gowing, Apr. 26, 1812.*

Lucy, and Capt. William Skinner, Oct. 3, 1813.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Eaton of Reading, int. Dec. 17, 1814.

Clarissa, and Thomas Bancroft, jr. [of Salem. int], June 1, 1815.*

Eliza, and Jesse Skinner, May 3, 1819.*

Joseph, and [wid. int.] Sally Williams, Nov. 4, 1819. CR1*

John, and Elizebeth Gould of South Reading, int. Oct. 28, 1820.

Eben, and Mary Spiny, Dec. 19, 1821.*

Warrin, and Sarah B. Emerson of South Reading, int. Dec. 22, 1821.

Mary [S. int.], and Jonathan Nichols, Feb. 6, 1822.*

John S., and Harriot Spinney, Nov. 1, 1829.*

Rebecca B., and Elbridge A. Haywood of Reading, Nov. 23, 1829.*

Ruth, and Henry Pope of South Reading, int. Nov. 19, 1842.

Jane E., d. Eben, and Hiram L. Newhall, farmer, s. Asa T., July 6, 1846.*


Elizebeth [Mrs. CR1], and Joseph Bullard, Nov. 7, 1784.

Benjamin [Dr. CR1], and Lois Orne, Mar. 9, 1788.

Lois Orne, and David Damon [of Reading. int.], June 17, 1816.*


Rachel H., of South Reading, and James G. Perkins, int. Mar. 29, 1845.


Martha, and Jeremiah Flint of Reading, int. Jan. 26, 1828.

Pierre S.M., and Mary P. Oliver of Roxbury, int. May 15, 1841.


Rebeccah, of Danvers, and Aaron Nurse, at Danvers, Apr. 4, 1787.


Ephraim [of Middleton. int.], and Sally Tapley, May 23, 1805.*

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