Mehitable, of Salem, and John F. Burnham of Essex, Dec. 1, 1836.


William, and Anna Forstor, int. May 18, 1746.


Edward, and Catherine Duffy, int. Aug. 5, 1846.

GALLAWAY (Galloway)

Jane [Jenny. int.], and Andrew Morse of Beverly, Jan. 12, 1758.*


Isaac [of Beverly. int.], and Annis Allen, Oct. 7, 1807. CR*

GALLOWAY (Gallaway)

Abigail ["Misrs. " int.], and Bartholomew Flowers, Dec. 24, 1766.*

John, and Abigail Cros, Sept. 10, 1733.*

GARDNER (Geardner)

Dorkas, and Joseph Badcock [jr. int.], Apr. 6, 1794. CR*

Eunice, and Jeremiah Allen, June 17, 1748.*

Joseph, and Polly Brown of Gloucester [of Salem. int.], Dec. 21, 1802. CR*

Polly, and Bartholomew Stephens, Oct. 28, 1796.*

GEARDNER (Gardner)

Abigail, Mrs., wid., of Glocester, and Capt. Aaron Bennet, int. Feb. 21, 1735-6.


Jane [Jane Carish. int.], of Gloucester, and Andrew Morgan, at Gloucester, Oct. 1, 1747.*


Thomas, and Mary Downing [jr. int.], Dec. 25, 1767.*

Thomas P., and Abigail Mears of Essex, int. Apr. 17, 1842.

GIDDENS (Giddings)

Aaron, of Ipswich, and Mrs. Lucy Procter, Oct. 12, 1780.*

Abigail, of Ipswich, and John Smith, Dec. 27, 1810.

GIDDINGS (Giddens, Gidens)

Joseph, and Prudence Knowlton, at Ipswich, Jan. 9, 1737.

GIDENS (Giddings)

Joseph, of Ipswich, and Prudance Knowlton, int. Dec. 25, 1737.

GILBERT (Gilboard)

Abigail, of Gloucester, and William Hooper, at Gloucester, Dec. 11, 1766.*

John Goldsmith, a. 25 y., carpenter, b. Gloucester, s. Samuel P. and Sally, of Gloucester, and Mary Cline Thompson, a. 20 y., d. Benjamin and Lydia, Sept. 11, 1847.*

Samuel P., of Gloucester, and Sally Goldsmith, Feb. 10, 1815. CR*

Thomas, and Priscilla Harskel [Haskell. int.], Dec. 12, 1793. CR*

GILBOARD (Gilbert)

Hannah, of Gloucester, and Joseph Knight, jr., int. July 8, 1775.


Matthew [Mathew. int.], and Harriet [N. int.] Allen, May 31, 1831.*


Sarah C., and John W. Brown, May 22, 1842. TC*


Amelia S., and Thomas S. Blanchard, int. June 23, 1849.

Richard C., and Mary Frances Lynn, July 25, 1841. TC*


Nabby, and David Bennett, Mar. 29, 1807. CR*

Amos H., and Clarinda May, Mar. 20, 1844. TC*

Annis [Mrs. CR], and Thomas Perkins of Topsfield, Aug. 18, 1840.*

Eleaner, Mrs., and Downing Lee, jr., Apr. 18, 1777.*

Elezebeth, Mrs., and John Lee, jr., Sept. 12, 1782.*

Elizabeth, and Simeon Haskell, Sept. 5, 1802. CR*

Elizabeth, and Capt. David Crafts, June 4, 1809.*

Elizabeth, and William Russell, Oct. 4, 1835.*

George, and Lydia Lee, Feb. 15, 1776.*

George, Capt., and Betsey Russell, int. Dec. 15, 1811.

George [jr. int.], and Annis Lee, Mar. 29, 1812. CR*

Joanna, and Capt. John W. Allen [3d. int.], Oct. 12, 1805. CR*

John Stevens, and Mrs. Joanna Allen, Dec. 7, 1779.*

John, Capt., and Abagail Ingersoll, Oct. 9, 1805. CR*

John [Capt. CR], and Elizabeth Stone, Apr. 24, 1831.*

John S., and Mary E. Patch, Oct. ––, 1838.*

John, 2d, and Ann M. Johnson of Bradford, int. Jan. 3, 1846.

Lucy [Ann L. int.], and George B. Tucker of Lynn, Nov. 26, 1834.*

Lydia, and Stephen Danford, Dec. 4, 1798.*

Lydia, and James Allen, Mar. 26, 1812. CR*

Lydia, and Isaac Morgan, Oct. 21, 1830.*

Peggy, and William Morse, jr., int. Apr. 19, 1829.

Mary, and Samuel Allen, May 21, 1816. CR*

Mary [E. int.], and Joseph [H. int.] Morse, Oct. 31, 1833.*

Rebecca, and [Capt. int.] Richard Allen, Dec. 22, 1833.*

William, and Peggy Hilton, Jan. 16, 1801.*


John, and Anna Elliot, both of Beverly, Feb. 1, 1816. CR


John, and Lydia Hassam [Harsham. int.], Sept. 16, 1802. CR*

Lydia, and David Lee, Nov. 4, 1823.*


William, and Lydia Richardson, May 30, 1841. TC*


Abigail, and Thomas Allen, Mar. 31, 1811.

Abigail [Abigail M. Allen. int. and CR], and Merrit Lennan, Dec. 14, 1833.* [Dec. 8. CR]

Abigail H., and Nathaniel P. Sanborn, int. Oct. 17, 1846.

Abram, and Emily K. Gorden of Salem, int. Feb. 24, 1849.

Ann [H. int.], and Alfred Whitney of Boston, Dec. 1, 1836.*

Charlotte A., and Joseph S, Chase, int. Nov. 13, 1847.

David, and Elizabeth Stone, Dec. 2, 1813. CR*

Edward K., and Judith [R. int.] Day of Ipswich [of Gloucester CR], Nov. 24, 1825.*

Eliza, and Benjamin R. Millet, Jan. 13, 1824.*

Elizabeth, of Andover, and Jacob Lee, int. Sept. 22, 1802.

Betsy W., and John B. Hanson [of Lynn. CR], Oct. 12, 1841. TC*

Emily S., a. 21 y., d. Zacheus and Olive, and Larkin Woodbury, widr., a. 54 y., cabinet maker, b. Beverly, s. Asa and Anna, Nov. 4, 1848.*

Gilman H., and Elizabeth [L. int.] Aldrich, Feb. 9, 1836.*

Jefferd, and Mrs. Abigail Morgan of Glocester, int. Mar. 19, 1780.

John, and Susan R. Knight of Gloucester, int. Nov. 23, 1822.

Louisa, and Frederic Burnham, Nov. 23, 1841. TC*

Lucy, and John West, July 20, 1820.

Martha, and William Weeks of Lynn [of Salem. int.], Jan. 3, 1836.*

Mary, and William Burnham, 5th of Ipswich, int. Sept. 14, 1811.

Mary, and William [H. int.] Flowers of Salem, Nov. 20, 1834.*

Mehitable, a. 45 y., d.gifford and Abigail, and Ariel Parish Lee, widr., a. 48 y., fisherman, s. Israel and Margaret, Oct. 17, 1844.*

Nathan [B. int.], and Charlotte [A. int.] Procter, Oct. 14, 1827.*

Nehemiah, and Elizabeth Kitfield, May 7, 1801.*

Nehemiah, and Betsy West, June 14, 1818. CR*

Olive M. [Maria. int.], and Abram [Abraham. int.] Row, Dec. 2, 1832.*

Sally, and Samuel P. Gilbert of Gloucester, Feb. 10, 1815. CR*

Sally, and David H. Ellery of Gloucester, June 26, 1836.*

GOOALLE (Goodale)

Ezekel, and Leedde Lee, Dec. 11, 1718.

GOODALE (Gooalle)

Lydia, and Benjamin Presson, May 6, 1737.*

GOODEN (Goodwin)

Sarah, of Gloster, and Eppharam Jons, July 6, 1721.


John N., Rev., of Rowley, and Emily Leach, May 5, 1836.*


David, of Beverly, and Marcy Roberts, int. Dec. 31, 1809.

David, and Abigail Lendall, int. Apr. 8, 1838.

Frances R., of Ipswich, and Henry A. Cheever, int. Dec. 3, 1839.

George W., and Mary [Eliza. int.] Morse, Nov. 5, 1836.* [Nov. 6. CR]

Joann, and Dean N. Kimball [formerly Babcock. CR], Nov. 8, 1840.*

Samuel, and Deborah Crafts, Dec. 3, 1829.*


Israel D., and Joann Lendall, Apr. 30, 1843. TC*

GOODWIN (Gooden)

Thomas, and Mary Jane Morgan, Jan. 1, 1842. TC*


Elezabeth, Mrs., and Benjamin Thompson of Marblehead. Apr. 1, 1784.*

Emily K., of Salem, and Abram Goldsmith, int. Feb. 24, 1849.


Daniel, of Gloucester, and Racheal Littlefield, at Gloucester, Dec. 22, 1726.*


John A., a. 26 y., teacher, b. Topsfield, s. John and Mary, of Topsfield, and Elizabeth C. Leach, a. 20 y., d. Benjamin and Susan, Oct. 5, 1845.*


Robert, and Elizabeth Hibbert, Oct. 25, 1763.*


Nancy, of Boston, and Isaiah Knowls, int. Oct. 22, 1847.


Rebecca, and Simeon F. Miller, Dec. 17, 1837.*


John, of Marblehead, and Lucy Knight, int. Apr. 28, 1764.

Thomas, and Mrs. Elezebeth Badcock, Oct. 14, 1777*.


Polly, of Gloucester, and Nathaniel Hooper, at Gloucester, Dec. 1, 1791.*

Moses P., of West Newton, a. 28 y., doctor, b. Haverhill, s. Samuel E. and Sarah, of Haverhill, and Susan M. Allen, a. 21 y., d. Enoch and Susan, Oct. 8, 1846.*


Eleanor, of Salem, and Samuel Hilton, at Beverly, Apr. 12, 1733.*


Jacob, of Beverly, and [Mrs. CR] Lydia Danforth, Dec. 1, 1829.*


Horace H., and Aurela T. Bingham. Jan. 7, 1819. CR*

John M., Dr., of Methuen, and Nancy Crafts, int. Apr. 30, 1820.


Abigail, and William Pew, int. Feb. 15, 1767.

Solloman, and Rachel Bishop, Nov. 17, 1718. CTR


Thankful, of Beverly, and Elias Smith, at Beverly, Feb. 26, 1765.*


Nathan W., of Beverly, and Anna T. Lendall, Nov. 9, 1834.*


Rufus C., a. 23 y., overseer on railroad, s. John and Polly, of "NY," and Caroline E. Allen, a. 20 y., d. Stephen and Nancy, Dec. 27, 1847.*

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