Sally, and Abraham Warner, Nov. 13, 1785.*


Ariel, Rev., and ["Mrses. " int.] Hannah Chute of Rowley [of Byfield. int.], at Rowley, July 17, 1792.*


Wiseman B., and Sarah W. Tuck, Dec. 4, 1834.

PARSON (Parsons)

Samuel F., and Sophia Anibal [Annable. CR], Oct. 28, 1832.*

PARSONS (Parson, Persons)

Charles L., of Gloucester, and Elizabeth [A. int.] Standley, Dec. 14, 1840.*

Charles L., widr., a. 25 y., baker, s. Lemuel C. and Elizabeth, and Keziah Peart, d. Jacob and Statira, Oct. 4, 1844.*

Goram [Gorham. int.], jr., of Gloucester, and Mehitable [G. int.] Allen, July 23, 1836. CR*

Isaac, widr., a. 43 y., tanner, s. Isaac and Judith, and Elizabeth Adams, wid., a. 35 y., d. Horatio and Tamson Headi, July 9, 1844.*

Lucy A., of Gloucester, a. 22 y., d. Isaac and Lucy, and Winthrop L. Parsons of Gloucester, a. 25 y., "no trade,", s. Miah and Caroline, Dec. 8, 1845.

Mary Jane, and Thomas Leach, Sept. 28, 1831.*

Samuel, of Gloucester and Ruth Lee, int. Nov. 28, 1713.

Sarah Ann, and John H. Morgan, Oct. 22, 1842. TC

Solomon, of Gloucester, and Abigail Knowlton, at Ipswich, Apr. 7, 1730.*

Stephen Somes, of Gloucester, and Priscilla Stone, int. May 28, 1846. (Marriage forbidden by Overseers of the Poor of the town of Gloucester.)

Tyler, jr., and Irene Allen, Apr. 14, 1824.*

Tyler, and Cyntha Sharlotte Tirril of Boston, int. Feb. 5, 1837.

Winthrop L., of Gloucester, a. 25 y., "no trade,", s. Miah and Caroline, and Lucy A. Parsons of Gloucester, a. 22 y., d. Isaac and Lucy, Dec. 8, 1845.

PARY (Perry)

John, of Marbelhead, and Elizabeth Worring, Feb. 3, 1731-2.*


Abigail D., and Arba Burnham, Sept. 8, 1837.*

James, of Beverly, and Sarah Badcock, June 15, 1743. CR*

Mary E., and Jaohn S. Girdler, Oct. ––, 1838.*


Martha, and Daniel Knight, int. May 19, 1734.


Eliza, of Bradford, and Enoch Allen, Nov. 8, 1828.

John, of Bradford, and Elizabeth Allen, Jan. 14, 1840.*

John C., a. 23 y., cabinet maker, b. Bradford, s. John and Elizabeth, of Bradford, and Joan D. Crowell, a. 20 y., d. Ariel P. and Joan, Oct. 29, 1848.*

PEACE (Pearce)

Rechard, and Sarah Horssum, Apr. 4, 1717. [Apr. 9. CTR]

PEARCE (Peace, Pears, Peirce, Perse, Pierce)

John, and Anna Presson, Oct. 20, 1747.*

John, and Abihail Poland of Beverly, Nov. 27, 1772.*

Mary, and David Presson of Beverly, at Beverly, Apr. 21, 1707.

Mary, and George Cross, Jan. 14, 1766.*

PEARS (Pearce)

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Easty, Jan. 7, 1757.*

Hannah, and Samuel Mose [Moss. int.] of Beverly, Nov. 29, 1749.*

Sarah [Perase. int.], and John Tuck, June 18, 1734.*

PEART (Pert)

Abigail, and Edward Bartlett of Beverly, int. Feb. 15, 1835.

Amanda M., and Peter W. Ray, both of Boston, Dec. 21, 1840.

Emeline, and Delucena L. Bingham, jr., Sept. 22, 1842. TC*

Jacob, and Statiria Ferguson, Nov. 8, 1812. CR*

James S., and Lydia Ann Miller, Dec. 5, 1838.*

Keziah, d. Jacob and Statira, and Charles L. Parsons, widr., a. 25 y., baker, s. Lemuel C. and Elizabeth, Oct. 4, 1844.*

Louisa, and Azariah Woodberry of Beverly, int. Jan. 2, 1831.

Margaret, and Tobias Hanson of Salem, Mar. 18, 1833.*

Patty, and Stephen Fergerson [Ferguson, of Sedgwick. int.], Sept. 10, 1801. CR*

Mary A., a. 17 y., b. Providence, RI, d. Daniel and Mary, and Hiram Wagoner, a. 21 y., blacksmith, b. Lenox, NY, s. Henry and Mary A.W., of Lenox, NY, Apr. 5, 1847.*

Mary, wid., a. 37 y., b. Newport, RI, d. Joseph and Mary Denwick of Newport, RI, and Barney S. Knowlton, widr., a. 37 y., farmer, b. Gloucester, s. Barnett and Betsy, of Gloucester, Mar. 10, 1849.*

Sally, and Andrew Cleaves of Beverly, int. Dec. 28, 1833.

Statiria, and Paul Stanley, June 28, 1842. TC*

William, and Nancy Bennet, Mar. 21, 1804.*


Lydia, and Roger Hill, Dec. 14, 1732.*

PEIRCE (Pearce)

Abial, and William Camp, jr., int. Dec. 30, 1790.

Anne, Mrs., and Jeremiah Knowlton of Ipswich, Mar. 12, 1778.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Hamilton, at Marblehead, Apr. 10, 1695.

Sarah, and Moses May [jr. int.], May 4, 1789.*


Ezra [Capt. CR], of Essex, and Joann G. Allen, Oct. 27, 1831.*

Harriet, of Salem, and John Knight, jr., int. Apr. 6, 1837.

Thomas, of Topsfield, and [Mrs. CR] Annis Girdler, Aug. 18, 1840.*

PERRY (Pary)

Annice, and Ezekeil Jumper, Apr. 19, 1789.*

Elizebeth, and Nathan Allen, July 5, 1792.*

Hannah, and Joseph Leach [2d. int.], Feb. 5, 1775.*

Jacob, and Anne Craft, Dec. 25, 1790.*

John, and Elizabeth Forster, Apr. 15, 1762.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Cross, Nov. 12, 1761.*

Joseph, and Betsy Presson, Dec. 10, 1793. CR*

Joseph, of Portland and Molly Allen, Dec. 3, 1801. CR*

Lucy, and George Cross, July 13, 1767.*

Mary, and Samuel Trophatter, May 10, 1796.*

Mary, Mrs., and Ebenezer Lovett of Beverly, int. Nov. 8, 1818.

Robert, and Mary Badcock, Jan. 28, 1768.*

Samuel, and Hannah Driver, Dec. 1, 1768.*

PERSE (Pearce)

Elizabeth, and Nehemiah Allen, int. July 23, 1738.

PERSONS (Parsons)

Tyler, and Jenny Forster, int. July 6, 1798.

PERT (Peart)

Hannah, and John Gallaway Flowers, Dec. 9, 1792.*

Israel, and Eunice Hooker, int. Dec. 10, 1803.

Jenny, and Moses Stephens, Nov. 14, 1798.*

Richard, of Beverly, and Hannah Morgan, May 19, 1763.*

Ruth [Peart. int.], and William Hale of Newbury, Sept. 11, 1809. CR*

Samuel, and Abigail Smith of Gloucester, int. Nov. 25, 1797.

Samuel [Peart. int.], and Lydia May, May 6, 1823.*


William, and Abigail Grover, int. Feb. 15, 1767.


Henry L., and Frances Dennis of Gloucester, int. Nov. 5, 1847.

Jonathan D., of Linn, and Nancy F. Lee, Mar. 4, 1819. CR*

PHIPENY (Phippeny)

Elezebeth, and Abraham Stone, int. Aug. 19, 1791.


Mary, and William Stone, Sept. 28, 1775.*

PHIPPENY (Phipeny)

Seth, and Samuel Edwards, int. Nov. 15, 1794.


Abby D., of Beverly, and William Henry Allen, int. Dec. 29, 1845.


Winthrop, of Gloucester, a. 22 y., b. Gloucester, s. Elisha and Mary, of Gloucester, and Mary Russell of Beverly, a. 17 y., b. Beverly, d. Joseph and Elizabeth, of Beverly, Sept. 6, 1848.


Ann, and Aron Bennet, Nov. 20, 1700.

PIERCE (Pearce)

Elisabeth, and Edmund Clark of Gloucester, at Gloucester, Nov. 24, 1718.


Anna [Ann. dup.], and Walter Hull, at Beverly, Dec. 15, 1709.

Elezebeth, Mrs., and Dea. John Allen, Oct. 12, 1780.*

James, and Elizabeth Stocker, Apr. 27, 1704.

Joseph, and Anna Leach, at Beverly, Dec. 16, 1715.

Mark, and Sarah Basee, Oct. 29, 1696.


David C., and Sarah J. Webber of Beverly, int. Nov. 4, 1848.


George, of Salem, and Lucinda Drew, int. June 1, 1836.


Abigail, of Beverly, and John Pearce, Nov. 27, 1772.*

John, and Lydia Orsment, Dec. 19, 1773.*

Lydia, and David Morse, Jan. 18, 1798.*

Nathaniell [jr. int.], of Ipswich, and Abigail Tarring, Jan. 24, 1786.*

Susan, of Hamilton, and William Harvey Allen, int. Apr. 12, 1845.

Susanna, of Ipswich, and Nathaniel Lee, at Ipswich, Dec. 18, 1788.*

Thomas, of Ipswich, and Joanna Tallen [Tarring. int.], at Essex, Jan. 20, 1757.*


Joseph, Capt., and Patty Hilton, Oct. 31, 1805. CR*

Joshua [Dr. int.], of North Brookfield, and Martha L. Smith, May 6, 1835.*

Willard, and Lucy Lee, int. Oct. 14, 180[4. TC].


Mary Elizabeth, of Hamilton, and Henry P. Allen, int. Aug. 24, 1844.


Abby J., a. 17 y., d. John and Mary, and Enoch W. Crombie, a. 28 y., fisherman, s. Benjamin and Betsey, Dec. 24, 1847.*

PRASSON (Presson)

Sarah, and Samuel Woodbery, int. Jan. 22, 1743-4.


Mariam B., wid., of Gloucester, a. 35 y., d. William and Jemima Munsey, and Benkley Munsey, widr., of Gloucester, a. 38 y., farmer, s. George and Hannah, Aug. 21, 1844.

PRESON (Presson)

Benjamin, and Mary Woodbary, Apr. 15, 1723.*

PRESSON (Prasson, Preson, Preston)

Anna, and John Pearce, Oct. 20, 1747.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Goodale, May 6, 1737.*

David, of Beverly, and Mary Pearce, at Beverly, Apr. 21, 1707.

David, of Beverly, and Ruth Tuck, Dec. 19, 1765.*

Deborah, and William Craft, Jan. 22, 1789.*

Betsy, and Joseph Perry, Dec. 10, 1793. CR*

Isaac, and Margaret Foster, Oct. 20, 1747.

Isaac, and ["Misrs. " int.] Deborah Lee, May 25, 1767.*

Isaac, and Nabby Norton, June 27, 1793. CR*

Margaret, and Israel Lee, May 19, 1789.*

Mary, and Samuel Williams, Dec. 16, 1720.

Mary, and John Hill, May 21, 1741. CR*

Molly, and John Hill, Jan. 5, 1795.*

Nathan, of Beverly, and Mrs. Elezebeth Lee, May 22, 1783.*

Nehemiah, of Beverly, and Hannah Lee, May 15, 1774.*

PRESTON (Presson)

Abigail, and Joseph Lendall, July 7, 1816. CR*

Anna [Presson. int.], and Amos Hill, Aug. 19, 1803. CR*

Betsey, and Jacob Cheever, Sept. 12, 1831.*

Betsey, and Asa Richardson, jr., July 16, 1835.*

Isaac [jr. int.], and Betsy Morse, Dec. 20, 1814. CR*

William, and Eliza [B. int.] Simonds, Dec. 29, 1833.*


John, and Joan [Joann. int.] G. Crafts, Apr. 12, 1832.*

Joseph, and Abigail S. Abbott, June 14, 1841. TC*

Joseph, and Mrs. Nancy Rust of Lynn, int. Dec. 21, 1844.


Jane, and Ithamer Eaton, May 21, 1805. CR*

Jonathan, and Molley Allen, Nov. 17, 1772.*

Jonathan, and Jenny Leach, Jan. 17, 1797.*

Maria, and William Lull, Apr. 7, 1833.*

Polly, and Richard Allen, Dec. 6, 1796.*

Samuel, and Betsey Norwood, Jan. 16, 1799.*

PROCTER (Proctor)

Asa, of Londonderry, NH, and Anna Allen, Feb. 14, 1819. CR*

Charlotte [A. int.], and Nathan [B. int.] Goldsmith, Oct. 14, 1827.*

Frances, and Mrs. Abigail Ober, int. June 17, 1784.

George, and Caroline [A. int.] Allen, Dec. 15, 1835.*

Umphery, and Charlotte Allen, int. Jan. 25, 1806.

Joseph, of Derry, NH, and Elizabeth Bray of Gloucester, Jan. 8, 1843. TC

Lucy, Mrs., and Aaron Giddens of Ipswich, Oct. 12, 1780.*

Lucy Ann, of Essex, and John C. Webb, Mar. 31, 1840.*

Mary [Polly. int.], and Ezekeil Allen, Aug. 25, 1791.*

PROCTOR (Procter)

John, and [Mrs. int.] Hannah Cogswell of Ipswich, at Ipswich, May 31, 1781.*


John [jr. int.], of Boston, and ["Mrs. " int.] Annis Lee, Jan. 14, 1768.*


Leonora, of Gloucester, and Augustus Haskell, int. Oct. 30, 1846.

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