WABBAR (Webber)

Johon [John, jr. int.], and Mary Crowal, Dec. 3, 1733.*


Hiram, a. 21 y., blacksmith, b. Lennox, NY, s. Henry and Mary A.W., of Lenox, NY, and Mary A. Peart, a. 17 y., b. Providence, RI, d. Daniel and Mary, Apr. 5, 1847.*


William [Wiett. int.], of Wenham, and Lucy Crose, Sept. 22, 1791.*


Elias, of Salem, and Lucinda Drew, int. Apr. 10, 1832.


Nathaniell, of Wenham, and Sarah Harsham, May 14, 1735.


Sarah, and William Allin, Nov. 19, 1700.

WALLACE (Wallis)

Hannah, of Beverly, and Isaac P. Smith, int. Apr. 23, 1826.


Anna, and Thomas Hill, int. May 9, 1736.

WALLASE (Wallis)

George, and Annah [Bishop. CTR], Apr. 30, 1717. [1718. CR]

WALLIS (Wallace, Wallas, Wallase)

Elsey, of Beverly, and David Morgan, int. Sept. 24, 1826.

Joseph C., of Beverly, and Sally Ayers, Aug. 18, 1835.*


Mary, Mrs., of Beverley, and Isaac Allen, int. Jan. 10, 1808.


James, and Elizabeth Easty, int. June 26, 1756.

Mary Ann, of Beverly, and Andrew Roberts, Nov. 9, 1836*


Abraham, and Sally Padison, Nov. 13, 1785.*

WARREN (Warrin, Worring)

Abigail, and John Ashbee, Apr. 3, 1738.*

Mary, see Foster, Mary.

Mary, and Samuel Woodberry of Beverly, at Beverly, Jan. 27, 1763.*

WARRIN (Warren)

Rebburt, and Elizabeth Bennit, Dec. 11, 1700.

Robert, and Mary Norten, Feb. 8, 1727-8.

Robert, and Elizabeth Norton, Nov. 8, 1742. CR*


Elkanah [Elhananah. int.], of Plymouth, and Patience Marston, Nov. 7, 1754.*

John H., a. 24 y., cabinet maker, s. John and Mary, and Emily P. Lynn, a. 18 y., tailoress, d. William and Elizabeth, Mar. 9, 1845.*

Marston, and Mrs. Lucy Lee, Mar. 30, 1779.*


John C., and Lucy Ann Procter of Essex, Mar. 31, 1840.*

William [Capt. int.], of Glocester, and [wid. int.] Elizabeth Holland Apr. 21, 1763.*

WEBBER (Wabbar, Weebber, Weeber)

Mary, and Thomas Day of Glocester, Feb. 19, 1745-6.*

Nancy, of Gloucester, and [Capt. CR] John Hooper, Mar. 14, 1829.

Sarah J., of Beverly, and David C. Pittee, int. Nov. 4, 1848.

WEEBBER (Webber)

Andrew, and Johana Weebber of Ipswich, int. Dec. 12, 1736.

Johana, of Ipswich, and Andrew Weebber, int. Dec. 12, 1736.

WEEBER (Webber)

Ternance, and Prudance Bishop, June 28, 1731.*


William, of Lynn [of Salem. int.], and Martha Goldsmith, Jan. 3, 1836.*


John, and Elizabeth Craft, Apr. 17, 1806. CR*

John, of Danvers, and Sally Jones, int. Nov. 18, 1848.

WELLES (Wells)

Thomas, and Betsey Allen, Mar. 22, 1807. CR*

WELLS (Welles)

Betsey A., and Daniel Osgood, Sept. 23, 1832.*

John C., a. 31 y., cabinet maker, b. Sanbornton, NH, s. Enoch and Catharine, of Amesbury, and Eliza A. Kinsman, a. 21 y., d. Samuel and Rachel, Dec. 17, 1846.*

Samuel, and Jane Lee, May 20, 1824.*


Christian, of Beverly, and Andrew Day, at Beverly, Sept. 11, 1753.*

Edward S., and Mary A. McCartney, Dec. 20, 1841. TC*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Woobery, Dec. 19, 1687.

Betsy, and Nehemiah Goldsmith, June 14, 1818. CR*

Isaac S., and Nancy N. Kitfield, int. June 9, 1839.

John, of Beverly, and Mary Lee, at Beverly, June 1, 1675.

John, and Lucy Goldsmith, July 20, 1820.

John [a. 83 y. CR], and Hannah Kilham [a. 63 y. CR], Sept. 9, 1830.*

Mary, and Paul Hanson of Washington Plantation, ME, Feb. 29, 1813. CR*


Harriet [Ann. int.], and Benjamin Cleaves of Beverly, Feb. 11, 1835.*

Sarah M., a. 26 y., b. Cape Breton, d. Joseph and Mary Ann, of Arrowshot, C.B., and Horace Ross, a. 27 y., cabinet maker, b. Ipswich, s. Ephram and Elizabeth, of Ipswich, May 6, 1845.*

William E., and Sarah A. Edwards, Mar. 18, 1844. TC*


Jane H., a. 18 y., b. Warner, VT, d. Plummer and Sally, and David Tenney, a. 22 y., butcher, b. Londondary, s. –––––, of Londondary, Oct. 24, 1847.

Lydia A., of Lowell, and John D. Hildreth, int. Sept. 21, 1847.

Martha, of Gloucestere, and Joseph Knowlton, int. Mar. 24, 1775.

WHITNEY (Witney)

Alfred, of Boston, and Ann [H. int.] Goldsmith, Dec. 1, 1836.*


Lydia, of Beverly, and William Bennet, at Ipswich, Aug. 26, 1729.*


Louisa, a. 24 y., d. Samuel and Lucy, and Aaron Bennett, a. 28 y., cabinet maker, s. David and Abigail, Apr. 14, 1845.*

Lucy Jane, and Augustus Haskel, Feb. 27, 1839.*

Rebecca, and John Tuck, Jan. 17, 1822.*

Samuel G., and Lucy Cross, May 9, 1819. CR*


James L., and Mary A. Barker of Stratham, NH, int. May 19, 1839.


Mary, and William Lofty [Jr. int.], Dec. 25, 1768.*

WILLAMS (Williams)

Abbigel, and John Hender, Oct. 25, 1722.

Daniel, jr., and Sarah Marstus, Mar. 14, 1729.*

WILLIAMS (Willams)

Abigail, and Samuel Allin, at Marblehead, Mar. 17, 1686.

Daniell, and Abigaill Marsters, Nov. 5, 1724.*

Elesabeth, and Jeremiah Hibert, jr., int. Nov. 18, 1733.

Hester A., of Readfield, and Daniel W. Hillier, int. Apr. 21, 1835.

John, of Beverly, and Elisabeth Bishop, at Beverly, Nov. 1, 1705.

Joseph, of Beverly, and [Mrs. int.] Molly Leach, Nov. ––, 1784.*

Samuel, and Mary Presson, Dec. 16, 1720.

Samuel M., and Mariam Burgis, Nov. 4, 1817. CR

Thomas, and Betsy Richards, int. Dec. 31, 1819.

William, and Sarah Degarr, Oct. 12, 1760.*

WILLMONTON (Wilmonton)

Lydia Ann, and Goram Morse, Dec. 20, 1841. TC*

Thomas, and Louisa Ann Andrews of Gloucester, Dec. 5, 1839.*

WILMINGTON (Wilminton)

Jacob, and Eliza A. [Ann. int.] Crumby, Sept. 1, 1833.*

Mary E., and William Stone, Jan. 15, 1838.*

WILMINTON (Wilmington)

Charles, and Sally Lee, Nov. 28, 1805. CR*

WILMONTON (Willmonton)

Charles, and Alice Morse, Nov. 15, 1829.*

Samuel [Willmington. CR], and Sally Morgan, Nov. 21, 1831.*

Sally, and Issachar Morgan, Dec. 30, 1830. [Nov. 28. CR]


Otis, Rev., of Gloucester, and Mrs. Lucy Marsters, int. Oct. 9, 1836.

WITNEY (Whitney)

Elnathan, and Mrs. Lucy Story, Mar. 7, 1784.*


Joseph, of Lynn, and Hannah L. Marsters, June 13, 1835.*

WOODBARY (Woodbury)

Joseph, and Elezebeth Dalen [Dolan. int.], June 28, 1723.*

Mary, and Benjamen Preson, Apr. 15, 1723.*

Samuel, and Mary Helton, int. Oct. 18, 1719. TC

WOODBERRY (Woodbury)

Abigail [Abigail Forster. TC], and Richard Leach, at Beverly, Nov. 24, 1715.

Abigail, and John Lee [4th. int], Oct. 16, 1740. CR*

Anna, and Israel Forster, at Ipswich, Nov. 2, 1724.*

Anna, of Beverly, and William Stone, at Beverly, Sept. 24, 1761.*

Anna, of Beverly, and Abraham Trout, at Beverly, Oct. 2, 1789.*

Anna ["Messes. " int.], of Beverly, and Eleazer Craft, at Beverly, Dec. 12, 1793.*

Azariah, of Beverly, and Anne Bennett, Sept. 16, 1765.*

Azariah, of Beverly, and Louisa Peart, int. Jan. 2, 1831.

Elizabeth, and Ezekiel Knowlton, Feb. 2, 1762.*

Elisabeth, of Beverly, and Samuel Bennett, at Beverly, Sept. 9, 1773.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel Masters, at Beverly, Nov. 24, 1715.

Hannah, and William Bennit, at Beverly, Jan. 18, 1760.*

Jacob, of Beverly, and Betty Haskell, int. July 18, 1801.

Jacob, and Saloma Morgan, Aug. 16, 1829.*

James, of Beverly, and Abigail Worten, at Beverly, Nov. 24, 1752.*

Larkin, and Louisa T. Lee, Nov. 5, 1822.*

Lydia, of Beverly, and Aaron Lovice, int. Dec. 3, 1774.

Mary, of Beverly, and Solomon Lee, at Beverly, Nov. 7, 1776.*

Samuel, of Beverly, and Mary Warrin, at Beverly, Jan. 27, 1763.*

Samuel, and Mary Boyles, Feb. 7, 1771.*

WOODBERY (Woodbury)

Andrew, and Elizabeth Tuck, Nov. 18, 1754.*

Benjamin, Elizebeth Carter, Nov. 15, 1725.*

Elizabeth, and Shadrack Norton, Dec. 25, 1709.

Hannah, and Nathaniell Mastus, Nov. 24, 1715.

Joseph, and Elizabeth West, Dec. 19, 1687.

Joseph [jr. int.], and Dorothy Harris of Salem [of Beverly. int.], Feb. 5, 1754.*

Samuell, and Sarah Prasson, int. Jan. 22, 1743-4.

Sarah, and Timothy Donoway, Jan. 23, 1755.*


John, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Norton, at Newbury, Feb. 24, 1706.

WOODBURRY (Woodbury)

Asa, and Ann Crafts, Jan. 9, 1833.*

WOODBURY (Woodbary, Woodberry, Woodbery, Woodburry)

Andrew, and [Mrs. int.] Elezebeth Edwards, Nov. 4, 1790.*

Anna, [Anne. int.], of Beverly, and David Bennett, Oct. 19, 1775.*

Ann [Anna, Mrs. int.], and Oliver Osborn of Beverly, Nov. 22, 1838.*

Barnet, of Ipswich, and [Mrs. int.] Margaret Orsment, Dec. 15, 1785.*

Bethiah Lovet, and Paul Thisell, both of Beverly, Sept. 5, 1793.

Dorothy, and John Austin, Feb. 14, 1760.*

Elezebeth, Mrs., and Benjamin Ober, jr., Oct. 23, 1777.*

Betsey, "Mrss. " of Ipswich, and Samuell Bare, int. Oct. 27, 1793.

Ezra, of Beverely, and Anna Badcock, int. Aug. 26, 1739.

Henry, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Daniel and Jane, and Elizabeth Allen, a. 20 y., d. Samuel and Abigail, Dec. 19, 1848.*

Larkin, widr., a. 54 y., cabinet maker, b. Beverly, s. Asa and Anna, of Beverly, and Emily S. Goldsmith, a. 21 y., d. Zacheus and Olive, Nov. 4, 1848.*

Nickolus, and Rebeckah Allen, Dec. 28, 1785.*

Rebeckah [of Hamilton. int.], James Abbot, Dec. 2, 1805. CR*

William, of Reading, and Lydia Morse, Aug. 30, 1824.*

Zebulun, and Betsy Ober, both of Beverly, June 18, 1816. CR


Gideon [jr. int.], of Newbury, and Lucretia Baker, Jan. 6, 1822.*


Thomas, Rev., of Salsbury, NH, and ["Mress. " int.] Deborah Lee, Mar. 11, 1792.*

WORRING (Warren)

Elizabeth, and John Pary of Marbelhead, Feb. 3, 1731-2.*


Abigail, and James Woodberry of Beverly, at Beverly, Nov. 24, 1752.*


Sally Leach, of Wenham, and Samuel Huggins of Wakefield, NH, July 3, 1817. CR

Simon, of Wenham, and Elezebeth Crose, Oct. 16, 1783.*

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