Zip, "a Molato garl. " "Now [1737?] belonging to John Foster, sr. " in Boston, Dec. 25, 1728.

BLACK, Seser, s. "of Samuell Lee, jr. Black wench Caled Delle," Oct. 10, 1731-2.

BLACK, Mengo, ch. "Samuell Lee, jr. black weanch Dille," Oct. 21, 1734.

BLACK, Flowhear, ch. Dille, "belonging to Samuell Lee, jr., July 16, 1736.

BLACK, Dille, d. Dille "belonging to Samuell Lee, jr. " Apr. 6, 1739.

Philis, "a Negro Servant child offered by Robert Herrick and his wife," bp. Oct. 11, 1741. CR

Phillis, d. Taff, "Samuel Lee, jr. Negor woman," Apr. 1, 1747.

Tone, s. Taff, Dec. 18, 1748.

Thomas, s. Main and Molley, bp. Sept. 27, 1767. CR

Violet, servant of Mrs. Collins, bp. Aug. 13, 1775. CR

Tytas, "a Molato boy Belonging to the Widow Sarah Cheever," Oct. 19, 1788.

Judath, d. Greeas and Rachal, May 16, 1790.

Pela, "a Negro Garl Belonging to Mrs. Sarah Cheever," June 12, 1793.

George, s. Greace and Rachel, Oct. 7, 1793.

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