TALLEN (Tarring)

Joanna [Tarring. int.], and Thomas Poland of Ipswich, at Essex, Jan. 20, 1757.*


Almire, of Lowell, and Benjamin W. Hildreth, int. Oct. 28, 1848.

TAPPAN (Tappen, Toppan, Toppen)

Betsey [Mrs. int.], and Daniel Chase of Pepperrelbourough, Dec. 18, 1788.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Sally Hooper, Nov. 30, 1814. CR*

Benjamin, and Sally Story, Apr. 4, 1816. CR*

Israel F., and Deborah Forster, July 17, 1822.*

Betsey, and Perley Brown, Sept. 12, 1827.*

Samuel F., Capt., and Nancy Smith of Beverly, int. Dec. 2, 1827.

Sally F., and Woodbury Allen, Mar. 4, 1828.*

Maria, and Nathaniel Colby [jr. int.], Nov. 29, 1832.*

Elizabeth F., and John Cheever, 3d, Dec. 25, 1840.*

Sarah F., and Andrew Brown, jr. [widr. CR], Apr. 24, 1842. TC* [Mrs. Sarah F. Allen, formerly Tappan CR]

Henry S., and Elizabeth Eldridge, of Beverly, int. Nov. 23, 1846.

TAPPEN (Tappan)

Eben, and Betsey Forster, int. Mar. 5, 1791.


Elizabeth, and Joseph Killam, Jan. 18, 1770.*

TARRIN (Tarring)

Mary, and Samuell Lee, Oct. 8, 1712.

TARRING (Tallen, Tarrin, Terren)

John, jr., and Joann Lee, int. Aug. 22, 1752.

Mary, and Jacob Allen, int. Oct. 13, 1765.

William, and Abigail Knight, Dec. 2, 1770.*

Abigail, and Enoch Boynton, int. Jan. 5, 1771.

Abigail, and Nathaniell Poland [jr. int.] of Ipswich, Jan. 24, 1786.*


John, of Concord, NH, and Caroline [E. int.] Burges, Oct. 23, 1838.*

John M., and Ann Lee, July 4, 1841. TC*

George, and Aurilia Burgess, June 8, 1843. TC*

Oliver A., Rev., and Mary Cleaveland of Topsfield, d. the late Hon. Nehemiah, Nov. 8, 1843. TC*

Mary A., of Montpelier, VT, and William Johnson, int. Aug. 19, 1849.


David, a. 22 y., butcher, b. Londondary, s. –––––, of Londondary, and Jane H. Wheeler, a. 18 y., b. Warner, VT, d. Plummer and Sally, Oct. 24, 1847.


Sarah M., of Exeter, NH, and Worren C. Dane, int. June 13, 1844.

TERREN (Tarring)

John [Tarring. int.], and Abgil [Abgiel. int.] Lee, Jan. 1, 1729-30.*

TEWKSBURY (Tewxbary, Tewxbury, Tucksbury, Tukesbery, Tuxbary, Tuxbery)

Hannah, Mrs., and Hennery Story, July 16, 1778.*

Rebeckah, Mrs., and Isaac Allen, Mar. 30, 1779.*

Anne, Mrs., and John Lendall, jr., Nov. 12, 1782.*

Thomas, and Mrs. Anne Lee, Nov. 27, 1783.*

Jacob, jr., and Rebeckah Craft, Apr. 9, 1795.*

Rebecca, and Solomon Lee, Nov. 1, 1830.*

TEWXBARY (Tewksbury)

Anna, and Robert Holmes of Ipswich, at Essex, Apr. 30, 1761.*

TEWXBURY (Tewksbury)

Rebecca, and Josiah Allen, jr., Nov. 14, 1754.*

Jacob, and Hannah Hilton, Jan. 24, 1757.*

Sarah, and Nehemiah Lee, Nov. 24, 1763.*

Emey, and Israel May, Apr. 16, 1767.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Harsham, Mar. 13, 1770.*

John, and Ruth Marsters, June 11, 1772.*

Lois, and Stilson Hilton, Jan. 25, 1774.*

John, and Mrs. Sarah Lendall, May 15, 1777.*

THISELL (Thissel)

Paul, and Bethiah Lovet Woodbury, both of Beverly, Sept. 5, 1793.

THISSEL (Thisell)

David, and Hannah Elliot of Beverly, Feb. 28, 1815. CR


John, and Polly Hooper, May 20, 1804. CR*

THOMPSON (Thomson)

Benjamin, of Marblehead, and Mrs. Elezabeth Gorden, Apr. 1, 1784.*

Benjamin, jr., and Lydia Lee, Oct. 23, 1823.*

Ruth, and Oliver Kinsman of Beverly, int. May 28, 1826.

Mary Cline, a. 20 y., d. Benjamin and Lydia, and John Goldsmith Gilbert, a. 25 y., carpenter, b. Gloucester, s. Samuel P. and Sally, of Gloucester, Sept. 11, 1847.*

Benjamin, jr., and Lydia M. Littlefield of Wells, ME, int. Nov. 13, 1847.

THOMSON (Thompson)

Benjamin, and Ruth Badcock, Aug. 30, 1799.*


Mary, of Wenham, and Ebenezer Lee, at Wenham, Mar. 29, 1768.*

Joanna, of Beverly, and Nathaniel Allen, at Beverly, Apr. 19, 1768.*


Richard, and Lucy Dennis, Feb. 3, 1811. CR

Richard, Capt., and Abigail Hooper, Nov. 2, 1823.*


Cyntha Sharlotte, of Boston, and Tyler Parsons, int. Feb. 5, 1837.

TOPPAN (Tappan)

Benjamin, Rev., and Mrs. Elezebeth March, int. Oct. 5, 1746.

TOPPEN (Tappen)

Nabby, Mrs., and John Wingate Chase of Portsmouth, June 18, 1782.*


George, of Marblehead, and Lucy Allen, Sept. 13, 1772.*


Moses, of Gloucester, and Mary Hill, Nov. 9, 1753.*

William T., of Beverly, and Lydia Morgan, June 29, 1818. CR*

Mary A. [Abigail. int.], and John L. Eaton, Jan. 6, 1836.*

Charles H., and Martha R. Ropes of Boston, int. Sept. 18, 1849.


Thomas, and Frances [H. int.; M. CR] Andrews of Ipswich, Dec. 3, 1835.*

Samuel, and Olivia A. Simonds, June 14, 1837.*

Samuell, and Mary Ann Hughes of Ipswich, int. May 12, 1839.


Samuel, and Mary Perry, May 10, 1796.*


Abraham, and Anna Woodberry of Beverly, at Beverly, Oct. 2, 1789.*


Sarah, of Beverly, and Samuel Allen, jr., at Beverly, May 1, 1717.

Sarah, Mrs., of Beverly, and Dea. Benjamin Allen, at Beverly, Dec. 8, 1720.

Lidia, of Beverly, and Jeremiah Allen, at Beverly, Nov. 14, 1727.*

John, and Sarah Pears [Perase. int.], June 18, 1734.*

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Mastus [Marsturs. int.], Nov. 22, 1742. CR*

Elizabeth, and Andrew Woodbery, Nov. 18, 1754.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Belcher, Mar. 8, 1759.*

Abigail, and Moses May, Jan. 14, 1762.*

William, of Beverly, and Mary Lee, Nov. 24, 1763.*

Ruth, and David Presson of Beverly, Dec. 19, 1765.*

Mary [Mrs. int.], and Jonathan Brown, at Gloucester, Nov. 19, 1767.*

Anna, and Francis [Francisco. int.] De Silver, Mar. 14, 1771.*

John, jr., and Esther Carter, July 4, 1771.*

Sewell, of Beverly, and Ruth Raymond [Ruth Lee. int.], May 21, 1772.*

William, Capt., and Mrs. Elizabeth Lee of Salem, int. Apr. 30, 1779.

Deborah Lee, and Delucena Lathrop Bingham, Jan. 31, 1788.*

John, jr., and Betsey Day, Dec. 3, 1795.*

Samuel, and Bethiah Baker, May 10, 1796.*

Polly, and John Camel, int. July 19, 1800.

William, Esq., and Lydia Badcock, Jan. 2, [1801. int.]*

John [jr. int.], Capt., and Nabby Carter, Sept. 13, 1804. CR*

William [2d. int.], and Rebecah Allen, Apr. 28, 1805. CR*

Henry, and Joanna H. Drew of Somersworth, int. Dec. 28, 1806.

William, Esq., and Polly [Molly. int.] Morgan, July 22, 1807. CR*

John, Capt., and Rachel Symons, int. Jan. 1, 1809.

Maria, and Stephen Story [jr. int.], of Ipswich, June 8, 1817. CR*

Levi, and Margaret Lee, Jan. 11, 1818. CR*

Betsy, and Abner Allen, jr., Oct. 19, 1818. CR*

John, and Rebecca Widger, Jan. 17, 1822.*

Lydia, and Asa Osborn [jr. int.], of Beverly, Jan. 30, 1823.*

Samuel L. [jr. int.], and Harriet Allen, Mar. 29, 1825.*.

Evoline [Aveline. int.], and [Capt. CR] Charles Leach, July 4, 1831.*

William, Capt., and Elizabeth Hassam, Nov. 13, 1831.*

Mary Ann, and Andrew Brown, jr., Oct. 25, 1832.*

Harriet R., and Samuel Fielder of Beverly, Feb. 3, 1833.*

Sarah W., and Wiseman B. Parker, Dec. 4, 1834.*

Rebecca W., a. 21 y., tailoress, d. John and Rebecca, and Edward Flint, a. 26 y., cabinet maker, s. Willerd and Mary, Dec. 23, 1845.*


George B., of Lynn, and Lucy [Ann L. int.] Girdler, Nov. 26, 1834.*

George W., and Mary Elizabeth Burnham of Essex, int. Oct. 4, 1849.

TUCKSBURY (Tewksbury)

Mary, and John Owens of Marblehead, at Marblehead, June 13, 1687.

TUKESBERY (Tewksbury)

John, and Elisabeth Hilton, May 14, 1749.*

TUXBARY (Tewksbury)

Thomas, and Rebeckah Foster, Dec. 27, 1722.*

TUXBERY (Tewksbury)

Mary, and Robert Long, July 15, 1723.*

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