a age | CTR court record, Essex Co., coroner's return | m male; married; month
abt about | d daughter; day; died | s son
b born | DC copy of town records made by Moses Dorman | SR Salem town records
bef before | Dea deacon | sr senior
bp baptized | h husband | unm unmarried
ch child | inf infant | w wife
chn children | int intention of marriage | wid widow
Co county | jr junior | widr widower
CR church record
GR1 Oakdale Cemetery
GR2 Timothy Fuller Cemetery
GR3 Merriam Cemetery
GR4 Symonds Cemetery
GR5 Fuller Cemetery, North District
GR6 Cemetery near East School House
GR7 Elliot Cemetery
GR8 Fuller Cemetery on the Benjamin Richardson farm
GR9 Richardson Cemetery
GR10 Smith Cemetery, Centre District
GR11 Flint Cemetery, near paper mills
GR12 Howe Cemetery, North District
(Bibles, Family Records, Etc.)
PR1 Bible records and private records now in the possession of Mrs. Martha J. Averill
PR2 Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Eunice Fletcher
PR3 Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Harriet P. Averill
PR4 Record of coffins made by Col. Benjamin Peabody, and now in the possession of Clinton Stiles

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