MOOHOO, Asa, of Stoughton, and Elizabeth Taylor, int. Mar. 28, 1789.


Trio, "servant to Jonathan Wilkins, and Kate, a servant to Benjamin Fuller," at Danvers, Nov. 22, 1747.

Pegg, and Primus, Negro Servants, Mar. 24, 1749.

Primus, and Pegg, Negro Servants, Mar. 24, 1749.

Kate, "servant to Benjamin Fuller, and Trio, servant to Jonathan Wilkins," at Danvers, Nov. 22, 1757.

EMANUEL, Cate, and Peter Francis, Apr. 5, 1781.

FRANCIS, Peter, and Cate Emanuel, Apr. 5, 1781.

FRANCIS, Frank, and Peggy Foster, Mar. 14, 1789.*

FRANCIS, Charles, and Betsey Kimball, Mar. 23, 1795.*

KIMBALL, Betsey, and Charles Francis, Mar. 23, 1795.*

JACOBS, Primus [of Andover. int.], and Janny [Ginne. int.] Fuller, Oct. 25, 1795.*

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