Lucy, of Newburyport, and James Burnham, Jan. 13, 1831.*

Lucy, and Peter Post, both of Newburyport, Nov. 27, 1834.

Matthias, and Julia Ann Pike, both of Newburyport, Dec. 31, 1834.

Susan, and Stephen Kent, jr., Mar. 6, 1834.*

VARNEY (Verney)

Hezekiah, s. Nathaniel and Content, of Rochester, NH, and Hannah Rogers, d. Jonathan and Hannah, Aug. 24, 1757. CR6


Charlotte A., a. 22 y., tailoress, d. Samuel, and William H. Blasdell of Salisbury, a. 26 y., tailor, s. David, of Salisbury, Sept. 5, 1844.*

Elizabeth N., a. 22 y., d. Samuel and Sarah, and Elisha Story, a. 29 y., trader, b. Essex, s. David and Sarah, of Essex, Sept. 21, 1848.*

Eunice, and Timothy Osgood, jr. of Salisbury, Oct. 8, 1827.*

Joseph B., and Caroline Howard of Dracut, int. Oct. 17, 1846.

Mary J., and Samuel Merrill, 3d. Oct. 28, 1841.*

Phebe S., and Henry M. Jackman, Oct. 22, 1840.*

Samuel, see Farnum, Samuel.

Sarah M.C., and William T. Jackman, Dec. 17, 1835.*

VERNY (Varney)

Dorothy, and Enoch Ordway, Apr. 5, 1787.*


Joshua, and Elisabeth Flood of Hampton, NH, int. Jan. 3, 1772.


Ambrose, and Ann Bleigh, both of Boston, June 5, 1736. CR7

Hannah, of Weymouth, and Paul Lewis of Hingham, ––– ––, 1729. CR7


Ebenezer, and Hannah Foster, both of Pennacook, Feb. 9, 1731-2. CR7


Josiah, of Litchfield, and Judith Coffin, May 23, 1790.*


Mary, and Thomas Todd, Apr. 11, 1750.*

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