Daniel Gott, s. Lot and Zelinda, Oct. 9, 1842.


Jabez W., s. Jabez and Harriet Hoyt, Aug. 27, 1842.

Lydia, d. Jabez and Harriett Hoyt, Jan. 11, 1841.


Freeman, s. James M.H., mariner, and Sarah, Jan. 25, 1846.

George Page, s. George and Laura Tarr, Sept. 9, 1841.

James H., s. James M.H., and Sarah, Nov. 25, 1842.

Job, s. Solomon and Fannie, July 7, 1840.

John S., s. William and Frances, June 9, 1841. PR41

John, s. Solomon and Fanny, July 13, 1842.

Mary Emily Oakes, d. Solomon, mariner, and Fanny, Feb. 28, 1849.

Solomon, s. Solomon, mariner, and Fanny, June 25, 1845.

Sophia W., d. Benjamin, laborer, and Lydia F., Nov. 28, 1843.

William Francis, s. William, freighter, and Frances A., Dec. 4, 1847.


–––––, s. George, blacksmith, and Mary, Apr. 21, 1843.

Anna Lois, d. William H., stone dealer, and Mary, Apr. 5, 1849.

Edwin Henry, s. Jackson, stone cutter, and [Mary. different ink.] Octavia, Nov. 14, 1843.

Edwin F., s. Azor, jr., mason, and Martha, Oct. 22, 1845.

George William, s. George and Mary, July 16, 1840.

Harriet L., d. Nehemiah and Harriet Calif, Aug. 7, 1842.

John Tilton, s. Jackson and Mary Octavia, Apr. 28, 1841.

Margaret Sophia, d. William H., stone dealer, and Mary, Dec. 25, 1847.

Melville, s. Addison, stone cutter, and Mercy, Aug. 18, 1843.

Orlando, s. Addison, stone dealer, and Mercy, Aug. 19, 1846.

William J., s. William H., stone dealer, and Mary, Aug. 31, 1846.

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