Albert Harrison, s. William and Sarah, July 19, 1840.

Eliza Mary Kimball, d. Samuel, stone dealer, and Jane B., Feb. 20, 1846.

John, s. William, quarryman and stone dealer, and Sarah, May 8, 1848.

Mary, d. William, stone cutter, and Sarah, Apr. 10, 1843.

Mary, d. William, stone dealer, and Sarah, June 30, 1846.


–––––, s. John B., sailmaker, and Patience, Sept. 20, 1843.

–––––, ch. Daniel W., mariner, and Mary P., Apr. 26, 1848.

Angerett, d. John B., sailmaker, and Patience, Apr. 13, 1848. [Unnamed on copy at archives.]

Ann Eliza, d. Daniel W., fisherman, and Mary P., Aug. 6, 1844.

Arthur Tappan, s. John and Esther (Tarr), Feb. 10, 1840.

Charles, d. William, 3d, and Sally Fitz, Sept. 28, 1842.

David S., s. John B., sailmaker, and Patience, Feb. 7, 1845. [1844. PR1]

George Hartley, s. Benjamin, freighter, and Jane, May 5, 1844.

George Henry, s. Timothy, mariner, and Lucy, May 7, 1845.

James Collins, s. James C., fisherman, and Mary A., Jan. 12, 1843.

James Collins, s. James, fisherman, and Mary Ann, Feb. 10, 1845.

James Henry, s. William H. and Deborah, Oct. 3, 1846.

Janette, d. John B. and Patience, Jan. 7, 1839. PR1

John Burns, s. John B. and Patience Allen, Nov. 21, 1840. [1841. PR1]

Jonathan, s. Jonathan, fisherman, and Mary, Mar. 2, 1845.

Laura Ann, d. Timothy, Apr. 28, 1841.

Laura Ann, d. Timothy and Lucy, July 2, 1841.

Lemuel Walker, s. David and Matilda, Jan. 17, 1840.

Levi Sanborn, June 2, 1849. PR49

Lydia Knights, d. Jeffery, jr., and Eliza, May 6, 1841.

Martha Ellen, d. Daniel W., mariner, and Mary P., Aug. 8, 1846.

Mary, d. Johnathan and Mary, July 2, 1842.

Mary Elisabeth, d. Daniel W., stone cutter, and Mary P., Jan. 19, 1843.

Mary Ann, d. James C., mariner, and Mary A., Feb. 5, 1847.

Mary Elisabeth, d. Timothy, mariner, and Lucy, Oct. 22, 1847.

Mary Emily Augusta, s. Thomas, mariner, and Adelia, Oct. 12, 1848.

Moses, Jan. 14, 1844. PR49

Nancy, d. Jonathan, mariner, and Mary, Oct. 16, 1847.

Nason B., Sept. 29, 1846. PR49

Samuel, s. Benjamin, freighter, and Jane, June 5, 1847.

Sarah Elisabeth, d. William, 3d, shoresman, and Sally, Nov. 23, 1845.

Thomas, s. William and Sally, Mar. 13, 1840.

Zebulon, s. Jonatha, mariner, and Mary, July 5, 1846.

PEARCE (Pierce)

Abba [Abby. dup.] Jane, d. Alpheus C., stone dealer, and Abi [Abigail. dup.] J., Aug. 23, 1847.


William H., s. John and Lydia, Nov. 21, 1849.

PETTENGILL (Pettingill)

–––––, d. Jeremiah, freighter, and Ann, Nov. 14, 1849.

Benjamin Gilbert, s. Benjamin, freighter, and Deborah, Oct. 28, 1849.

Ephrahaim, s. Jeremiah and Ann, Jan. 6, 1841.

James A., s. Jeremiah, freighter, and Ann, July 8, 1846.

Joseph Edwin, s. Joseph H., freighter, and Mary Eliza, Sept. 3, 1849.

Maria, d. Benjamin, freighter, and Deborah, Sept. 7, 1846.

Melvina, d. Allen and Martha, Apr. 17, 1846. PR10

Susan, d. Allen, jr., freighter, and Sarah [Martha. PR10], Sept. 19, 1849. [ Sept. 22, 1848. PR10]

PETTINGILL (Pettengill)

Elizabeth E., d. Allen and Sarah, Aug. 25, 1843. PR59

Louisa, d. Benjamin W., freighter, and Deborah, Oct. 18, 1844.

Nathaniel W., s. Allen and Sarah M., Nov. 8, 1841. PR59

Rothusa, d. Allen and Sarah M., Nov. 3, 1845. PR59


Lucia Jane, d. George S., laborer, and Betsy [(Hodgkins). different ink], Apr. 1, 1844.


Alphonso, s. Winthorp, laborer, and Lucy, Feb. 25, 1848.

Catharine, d. twin, Winthrop, laborer, and Lucy, Aug. 23, 1845.

Levi, s. twin, Winthrop, laborer, and Lucy, Aug. 23, 1845.

William Henry, s. Winthrop and Lucy, Mar. 8, 1842.

PIERCE (Pearce)

Alpheus C., s. Alpheus C., stone cutter, and Abigail J., Feb. 1, 1845.

George H., s. Alpheus C. and Abagail, Mar. 8, 1840.

John Manley, s. Alpheus and Abagail, Dec. 10, 1842.


William S., s. Timothy, laborer, and Abby, Dec. 18, 1846.


Albert F., s. John A., freighter, and Nancy, Oct. 3, 1849.

Ann Maria, d. William, jr., freighter of stone, and Betsey, Oct. 7, 1844.

Charles T., s. William, jr., carter, and Betsey, Sept. 1, 1849.

David Allen, s. John A., freighter, and Nancy, Dec. 3, 1847.

Elisabeth, d. William, jr., freighter, and Betsey, Feb. 7, 1848.

Ellen Selista, d. William, jr., freighter, and Betsy, June 18, 1843.


–––––, s. Eben, jr., freighter, and Louisa, July 6, 1849.

Aaron Franklin, s. Aaron and Hannah, Mar. 8, 1840.

Addison Everett, s. Eben, jr., and Louisa Richardson, Nov. 29, 1842.

Adelaide, d. Theodore, freighter, and Mary E., Sept. 27, 1843.

Albert, s. Eben and Louisa Richardson, ––– ––, 1846. PR102

Alfretta, b. Nova Scotia, d. George W., mariner and Jane Sophia, Dec. 15, 1849.

Charles, s. William and Sally Norwood, Mar. 19, 1840.

Clara, d. Warren, carpenter, and Betsey, Jan. 25, 1849.

Eliza Jane, d. James, mariner, and Marrtha, Oct. 14, 1845.

Eliza Ann, d. Solomon S., farmer, and Eliza Ann, June 30, 1847.

George, s. Solomon Story, farmer, and Eliza Ann, Mar. 26, 1845.

Howard F., s. Ebenezer and Jerusha, June 18, 1842.

Jacob B., s. Joshua, jr., mariner, and Azubah G., Jan. 11, 1849.

James Howard, s. James J., and Mary, Nov. 3, 1849.

John James, s. John A., freighter, and Rhoda, June 11, 1845.

John Albert, s. Aaron, farmer, and Hannah, Dec. 2, 1845.

Joseph, s. Charles, farmer, and Lois, Sept. 7, 1844.

Laura Norwood, d. Nathaniel, farmer, and Abagail Brooks, Dec. 5, 1841.

Laura, d. Hervey, cordwainer, and Laura, June 13, 1849.

Levi Tarr, s. Theodore, freighter and Mary E., Aug. 11, 1814.

Lois, d. Charles and Lois Lane, Dec. 20, 1842.

Lois, d. William, Jr., fisherman, and Sally, Aug. 28, 1844.

Lorenzo, s. Solomon S., tallow chandler, and Eliza Ann, Feb. 17, 1849.

Lucy Choate, d. Solomon and Rebecca, Oct. 18, 1843. PR11

Lucy Ann, d. William, jr., mariner, and Sally, Oct. 27, 1846.

[Lucy Ann. PR48], d. Charles, jr., farmer, and Lois, Feb. 14, 1848.

Lyman Taylor, s. Lyman, teamster, and Harriet, Sept. 2, 1847.

Mark Joshua, s. Mark, stone dealer, and Sarah, Dec. 6, 1846.

Mary Eliza, d. Theodore and Mary Eliza Lane, May 1, 1841.

Mary Augusta, d. Eben, 4th, carpenter, and Nancy P., Sept. 5, 1848.

Mary A., d. William and Adelia Wainwright, July ––, 1849. PR99

Moses William, s. Moses, jr., mariner, and Harriet N., Feb. 12, 1848.

Phebe Jane, d. Joshua, teacher, and Esther K., June 6, 1844.

Phebe Jane, d. Joshua, mariner and teacher, and Esther K., Aug. 16, 1846.

Rebecca Jewett, d. Solomon and Rebecca, June 18, 1848. PR11

Rufus, s. Theodore, freighter, and Mary E., Oct. 11, 1845.

Sarah, d. Lyman, Apr. 1, 1842.

Sally, d. William, jr. and Sally Norwood, June 19, 1842.

Sarah Elisabeth, d. Aaron, jr. and Hannah, Mar. 14, 1843.

William Trask, s. James, jr. and Martha, Mar. 1, 1841.

William Josiah, s. William, 3d, mariner, and Adelia, Feb. 10, 1847.


Emma Horton, d. John and Mary Ann, Apr. 25, 1840.

Jane C., d. John, stone dealer, and Mary A., July 17, 1845.

Mary Ann, d. John, stone cutter, and Mary A., Oct. 25, 1843


–––––, s. George, freighter of stone, and Jemima, Jan. 14, 1845.

Eugene, s. George and Jemima, July 5, 1840.

Roswell, s. George, stone cutter, and Jemima, Mar. 5, 1843.

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