Margaret, a. 25 y., b. Ireland d. Thomas and Catharine Dinon, and Timothy Shehan, a. 25 y., quarryman, b. Ireland s. Michael and Mary, at Salem, Nov. 25, 1848.


Jabez W., widr., a. abt. 47 y., fisherman, and Mary Wheeler, wid., a. abt. 45 y., Mar. 24, 1841.*

Martha Jane, a. 17 y., d. jabez W., and Daniel Lowe, jr., a. 23 y., freighter, s. John and Mercy, Jan. 8, 1843.*


George, and Mary A. Norwood, Jan. 30, 1848. PR35


Hulda, of Wenham, a. 20 y., b. Wenham, d. Paul and Sally, and Henry Tarr of Wenham, a. 24 y., joiner, s. Henry and Esther, Aug. 29, 1849.

KNIGHT (Knights)

Sarah, a. 17 y., d. George and Laura, and Joseph J. Pickett of Boston, a. 25 y., mason, b. (perhaps) Boston, s. John C. and Elisabeth Ann, at Boston, Dec. 25, 1848.

KNIGHTS (Knight)

Jacob, jr., a. 23 y., mariner, s. Jacob, and Judith Ann Smith, of Gloucester, a. 18 y., b. probably Gloucester, Feb. 7, 1845.*

Margaret, wid., a. abt. 43 y., d. Nathaniel Low, and Daniel M. Stillman, a. 42 y., mariner, s. Peter, Aug. 11, 1845.*

Olive, a. 19 y., d. Thomas P. and Olive, and Daniel B. Gammage, a. 26 y., cordwainer, s. Ebenezer deceased, and Nancy, Dec. 29, 1842.*

William, freighter, s. Thomas and Elisabeth, and Frances Ann Calef of Portland ME, int. Nov. 14, 1840.


Mary S., and Pierson Richardson of Northwood, NH, tailor, s. Nathaniel and Eunice, int. Aug. 7, 1842.


Asa, jr., a. 35 y., freighter, s. Asa and Nancy, and Ann Eliza Trask of Gloucester, a. 24 y., b. Gloucester, d. Israel, jr. and Betsey, of Gloucester, int. Dec. 11, 1841.

Azor, jr., a. 26 y., mason, s. Azor and Lois, and Martha Turner, a. 23 y., d. John and Mercy, Mar. 4, 1845.*

Desina A., a. 21 y., d. Michael, and Benjamin Hodgkins, a. 21 y., mariner, s. Moses and Nancy, Aug. 20, 1845.*

Lois J., a. 21 y., d. Azor and Lois, and Reuben Tarr, a. 24 y., farmer, s. Reuben and Hannah, May 6, 1847.*

Lucy W., a. 20 y., d. Charles and Mary, and Thomas Hale, a. 24 y., trader, s. Stephen and Amelia, June 17, 1847.*

Martha T., a. 18 y., d. Timothy and Hannah, and John Trask, a. 23 y., butcher, b. Gloucester, s. Israel, jr. and Betsey, of Gloucester, Jan. 12, 1845.*

Michael, jr., a. 30 y., mariner, s. Michael and Margaret, and Louisa Hodgkins, a. 24 y., d. Moses and Nancy, Nov. 15, 1849.

Nehemiah, widr., a. 71 y., farmer and shoresman, b. Hamilton, s. Nehemiah and Martha, of Hamilton, and Nancy Colby, wid., a. 64 y., d. John and Anna, Sept. 13, 1846.*

Thomas W., of Boylston, a. 30 y., ship carpenter, s. Josiah and Esther, of Boylston, and Mary M. Giles, a. 26 y., d. Samuel and Margaret, Feb. 9, 1849.*

William H., a. 31 y., stone dealer, s. Azor and Lois, and Mary Clarkson of Newburyport, a. 32 y., b. Newburyport, d. –––––, of Newburyport, May 21, 1845.*


Elisabeth S., a. 21 y., d. Thomas and Elisabeth, and John Ayres, stone cutter, Oct. 28, 1841.*

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