QUAIN (Quane)

James [Quanu. int.], and Elizabeth Marble, Sept. 17, 1826.*

QUANE (Quain)

James, and Mrs. Sally Curwin, int. July 24, 1824.


Esther, and Charles Davis, Feb. 4, 1816.*

Mary, and Benjamin Parson, Dec. 4, 1809.*

Nancy, and William Bright, Dec. 1, 1811.*

Samuel, and Eliza Daland, Sept. [14. in pencil], 1831.*

Sarah, and William Parsons of Gloucester, Dec. 29, 1805.*


Benjamin, and Anne Plumer of Rowley, at Rowley, Nov. 4, 1742.*

Ebenezer, and Priscilla Teague, Nov. 6, 1808.*

Elisha, Dr., and Mary Flint, Aug. 10, 1826.*

Harriet G., and William C. Hammond, June 17, 1839.*

Maria [of Sandwich, NH. int.], and Amos L. Vincent, seaman, Jan. 23, 1848.


Mary, of Beverly, and Uriah Russell, int. Sept. 16, 1799. (Dead. written in the margin.)

Priscilla E., of Beverly, and Ephraim G. Symonds, Nov. 28, 1834.*


George, and Ann Hogan, int. Aug. 23, 1846.

James, and Ann Lynch, both of Manchester, both b. Ireland, Feb. 9, 1847.

Mary, and James McGuire, Aug. 25, 1847.*

Patrick, and Ellen Donevan, both b. Ireland, Aug. 4, 1849.*

Peter [Gwin, of Boston. int.], and Sally Patty, Dec. 30, 1811.*


George M. [W. int.], and Margaret Gardner, Feb. 13, 1848.*

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