Alexander, and Mary McKowen of Lawrence, int. June 15, 1849.

Charity, and Samuel L. Eaton, int. Nov. 14, 1835.

Julia, and Phinehas Nourse, int. Dec. 21, 1843.

Margaret, and George H. Gerrish, May 3, 1840.*

Martha S., and Samuel Fisk, int. Nov. 25, 1821.

Pickmore, shoe manufacturer, and Lucy Nourse, Sept. 14, 1848.*

William, and Ann Hawkes, Nov. 13, 1836.*


Lydia R., of Danvers, and Henry E. Hone, int. Oct. 29, 1842.


Hester Ann, of Lynn, and Charles A. Sweetser, int. Aug. 27, 1842.


Mary C., of Lynn, and Samuel Sias, int. Apr. 20, 1839.


Sarah Ann [Mrs. int.], and Asa Grover, Apr. 10, 1843.*


Orinda A., of Stratham, NH, and William H. Harris, int. Oct. 3, 1849.


John, and Jane Freeman, "both residents of Saugus," int. Sept. 21, 1817.

Sally, and Ebenezer Butterfield, "both residents of Saugus," Apr. 20, 1807.


Lisander, of Boston, and Mira Snow, int. Nov. 7, 1848.


Charles, of Danville, ME, and Eliza Danforth, int. July 9, 1826.

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